The Punisher treason: noun: the crime of betraying one's country, especially by attempting to kill or overthrow the sovereign or government
White Hats
Embrace the sometimes painful truth of reality
Remain in the blissful ignorance of illusion
If there is no such thing as a CONSPIRACY - why is the word CONSPIRACY in the dictionary?
Without 'Justice' - there is 'JUST US'   Without 'Justice' - there is 'JUST US'
"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." George Orwell
Click here... Stockholm Syndrome is also a result of Governmental / Pharmaceutical / Media Propaganda
MASS PSYCHOSIS - How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL and Embraces GENOCIDE

An evil man or woman will burn his own nation to the ground - to rule over the ashes!

Q Treason and Terrorism - Definition
Q Dedication - This web site is dedicated to the untold millions of babies and children that are stolen every year and used for...
Q GOVERNMENT'S 3 SATANIC STEPS to DESPOTISM & SLAVERY - Thesis / Antithesis / Synthesis
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Video I Dream of Cindy - parody - short version - Jacinda Ardern admits to Virtual Signalling, DEMOCIDE, Satanism and promotes as the Real Source of Truth- 31st March 2024
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Q Banned Videos & Freedom of Speech Alternatives to YouTube: Rumble, Brighteon and Bitchute - Education instead of Indoctrination

treason - /ˈtriːz(ə)n/ noun:

  • the crime of betraying one's country, especially by attempting to kill or overthrow the sovereign or government. "they were convicted of treason"
  • the action of betraying someone or something
Nancy Pelosi is destined for jail or execution
The portrait of a traitor and terrorist - 2 dot Jacinda Ardern
2 dot version of Jacinda Ardern

terrorism - /ˈtɛrərɪzəm/ noun:

  • the act of terrorizing
  • a system of government that seeks to 'rule by intimidation'

Funk & Wagnells New Practical Standard Dictionary (1946)

This web site is dedicated to the untold millions of babies and children that are stolen every year and used for:
Luke 17:2  It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.
  • slavery
  • cannibalism
  • human trafficking
  • selling organs and body parts
  • MK-Ultra type reprogramming
  • hunt and kill games for the elite
  • prostitution, sexual molestation, rape and pornography
  • extracting powerful drugs from infants (via extreme and prolonged torture) such as 'Adrenochrome (ADC)' - which is an expensive 'fountain of youth' serum that dramatically: reverses aging / increases energy & intelligence (of the consumer) *
[* Note: Adrenochrome is sourced from the blood of human children, by subjecting the baby / youth to extreme stress and torture. Adrenochrome is restricted to the upper echelons of society. It is predominantly manufactured in Wuhan, China and is consumed by the rich and famous, including: the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church (& other churches) / politicians / Hollywood actors / royalty in Saudi Arabia, Buckingham Palace etc. Abortion is also an integral component in supplying Adrenochrome.]

WARNING: The Holy Bible contains very serious warnings for everyone who partakes in the above:

Micah 3:2-4: Who hate the good, and love the evil; who pluck off their skin from off them, and their flesh from off their bones; Who also eat the flesh of my people, and flay their skin from off them; and they break their bones, and chop them in pieces, as for the pot, and as flesh within the caldron. Then shall they cry unto the LORD, but he will not hear them: he will even hide his face from them at that time, as they have behaved themselves ill in their doings.


Government's 3 Satanic Steps to Despotism & Slavery

THESIS   =   Problem - CREATE the Problem - Bill Gate's / Fauci's patented COVID-19 Virus
ANTITHESIS   =   Reaction - OFFER Solution - De-population Injections / COVID-19 Passport etc
SYNTHESIS   =   Convergence - HERD public into SOLUTION - Enforced Tyranny & Communism

Download here: The-Reckoning-Is-Here-Trumps-Military-Tribunal-For-Political-Foes-Bombshell-Rocks-America-2024-07-04.mp4 - 26,687 kb
By: The Next News Network - 4th July 2024
The Reckoning Is Here:
Trump's Military Tribunal
For Political Foes

- Bombshell Rocks America -

Brace yourselves, patriots. Trump's latest bombshell has Washington elites shaking in their boots.

The former president is calling for military tribunals and jail time for top elected officials, including Biden, Harris, and even some Republicans. This isn't just politics as usual - it's a declaration of war against the deep state.

Our exclusive report dives deep into Trump's plan for retribution against those he claims have betrayed America. We've got the inside scoop on who's in the crosshairs and why. From Liz Cheney to Mitch McConnell, no one is safe from Trump's wrath. But is this justice or a dangerous escalation? Our team breaks down the legal implications and what it could mean for the future of our republic. We'll show you the shocking social media posts that have DC in an uproar and analyze the potential fallout. Don't miss our final thought on why this matters to every American.

This isn't just about Trump - it's about the very soul of our nation. Tune in now for the full story that the mainstream media doesn't want you to see.

The people that hid the J6 footage, are the same people who told you the elections were fair!

At what stage of the game do you play the TRUMP card? Q

And let it be TELEVISED!!!! WE THE PEOPLE need to see JUSTICE!

God bless President Trump! Justice is coming!

No, he's not doing it because they're political opponents, he's doing it because they're traitors! Thank you, President Trump. 2024

After all the baloney they did to Trump they deserve Military Tribunals.

Who else is gonna vote for the guy who gave up his wealth for his country and not for the guy who gave up his country for his wealth!

I Support President Donald J. Trump. He has been the Target for eight years.

Let's be clear. This isn't revenge, this is Justice. It's about time.

This is great news: Trump 2024...

It's way past time for these Traitors to be held accountable.

I'm voting for President Trump

Drain the swamp President Trump. Im sick of our government!!

President Trump needs to clean up the government enough of this

Trump 2024 for President

Donald J. TrumpAmerica's President!

Download here: The-blanket-criticisms-of-Donald-Trumps-handling-of-Covid-are-short-sighted-and-lack-nuance-2024-06-10.mp4 - 5,485 kb
By: Clandestine - 10th June 2024
The blanket criticisms of
Donald Trump's handling of Covid
are short-sighted and lack nuance.
NOTE: The above video is a flashback to Reuters report from 10/06/2020:

Trump hits bullseye despite impossible odds...

Trump has received lots of criticism for his handling of Covid and his unwillingness to fire Fauci - but what exactly could he have done?

At the time, the public and MSM literally worshipped Fauci like a god.

If Trump fired the most senior US Health Official, during a pandemic, the Dems / MSM would have lost their minds, and it would have severely negatively impacted Trump's support, just months out from the 2020 election.

Many of Trump's critics have forgotten just how tense it was back in the summer of 2020. If Trump fired Fauci during that time, the Left would have endless headlines / narratives to blame Trump for the million+ "deaths" of US citizens, and he would have lost reelection for sure.

The Deep State had Trump cornered. He was unable to remove anyone like Fauci or Collins during this period, due to optics. It was truly a genius plan on their part.

And then we look at masks, lockdowns and vaccines. Trump was notoriously anti-mask [ and pro ivermectin / hydroxychloroquine etc] and received loads of hate from the media for it; he was anti-lockdown and left it up to the States; and he was vehemently anti-vaccine mandate. Trump was all about individual choice the entire time, and never wanted to force anything on anyone.

As for vaccine production, what was Trump supposed to do? Trump is a savvy business man and diplomat, but he is not a doctor or scientist. How was Trump, or anyone in his administration, supposed to know better than the highest ranking officials in the US and global health organizations? How are they supposed to know if the vaccines are good or not?

They had no choice but to trust their health officials. Is it Trump's fault that the WHO, CDC, NIH, USAID, etc., are all corrupt?

The majority of the world didn't even know these entities were corrupt until AFTER Covid ended and their lies became apparent. Was Trump supposed to arrest all the corrupt actors of these health organizations, while the public are locked down and severely brainwashed to worship these health organizations? It would have been absolute chaos.

In retrospect, Trump fared very well given the predicament he was in. He was trying to navigate the many layers of this global psyop campaign, in additional to nationwide Soros-funded BLM riots; all while trying to win reelection, immediately after he just got done fending off the 3 year "Russian collusion" psyop…

The blanket criticisms of Trump's handling of Covid are short-sighted and lack nuance.

One Bad Dude
They must all be exposed for the world to understand just how badly the swamp needs to be drained

Erin Brophy - don't forget to laugh..
One of President Trumps first acts during covid was to order emergency stockpiles of hydroxychloroquine to states to treat covid patients... the entire establishment rose up in shrieks to prevent it's distribution, use, and prescription... blue states refused to open monoclonal antibody treatment centers, also ordered by Trump, to treat patients for free, without prescription, and outside of hospital settings... only a few States opened monoclonal centers, Florida being one of them. The first thing Biden did was close the monoclonal centers, and mandate the vaccine. The vaccine rollout happened on Biden's watch, not Trump... the death and injury numbers from the vax were cooked by the CDC and FDA on Biden's watch...

They knew if hydroxychloroquine was used there would be no need for the bioweapon vaccine.

They lied to Trump. He's not a microbiologist… this is a prime example of technocratic corruption.

The ULTRA Craftsman
This is an excellent post because theirs a lot of so called conservatives on here blaming Trump and accusing him of being responsible for all the tyranny, lockdowns, caving to the globalists and being the father of the vaccine which neither is true.

The Democrat governors where the most tyrannical off all and responsible for most of the mandates and lockdowns for the longest period of time

Trump was against it overall

LiseLaSalle@The Trouble With Justice
He was not allowed to fire Fauci. He could simply sideline him. He hired Dr. Atlas and they went after him like gangbangers.

Yup, Trump couldn't have arrested any of the culprits for the simple fact that the DOJ, FBI, CIA media machine and all the #SpiesWhoLie had constructed a control grid around him & his Presidency! Steele Dossier, GOF/case demic, & election interference protected & installed Biden.

Download: The-fraud-trials-against-President-DONALD-TRUMP-is-an-ongoing-witch-hunt-from-the-White-House-Deep-State-Satanists-2024-04-17.mp4 - 12,413 kb
By: Donald J Trump - 17th April 2024
The fraud trial/s against President
DONALD TRUMP is an ongoing
'witch hunt' from the White House /
Deep State / Satanists...

Donald Trump: "WITCH HUNT!"

Trump2024 is who I will be voting for

I moved out of NYC after living there for 22 years, and it's my goal to never set foot in that corrupt, crime ridden cesspool full of hypocrites ever again in my life. The way they treat Trump sickens me.

Nothing will stop me from voting for my president! Voted 2016, 2020 and he has my vote in 2024 AND BEYOND!

Bragg needs to be on trial for treason

Sad what our country has become. Trump 2024

God Bless Trump!

I will be voting for Donald J Trump for the 3rd time, proudly, in November 2024

Nothing will stop me from voting for President Trump in 2024

Trump 2024 or there is no more America

When Trump states it's a witch hunt, he's 100% correct.

Polish Patriots support Donald Trump

The patriots from UK stand with President Trump

God Bless our True President Trump!

God bless President Donald Trump and all of the Trump family.

Trump 2024, there is nobody else !!!!

I have said MANY times, even if they find a way to put Trump in jail, I will STILL vote for him! Trump 2024!

Download: Jacinda-Ardern-admits-to-Virtual-Signalling-DEMOCIDE-Satanism-and-promotes-COUNTERSPINMEDIA-SHORT-2024-03-31.mp4 - 13,652 kb
By: COUNTERSPINMEDIA.COM - 31st March 2024
I Dream of Cindy - parody - short version
Jacinda Ardern admits to Virtual Signalling, DEMOCIDE, Satanism and promotes
as the Real Source of Truth

“Tyranny expands to fill the amount of passivity available for its implementation." Beagle's First Law of Governance

“Tyranny is neither created nor destroyed, it just changes suits." Beagle's Second Law of Governance

"The result of an irresistible freedom force meeting an immovable tyrannical object is, well, revolution." Beagle's Third Law of Governance

When the population understands this picture, it will change everything.

Download here: Donald-Trump-Religion-And-Christianity-Are-The-Biggest-Things-Missing-From-This-Country-2024-03-27.mp4 - 5,741 kb
By: Forbes Breaking News - 27th March 2024
Donald Trump: 'Religion And
Christianity Are The Biggest Things
Missing From This Country'

In a video promoting Lee Greenwood's 'God Bless The USA' Bible released to social media, former President Trump said that Christianity was "under siege" in the U.S. and that religion needed to make a comeback.

Thank you for standing and fighting for us all President Trump. WWG1WGA.

"When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn."
— Proverbs 29:2 (KJV)

No Democrat would ever make a speech like this.

At first , "Let's Make America Great Again, Now Let's Make America Pray Again"

Unlike so many, we do not peddle the word of God for profit. On the contrary, in Christ we speak before God with sincerity, as those sent from God.

This country definitely needs Jesus. Son of God

Christ is King

USA needs JESUS!! I need JESUS.

Pray for US . Bring it back . GOD Will save US .

He is right. Return to God. Return to love. Return to a great country

the biggest thing missing from this country is a real justice system

"He who can keep his mouth, may keep his life." (Proverbs)

No Christianity (No Bible) = No Glory

Download here: Exclusive-Tucker-Carlson-Interviews-Vladimir-Putin-in-Moscow-on-6th-February 2024-02-06.mp4 - 310,954 kb
By: Tucker Carlson - 6th February 2024

Exclusive: Tucker Carlson
Interviews Vladimir Putin
in Moscow on 6th February 2024

Tucker interviews Vladimir Putin in Moscow, Russia. February 6th, 2024.

Watch Tucker's immediate reaction to the interview here:

Follow Tucker on X:

Text "TUCKER" to 44055 for exclusive updates.

#TuckerCarlson #journalism #VladimirPutin #Russia #Ukraine #JoeBiden #VolodymyrZelenskyy #freespeech #interview #news #politics #USA #Moscow #war #globalnews

Imagine Biden giving an uninterrupted history of America for 30 minutes.

This is a huge moment for Independent Media

The world needed to hear this

The media meltdown started before the interview even dropped. I can't image how they'll react now that it's here! haha

Tucker has the best interview of 2024 and will go down in history. Never thought I'd see the day.

Imagine a Russian reporter being allowed to take a 2-hour interview with Biden

This might be the craziest and most compelling thing I've ever seen on YouTube

Mind boggling!! Thank you Tucker and Vlad! This is one for the books!

Getting fired by FOX News, might be the best thing that happened to Tucker.

This was amazing! Thank you, Mr. Putin & thank you, Tucker!

What i learned: Russia and China are not the enemy.

Thank you for doing this Mr. Carlson!

That was Fucking amazing! We just witnessed HISTORY! Tucker.... YOU ROCK!


Tucker is performing an important service, for the world.

Download here: Kari-Lake-Reveals-NEW-Details-About-Leaked-Phone-Call-When-She-Was-Bribed-to-Leave-Political-Life-2024-01-26.mp4 - 18,759 kb
By: Megyn Kelly - 26th January 2024
Kari Lake Reveals NEW Details
About Leaked Phone Call When She
Was Bribed to Leave Political Life

Megyn Kelly is joined by Kari Lake, U.S. Senate candidate for Arizona, to discuss the leaked audio conversation about an attempted bribe to get her to leave political life, who the "people back East" that are behind the bribe might be, new details about the circumstances, and more.

This is truly the swamp. Trump you have to shut this down please. I hate about 99% of politicians.

Bribery, election interference... shouldn't someone be looking into who these "powerful people" might be?
We support Kari Lake 100%. Voted for her in her race for Congress. She was and is the winner.

I'll be hoping and praying for the safety of Kari Lake, Donald Trump, and all the other true patriots that this country needs.

Keep going Kari Lake, you will be the next Senator for Arizona.!!!!!!!

Corruption in our country is beyond anything you can imagine. I'm amazed how many people still choose not to see the truth of the level of corruption.

Wow! Thank you, Megyn and Kari for your values, your bravery, your commitment to our country!

I worked as a volunteer on her 2022 Governor campaign. Kari doesn't talk any differently in private than she does in public. She is fearless, a believer and a solid conservative voice. Her voice needs to be heard.

Kari Lake just set the bar for integrity for 2024. Well done, ma'am! I absolutely LOVE that this was made public. God save America!

To me, this moves Kari Lake to the top of Trump's VP pick. She has principles, just what we need!

Thank you Megyn. Kari Lake is a true patriot. MAGA 2024

What's sad is that this goes on all the time with both sides. Kari is the only one I've ever heard standing up for what's right and allowing the millions of Americans to know exactly what goes on. Ty.

Kari Lake is a National Treasure that must be protected at all costs.

Download here: Liz-Gunn-calls-for-Jacinda-Ardern-to-be-forced-to-return-to-NZ-with-her-passport-held-and-tried-for-democide-2023-12-06.mp4 - 2,064 kb
By: NancyDrewberry - 6th December 2023
Liz Gunn calls for Jacinda Ardern
to be forced to return to NZ, with
her passport held & tried for democide

Politician and Journalist, Liz Gunn, calls for Jacinda Ardern to be forced to RETURN to NZ with her Passport HELD. "She has broken her Social Contract with the People of NZ she has allowed them to be INJURED, DAMAGED AND KILLED..."

Liz Gunn, Politcal Leader Of NZ Loyal Party, released an interview with whistleblower Barry Young, Lead Data Administrator for the covid response in New Zealand. Barry Young has since been arrested.

Liz Gunn is hiding in a Safehouse.

#liz #gunn #nz

She has broken her Social Contract with the People of NZ she has allowed them to be INJURED, DAMAGED AND KILLED...

Friend of Q
So the peasants are finally waking up and asking the government if they can investigate the government? Akin to asking a murderer to please stop murdering people, at least during the weekend and public holidays! Normies are a very special kind of stupid!

Life without parole listening to baby shark and the titanic on loop whilst being sprayed with water, then pepper sprayed and beaten!
Just the same as she had the protesters treated.
Seems a fair start.

Brent Davis
Every single government has broken the social contract.

We're entirely within our right to not pay taxes.

You're next @JustinTrudeau

The Translator
Translation: Finally someone grows some balls in New Zealand.

Robert J. Thomas
Completely agree. Let her be the first to be held accountable since the case is so strong against her given what the whistleblower has let loose on the internet. She knowingly put her people at risk. She should pay the price.

Exactly how much of NZ is owned by BLACKROCK?

Is Kiwi saver with BLACKROCK?

How much did BLACKROCK profit from covid?

English Peasant
Everyone complicit, around the world, TO THE GUILLOTINE!!!

Yep, she needs to face the people of NZ, pulled through the streets. Shame, shame, shame.

She didn't allow it. She bullied and forcefully coerced the New Zealand people to do it, while she exempted herself from it.

Wayne Cunnington
In light of the NZ whistleblower's house raid, arrest and bail yesterday I believe it is a rather timely call for Ardern's arrest for crimes against her own people by @LizGunn18

Knowing full well the toxicity of the pharma shots she coerced and mandated people to have a covid shot although exempting 11,000 of her friends and colleagues by way of an FOI release recently.

Jacinda is also in a safe house - she's with British Royalty.
I imagine they will protect her at all costs. If they don't their game's up.

Reply Guy
Nothing needs too hide.

It's easy. It's treason.

Group together and begin

Igor Beuker
Nuremberg trials: lock the bitch up for life!

Your call

I listened to Liz Gunn's interview with the whistleblower statistician, and was impressed by the moral element of his decision to speak out as a whistle blower. Reminds me of when Ananda Marga was banned in India because its members in Gov became strong moralists

Kiwi Patriot - MAGA
What's happening to Trudeau?

Tony Cabus (Wist al veel, maar meer nog niet)
If they could arrest Reiner Fuellmich (who did no harm, all on the contrary!!) they can arrest that criminal "women" too!!

Sean Carson
Time to prosecute

Wesley T. Miller
Heads. Spikes. Walls.
Nothing less will do.

johnnie cast
Absolutely SURREAL

Tania Marshall - Psychotherapist Author
There needs to be an investigation

Good we need more of that and the tables might turn

Download here: THE-GREATEST-SHOW-ON-EARTH-2023-11-30.mp4 - 587,987 kb
By: neutralswiss - 30th November 2023

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Our respective Constitutions are about to be fully restored and the power given back to the People, the Sovereign of our respective democratic nations.

This is the 100% irrefutable Truth, there are no two ways about this current ongoing global Military Operation that will surface soon with a flash of Light.

And, we do not care if you love or hate President Trump or me because you are dealing now with the facts and the Hard Reset that is unstoppable to liberate Humanity and Judge all Perpetrators of a Democide, Traitors, rogue Government and Military elements and Pedocriminals.

You can summarize this action as the total Obliteration of the Global Deep State.

Be prepared.


Trending News
President Trump
US Military Justice
War Law Manual 2015
Pascal Najadi

Absolutely loved this. Thank you

Excellent! I remember May 2017
I couldn't believe my eyes & ears
So many great videos were made and then….YouTube & FB wiped them clean away & deleted ….
Good music also…such a revolutionary time ….May God protect what is Truth and bring Justice for ALL
Kris Canada

Wow Nick and Alpha...just wow! Well Done .I've been. Here from the beginning and your movie made me cry happy and sad tears, angry tears and hopeful tears. Wow guys, great stuff even the comatose can see and understand. Encore!
Love in Abundance from Australia xx xx

Great historic timeline and content. Kudos to Derek Johnson. Unfortunately the 'whispering' style narrator is tough to listen to, (especially with the music background), and this doesn't help to build confidence in the narrative. All I know is, whoever is a white hat, black hat or any colour in between, everyone who is culpable for all of the greed, robbery and epic murderous intent and crimes against humanity WILL answer to Almighty God.

Where is Canada in this? Our country really needs a clean up as well! The people would be thankful

If you want to know who Trump is, Rumble search 'Healing Earth' and listen to his own words.

Awesome!!!! great job Nick and Derrick

I keep watching this,it's so good. I can't help wondering how many of these leaders that submitted, appear to have back bitten DJT afterwards like boris Johnson,
Macron,Tony Blair,etc...

Download here: Mother-Of-All-Revelations-The-crucial-data-On-New-Zealands-excess-deaths-from-the-Covid-jabs-2023-11-30.mp4 - 297,396 kb
By: FreeNZ Media - 30th November 2023
M.O.A.R (Mother Of All Revelations)
The crucial data On New Zealand's
excess deaths from the Covid jabs

NZ's COVID Vaccine Massacre Exposed

The NZ Government's Complicity in Mass Murder | Article By Kiwi4Justice

Mass murder. A massacre. It is the only description that is worthy of the bombshell evidence from a NZ government whistleblower in Liz Gunn's M.O.A.R (Mother Of All Revelations). It is a tragedy of unthinkable magnitude. The evidence that has now come forward from this whistleblower [Winston Smith aka Barry Young from Health New Zealand], and others, shows us that the NZ government's roll out of the COVID vaccine was not just a crime, it was a massacre. The evidence and implications are inescapable and difficult to comprehend. But what is even more disturbing is that this was no accident. It was, and continues to be, willful mass murder.

The scale of the death and injury for the people of NZ from the COVID-19 vaccine that has now been proven beyond any doubt is challenging to think about. It is devastating confirmation of what so many people in NZ and around the world have been shouting from the rooftops for so long, but who have been ignored and ridiculed by the mainstream media and the government. It is a sad and sorry vindication for those 18,000 Kiwis who set up camp in their tents and cars in front of Parliament in February 2022, who were ignored, demonized, and labelled a 'river of filth' by those who are culpable for this terrible crime.

The NZ Government's Complicity in Mass Murder

When Liz Gunn forwarded me her interview with the whistleblower and his evidence in advance of the M.O.A.R drop to get an 'emotional reality check' on what was coming, I thought I was ready for it. But as a patriotic Kiwi who loves his country it was difficult to mentally and emotionally process what Liz and the whistleblower were showing me. To put the scale of this massacre in some sort of perspective, the number of COVID-19 vaccine deaths in NZ now shown by this evidence is thirteen times the number of NZ deaths at Gallipoli. Gallipoli x 13. From the time the vaccine was rolled out in NZ it has been the equivalent of the Christchurch massacre nearly every single day since. Expert statisticians here in NZ and abroad have studied the data and concluded that the probability of these deaths not being from the COVID-19 vaccine are 100 billion to one.

The NZ Government's Complicity in Mass Murder

In just one particular vaccination centre in Invercargill, 51 people were vaccinated within the space of just two hours. All 51 are now dead. Out of the 837 people who were vaccinated at another vaccination centre, 253 of them are now dead. 30% of everyone who was vaccinated at that centre are now dead. At another vaccination centre, of the 923 people vaccinated there, 276 are now dead. There were numerous vaccination centres around the country that had mortality rates at this sort of level of 30%. This is compared to the normal average mortality rate of just 0.75%, which is what we should be seeing. The data also shows how many fatalities were linked to each individual vaccinator. One vaccinator had a mortality rate of 25%. One in four people that got the vaccine from that vaccinator is now dead. Other vaccinators were similar. Their vaccine batches were literally death batches. These numbers are simply off the scale and impossible to interpret any other way than a vaccine massacre.

The NZ Government's Complicity in Mass Murder

Then there is the huge bias of number of deaths in the South Island versus the North Island. Of the top 20 most deadly vaccination centres in the country, 10 out of those 20 were in Christchurch alone, and two of them (10% of the national total) were in tiny little Gore. Meanwhile only 2 out of 20 were in Auckland where one third of the total population is. This should be statistically impossible by population unless specific vaccine batches were a whole lot more deadly than other batches. This is exactly what the data shows. The data shows a very clear picture of certain vaccine batches being 'death batches', with other batches much less so. This should not happen unless something very strange and very abnormal is occurring with this vaccine. It requires extremely serious investigation.

The NZ Government's Complicity in Mass Murder

The whistleblower has unique access to the data in question. He designed and built the database for the NZ government, specifically for the COVID-19 vaccine. It is official government data and it includes extremely detailed COVID-19 vaccine data for 2.2 million Kiwis. The whistleblower watched in horror over a two-year period as the death data escalated in front of his eyes, until he felt he had to step forward to expose it. For that, NZ must wholeheartedly applaud and thank him for his courage and morality. It is no small thing that he has done coming forward like this. Sadly, being a whistleblower is a very dangerous thing to do in today's world of Deep State corruption and criminality. But what the whistleblower was looking at in front of him on a daily basis was not just faceless numbers and statistics. He was looking at enormous lists of names in certain places and certain times. Names of people who are not here anymore. Names of real people with real families. Human lives, not numbers. It was too much. He says there are just two words for why he had to come forward. Never Again.

The NZ Government's Complicity in Mass Murder

As horrendous as this is, the most devastating point that the people of NZ need to understand is that this enormous number of deaths were not due to a very unfortunate and unforeseen outcome of a well-intentioned government health strategy. No, these deaths were the result of willful complicity in mass murder. These are very difficult words for people to hear, but the evidence is unfortunately incontrovertible. The NZ government had full foreknowledge of what the outcome would be of the COVID-19 vaccine. They had all the information and data well in advance of their massive nationwide roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine. They had clear evidence showing them exactly what would happen if they went ahead. They knew that the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine would cause huge numbers of injury and death. They were also advised by both the NZ Justice Department and NZ Medsafe that their proposed vaccine mandates could not be legally justified. They went ahead anyway. They signed their contract with Pfizer, they trumpeted the COVID-19 vaccine to the whole country as ‘safe and effective’, and then they forced it onto the population through their illegitimate, brutal mandates that deliberately split NZ society in two through medical apartheid.

Through an OIA (Official Information Act) request from a doctor in NZ, there is confirmation in writing from NZ Medsafe that they had possession of the initial Pfizer safety data for the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine months before the government began their nationwide roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine in mid-2021. That initial Pfizer data showed absolutely devastating outcomes in terms of numbers of serious injury and fatalities. That data was so bad that the FDA (Food and Drug Agency), who had given the official authorization for the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, attempted to have it legally concealed from the public for 75 years. Yet despite having this horrific safety data, the NZ government not only told the NZ public that the COVID-19 vaccine was absolutely safe and effective, but they went ahead with the mandates and vaccine passports to effectively force the vaccine onto as many of the NZ population as possible. All done with full knowledge of what the deadly impact would be.

As part of this process, the NZ government signed a contract with Pfizer for the provision and distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine in NZ. We know that in the same contract that Pfizer signed with the South African government (now been made public), Pfizer clearly stated that they could not confirm the long-term safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine, and therefore they required to be legally indemnified against all liability for any injury or death from the vaccine. It is an almost certainty that exactly the same statement was in Pfizer’s contract with the NZ government, and yet the mantra of ‘safe and effective’ was pumped out day after day from the government’s ‘single source of truth’. Quite incredibly, the government’s ‘safe and effective’ message is still being vigorously pushed out across the country even now. Even with all the deadly evidence to the contrary clear for people to see. It would seem they simply don’t care.

In addition to this, during the roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine, the NZ government, and associated agencies, actively prevented NZ doctors and health practitioners across the country from raising their very valid concerns about the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine to their patients in order for them to be able to fulfil their Hippocratic Oath of informed consent and ‘do no harm’. Any doctors or health practitioners who attempted to raise concerns or ask questions about the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine were threatened with loss of medical license and/or loss of job. In some cases, those threats were implemented. A climate of fear was deliberately created for doctors and health practitioners across NZ to prevent any push back against the mass roll out of the vaccine. This led to the formation of the organization NZDSOS.

This new evidence from the whistleblower also shows a disturbing pattern of basic medical ethics and medical processes being abandoned, with vaccine clinics pushing through patients like a McDonald’s drive through in a ‘dash for cash’. Informed consent is one of the most important aspects of the Hippocratic Oath and ‘first do no harm’. With this data showing patients being rushed through vaccine clinics at rates of sometimes 30 people per hour, where were the conversations with each patient outlining risk factors and personal medical history that could make a person more at risk from the vaccine? When these people were rolling up their sleeves were they being informed that the official Pfizer safety data had lists of adverse reaction covering 9 pages, and that there were 1,223 deaths from the initial trials? This is information that the NZ government had months before the vaccine roll out began. This is not negligence, it is criminal.

As well as the evidence of tens of thousands of deaths that this new whistleblower evidence is now showing us, there is also much additional evidence of the huge scale of injury and death caused in NZ. We have confirmation through Stats NZ of an enormous increase in excess deaths beginning from the time the vaccine campaign began. We also have a huge and historically unprecedented number of serious vaccine injuries registered on the NZ Medsafe database, and we have extremely alarming evidence brought forward from multiple Funeral Directors in NZ in relation to the numbers of deaths, the causes of death, and the horrific symptoms being seen in many of those deaths. It is not only the huge number of deaths that we now know about. The massive number of serious and life changing injuries is also difficult to comprehend. As a minimum it is in the hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders.

Now we can see why our hospitals, emergency services, and Funeral Directors across the country have been beyond bursting point the last two years.

In February 2022, the NZ public stood up against this crime against humanity with the largest public protest in NZ history. With 18,000 people camped in their tents and cars in front of NZ Parliament, all 120 sitting MPs signed a joint agreement that no MP would engage with or speak with those protestors. Instead, the protestors were labelled by the government as a 'river of filth' and demonized by mainstream media.

Both the NZ Bill of Rights and the 1947 Nuremberg Code make it a crime to force or coerce a medical procedure onto a person. Not only were the people of NZ forced or coerced into taking this experimental medical procedure, but the NZ government knew full well that this particular medical procedure had deadly and horrific outcomes on a very large scale. The NZ government went to great lengths to make sure the people of NZ were not able to be made aware of that known danger, and they went to even greater lengths to force as many of the NZ public as possible to take it. While at the same time they made themselves exempt from having to take it.

The NZ Government's Complicity in Mass Murder

It doesn't seem possible that this could have happened in the country that I grew up in. This is NZ's darkest hour. But we have to face up to it together with strength and unity, which has always been the bedrock of our country. NZ was brutally and intentionally split apart through medical apartheid and medical tyranny. NZ now must come together as Kiwis united around what we now know. We are all victims of this crime.

This mass killing by the NZ government, and others, was willful. It wasn't an unfortunate accident. 'Two shots for summer' was the shot that will be heard around the world. The enormity of the crime against the people of NZ cannot be overstated. It was a massacre.

12th June 2018 - Q post - MOAR - Are you awake yet?
12th June 2018 - Q post - MOAR - Are you awake yet?

The NZ Government's Complicity in Mass Murder

Why Didn't The Unvaxxed Warn Us?

I am so proud & eternally Grateful to you & Winston for bringing this to the fore-front.. This knowledge will hopefully save millions of more live's in the future..
These corrupt Politicians are hiding the truth..
I did have a video of how Pfizer decided on what Vials had more Bio-weapon than others.. They also staggered the amounts for different Countries & Areas..
My heart breaks for the elderly, they were Murdered in cold Blood.and you know Liz Life Pharmacy is still pushing the zbio- weapon for Sumner, it's.disgusting & Criminal..

Jacinda Ardern has admitted on several occasions that she 'suffers' from IMPOSTER SYNDROME; possibly as a justification for all her fraudulent activities?

Maybe Jacinda Ardern, Chris Hipkins, Bloomfield, Michael Baker, Chris Luxon and all the rest of those evil assholes - were simply suffering from TREASON SYNDROME and GENOCIDE SYNDROME - and are likewise all justified in their megalomaniac minds re lies, fraud, treason and manslaughter?

So Winston Peters claims of the media being bribed ring very true. But no one is mentioning that the bribes were to keep your mouth shut over the safety and efficacy of the vaccine and excess deaths. As if we didnt know the media are entirely compromised and corrupt.

And since covid they have immigrated OVER 1 million immigrants, and they wouldn't allow us kiwis to return home ! hence the issues with rental properties and the price rises AND to hid the true death numbers

This needs to go to Tucker Carlson, Russell Brand , Dr John Campbell and others. It needs to go viral.

Please get this man and data infront of winston peters or someone willing to listen to it

Phillipines launched investigation - excess deaths figures vary between 260k to 360k! (for this year)

Flu vax looks like a culprit in the winter ? My dad had flu shot and it dramatically affected his already declining health due to lung cancer Thank you for this revelation

BRILLIANT Liz, just BRILLIANT. Please pass on my absolute love and respect to Winston for showing up as a warm, kind, caring, courageous and beautiful human with a passion for mankind's possibility and truth. Outstanding. Liz, and congrats to you for everything you've achieved, exposed, revealed and unveiled, in the name of truth. You're a national treasure and a REAL media ROCKSTAR. Much aroha and respect to you both. Tim

Brilliant (a poor choice of a word given its about death) however we had the government BS and the bribed MSM tell us the opposite that the vaccine was 'safe and effective' and 'we saved 20,000 lives (according to a flawed model)' Gunn brings receipts here and from a whistle blower who has a Master in Science degree and worked as the head data analyst for the NZ Government. Cannot get a more slam dunk than this! Lets see how the Government and MSM are going to gaslight this guy!

What a beautiful man!!!

I hope Liz has got this video to Winston Peters today , they are going to be deciding on the WHO treaty and this info is vital. It must be stopped.

WOW proves what we suspected all along and that they were lying to us, so much for Bloomfield's world leading response, such a liar

Thank you both for showing this and showing the world. Stay safe

THANK YOU Liz and Winston. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Our government had access to this data the whole way through. Mass murderers. This is proof.

Well done team. May our Heavenly Father and our Earthly Mother protect you and allow you to carry on shining your light so humanity can come out of the darkness.

Thank you both for speaking out on this devastating travesty! If the NZ Police do not do their job, or in fact our Christian Prime Minister Luxon - do not open a criminal investigation! - then clearly murder in NZ, is a free flow for all.

saying 'THANK YOU' simply does not cut for what you both have done here. My personal heartfelt thank you is minor in comparison to what YOU have brought to the world. My heart breaks for those who have gone, but my heart also breaks for those who did 'what was right' and now will learn the truth. I fortunately was one who saw through the scam at the early stage. God be with you.

Thank you 'Winston' for bravely in coming forward with this data.

wow thanks so much Liz and Winston Smith.

Yes. I'm with you both. No more sensorship, no more corrupt NZ media.
No more corrupted Doctors and medical staff.
No more court corruption of the Police rank and file by their upper level. Step up take the criminal
Investigation needed and asked by the people forward.
It stops here in little old NZ.
Well let's see if Winston Peter's has real back bone. Hes on notice.
We know the cause, we know the reason.

A researcher in the USA has reported off how many that have died from the death jab is over 17,000,000 world wide and still going up

Thank you both so much. Were the other death spikes around the flu jab H1N1 period?

God bless you both xo

Expecting any politician with any actual power to do anything to turn this around is simply not going to happen. The sheep were struck, the flock was scattered & oh how they all ran. Now they sit in fear & shame of themselves & simply cannot dare to stare at these facts & figures. But I hope that they do & I hope it makes them seethe in anger. Anger enough to force accountability!

As for Peters? He is establishment through & through, so do not expect anything from him. The only thing that could have stopped all of this has already had it's day. This was not a bio warfare attack! This was a planned scamdemic & they have seemingly gotten away with it. As they knew they would!

Thank you Winston. You are a truly heroic warrior and I am grateful for you standing up to the tyrants.

And thank you Liz. You continue to lead the battle for truth.

This was so hard to watch. My heart breaks for anyone who was conned into taking this poison. Thank you Liz, Winston and team for pursuing this and making it public.

I want to see heads roll.

Thanks for posting this Liz. The deaths greatly vary as the toxidity of the batches are vastly different.

Batches were traced in America as it was confirmed that certain areas were targeted more than others.

This is purpose direct targeting to kill people as these shots are the depopulation program of the world wide Deep State and Jancinda and her coehorts are directly responsible for murder imo.

Get the evidence to ARC as soon as possible.

Download here: Obama-Outed-As-Shadow-President-Secretly-Orchestrating-Hamas-Israel-False-Flag-2023-11-12.mp4 - 112,210 kb
By: The People's Voice - 12th November 2023

Obama Outed As 'Shadow President'
Secretly Orchestrating
Hamas-Israel False Flag

NBC News has admitted that Barack Obama has been secretly operating as America's 'shadow President' for the last three years, illegally serving a third term in the White House.

According to an explosive report, Obama has been secretly overseeing the Biden administration, heightening concerns the ex-President is actually the secret commander-in-chief with his former VP operating as a frontman.

Should we really be surprised? The disastrous results of the Biden presidency are far worse than anything that could be cooked up by an incompetent old man with dementia.

Make no mistake, the economy has been expertly tampered with, and the world has been pushed to the brink of World War 3 by hidden hands. There is an arsonist in the White House and he has left his fingerprints all over the crime scene.

News, Trending News, Obama, Shadow president, deep state, hamas, gaza, israel false flag, osama bin laden, hamas, CIA, Obama third term

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Anyone who didn't realize this from day one of the O'Biden administration is brain dead!

The kenyan queer.

Fuck Obama... Cunt.

He is a gay ass with his fake wife's weiner...GAY and she is not a woman!

The planning has probably been going on for decades. Grooming people and getting them in the right gov't and media position for the chosen time to mission creep to bring forth the current hostile environment both at home and abroad Those people probably number in the 10,000s or more. Many are probably here on extended school and work visas and given DEI jobs!

hang BO

Arrest him, send him to trial, then put him to death for treason. Fuck Dronebama the brown people murderer

There's so much corruption in the American government that the whole place need cleaned out completely start with the world Economic Form Swab his face then to whole government I've never seen so much corruption in my lifetime. Get that lot out most of them are Zionists

When did you figure that out? This Obamamessiahs 4th term. He was the person sabotaging the Executive Branch's admiistrative state against Trump. That is why that pretender to the Presidency never left Washington DC and had shill presidential mansion a few miles from the White House. All the malicious shit coming out of Washington DC began in 2008.

FJB and his depraved Mooshlum Puppet Master!

Barry queer Soterro has his hand High up tater-brain-pedo-Bi-dung, but Barry still is working for the masters as Soros, Schwab, Gates,Bourla, and many more!.... UN/WEF/WHO...and more

a 50 cal would sort Obama out just saying

BO is startin to look WORSE than Joe Blow if thats possible he looks disgusting I can not even look at the vein sticking out of his skull this is dangerous as well as sickening to see ugh maggots

Biden was installed to make the controlled demolition of US look like incompetence.

Download here: SOUND-OF-FREEDOM-2023-FULL-MOVIE-English-subtitled-2023-10-21.mp4 - 267,692 kb
By: HAYLINGISLANDTRUTHER - 21st October 2023

FULL MOVIE - English subtitled

Based on the gripping true story of a man's mission to rescue children from the darkest corners of the world. This action-packed drama shines a light on the harrowing reality of sex trafficking and the valiant efforts of those who work tirelessly to combat it.

EDITED & ADDED SUBTITLES TRANSLATED FROM SPANISH INCLUDED BY HAYLINGISLANDTRUTHER: "There are more humans trapped in slavery today than any other time in history - including when slavery was legal."

Director: Alejandro Monteverde
Producer: Eduardo Verástegui
Distributor: Angel Studios

Download: The-Mystery-of-Israel-SOLVED-Zionist-and-Globalist-Elites-Create-Massive-False-Flag-War-Between-Israel-and-Hamas-2023-10-14.mp4 - 466,595 kb
By: stopworldcontrol - 14th October 2023

The Mystery of Israel - SOLVED!
Zionist and Globalist Elites
Create Massive False Flag War
Between Israel and Hamas


The film exposes something so nefarious, so evil, so mind-blowing that many will find it hard to believe. Yet it is true.

This film can deliver a fatal blow to the satanic elites, who want to establish a world government to enslave all of humanity.

The shocking secrets unveiled by this incredible documentary will shine a blazing light on those who have always been hiding behind the state of Israel.

Learn more secrets here:

This was such a good video!!! I've shared it everywhere I am not already banned. EVERYONE NEEDS TO WATCH THIS!!!

If they can do this to Palestine, they can do the exact same thing in the USA. Don't think its not coming. We can already see the polarization being created, i.e. labeling all white people terrorists, and opening up the border.

A lot of this I knew, some is new, but how you took the otherwise compartmentalized topics and brought them together, was like no other. Really well done. Shared.

How disgusting that the prime minister of Israel should do such an evil thing he definitely has the devil inside him God Help the little children who suffer. This is so so evil.

So many truth tellers who have come to shine light into a world enveloped in darkness have been persecuted and killed. It takes real courage to do that and I often lack that courage myself, I don't like to shock people and like to have some popularity in the world. You inspire me David. You make the truth so plain and explain the huge and glaring contradictions that so many Christians have managed to justify and even promote. Yet this work is undoubtedly the most divine and vital work that needs so much to be done in this world. Thank you for doing this so tirelessly and selflessly, truth must prevail even when it disturbs and shakes people or all is lost.

The dangers of taking a side, which is generally pushed by those who stand to gain from their perspective being viewed as the 'truth' just perpetuates the atrocities, injustices and tyranny we're watching unfold at an unprecedented rate. This war is just the latest in a stream - BLM, covid, Ukraine, transgender, climate & now Israel. While we're busy fighting amongst ourselves it continues. Take a stand for truth, freedom, unity, peace, humanity and the Earth. The only people benefitting from these situations are the ones making money and those gaining more power and control over humanity, and we are just the collateral damage. No one is coming to save us, stand up, speak out, look at how your actions, inactions and words are supporting or perpetuating what is going on. Ignorance is no longer bliss, it is dangerous. We show what we value by where we spend our time, energy and money. People power

Keep in mind it was also SHABAT AND the End of SUKKOT when Many IDF were with families and they were at bare minimum staffing. This isn't a "Mystery' folks this is calculated timing that worked.

The World is awakening, only brainwashed West is left behind.

Yes I'm from West too but one lucky of those with brains.

BRICS will shape the better future for all of us.

Israel has never been the strongest army in the world. Maybe the most evil army in the world. But not the strongest one. Nor is it the strongest intelligence. That would be the Vatican.

They rely too much on electronics and lack of integrity.

No doubt the Deep State is controlling the current government of the State of Israel. And this is what Jesus said will happen: John 5:43 -- "I have come in My Father's name, and you do not receive Me; if another comes in his own name, you will receive him." The State of Israel will accept the Antichrist as the Messiah. For this reason, judgment will fall on Israel (as well as the rest of the world) during the seven-year Tribulation.

Yet, God will send His Two Witnesses, and the 144,000, and by the end of the Tribulation, the leadership of Israel will say of Jesus, "Blessed is He Who comes in the Name of the Lord!" (Matthew 23:39). Jesus, the true Messiah, will then return.

Romans 11:25-29: "For I do not want you, brothers, to be uninformed of this mystery—so that you will not be wise in your own estimation—that a partial hardening has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in; and so all Israel will be saved; just as it is written,
'The Deliverer will come from Zion,
He will remove ungodliness from Jacob.'
'This is My covenant with them,
When I take away their sins.'
From the standpoint of the Gospel they are enemies for your sake, but from the standpoint of God's choice they are beloved for the sake of the Fathers (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob); for the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable."

hang the evil ...

Read Revelation 2:9 & 3:9 KJV.
There are Jews & there are
fake Jews as in Khazars.
Listen to the 1961 Benjamin
H. Freedman speech.

Revelation 2:9 " I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. "

Revelation 3:9 King James Version 9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

1/2 truths. I see it, the Israeli government is just as horrible as the US government. According the The Bible, the land belong to the nation of Israel, all 12 tribes, not only Jews, but all the people who live there keep the commandments in the Torah of Moses which sets them apart. Most of Israel were kicked out of the land for following the traditions of the Gentiles like X-mess and Easter, and did not let the land have a Sabbath every 7 year's. Israel, the current map of the land is a very tiny sliver of the actual Biblical boundaries which YAHWEH Himself set. In the New Testament we read this about Simon Peter a Jew.. in Acts Chapter 10 who lived near Yapha along the Mediteranian Sea, in what is called Palestine.

Except that the deal was broken by Israel and there is no longer a covenant. There is a diaspora until the Messiah comes again.Then the real Israel, and not the man made Israel, will be made.

At the end all land belongs to God and God alone. We are all squatters.

Israelis need to get ready for their move to Ukraine now most of their fighting males are dead, safer bet

Most Israelis are triple vaxxed, In the US nobody that is triple vaxxed can get life insurance.
Israelis are the most vaxxed country on Earth.
Israelis are fucked!

Cause and correlation. Israel was created by World War II and is supported even now by the recycled reasons why you can now turn on the news and hear "stories" and even use Google. At the heart of the matter, there is no difference between Zionism and Communism. Israel is the only "official" Jewish-controlled state and, by that definition, the only "anti-Christ" state, but Zionism and Communism are the same.

There is no way to solve this problem once time passes and religious attitudes progress. Both sides see each other as animals that can be slaughtered and except the world to understand. You cannot mix secular communism with religious beliefs of rites of land are you will blow the system.

Download here: Chris-Hipkins-and-the-Lies-of-the-Labour-Party-Liar-Liar-Pants-On-Fire-2023-09-07.mp4 - 80,904 kb
By: FreeNZ Media - New Zealand Loyal - 6th September 2023
Chris Hipkins and the
Lies of the Labour Party
' Liar Liar Pants On Fire!'
"Nobody was forced to be vaccinated..."

Liz Gunn: "It is crucial that New Zealand leave the WEF, the WHO, and the UN after the 2023 election.

No intelligent New Zealander can ignore the blatant lies of these globalist political puppets any longer."

PM Chris Hipkins: 'There was no compulsory vaccination' and that 'People made their own choices'
PM Chris Hipkins: "There was no compulsory vaccination!" and that "People made their own choices!"

Well said Liz, well said!

well said, absolutely right..

Not my Prime Minister… don't recall anybody voting him in…… must have missed that election Klaus…

Unelected snake in the snake pit! That was brutal , our country is in serious trouble that's for sure ! This is all still so raw for so many of us , salt in the wounds , we have endured so much these past few years ! These people are truly a disgrace

Very well said Liz. Thank you for your honesty.

Matthew Wright
Human betrayal,I do wonder if chis got any of his kids jab?time for asking straight questions to everyone even the media needs to be asked the hard questions

You need to have the public behind you, so what is the plan to reform MSM so that the public can be educated as to the truth here?

More mis and disinformation from PM Shitkins & co.

The fact that no one in the: parliament, mainstream media, judiciary, police, army etc are publicly rebuking / charging / arresting these evil charlatans - reveals how widespread this corruption really is.

They have NO HONOR!

And not just stop there. We are ready become fully independent and with our own head of state. We are ready to become a republic.

jj james
It's vital now to get all candidates in the record asking for their connections to these groups
There is also another group you may not be aware of
Parliamentarians for global action it's been going since the 80's

Frank A. Buick
I had a friend who's wife suffers from Huntington's chorea, during the mandates they were informed that to receive home support they had to both be vaccinated. Neither wanted to but felt compelled to, to receive that much needed support. What an absolute travesty.

Ari Stotle
Absolutely. Without question Liz. Every issue NZ is facing pales in significance to an exit from the WHO. There is a reason National, Labour, Greens, ACT, TPM, TOP, NZF, DNZ absolutely refuse to answer their own supporters about why they insist on following the WEF Agenda.

You are what has been missing in Politics for decades, thank you from the bottom of my heart for representing! Your honestly, frankness and balls to truly save our country, puts all other Party's to shame! Never thought I'd say this to a "politician" you have my utmost respect!

Rodney Bailey
Little does he know it, but Hipkins & Aderns lies & subsequent arrogance & psychopathic behavior, only serves to wake more & more Kiwis up & will be their downfall.

Long White Cloud
You criminals are naked for the world to see.

Download here: RIVER-OF-FREEDOM-New-Zealand-Government-Enforces-Communism-Brutality-and-Democide-2023-09-05.mp4 - 1,323,119 kb
By: Journeyman Pictures - 5th September 2023
New Zealand Government Enforces Communism, Brutality and Democide
An intimate journey into the 2022 'Parliament protest' - the uprising in New Zealand against one of the most severe mandatory vaccination regimens in the world.

RIVER OF FREEDOM - New Zealand Government Enforces Communism, Brutality and Democide

Fed up with Covid-19 vaccine mandates and restrictions on almost the entire workforce, thousands of New Zealanders convoy to Parliament in early February 2022. On arrival into Wellington without a government-issued 'vaccine passport', most are refused access to hotels, cafes and amenities. Nevertheless, they are welcomed by tangata whenua (Maori) to Parliament's front lawn, were they set up camp.

A brutal assault by police on 10 February fails to remove the protestors; rather it shocks the nation and attracts thousands more. As a storm approaches, the Speaker of the House, Trevor Mallard, orders flood lighting, loud music and vaccination advertising to be played on repeat; the lawn sprinklers are also turned on. However, Mallard's torture tactics, along with the worst cyclone in 60 years, fails to dampen the peoples' determination to stay -- "End the mandates!"

New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern commands that all parliamentarians must ignore the protesters. All the politicians, from both sides of the House, unite and comply, refusing to acknowledge the thousands of people below their balcony, in a rapidly growing 'Freedom Village.'

On 25 February, a High Court win is cause for celebration. Un-vaccinated staff of the New Zealand Police and the Defence Force are permitted to return to their jobs, when a judge rules the government mandate is 'unlawful.' But soon after, in a coordinated attack, the police ambush the camp at dawn, forcibly clearing everyone out, using brutal methods never before seen in Aotearoa (New Zealand.)

Nevertheless, the peace, love & kotahitanga (unity) shared by the protestors for 23 days will be forever remembered, as will the immorality and injustices of this time.

Buy the movie here:

RIVER OF FREEDOM - New Zealand Government Enforces Communism, Brutality and Democide

RIVER OF FREEDOM - New Zealand Government Enforces Communism, Brutality and Democide

RIVER OF FREEDOM - New Zealand Government Enforces Communism, Brutality and Democide

Historically Significant

This is an important and nuanced documentary from the people's perspective. From those that were actually there, that listened to their neighbour's. Listened to their heartbreak and humanity. Cried with them on the front line of a battle for social ethics that our grandparents had already won. Suffered with them through wind, rain, muck and baby sharks only to be met by deafening silence.

See past the prejudice du jour labels: mis, dis, mal, alt... Sad terms of division that have already tainted a generation.

See this historically significant New Zealand film and decide the truth for yourself. It may not be the single source of truth on the subject, but you can tell your neighbour all about it.

A Word to the UNVACCINATED! I salute the unvaccinated for their bravery against all odds... THEY ARE HEROS!


"Even if I were pollinated and fully vaccinated, I would admire the unvaccinated for withstanding the greatest pressure I have ever seen, even from partners, parents, children, friends, colleagues and doctors.

People who were capable of such personality, courage and critical ability are undoubtedly the best of humanity. They are everywhere, in all ages, levels of education, states and ideas. They are of a special kind; they are the soldiers that every army of light wants to have in its ranks. They are the parents that every child wants to have and the children that every parent dreams of having. They are beings above the average of their societies, they are the essence of the people who have built all cultures and conquered horizons. They are there, next to you, they look normal, but they are superheroes.

They did what others could not, they were the tree that withstood the hurricane of insults, discrimination and social exclusion. And they did it because they thought they were alone, and believed they were the only ones.

Banned from their families' tables at Christmas, they never saw anything so cruel. They lost their jobs, let their careers sink, had no more money … but they didn't care. They suffered immeasurable discrimination, denunciation, betrayal and humiliation … but they kept going.

Never before in humanity has there been such a "casting", now we know who are the best on planet Earth. Women, men, old, young, rich, poor, of all races or religions, the unvaccinated, the chosen of the invisible ark, the only ones who managed to resist when everything collapsed.

That's you, you passed an unimaginable test that many of the toughest Marines, Commandos, Green Berets, astronauts and geniuses could not withstand.

You are made of the stuff of the greatest who ever lived, those heroes born among ordinary men who glow in the dark."


Historical NZ documentary

A tragic yet uplifting account about the strength and community spirit that is still alive in New Zealand today despite the government oppression we are all living under. Makes me proud to be a part of this spirit. I believe the documentary was very balanced in its portrayal of the events and showed the current administrations utter contempt for the people it is supposed to represent.

It showcased the incredible diversity we have, culturally, ethnically and religiously and how this is a strength to be cherished.

Incredible that nearly all those involved maintained an attitude of love and peace throughout even when put under constant adverse conditions.

Outstanding documentary

This was outstanding. It captures the reality of the protest so accurately, the authenticity of the people involved and the tragedy in how the protestors were treated by a corrupt government and out of control police force acting illegally.

This document is a must to see but it goes further than that. It should be aired on tv, and it should be part of the curriculum in schools, documenting this historic protest, the plight of the people, and the tyranny our government subjected us to while using the New Zealand Police to act in the most disgusting, and embarrassing way possible on the people of New Zealand. This documentary counters the propaganda previously published by New Zealand's paid off media who are also guilty of disgusting acts on the protestors.

Awesome movie

This is an awesome movie. It's nice to actually get to see the real truth about what happened instead of having to put up with the governments garbage propaganda all the time. It's funny, it's sad, but it's the truth, and it needs to be seen by all. It shows the level of corruption that we the people have been getting subjected to, and it is truly frightening.

I absolutely believe that everybody in the country should watch this movie to get a true perspective of what truly happened, and what the reasons behind it were.

The organization that went into this from all the participants was huge. The filming and editing was great.

A moving recall of a time govt exceed its powers.

It was a very moving documentary. And I was surprised to see the Embassy Theatre overbooked for the premiere It made me realise how people's lives were impacted by an unnecessary mandate. Being overseas at the time I didn't realise there was convoys from all over New Zealand, similar to the one in Canada.

Also, it showed a really rare moment where thousand of people protested in New Zealand and got unified against unfair decisions and the danger of government overreach on people rights and freedom.

The only negative point would be the length of the documentary. It could have been shortened slightly.

Everyone in NZ needs to see this!

This film is about one of the most important events in recent New Zealand history. While most people have seen the 'mainstream' talking points about the event, this documentary focuses on the perspectives of the people at the protest. For those who do not agree with the occupiers, go and see to understand the perspective of those that were there. For those who didn't make it to the protest, watch to see how harmonious it was. And for those who went, watch to remember that you were part of a historic moment.

This documentary is worthwhile watching, it shows the impact of the vaccine on people's lives, and the impact of the mandates on many people.


Friday night we went to Hastings to watch River of Freedom. Although it was important to show snippets of Adern..Hipkins Doomfield etc this got me instantly angry!..but soon recovered as the movie of Love and Unity progressed.

A well put together account with no "Penfold" or " Hollywood" over dramatization involved. Straight from the Heart is what it is.

If any thing is to be " Mandated " then this film should be in that ALL NEW ZEALANDERS NEED to WATCH!! This would be an amazing "REALITY CHECK" for all and I belive this could be the start of saving our wonderful country.

Bruce Porter, Patoka, Hawkes Bay...and yes I was there.

A Wild Ride

Amazing documentary capturing the true essence of the New Zealand convoy and protests that started from the top of the north island and the bottom of the South Island, converging on parliament grounds in Wellington. People from all walks of life, views and religions against the New Zealand government mandates.

Every day people who stood up for themselves, their families, communities, their mana and sovereignty. Their freedoms and right to choose medical treatments.

A documentary funded by the people, for the people from experienced film makers that will take you on a wild ride. A New Zealand piece of history.

Strong, powerful, uplifting voices that just wanted to be heard. Go see it and decide for yourself!

An Important Record of a Dark Time in New Zealand's history

This is an important and powerful record of a dark time in our nation's history. The documentary stays true to the lived experience of the harms caused to ordinary Kiwis by the unlawful vaccine mandates that violated the New Zealand Bill of Rights and medical ethics. Whatever your view on the Govt's covid policy response, the film clearly shows there were serious harms experienced by both protestors and those who complied with the mandates. You will hear the painful stories from protestors who were excluded from even their own churches and business owners who had to reluctantly dismiss valued employees and those harmed by the vaccine.

The documentary also includes the voices of those heroic and courageous health care professionals who risked their livelihoods and professional reputations to warn the public of potential harms.

The cinematography and music is beautiful and poignant and for someone who attended the protest, provides a much needed catharsis. The film also captures the on the ground operations of an organic, functioning and nurturing community village established by the protestors against all odds. Not many people watching the mainstream account will know the likes of Sir Russel Coutts visited the village. This is contrasted by the government's response and their ignorance of the protestors (many who had voted Labour) to meet with and discuss their concerns.

The attacks from the main stream media and the attempts to demonise and propagandise protestor's genuine concerns, and the brutality of the NZ Police in their response to remove the protestors is honestly documented.

The only suggestion I would have is the length of the documentary and that it may need to be shortened for a wider audience.

Thank you River of Freedom for showing us that there was a serious attempt to subvert the values and laws of our nation and of the individual human heart and spirit and that these cannot be broken.

God defend our free land.

Ona mano tangata Kiri whero, kiri ma, Iwi Maori, Pakeha, Rupeke katoa, Nei ka tono ko nga he Mau e whakaahu ke, Kia ora marire Aotearoa

From dissension, envy, hate, And corruption guard our state, Make our country good and great, God defend New Zealand.

A beautiful film full of despair and hope in equal measure

This documentary film about the history making protest in New Zealand's parliament grounds in 2022 doesn't tell you what to think. It gently weaves a narrative together from the strands of tales of the individuals who attended the protest and allows you room to come to your conclusion. From the beginning of the protest when people had so much hope, the juxtaposition of the violence that ended the protest was jarring in its brutality and you can't help but feel that justice is yet to be served in New Zealand in regards to the government's extreme response to Covid and in particular the imposition of vaccine mandates. The skill of the filmmakers is to show the humanity of the people who just want to be heard by those who are supposed to serve them. A devastating film that should be compulsory viewing for every New Zealander.

An Iconic Moment in New Zealand

Great record of a historic protest in New Zealand.

There was no coverage from mainstream media at the time except to condemn the protesters, it's great to see a more well rounded view of the events at the time and the events leading up to the protest.

Can't wait for part two, when answers to the following questions are sort:

Why did Trevor Mallard turn on the sprinklers at parliament when there were people camping on the grounds and why did he play loud music to drain out the protesters who were exercising their rights
Why did every sitting politician avoid the protesters, they were obviously not in danger since they had such a strong Police presence
Why did the Police employ such violent tactics and why have no charges been laid against Police officers that employed unreasonable violence (why are they above the law)

A gripping look into the anti-mandate protest on the grounds of parliament in New Zealand during the time of covid mandates

A moving documentary capturing the spirit of unity as government mandated overreach compelled people from different walks of life to convoy from the furthest reaches of New Zealand to the doorstep of government in Wellington for 23 days. Stunning cinematography tells an incredible story of resilience as government propaganda was unleashed on protestors through state owned media and a police force willing to use brutal force against their own citizens who simply wanted covid mandates to end. A heartfelt original soundtrack accompanies this story told through the voices and imagery of people who had lost their jobs, family, friends, and livelihoods, with nothing left but their courage, standing up against an oppressively juvenile government, wild forces of nature, and a bewildered nation who were subjected to a daily onslaught of biased media reports. An excellent study of how government controlled the narrative and of how quickly the protestors took care of their needs during the occupation of parliament.

An awesome historical documentary

As an attendee it was an accurate and insightful documented revelation about what occurred in Wellington and why so many people were passionate about defending their right to choose medical autonomy - something that was enshrined in NZ and international legislation but ignored by those governing the country and leading our public healthcare. Highly recommend this be shown as part of school curriculum as any significant historical event and the power that can happen when people come together for a sensational cause and defence of their rights. This angle and footage was definitely not conveyed by mainstream media.


You captured the feeling of the Freedom Convoy and the Freedom village beautifully. I hadn't realized how far back I had pushed the painful memories. Thank you so much for telling the true story of what happened. It was good to see the contrast at each stage between what we were experiencing and what our treasonous government did/said.

Stunning soundtrack, so good to see so many of the musicians that were at the protest featured in the movie. I marvelled at how good you managed to get mobile phone footage on such a large screen.

The audiences reaction to the key players spoke volumes and added to the impact of the evening.

Bless you all for what you have done sharing our story.

Beautiful, raw and truthful cinematic experience

This movie is a beautifully crafted exploration of the parliament anti-mandate protest. It's truthful and raw in its footage over the 23 days and who the people were, why they were there and what they wanted. They were just everyday kiwis!

All creeds, ages and types of people from NZ culture were there! I was very moved and it's shown how the government ignored the cries of its people. This govt has damaged NZ. But the film has left us with a sense of hope and love for each other. Thankyou to everyone involved in bringing this movie to life. I liked the showing of news snippets and then what was really going on. The media are so complicit in spreading mis-information about the people who camped on the lawn at this time. Shame on you all.

By the way. Marama Fox was excellent.

A must watch documentary

A very well produced documentary.showing the real story behind the parliament protest. All New Zealanders should watch as the main stream media portrayed a completely different story at the time of the protests. It tells the story of who the people were, why they were protesting and what happened. It told lots of peoples different perspectives. It was amazing how the people came together and organised themselves. The food kitchen, medical area, yoga areas to mention a few were impressive set ups. People from all walks of life came together and supported each other. The sound track and filming were outstanding.

A piece of history

Having been part of the convoy and attended the Freedom Village, River of Freedom accurately portrays what I and my friends experienced.

The film takes you through a whole array of emotions - from the enormously uplifting and life-affirming feelings of societal unity and the innate goodness of people, through the frustration of the mainstream media's inaccurate portrayal of the events, to the horrors of the violence inflicted.

It shows in stark contrast, the old hierarchical, patriarchal system where communicating with those who hold a difference of opinion is not entertained nor tolerated, and the new system of unity consciousness based on the foundation that more can be achieved if we work together than work against each other.

I have never been involved in anything political, nor attended any kind of protest, ever, until this situation happened.

This film captures the essence of why so many value-driven people were called to action.


Great documentary

I went to watch the premiere of this documentary at the embassy cinema in Wellington, New Zealand.

This documentary really captured the true essence of the convoy/protest. Interviews with real people that where there for what they believed in. Regular kiwi's who travelled all the way from the top and bottom of the country to meet in New Zealand's capital city to have their voices heard.

Most of all it portrayed how the people of New Zealand were ignored by all members of their government, vilified by the mainstream media an brutalised by the Police force.

Thanks to all the people involved who put this together.

Beautifully crafted documentary

Moving depiction of one of the darkest moments in New Zealands history. Wonderfully shot and edited. River of freedom showed the power of a corrupt narrative on a small nation mislead by a populist Prime Minister who came to believe she was the Mother Teresa of the South Pacific. There's no narration which makes the message all the more powerful. The drone photography added immensely to the visual impact with sweeping movements high above New Zealands parliament dwarfing the protestors tents. New Zealanders politicians agreed unanimously to not speak to the protestors proclaiming them as terrorists. This documentary will only become all the more powerful with the passing of time and will serve as a poignant warning against government over reach masquerading as safety.

A story that needed to be told

A must watch for every kiwi and soon the world. To see a prime minister who gladly created a two their society .. the darling of the WEF and the world who was basically evil to her own people .. I am proud to say I was there and we were on the right side of history .. The sense of community was amazing .. I was there for my vaccine injured son who still suffers from Chronic myocarditis over a year later at only 26 diagnosed by drs but little they can do for it.. I will continue to stand up until the gov reconise and start helping the 65000 kiwis who suffered Vax injuries. This film is beautifully made lovely cinematography, great sound .. a top level production. I truly hope this film goes international.

Documentary - When a government overreaches the people stand up

This followed from the eyes of those with cameras and film makers on the journey into the protest at Wellington, the capital city in New Zealand. This has taken footage from many sources and bought it together in an extremely comprehensive way. It follows from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South. Shows the incomprehensible reaction from a Government which was creating an overreach into the lives of all New Zealanders.

With livliehoods being lost, mortgages at risk of not being paid people did what they could, this shows those who came - but also those who supported them to come.

The Prime Minister, is shown from footage from the main stream media, saying that there is a two tier society, that Covid would hunt down the unvaccinated, but never acknowledged those who were injured by the vaccinations.

The parliamentary parties refused to come and see the people but sent in the riot police ....

Essential viewing, especially for those who didn't attend the protest

I wasn't there. I only watched events unfold across public-access media platforms - a narrative constructed to illustrate one viewpoint only. I didn't hear the stories of the people who gathered in thousands on Parliament grounds.

Until now. Until this...

Here is a documentary that never resorts to hyperbole or over-dramatisation. There is no voice-over narrator to manipulate the viewer's opinions. Instead, the film consists largely of people describing their experience of the mandates, their reasons for participating in the protest, and the historical events that they witnessed.

The film is immaculately constructed. The cinematography often exquisite - especially during the early sequences where sweeping drone footage captures the New Zealand landscape in all its rugged green and cloud-draped expanse. The pacing is superb, the twining stories compelling. It is an accomplished and intelligent piece of filmmaking; leavened with lightness, humour and hope without ever losing sight of the grim and challenging aspects of the situation... or the chaos and brutality of its conclusion.

This is powerful, poignant and often profound. For anyone still capable of accepting the opinions and lived experiences of others, it is an essential film.

Over step

A tragic moment for this country and mandated loss of human rights, political overreach at its finest and all for a lab leakd virus that was human engineered and partially fund by Dr Anthony Fauchi. I suggest the next Doccumentntry you watch is (The real anthony Fauchi) by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

All this unsettled devide in or country for a vaccination that wasnt even tested to stop for transmission of the virus and caused Myocarditis killing thousands. Jacinder really showed her true colours and once you understand she is in bed with the World Economic Forum it all makes senses. Bunch of Nazies lol(awkward laugh).

But over all great movie, shows how the comunity can pull together and the strength we have in numbers, i just wish the government wouldn't actually listen to its people.

A Visual Journey Through New Zealand's Protests

River of Freedom offers stunning images into the Wellington protests in New Zealand, where people rallied against the govt and its covid vaccine mandates. However, the documentary's runtime of 2.5 hours felt excessive, it spends too much time on irrelevant details about things happening inside the freedom village while I was expecting to see more about the facts that led to the protest and the outcomes.

The documentary excels in showcasing the striking visuals and impressive organization behind the protest. I was particularly impressed with the industrial kitchen set up to feed the protesters. While the documentary primarily focuses on the protest itself, I was expecting to see more about how dangerous govt overreach on people's life can be. I think this documentary has greater appeal for those who attended the protest only.

Download here: COVID-tyrants-Nobody-was-forced-to-take-the-jab-Except-most-of-the-population-2023-09-05.mp4 - 2,369 kb
By: Dr. Anastasia Maria Loupis - 5th September 2023

COVID tyrants
"Nobody was forced to take the jab"
[Except most of the population!]

Justin Trudeau - WEF Queer Nazi

Jo Biden forces Americans to get the Kill Shots - then denies it

COVID tyrants - Nobody was forced to take the jab - Except most of the population!

Don't let these scumbags gaslight you. We all lived through the past few years of tyranny. Saying nobody was "forced" to take a shot simply because they didn't physically jab you doesn't mean you weren't forced.

Removing your livelihood and removing you from society is forcing you.

Tracy smith
I knew this even before Dr. Robert Malone made the statement!! They are going to tell you you had a choice. Knowing that they mandated it!!! It does not matter to these evil people. Shameful.

Chidi Uzoechi
People were indirectly forced . Because you needed to be vaccinated to keep your job!

Justin Trudeau is a loathsome, cowardly, degenerate.

Linda Childers6
Oh yes they were!!! Many places of business told their employee's "if you don't take the vaccine, you can't work here."Even nurses in my family were given the ultimatum. They both walked off their jobs as did others.

Honestly listening to these people in our government makes me sick to my stomach like they literally make me ill. I can only handle it for short doses because it's so disgusting and they are so reprehensible to be making the claims that they're making it's all lies

Doctor S.Q.L.
No true! Our job depended on it. No jab no work. Health workers were even asked to take booster shot!

Ken Tait
the practice of persuading someone to do something by using force or threats.

Despicable lot... worse yet that so many went along with it all

Good on Pauline for asking. I had to get 2 jabs if I wanted my surgery to go ahead

Daniel C. Evans
They're going to gaslight us before they bully us again.

Abigail Joy
guess they got amnesia from the jab

Conservatives Unite
No, nobody was forced. They were just told you will lose your job if you dont take it, so you won't be able to put food on the table and eventually become homeless. That's not "forcing" to these libs.

Here to ratio liberals
The funny thing is, they'll do it again. Mandate or coerce but afterward say it was our choice. I didn't fall for it the first time and I never will. But their manipulation is forever.

Download here: NZ-PM-Chris-Hipkins-says-there-was-no-compulsory-vaccination-and-that-people-made-their-own-choices-2023-09-04.mp4 - 13,958 kb
By: Coronavirus Plushie - 4th September 2023

New Zealand PM Chris Hipkins
says there was no compulsory vaccination
and that people made their own choices!

New Zealand PM @chrishipkins says there was no compulsory vaccination and that people made their own choices.

Yeah right! People made their own choices in the same way that a person being threatened with a big stick "makes a choice" to do something.

@P_McCulloughMD, @DrJBhattacharya, @jimmy_dore, @rustyrockets, @JamesMelville, @stkirsch, @nzlabour, @thecoastguy, @winstonpeters, @CarmelSepuloni

Why a domestic NZ COVID 'passport' raises hard questions about discrimination, inequality and coercion.

Why a domestic NZ COVID 'passport' raises hard questions about discrimination, inequality and coercion.

Very soon there will be hundreds of health officials saying: It was your choice, no one made you take it. Dr. Robert Malone.

noun: coercion; plural noun: coercions. The practice of persuading someone to do something by using force or threats.

Yes my husband was forced to see a doctor in a container in the car park of our surgery, he said the man came in virtually in a hasmat suit and he was made to feel awful. I will not forget that in a hurry.

NZDSOS - NZ Doctors Speaking Out with Science
All of the Official Information Act responses show it's not safe, or effective. They still banned us from society. Mandates are still in place in DHB's around the country so medical professionals are still out of work.

I saw the Dr in a car park.
I wish I had got a photo of her in the hazmat suit,shield and masks she wore.
I was grateful she would see me.
When a few weeks later a text was sent it was time for a Pap smear, I declined.
It wouldn't have felt right in the car park

And it goes like this:
But we heard you threaten us.
No you didn't.
We saw you on TV threatening to hunt us down.
No it wasn't me.
We have film footage of you threatening, blackmailing, coercing and bullying us.
No your eyes and ears are wrong.

Hey Hipkins . You told my friend she couldn't see her dad in aged care unless she had the needle 💉. She got it for that reason . Now she's been in hospital with heart problems ! You rotten scoundrel ! You're responsible !

Mr Hipkins should be on trial for crimes against humanity. Along with Jacinda Adern previous PM.

They mandated it not in the best interests of the public but instead to meet the WEF cult, WHO and UN requirements.

"There was no compulsory vaccination; people made their own choices".

I got fired. Was that my choice too?

Don't ever let your conscience get in the way of power at all costs, Chippy. But don't expect anyone to trust you when you're incapable of telling one simple truth either.

liz devine
You are a LIAR @chrishipkins
- stop lying- there was NO choice - I know many forced to get the jab at your expense or they would lose their job or lost their job! So how was this ultimately their choice? EXPLAIN

Fat Farm
It just proves that NZ Politicians are liars. Hopkins has stood by the side of Jacinda spreading misinformation and threatening NZera. Today nzers suffer with failed medical, education ... nzer are suffering

More mis and disinformation from PM Shitkins & co.

The fact that no one in the: parliament, mainstream media, judiciary, police, army etc are publicly rebuking / charging / arresting these evil charlatans - reveals how widespread this corruption really is.

They have NO HONOR!

Sapienism | Functional Medicine & Self-Improvement
Funny how everyone was accused of pressuring people.

Now that I have the balls to speak the truth and have scientific studies to back me up:

Nearly everyone I speak to says they didn't trust it, they only got it because they were forced to.

Well dear @chrishipkins, do you care to explain your apparent duplicity, or are you now just backing out to evade responsibility for mass murder?

Thank You for putting this Gaslighting episode together

PM Chris Hipkins is a morally minuscule & willfully ignorant specimen of a man, with absolutely NO HONOUR.

Leading an army of morally repugnant queers and kiddie fiddlers, as they eagerly elbow their way to the head of the WEF pig trough! God defend NZ from this insanity!

Elisha #PoliticallyHomeless
Coercion involves a set of forceful actions which violate the free will of an individual in order to induce a desired response.

Mandates =coercion

Dr. Lynn Fynn-derella
Liars. There is enough video of a horse face WEF stooge saying otherwise.

Charlotte Mogensen
They're trying to rewrite the story all over the world, but we are many who will never forget

All Out Of Bubble Gum
They made their own choices the way that women sleep or don't sleep with their bosses in order to keep their jobs. Except we prosecute employers for such coercion.

Dave Muralt
What @chrishipkins said is a lie. Pure and simple. He should be ashamed of himself.

It was always going to be their get out, it was only guidance, a choice. At one point I had friends & family telling me just have them you'll never be able to do anything again!! that's how much they believed GVT, many were threatened with losing their jobs. Don't kill granny etc!!

HRH Lady Jayne of Gloucester; Veteran
All we have to do is roll out those Chairman Jacinda's videos to prove him wrong

unacceptable alpha female
Do they really think we'd forget?

He will pay at the polls!

Rory Lane
They know we're coming for them

Patricia Törngren
No Jab, no Job?

Myocarditis Wave. Formerly Silenced. NUREMBERG

What a bunch of lying tyrants. The mandate was only dropped in Sept 2022

Coronavirus Plushie
They were not dropped for many people though, health care workers, for example

Peter Palmer
I know NZ doesn't have a huge population but...jeez he the best you could come up with for PM? Politicians lying is normal. But he's just taking the proverbial!

Coronavirus Plushie
Nobody voted for him, he just took over when Jacinda Ardern stood down

ALS #ReclaimTheRainbow
Shitkins is right. It was a bluff, a stand off. If people held the line entire sectors would've collapsed & it would've been over by morning tea. The tyrants would've backed down with their tails between their legs. 20% of a workforce can't be fired. It wasn't that complicated.

THey CHOse COMPLiance.
He Is CORRect.
DOn't CRy ABOut It NOw YOu VACCINated PEOple.
#VaccineInjuries #vaccineSideEffects #vaccinedeaths

This isn't surprising coming from a man who can't define a woman.

Mr. Hipkins seems to struggle with the Queen's English. There WAS compulsion, by definition.

And… compulsion is coercion, and coercion is force.

NZ did this. HE did this.

Incredulous that some Kiwis watch Hipkins and agree. Unbelievable the delusion that has many in New Zealand under a strange trance.

Elizabeth Walker
Oh sure, and those quarantine camps and arrests were totally voluntary, too.

Definition of gaslighting.
Also definition of tyranny.
Also definition of scumbag
Also definition of who needs Nuremberg 2.0

@chrishipkins is a spinless and penetrated coward, Nuremberg II needs to happen asap!!!

Download here: What-if-they-lied-to-you-about-Donald-Trump-2023-08-27.mp4 - 10,049 kb
By: C3PMeme - 27th August 2023
What if they lied to you
about Donald Trump?

Do you believe everything main stream media tells you about Donald Trump?
Watch this entire video and decide for yourself...
This video was made by my friends @brandiewithabee and @littlememzz (on Twitter)
They did an amazing job and I wanted to post it here for you all to see.

NEVER in my Lifetime will I believe that someone (Joe Biden) who did not Rally, Campaign, and Engage the People...WON the Presidency.

I will never believe the lies they told about our President Donald Trump!! The best president in my lifetime!!

As a BLACK WOMAN, I approve this message.

I liked Trump. I wasn't a fanatic and new the media was lying. Seeing things like this makes me love him. There are plenty of people who like him, dislike but prefer over Biden and are just unsure. These people need to see more of this.

He's never been a racist or a misogynist, he just wants what's best for people. It amazes me the amount of stupid people that either don't remember stuff or let themselves be swayed by media.

They 10000% lied and people are still sleepwalking believing the lies. It's disgusting.

Lindsey Graham is an absolute traitor to his supposed party, and needs to be primaried out.

I am a South African and have and still do everything in my power to support and speak out against the injustice spewd against Donald Trump.

Great video. More people should know the truth about Trump and not the lies spread by main stream media.

The mainstream media told us how we should feel about him...they lied! Trump 2024!

What a great man Trump is.

No democrat would believe this video. They would accuse the video of being fake! They have chosen their "side" and no amount of truth can disuade them.

Download here: Trump-arrested-booked-and-released-at-Fulton-County-Jail-in-Georgia-election-case-2023-08-25.mp4 - 25,411 kb
By: NBC News - 25th August 2023
Trump arrested, booked & released
at Fulton County Jail in
Georgia election case
Trump surrendered on racketeering and other charges and had his mug shot taken before he was released on a $200,000 bond.

Mug shot of President Donald Trump - 24th August 2023

By Charlie Gile and Dareh Gregorian

ATLANTA - Former President Donald Trump turned himself in Thursday night at the Fulton County Jail to be booked on felony charges in connection with efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election results in Georgia.

Trump arrived at the jail shortly after 7:30 p.m. ET in a presidential-style motorcade and was booked, fingerprinted and photographed for a mug shot within minutes, according to jail records. Trump was quickly released, according to the records. He was in and out of the jail in about 20 minutes.

"What has taken place here is a travesty of justice," Trump told reporters on the tarmac moments before he boarded his plane to leave Atlanta. "We did nothing wrong at all, and we have every single right to challenge an election we think is dishonest."

The arrest was Trump's fourth since April, and it was the first time he - or any former U.S. president - had his mug shot taken. The booking took place in a state that was largely ground zero for his bogus stolen election claims, despite enormous pushback against him from the Republican governor and top election officials in a state he had won in 2016. Trump's continued insistence that the election results could not be trusted helped cost Republicans control of the U.S. Senate in a runoff election on Jan. 5, 2021.

Trump, 77, had left his summer home in Bedminster, New Jersey, shortly before 4 p.m. ET and took his private plane to Atlanta, where he was indicted last week on state racketeering and conspiracy charges.

Mug shot of President Donald Trump - 24th August 2023

Former President Donald Trump was booked at the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta on Thursday.

Fulton County Sheriff's Office

"I have to start getting ready to head down to Atlanta, Georgia," to "get ARRESTED by a Radical Left, Lowlife District Attorney, Fani Willis," Trump, 77, said Thursday afternoon in a post on his social media platform, Truth Social, where he also exaggerated the crime rate in Atlanta.

He gave a thumbs-up to the cameras as he walked off the plane at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

After he arrived at the jail, Trump was processed and released under the terms of a $200,000 bond agreement his attorneys struck with Willis' office this week. Booking records listed his height as 6-foot-3 and his weight as 215 pounds, which would be 29 pounds lighter than he was at the time of his last White House physical in 2020. The source of the jail's information is unclear, and it appeared online before he arrived at the jailhouse.

A date for his arraignment hasn't been announced.

Trump has maintained he's not guilty of any wrongdoing and has accused Willis, a Democrat, of "election interference" for charging him because he's again running for president.

The majority of Trump's 18 co-defendants in the sprawling case have already surrendered, including his former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, who was booked Thursday afternoon before he was released under the terms of his $100,000 bond agreement.

Willis set a deadline of noon Friday for the defendants to turn themselves in before arrest warrants would be issued. The Fulton County Sheriff's Office said in a statement Thursday night that it's "expected that the remaining 7 defendants, named in the Georgia election interference indictment, will surrender by Friday."

Earlier Thursday, Trump shook up his legal team in the case, replacing lawyer Drew Findling with attorney Steven Sadow.

Sadow said in a statement ahead of Trump's appearance that he "should never have been indicted. He is innocent of all the charges brought against him. We look forward to the case being dismissed or, if necessary, an unbiased, open-minded jury finding the president not guilty."

No trial date has been set. Willis initially proposed a trial date in March, but on Thursday she recommended the trial start Oct. 23 after one of the defendants, Kenneth Chesebro, filed a motion for a speedy trial date.

Trump, who has said this and the three other criminal trials he faces should be delayed until after the 2024 presidential election, then filed a motion saying that he opposes the request and that he'll file be filing another motion to sever his case from Chesebro's and the cases of "any other co-defendant who files such a demand."

In a ruling late Thursday, Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee signed on to Chesebro's request and the DA's proposed trial date but added, "At this time, these deadlines do not apply to any co-defendant."

Charlie Gile reported from Atlanta and Dareh Gregorian from New York.

CORRECTION (Aug. 24, 2023, 11:15 p.m. ET): A previous version of this article misstated the date of the special election runoff that cost Republicans control of the Senate. It was Jan. 5, 2021, not 2020.

Elon Musk

We Have It All

Truth Justice
The world knows the truth. Joe Biden is not the President of the United States of America. He was unlawfully placed in the White House as an operative for the Committee of 300 who had the lawful President of the United States @realDonaldTrump removed.

Kristopher J. Anderson
We love you, President Trump!!!!!

Vince Langman
My support for President Trump has never been stronger than it is today

Truth Justice
The lawful President of the United States of America.

Brandon Straka
Indicted We Stand

Juan M. Escobar
Thank you for buying X and making this possible. Free speech is important to civilization survival

Trump haters are so oblivious to how moderates and independents will react to this.

The mugshot represents what happens when DOJ is compromised by political activists. Rational people see what's happening. The haters don't. This will backfire immensely.

Mug shots making someone ineligible to serve in public office? Now that's a novel constitutional argument. Good grief, Libs care nothing for the Constitution.

Red Blooded American Misfit
I wish @NBCNews WAS AS HARD ON CROOKED @JoeBiden!!

I'm by no means a fan of DT, but read the headline and tell me if it's reporting the news or extremely bias and leading the readers to their own narrative.

I'd say do better, @NBCNews, but you jumped that shark a long time ago.

Democrats have thrown every corrupt prosecutor at Trump and the result is; he's more powerful now than ever before. Carry on as America knows/understands what's happening.

Chicagoland man
NBC is unfit to report news

Farrel Vincent
Calling him guilty, already? How very biased of you.

So what happened to the no one (druggie & criminal Hunter Biden) is above the law mantra after 5 years?

what ever happened to innocent untill proven guilty?

Download here: GBNews-Stephen-Dixon-clashes-with-Jan-Halper-Hayes-re-Trumps-claims-of-a-rigged-election-2023-08-03.mp4 - 20,217 kb
By: GBNews - 3rd August 2023
GBNews Stephen Dixon clashes with
Jan Halper Hayes re 'Trumps claims
of a rigged election'
& much more...

U.S. Political analyst, Jan Halper-Hayes, argues that anyone who doesn't think that the prosecutors have the 'real results' from the election are 'fooling themselves' but Stephen Dixon disagrees.

#donaldtrump #trump #latestnews

Q news...   Now read the following very carefully my friends...

Jan Halper-Hayes: " a result he has due process, so he [Donald Trump] can subpoena people and bring things in.

Now let me say something about this 2020 election, is that Biden is a legitimate president, but he's a legitimate president of what is now the bankrupt U.S corporation. And that was a treaty in 1871.

Well on September 12, 2018, Trump created an executive order. Within that he outlined, in future elections, any kind of foreign or domestic interference, specifically for the 2020 election. So we say 'how did he know some of these things were going to happen?' Election Integrity on both sides of the aisle is tough, it's really tough. But what this has done, is it's opened the door for Trump to present his case...

..Exactly and and it's a great mistake by Jack Smith that he's done that, absolutely great. See the thing is, think about uh Edward Snowden and all the information he had. Think about the fact that our military, our Department of Defense, Space Force - if you think that they don't have the actual real results from the election, then you're fooling yourself...

..he's [Donald Trump] been very very clear. I mean the issues were for example in Pennsylvania, the Supreme Court of the State of Pennsylvania, stepped in and changed some of the election laws. Under our constitution, it's only the state legislators that can do that.

Two Thousand Mules, the film that came out, what they did - they spent over $4 million tracking the phones and the reason it's only 2 000 mules, is that based on the visits to the drop boxes in Georgia, they had to have gone over 10 times and they've got all the film for that. So the thing is that um, the election integrity is so different and so problematic in every single state, every single state. But that doesn't mean that the machines didn't do something, that there were some other kind of finagling, but the longest...

..okay wait a minute. Everyone, the media goes oh there were sixty, sixty court cases that were rejected. No. There were three. He won two, he lost one, 57 were never heard because they had no standing and standing means, that the person bringing the case, has to claim some kind of impact or injury.

So it's really, you know the media did that and they're great at doing that, but it, it was a fallacy in there and the thing is that um, you know, you know I sit on a task force at the Department of Defense, and the thing, is they've got the goods, they've got the goods and Trump knew that if he presented any of the goods early, on we'd have a civil war. That he really felt that the people needed to see how bad it could get...

.. um you know the thing is he didn't try to subvert anything. What he's really done is he's set up the Deep state to come out, and that's why we're seeing all these things. I mean it just, it was revealed with whistleblowers and um Hunter Biden's ex-best friend, that in 2015, the head of Barisma gave Joe and Hunter Biden 10 million bribe. In 2018, Hunter is, I mean Joe is on TV publicly saying that he threatened that unless they got the prosecutor fired, that um he wasn't going to let them have their 1 billion in support. In 2019 Trump calls Zelinski to find out about what went on to get the prosecutor fired and he gets impeached! I mean that's, we've lived with it for a long time...

..well I don't know if I said everything or always, because I do call him [Donald Trump] the embellisher in Chief, because he's a marketer. But in terms of telling us things, optics, you better believe that he's very much a straight shooter - in terms of actions that he's going to take or what he thinks needs to be done.

You know they made fun of him [Donald Trump] because they assumed he broke protocol and walked in front of the queen! No. If you go back and look at it, you will see he looked at her, she gave a wave with her hand, he proceeded, she took a couple of steps, he stopped and he waited for her to join. That was an optic to tell us that he then was going to bankrupt the U.S. corporation, because it was the Vatican, the crown and the U.S., that was part, since 1871; and we were giving you our tax dollars.

We were paying back, you know, we forget this tea party and without taxation, without representation, we owed you a lot of money because you helped us in the Civil War; and so that is what Trump has now, he told the queen, 'I'm ending this, we're dissolving this Corporation. We're going to go back to being a republic and we'll all be separate.' The pope wasn't happy. You should find the picture of him visiting the pope. It took 650 planes to remove our gold from the Vatican Bank!"

It took 650 planes to remove our gold from the Vatican Bank! - Dr. Jan Halper

It took 650 planes to remove our gold from the Vatican Bank! - Dr. Jan Halper

Matthew 16:26  For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

The Patriot Voice

IMO, This is one of the MOST important broadcasts EVER allowed to air on TV.

Dr. Jan Halper Hayes, who claims to be part of a "DoD Task Force" goes off script and tells some absolutely INCREDIBLE TRUTHS.

- Biden being legit President, but of a bankrupt US Corporation.

- President Trump walking in front of Queen Elizabeth as optic that we took our gold back out of London & the Vatican.

-Space Force capturing REAL results of the 2020 election.

President Trump we salute you

Even when presented with facts, these two presenters didn't attempt to disguise their bias.

Nice to see a woman giving us the facts about the USA,

This presenter is clueless, the lady is 100% correct!

Trump speaks the truth and is a great person for president.

Trump is a "Driver". What an insult calling him a Chocolate Teapot.

I wish we had Trump in the UK

Stephen appears to be out of his depth and unable to grasp the context and magnitude of Trumps' position or predicament.

Oh no!! This presenter clearly doesn't know what is going on in the USA. Trump is king!!!!

MAGA TRUMP 2020/2024

Very surprised at GBnews, that presenter chap was particularly bias and ill informed.
Lots of evidence to back up vote rigging claims.

When Tyrannical Governments, Banks,
Mainstream Media and Police
collude to ban THINKING!
By: John Goddard - 3rd August 2023

I just got fired for wrongthink.

Then I find out that my bank account's been frozen, too.

I try to get an Uber back home but no cars will pick me up.

How did Uber find out I committed wrongthink?

I check my phone and apparently I've been banned from Instagram for the same reason.

Then a social worker knocks on my door and takes my son from me.

They tell me I've endangered my son by exposing him to wrongthink.

The State will now house and re-educate him, ensuring that he is only exposed to Government-Approved facts.

I feel my heart rate increase.

I try to turn some lights on, but it looks like my power has been disconnected.

I remember that I have some cash upstairs, so I decide to use that to buy some food whilst my bank accounts are frozen.

But the grocery store tells me that it can't accept cash. So now I can't even buy food!

I think I have some vague recollections of people warning me about the dangers of a cashless society...

I call all my friends for help, but none of them want to talk to me. They've all been warned about my wrongthink.

They know that if they talk to me on the phone for too long, they'll get punished as well.

I call the police to see if they can help me.

They say no, but I'm referred to a Government-Approved Mental Support Officer.

I tell her my situation, and she listens carefully.

Once I'm done, I hear the Officer get extremely excited.

She tells me that the Government has a new solution they're trialing for people in my situation: a Euthanasia Care Package.

She says it's my best option.

The best thing is that it's $0 up front! They just charge a 58% tax on my estate.

I ask if there are any other options, as this seems a bit heavy-handed.

But she says that Euthanasia is perfect for people like me.

She stresses that it's a voluntary decision, but then adds that the Government will continue to deny me services until I opt in to the Euthanasia Care Package.

I sit on the floor of my living room in despair.

How could all of this happen to me?

And just because I noticed that the TV was telling me lies?

I didn't even break any laws.

These days it seems that there's one set of rules for the people who repeat what the news tells them.

And another set of rules for the people who speak out about the continuous stream of inconsistencies and outright lies that we are force-fed every day at 6pm.

And these lies coming from the TV seem so obvious to me.

So I wonder how other people don't notice them. Why don't they say anything?

And then after a while I realise that they must notice them, but they've been forced to ignore their own eyes by this machinery of coercion.

You see, governments, media, and corporations are now so interconnected globally that they can move in unison to unperson anyone who doesn't say that 2 + 2 = 5.

And so I was unpersoned for wrongthink.

As if I'd committed a crime.

But I wasn't tried by a court, I was tried by this new judicial system.

Where there's no evidence, no trial, and no judge.

Just a verdict and a punishment.

"When the people fear the government, that's tyranny; when the government fears the people, that's freedom."
Thomas Jefferson

WRONGTHINK - When Tyrannical Governments, Banks, Mainstream Media and Police collude to ban THINKING!

When the people fear the government, that's tyranny; when the government fears the people, that's freedom. Thomas Jefferson

When the people fear the government, that's tyranny; when the government fears the people, that's freedom. Thomas Jefferson

When the people fear the government, that's tyranny; when the government fears the people, that's freedom. Thomas Jefferson

When the people fear the government, that's tyranny; when the government fears the people, that's freedom. Thomas Jefferson

When the people fear the government, that's tyranny; when the government fears the people, that's freedom. Thomas Jefferson

When the people fear the government, that's tyranny; when the government fears the people, that's freedom. Thomas Jefferson

Karl Johnson
It would appear most 'protect' themselves by building beliefs around the lies. It starts with blind obedience, and then the will to conform, followed by the cognitive dissonance. Then rationalizing anything authority tells you, that aligns with your belief, becomes easy.

If you all remain apathetic, then without God's intervention, we are all destined to participate in the 'Involuntary Reincarnation Act'


Mark Trent
Man, this dude can write!!

Like a writing Jedi warrior honing his craft to perfection! loved it!

Space Redneck
Then you find the parallel society of wrongthinkers and enter a much cozier world.

We are on the eve of a Black Mirror future.
AI is only going to accelerate all of these social credit stop losses that can cripple a persons life, without due process.
Governments don't have to pass draconian laws, they only have to give a wink to the woke, & they'll do the rest.

Lydia Pearl
Amazed that so many are naively unaware that this is coming.

And remember this all started by complying to these ridiculous covid pandemic policies...this showed them how easily obedient the masses are, choosing security over freedom.

Wendy B#RejectTheReform #cashisfreedom
Beware! If you keep ignoring what they have planned for us then this will be your future.

Red Mist
Crawl under a rock and cry until the end of your days, or Arm up, become a Punisher and do something about it.

Download here: The-WEF-UNLEASHES-Their-Plan-To-INFILTRATE-GOVERNMENTS-and-DESTROY-Home-Ownership-2023-07-24.mp4 - 23,015 kb
By: The Fruitful Investor - 24th July 2023
and DESTROY Home Ownership!

The WEF is lurking in the shadows, and SHAKING the fabric of society as we know it... Their sinister plan to strip away home ownership, our freedoms and make us mere peasants in their grand scheme.

Barbara Corcoran, a $200 million real estate investor shares her take on the market and the BEST way to defend yourself among all this madness...

#Trudeau #kevinoleary #HousingCrisis

Any politicans connected to WEF should be investigated for breach of trust.

I still think anyone in the cabinet can not serve Canadians while serving the WEF

Absolutely sick of the Corrupt and Evil WEF. Bloody disgusting

"All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force." -- George Orwell

We all around the world need to take out wef one by one

It's pretty funny how Trudeau said he would never, never, never be a politician and he was right. Even though he is the PM he is no politician. He's still a drama teacher clown.

Why has the WEF been given so much power?

Canadians take a week off stay home what the hell are we working for, these corrupt politicians are taking almost everything you earn

Schwab is a real life Bond villain.

Schwab has been working in this b.s. for 50 years now.

Adam Weidl
And YOUNGER generations not only vote for these guys they praise and love them like heroes… wow

From the Fabian society it has always been the goal to end private property ownership.

Klaus needs to be taken out. What's occurring is criminal…placing yourself in stupid debt isn't the solution.

World Tribunals. WEF stands trial. That would be a good start.

Klausie, show us how it's done, lead by example. Start living with nothing, owning nothing and let's see how happy you are. Once a tyrant always a tyrant

I will be forever grateful to you, you changed my whole life and I will continue to preach on your behalf for the whole world to hear you saved me from huge financial debt with just a small investment, thank you Maria Reyes.

I see a need for God to intervene and do with Klaus Schwab what he will with him

Download here: New-Zealand-Loyal-Policy-Overview-Liz-Gunn-2023-07-10.mp4 - 177,940 kb
By: FreeNZ Media - 10th July 2023
New Zealand Loyal
Policy Overview - Liz Gunn

Firstly: Loyalty to New Zealanders' interests, not the globalists' interests.

  1. Bring an end to our participation in the WEF, the WHO and the UN
  2. End any UN-forced climate accords based on faulty science and media-driven hysteria
  3. Energy independence, including oil products
  4. Immigration moratorium
  5. Removal of fluoride to public water supply
  6. End the poisoning of our land through, eg: 10-80 and RoundUp
  7. Void any restrictive regulations on farming and industry
  8. Scrap the current tax system
  9. Investigate the Reserve Bank of New Zealand
  10. Move away from the fiat money system
  11. Government will no longer be able to use a "confidentiality" excuse to keep secrets from the NZ people
  12. Scrap all race-based policies
  13. End divisive practices that weaken communities
  14. Recognise that the resources of this land belong to all of the people
  15. Put an end to sanctioned greed
  16. The justice system will be set right
  17. A constitution will be set in place
  18. Criminally investigate all who have acted against the people of NZ, including historic events
  19. Whistleblower protection See the Opal File -
  20. Children will be protected from all means of exploitation
  21. Eradication of propaganda and media spin doctors
  22. Open and unfettered choice in the health sector
  23. Go beyond big Pharma medical solutions
  24. Postal votes will not be counted on corruptible counting machines
  25. Power will be given back to the people

Aim: To leave a legacy of respect, listening, decency, morality and courage for our children's children to inherit.

Membership to NZL

Fantastic Liz, I really like where you are going with this and am looking forward to claiming our NZ alongside all those who want do do more than just wish it were better. One flag, one people.

According to WHO constitution, there is no "impediment" to leaving the WHO. There will be consequences, however, NZ is one of the few countries that can be self-sufficient hence Government being hell bent on destroying NZ infrastructure and production facilities. I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees. Complete WEF subjugation over the last 6 years is a mere taste of what is next if we do not extricate ourselves from the WEF juggernaut. MP's have demonstrated they are all keen troughers, and will do, as they have done, anything the WEF tells them to do hence the incessant lying. This is because of who owns our debt of course. Because Government is relying heavily on CBDC implementation, they have been borrowing irresponsibly for many years. Under CBDC they can lower the value of your currency unit and borrow more without getting out of their seat ot notifying anybody. But so can WEF if you follow, without Government approval. Initially we have until 27 November this year to withdraw from IHR Amendments which are deliberately being conflated with WHO PT and WHO +CA. Jacinda Adern has already signed your right to individual sovereignty over to the WHO (22/7/2022) but we can reverse that if we act quickly.

Championess of the people!

Gonna have to join now you've shown a vision that I think is truly on the side of a common sense reality.
Thank you Liz.

I can hear Dave Dobyn singing in the background. Thank you Liz, love the policies. Just need the rest of the nation to know. This is a battle for sure.

So many good positions ! Health especially.

At last! We must make this happen. Thank you Liz, and thank you all working with her.

Liz you are awesome. Fantastic speech. please tap our beloved Lee Smith on the shoulder for Taranaki - King Coubtry and I'll work hard to promote her. I cried when you mentioned The Sound of Freedom. Over 1000 NZ children missing through CYPS and its got to be properly investigated. Cannot thank you and your team enough for being the reluctant heroes. Had our first sunny day in weeks yesterday and could see the plane spraying chemicals to make it rain again. Raining g today - so over it!!! Much love to all from the soggy green hills of the King Country. ??

Your vision really brings light to the end of the tunnel. Looking forward to sharing your forthcoming policies far and wide. THANK YOU NZ LOYAL

Liz you rock woman. I will WILL be party to your vision. Kim :)

Love to all my NZ brothers and Sisters. I love you all, spread the word and unite.

Wonderful. Integrity, honesty and transparency. Liz is a legend ??

Wow... blessings to you

Download here: New-Zealand-Loyal-New-Political-Party-with-Liz-Gunn-2023-06-28.mp4 - 52,915 kb
By: Liz Gunn - 28th June 2023
New Zealand Loyal
New Political Party with Liz Gunn
What an incredible speech!

Liz Gunn shares a crucial message with all voters who care about the future of New Zealand in this upcoming 2023 election.

>>> Sign Up: <<<

Casey Hodgkinson Interview - Casey Hodgkinson ...

Dr Bruce Dooley - Federation Of State Medical Boards -

Interview with Politically Marooned Ex-National Voters -

FreeNZ Substack -

FreeNZ Rumble -

New Zealand soldiers at Gallipoli.

Liz Gunn is a woman with a human heart and genuine concern and hard work behind her. This is really good news for New Zealand.

This is the type of politician we desperately need in Australia .Very stirring message l wish her and New Zealand the best.

100% behind you Liz

I'm a farmer and struggling to wake other farmers up. They don't like labour lite (national) but keep saying it's the lesser of the 2 evils. The minor parties need to find a way to band together, but sadly I think too many won't put thier differences to one side.
You're like a mother to this country, and since you left telly basically so did I. I just wish your voice had a greater reach.

Dear Liz, you are amazing and so caring. I am ready to vote for you. Makes me sad to see the state of NZ today.

Liz, as I watched your awesome message one of hope for our future, I see your light
I work in the realms of spirit and could feel many cheering you on, with you in heart and soul, many New zealanders and many family memebers of people who live here, many in the physical realms are and will also back you, I believe NZ will one day be the light of the world, we can already feel the light and life force here in nature, we will as a nation help lead the world by showing what we can do, much Love to you <3

Thankyou Liz for everything you have done for our Beautiful Country you are the most dedicated honest woman and caring and kind hearted and with such a strong backbone so many qualities and experience

Please Liz please join the Freedoms Umbrella!!! Please!!
Together were better!!!
Splitting the vote wont work!!
And I say the same to Leighton Baker, One Party and New Conservative.
You wont get in on your own

Well done, Liz. Well done indeed.

Love you Liz! Please, will you help all the freedom parties to join together, we are stronger together, we need ONE place to put our vote. TOGETHER we can do it!

Way to go Liz

Love your vision for a better future Liz

You have my vote Liz

Liz, are you able to organise a discussion by a panel of experts on how the World Economic Forum (WEF) is wanting to create a form of repressive world government?

I have now found the Party I will vote for.

I'm in …….boots and hats and all. I am much relieved. You have remained solid and of great heart and passion for our country. You will not compromise. And most of all… speak from your heart…..which touches mine. Im in Northland…and I'm ready.

I sure hope we can crack the 500 mark .... I get the feeling it shouldn't be too difficult

You have my vote. 100% in !!

We love you Liz

Well done Liz

From your lips to Gods ears beautiful lady.

And let's get rid of glyphosate and encourage more regenerative local farming instead of corporate controlled farming, and all corporate greed in every sector of the country.

Your a light forward Liz.

You have my support

I will vote for you.

Ya got me Liz and Ive never been fooled yet by a politico, have NEVER Voted, But this time I'll be at the head of the Que..

Liz, you need to give another option on your website. You have 3 items that are compulsory to choose from. Admin help, stand as a politician with you or help set up a local meeting. I am not in a position to do any of those, but would sign up as a member and donate. I think you need to provide a few more options on your website. I am keen to support and help fund you, but I currently cannot, because of the 3 option requirement. I have shared your post already, but help me to help you

Download here: Covid-Is-Genocide-A-Biological-Warfare-Crime-Dr-David-Martin-Speaks-To-The-European-Parliament-2023-06-24.mp4 - 40,640 kb
By: London Real - 24th June 2023 [originally aired 25th May 2023]
Covid Is Genocide
A Biological Warfare Crime
Dr. David Martin Speaks To The European Parliament
"Vaccines do not work on Coronavirus..."

"..isn't it fascinating, that we were, we were told that 'well the spike protein is a new thing, we just found out that that's the problem!' - No! As a matter of fact we didn't just find out it was not just now, now the problem, we found that out in 1990 and filed the first patents on vaccines in 1990, for the spike protein of Coronavirus!

And who would have thought, Pfizer, clearly the innocent organization that does nothing but promote human health. Clearly Pfizer, the organization that has not bought the votes in this chamber and at every chamber of every government around the world. Not that Pfizer! Certainly they wouldn't have had anything to do with this.

But oh yes they did! And in 1990 they found out that there was a problem with vaccines - they didn't work! You know why they didn't work? It turns out the coronavirus is a very malleable model, it transforms and it changes and it mutates over time. As a matter of fact, every publication on vaccines for Coronavirus, from 1990 until 2018, every single publication concluded that coronavirus escapes the vaccine impulse, because it modifies and mutates too quickly for vaccines to be effective. And since 1990 to 2018, that is the published science ladies and gentlemen. That's following the science.

Following the science is their own indictment of their own programs, that said it doesn't work! And there are thousands of Publications to that effect, not a few hundred, and not paid for by pharmaceutical companies. These are publications that are independent scientific research that shows unequivocally, including efforts of the Chimera modifications made by Ralph Barrick in the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. All of them show vaccines - do - not - work - on Coronavirus. That's the science and that science has never been disputed!

But then we had an interesting development in 2002, and this date is most important, because in 2002 the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill patented and I quote 'an infectious replication defective clone of Coronavirus.' Listen to those words 'infectious - replication - defective.' What does that phrase actually mean? For those of you not familiar with language, let me unpack it for you: 'Infectious - replication - defective' means a weapon! It means something meant to Target an individual, but not have collateral damage to other individuals. That's what 'infectious - replication - defective' means. And that patent was filed in 2002, on work funded by NIAID's Anthony Fauci from 1999 to 2002. And that work patented at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, mysteriously preceded SARS 1.0, by a year.

Oh, Dave, are you suggesting that SARS 1.0 wasn't from a wet Market in Wuhan? Are you suggesting it might have come from a laboratory in the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill? No I'm not suggesting it, I'm telling you that's the facts!

We engineered SARS! SARS is not a naturally occurring phenomenon. The naturally occurring phenomenon is called the common cold. It's called influenza-like illness. It's called gastroenteritis. That's the naturally occurring Coronavirus! SARS is the research developed by humans, weaponizing a life system model, to actually attack human beings and they patented it in 2002.

And in 2003, giant surprise, the CDC filed the patent on Coronavirus isolated fromhumans, in violation once again of biological and chemical weapons treaties and laws that we have in the United States; and I'm very, very precise on this. The United States likes to talk about its rights and everything else and the rule of law and all the nonsense that we like to talk about. But we don't ratify treaties about, I don't know, defending humans. We conspicuously avoid that. We actually have a great track record of advocating for human rights and then denying them when it comes to actually being part of the International Community, which is a
slightly problematic thing.

But let's get something very clear, when the CDC in April of 2003 filed the patent on SARS coronavirus isolated from humans, what did they do? They downloaded a sequence from China and filed a patent on it in the United States! Any of you familiar with biological and chemical weapons treaties knows that's a violation. That's a crime. That's not an innocent oops. That's a crime and the United States patent office went as far as to reject that patent application on two occasions, until the CDC decided to bribe the patent office, to override the patent examiner, to ultimately issue the patent in 2007, on SARS coronavirus.

But let's not let that get away from us, because it turns out that the RPTCR, which was the test that we allegedly were going to use to identify the risks associated with Coronavirus, was actually identified as a bioterrorism threat by me, in the European union-sponsored events in 2002 and 2003. 20 years ago! That happened, here in Brussels and across Europe.

In 2005 this particular pathogen was specifically labeled as a bio terrorism and bioweapon platform technology, described as such, that's not my terminology that I'm applying to it. It was actually described as a bioweapons platform technology in 2005. And from 2005 onwards, it was actually a bio Warfare enabling agent, its official classification from 2005 forward. I don't know if that sounds like public health to you? Does it? Biological warfare enabling technology. That feels like not Public Health. That feels like not medicine. That feels like a weapon designed to take out Humanity - that's what it feels like; and it feels like that because that's exactly what it is.

We have been lured into believing that Eco Health Alliance and DARPA and all of these organizations are what we should be pointing to, but we've been specifically requested to ignore the facts, that over 10 billion dollars have been funneled through Black Operations, through the check of Anthony Fauci and a side-by-side Ledger, where NIAID has a balance sheet and next to it is a biodefense balance sheet equivalent dollar for dollar matching, that no one in the media talks about. And it's been going on since 2005.

Our gain of function moratorium, the moratorium that was supposed to freeze any efforts to do gain a function research, conveniently in the fall of 2014, the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill received a letter from NIAID saying that while the gain of function moratorium on coronavirus in Vivo should be suspended, because their grants had already been funded, they received an exemption! Did you hear what I just said? A biological weapons lab facility at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, received an exemption from the gain of function moratorium, so that by 2016, we could publish the the journal article that said SARS coronavirus is poised for human emergence..."

#LondonRealTV #LondonReal #BrianRose

People involved with this Genocide must be prosecuted for Crimes Against Humanity

Here we have someone who knows his area of expertise and is willing to speak up for the good of humanity. The courage this person has is to stand up to the establishment is amazing !


Our leaders in governments around the world should also be held responsible for these crimes against humanity and all the other the craziness that's happening in our societies.

We need all of our "vaccines" brought to trial and questioned for safety, efficacy, and harm.

Finally someone has the balls to say the truth! Hopefully someone will be held accountable to crimes against humanity....

Thank you Dr.Martin for exposing these people.

My prayers for this gentleman. May the good lord protect and hide him and his family from these political demons out there.

This needs to be shared with everyone worldwide. The people who did this did this to ALL of us and need to be held accountable and punished for their crimes against humanity. Another Nuremburg trials would seem to be in order....

You are fighting for the rights and safety of all of humanity Dr. Martin! Thank you!!

Thank god a doctor who isn't paid off and speaks the truth.

This gentleman is incredibly brave. His fluent, powerful and intelligent delivery makes it very easy to listen to him. He backs up all his claims and exposes the corruption, carelessness and dangers attached to the medical and pharmaceutical industries. I've always thought it was abhorrent that gain of function research is permitted and rewarded by governments. Obviously the evil people from history are still among us, just bearing different names and using different methods to reach their sinister goals.
This really needs to be shown on mainstream, but of course that will not happen. I hope Dr Martin takes all precautions to protect his safety. So many people don't like the truth being exposed.

"The vaccine was not brought in for COVID. COVID was brought in for the vaccine. Once you realize that, everything else makes sense." ~ Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

This needs to be broadcast on every station (tv, radio, internet) in every country for 24hrs straight

Dr David Martin is a rare gem of truth, braveness, knowledge and deep concern for humanity. The only real way to reward Dr Martin is to never stop sharing the gift of his integrity and honesty wherever and whenever we can ... this information must permeate the globe !!

Jail everyone responsible for life. Including every media outlet and every employer that pushed this onto society.

Download here: Trump-speaks-out-after-arraignment-in-documents-case-Exposes-Deep-State-Bidens-Clintons-FBI-DOJ-2023-06-14.mp4 - 76,446 kb
By: Newsmax - 14th June 2023
Trump speaks out after
arraignment in documents case
Exposes Deep State, Bidens, Clintons, FBI, DOJ

Former President Donald Trump addresses the nation after his arraignment where he accuses Biden of influencing the investigation, talks of Biden's alleged corruption scandals, and discusses the FBI and DOJ protecting Hillary Clinton from indictment.

#NEWSMAX #News #BreakingNews

We are with my president we love u

Pray for our President everyone.

No matter what they say or do i'm here to support president Trump 10000% . Trump 2024

I stand with President Trump

I love you so very very much, my dear President Trump, and the Lord is with you at ALL times.

What a fabulous speech!! Thank you President Trump!!

Godspeed President Trump!

God protect our President Trump

We stand with President Trump! God protect and bless President Trump and his family!

We Love President Trump . Strongest Person Ever!!! TRUMP 2024

I don't know how this man has been able to endure this. He is amazing and is fighting for the American Citizens, We can't stop supporting him no matter what. As a Christian I am trying so hard to keep the faith. I know God has some plan and it will be revealed,but I am hurt and angry for Trump and America. patience is hard at this time when our country is literally going down and becoming a horrible evil place.

What a great American Treasure! PRESIDENT Trump!!

Trump 2024!!!

Best President in American history!

Such a disgrace. I love what this man stands for. Such class and grace! He will win. We will see justice!!

Download: PLANDEMIC-3-THE-GREAT-AWAKENING-FULL-MOVIE-2023-06-03.mp4 - 272,983 kb
By: Coronavirus Plushie - 3rd June 2023
The Great Awakening
Full Movie

The Great Awakening is the third installment of the Plandemic series. This documentary experience assembles forbidden puzzle pieces to reveal the big picture of what's really happening in America and beyond. The Great Awakening is intended to be a lighthouse to guide us out of the storm and into a brighter future.

Klaus Schwab: You will own nothing...

Download here: Final-Days-Worldwide-Premiere-2023-06-01.mp4 - 479,847 kb
By: Complete Shows - Stew Peters - 1st June 2023
'Final Days' Worldwide Premiere
A Stew Peters Documovie

From the Directors of Died Suddenly': Final Days' Exposing the Scientific Technological Elite and their desire to become gods. The Covid pandemic was the test run for an even more sinister plot to come.

My 75 year old aunt texted me last night to tell me she and my uncle tested positive for Covid. I drove to their house at 12:30 AM and dropped off Ivermectin pills, HCQ, zinc, and Quercetin. She told me today her fever came down and that I may have saved her life. Uncle is feeling great. This is considered a negative outcome by the cabal. They would prefer my family dead. Their evil is no longer a theory and very much a reality. You can get your ivm by visiting

None of that godless nano crap will enter my body willingly.

Wow, well done ladies and gentlemen of the Stew Peters Network!!! That was awesome, I'm gonna watch it over again to catch what I missed, especially where I couldn't read fast enough.

Stew Peters for President.

Then if you're allowed to become POTUS, make sure Karen Kingston gets a powerful position where she can help crush these demonic despots of the medical-military industrial complex.

The week of June 21 make sure friends and family are off Coastal Areas and away from Fault Lines.

wish you would not have used monkeys... men were not from monkeys

Great job, thank you & God Bless all those awake in the Light!

Great viewing. Share Share Share we are the MSM.

Robert Jeffress disqualified himself as a pastor. I'm sorry to say. His promotion of the vaccine has demonstrated his blindness. He has attacked another great pastor, J.D. Farag, for saying the fake CV-19 injection is connected to, will soon become, lead to, bring in, etc...the mark of the Beast. Look around...J.D. is spot on and the Evacuation of the true Church is very soon.

guess who's back, back again, Stewie's back, tell a friend

The fact that evil people rule is only ONE part of the equation. The pack of leading criminals do not operate in a vacuum, and never have. There are 2 destructive human pink elephants in the room and they are MARRIED --- (or

The criminals in powers are in those positions and do what they do ONLY because of the mostly willful activities, or inactivities, of the majority of self-entitled "good" or "compassionate" or "religious" people --- the 90-95% of the herd.

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." --- Martin Luther King, Jr, 1929-1968, Civil Rights Activist

Isn't it about time for anyone to wake up to the ULTIMATE DEPTH of the human rabbit hole --- rather than remain blissfully willfully ignorant in a narcissistic fantasy land and play victim like a little child?

Without a proper understanding, and full acknowledgment, of the true WHOLE problem and reality, no real constructive LASTING change is possible for humanity.

And if anyone does NOT acknowledge, recognize, and face (either wittingly or unwittingly) the WHOLE truth THEY are helping to prevent this from happening. And so they are "part of the problem" and not part of the solution.

The ruling criminals pulled off the Covid Scam globally via its WHO institution because almost all nations belong to it. Sign the declaration at to exit the WHO

"We'll know our Disinformation Program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." ---William Casey, a former CIA director=a leading psychopathic criminal of the genocidal US regime

Looking forward to this one!

What do we need so many humans for? Are you kidding me; what and evil sick human. This was the reason for the so called Covid pandemic; to euthanize humans worldwide. Sadly people are finding out just how evil these people are by the shear number of humans that have died as a result of the vaccine push and mandates. There will be long term side effects well into the future. So glad I did not fall for the scam.

Download here: Watch-The-Water-2-Closing-Chapter-2023-05-13.mp4 - 112,146 kb
By: Stew Peters - 13th May 2023
Watch The Water 2: Closing Chapter

They called it a conspiracy. They ignored the evidence.
But they can't change the truth.
Dr. Brian Ardis returns in this closing chapter to Watch The Water, reinforcing the research behind the groundbreaking documentary.
From venom peptides to blood clots, Dr. Ardis and Stew dive deep into how the Covid-19 bioweapon was made.
There is evil in this world, and it is trying to snuff out God's people by any means necessary.

Snake venom - The Vatican of Rome

I believe this is true about our water. I grew up in the country and we had our own drinking wells of our farm. We tested them every year for any contamination. We would get a detailed list of all minerals or farm chemicals that were present in our water. The wells in my area were at least 200 plus feet deep. My children never had fluorinated water or chlorinated water until they went to college. Today not one of my children will drink tap water or have ice from a restaurant . They won't even give it to their pets to drink it. They have water filters in there homes. If you grew up on well water you will get sick every time you drink city or municipal water. Country people understand that the reason you have all the junk added to water systems is that you are drinking recycled sewage water!

If a women wants to get pregnant that didn't take the jab. But may have had the other vaccines in early womanhood you spoke of like, the Gardasil vaccine. Can they use the nicotine patch to get pregnant? What dosage would they need to maintain to during pregnancy to birth?

This video is so uplifting! It's such a great reminder to stay positive and enjoy the little things in life. Keep up the great work!


This video provides an excellent overview of the topic. It is very informative and clearly presented. Thank you for sharing this valuable resource.


crazy sh*t!

][ ]O[ ]O[ ]L
This is some wild shit... too many things he discussed that makes sense and coincides that fit together.

You read "new to all this". If so, if not doesnt matter. New is preferred. However theres alot more entangled than this. It is only one aspect. And only one of the methods

A proposition to consider. This will present itself down the road.
Lets say we have the tech to modify microscopic parasitic entities. Lets say we were able to take the microscopic larvae and egg cysts and aerosolized them. You breathe them in,, for years to decades now through chem trailing. The eggs are controlled through frequency. They have been laying dormant , mostly inside of you for years now. But now,, they are switching frequencies and these parasites are taking over your body.
The shots are a similar deal except it is "active" upon entry. Same deal, but much more effective.
Same exact effects!!!!!!!!! The proof is still in the labs but the proof is also in IBM. Owned by blackrock

If you don't look,,,you won't find it

Atheists, how can you not believe there is a creator?

Everyone who believes officidums story of c19, gets a turd.

" The union of the snake is on the rise" Duran Duran

Radiologicaly broadcasting from comms towers simulating envenomation of the masses. Using toxic radio-isotopic signatures of said toxins to trigger white lymphocyte killer T cells to attack organic tissues that begins cytokine storm?


Not a terribly far removed idea at all in connection to this given the relentless push for 5G and additional towers that went up near nursing homes and hospitals like in Kirkland where the alleged patient one was lock down in the USSA--very near to Microsoft HQ as well.

Download here: Q-Derek-Johnson-Continuity-Of-Government-Is-In-Place-Military-In-Control-Scare-Event-Necessary-2023-04-29.mp4 - 262,390 kb
By: X22 Report - 29th April 2023
Q - Derek Johnson
Continuity Of Government Is In Place
Military In Control, Scare Event Necessary

Derek Johnson is a United States Army Veteran, Retired, DV. 1776 nation which is, where he breaks down the covert operation that is going on right now. Derek is also a 2 time Billboard Hit Artist and Songwriter, Derek is best known for his two Billboard Hits "Real Cool Kinda Hot" and "Right Beer Right."

Derek begins the conversation on how the government is under a different set of laws. The military is in control under COG. Everything we are witnessing is part of the plan to bring down the [DS]. The last act will be cleaning up the low level foot soldiers; a scare event will be necessary.

All source links to the report can be found on the site.

Dave thank you for having Derek on. He has been speaking about all of this for awhile.

To bad this information isn't taught in our schools and universities.
Today's youth are being lied to on purpose.

Thanks Dave and Derek - EX22CELLENT

Love Derek's clear focus and blessed service to his God, family, country and patriots.

Wow, I am surprised that Dave has Derek on for an interview. I have heard before some of what he says, and it sounds believable. Jon Herrold, Patel Patriot, does not take him seriously I think, but it seems to me it is ALL part of the COG plan, which is also called Devolution.

Finally.... Derek's the man... facts are facts... Trump is our War time President.... WWG1WGA

This has been a good-.but salty- filtration system to see who is trolling from the black hat side.
We are keeping track.

This young man is so smart, thanks Derek for your explanations. Your military background helps you understand.

Congratulations Dave! Best interview yet and spot on.
Derek is brilliant and I believe correct.
Kash can't give things away and is why he hedges his words. Derek is clear, concise, direct and extremely well researched.
Like you Dave and so many great Anons!!!!

Best show ever ! Love ya Derek ! Thank you !

Thank you, Dave and Derek!
Greatest interview with a very knowledgeable guest!

What a great interview

This was X22 best interview of 2023 by far.

So if military is in charge, why are they allowing the open borders and everything Biden is getting away with?! He's destroying America

808Bill (answering LisaLynn2 above)
To wake the fracking sheep up. Sometimes you have to show them...

GoneRedOrBust (answering LisaLynn2 above)
There's none so blind as those who will not see.

Scbwell (answering LisaLynn2 above)
You can't tell the people what is going on, they won't believe it. If you let the evil and corruption happen and it effects you then you will tend to wake up and start to see what is happening.

Jarvil (answering LisaLynn2 above)
Trump has previously stated that the invasion can be corrected quickly and crime will be reduced by 85% (paraphrasing). There is a plan; believe in it.

Download: El-Salvadors-mind-blowing-gang-purge-65000-gang-members-arrested-and-imprisoned-2023-04-03.mp4 - 30,088 kb
By: The Mob Reporter - 3rd April 2023
El Salvador's mind-blowing gang purge!
65,000 gang members arrested and imprisoned!

The president of El Salvador launched an unprecedented war on the gangs that have long plagued the Central American country, arresting an astounding 65,000 suspects and building a huge new prison to hold them. It is astonishing to see. Let me tell you about it.

The Mob Reporter here with news of the state of emergency declared one year ago, that allows special powers to root out street gangs that controlled many Salvadoran communities. They publicize the strict crackdown with in-your-face images, turning the strong-arm tactic into a slick, publicity campaign. El Salvador's president, Nayib Bukele, boasts he now runs "the most criticized prison in the world." It certainly has its critics, but also many fans. Have a look at this extraordinary facility in extraordinary circumstances.

The Mob Reporter
This video has really brought out a higher level of commentary and discourse! If we get any deeper we might get kicked off YouTube for being too thoughtful.

Gdcd Gdcd
Salvadoreans are rejoicing!!! I think its easy to comment on human rights abuses when you live 2000 miles away in the suburbs and you never have to deal with these criminals.

Cousin Zeke
Turns out, if you're actually serious about solving problems, they get solved.

Okami Jubei
Sometimes when things are too out of control... it's time to be a tyrant and to be a hardass just to set things straight. Lesser of two evils.

Lord Joy
I've read a few dozen stories from El Salvadorians, the one more gruesome or tragic and unimaginable than the next.
I found myself haunted for a few days, running imaginings of those stories in the back of my head.
... Only to see "human rights activists" and other empty headed virtue grifters complain and excuse the monsters and horrors.

All I have to say is Bravo, Mr Presidente Nayib Bukele. Well done on bringing law and order to your nation.

Congratulations to Mr. Bukele for not only realizing that drastic measures need to be undertaken to rid the streets of the plague of gang warfare, but for following through and dealing with it in a direct and effective manner. Politicians all over North America need to take note!

Not Your Mom
As a resident of Central America, what a beautiful sight to see! Hope other countries try this as well. These gangs have ruled the land and terrorized the citizens far too long.

Rob Macfarlane
I completely support this. If you knowingly join a criminal enterprise like a gang, as far as I'm concerned you're a dead man walking. You talk to anyone from El Salvador and you'll learn that these gang scum were the scourge of their society.
The government's tactics of mass arrests and humiliating treatment is calculated to act as a deterrent. Good on them. I respect Bukele for this

John Burn
Very proud of this country. Insanely hard to turn things around in your country

Craigy D
The rest of the world should learn from El Salvador's approach to tackling organised crime

p w
You lose your civil rights when you take away others. Props to the El Salvadoran president for having a back bone and taking care of what needs to be done.

MidMo 4020
Anyone who thinks this is brutal, has never seen the footage of the things these people do..

It is perplexing that human rights advocates and activists are up in arms over the harsh treatment of these reprobates…their silence was deafening when these gangs were terrorising the law abiding citizens of El Salvador. No feel good programs or rehabilitation works on these thugs. Lock them up and throw away the key.

derek ge
I went to El Salvador to surf in the 90's and 2000's many many times. It felt straight dangerous, especially in San Salvador. The gangs were ruthless and that country was broken to say the least. This seems like a best outcome for the people. I feel for the young boys who joined the gang to be safe, but now find themselves locked up forever. Either way, they are victims of the gangs. Hopefully this ends well for the people of El Salvador.

Daniel DPA
That's how criminals need to be kept in check - for more serious crimes there should be the ultimate penalty applied rather quickly.

Download here: Trump-Unveils-Plan-To-Dismantle-The-Deep-State-As-Possible-Indictment-Looms-2023-03-22.mp4 - 5,481 kb
By: Forbes Breaking News - 21st March 2023
JUST IN: Trump Unveils Plan To
'Dismantle The Deep State'
As Possible Indictment Looms

In a video released to social media, former President Trump unveiled his plan to "dismantle the deep state" as his potential indictment looms.

cong san
We need a term limit for Congress and Senator.

Being a politician was never meant to be a career, but unfortunately, just about every single person has made it one. Term limits for all!

Dimitrios F
I'm very lazy when it comes to Politics/Voting, but if I have to stand in a down pour or cold temps for hrs I will do it. I'm tired of seeing this country falling apart. Good luck everybody!

Dominic Cincotta
I sure hope good things will come in the next year or so! All of us working harder than ever and more hours spent at work to make ends meet and to have some xtra spending money for good things at home . We all need a break. He's got my vote again!

renae sherman
We do need term limits on congress and senators. We also need term limits for the Supreme Court!

Denali HD
I'd like to see an audit/ investigation into the National Archives.
How do so many secret documents become unaccounted for?
Left in garages, etc...

This is why the indictment is looming. They're terrified.

Please let it happen! We need this NOW!

Lilly Rose
I mean in all fairness , he did bring up some critical topics that haven't been publicized before... not by a President anyways... JFK had a message for the world, but never had a chance to fully speak about it... bless his soul. bless all those in the pursuit of bringing truth to light

Sarah Redfern
If he has really got the balls to do all that , get behind him and vote him in . I would!

Good for Forbes to cover this

Alan Arakelian
The Swamp? No, the Ocean.

Rosa la Peligrosa Rojas
Sounds like he's describing a miracle.

Download here: OFFICIAL-SONG-VIDEO-Justice-for-All-A-Recording-by-Donald-J-Trump-and-the-J6-Prison-Choir-2023-03-11.mp4 - 7,898 kb
By: Jimeva - 11th March 2023
"Justice for All" A Recording by
Donald J. Trump & the J6 Prison Choir

6 Prison Choir consists of individuals who have been incarcerated as a result of their involvement in the January 6, 2021 protest for election integrity after President Donald J. Trump stated "I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard."

The J6PC continues to make their voices heard through the power of music and sings "The Star Spangled Banner" every evening before bed. All Money will be going to the family's of the prisoners.

Scott Baxter
The fact that the J6 prisoners are willing to sing this after everything their "country" has put them through, is an inspiration.

Randy Duenas
I love our country. I live to protect our Constitution. Prayers for those unjustly incarcerated by the lies

Goldie Fatale
I'm crying. This shouldn't happen in the United States. We have to do something.

Beautiful!!! Semperfi WW2 Marines daughter, spearhead 5th marine div. Purple heart. Wife of USAF NORAD_ aunt of Afghanistan marine vet purple heart.
All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force.
- George Orwell

There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice.
- Montesquieu

"You will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make a good use of it."
- John Adams -

Patrick Mulewski
Number one on iTunes

Josh Marksman
the end gives me the chills

vc lucky

Karen Thompson

Maria Pincay
I love it very much, it gives the American spirit, just like when I little. In school I did my pledge allegiance.

Aine- Maire
What a beautiful and moving rendition of our national anthem. Justice for J6.

There are more of us than there are of them. God bless America!

Mike Ehrmantraut
Nice... This is what America is about at it's core. Well done.

Oak Tree
I pray for Trump, our patriots - both incarcerated and the not yet imprisoned. I particularly pray for the day that all the lies are dragged out into the light. I feel the tremors and the tectonic plates are shifting. Stay alert people.

Jane Zingaro
Like him or not, he brought back the pride of the USA! God Bless all those being held without their freedom to a fair trial

Denise Turner
Amazing that these men all still have so much faith in our Great Country. We cannot give up on them. We will not give up on them or on the Country & the values & freedoms it represents.

Download here: BEYOND-THE-RESET-Animated-Short-Film-about-the-not-to-distant-future-2023-03-02.mp4 - 57,949 kb
By: 3D Epix Inc. - 2nd March 2023
Animated Short Film about the
not too distant but dystopian future

A 3D animated short film about not too distant but a dystopian future. It speculates on the potential consequences of the infamous Great Reset, medical tyranny, woke culture, and green agenda. Everything, that World Economic Forum (WEF) is planning for us. If you'd like to buy me a beer, here is my PayPal address:

Spoiler: you will get to see an animated Klaus Schwab.

My Rumble channel:

If you'd like to support my work, you can become my Patron at
All Rights Reserved 3D Epix 2023 ©

The World leaders who worked hard to create a dystopian future for all of us, that included creating an illness, then a cure that kills us slowly, lockdowns, concentration camps then death camps - literally.
The World leaders who worked hard to create a dystopian future for all of us, that included creating an illness, then a cure that kills us slowly, lockdowns, concentration camps then death camps - literally.

3D Epix Inc.
I would like to address the most common and re-occurring comments here:
1. Many thanks to everyone who made a donation!
2. I have never watched I Pet Goat II until people started mentioning it here. The music is not from there.
3. Plants release oxygen only during the day. At night, when photosynthesis doesn't happen they release CO2. Here are some links to prove this statement:
4. The QR code on the door was randomly picked from the internet, never checked it before using it in the animation.
5. The sequel is possible, but I haven't come up with the plot and it will take time to accomplish.
6. SPOILER! Yes, the main character escaped in the garbage truck.
7. Russian and Spanish subtitles are available now.

Free Thinker Films - Jesse P. Watson
I can see a huge amount of work went into this, well done Oleg, one man productions are no small achievement.

rasta ralph
This is the scariest horror movie I've ever seen because if people don't stop complying we will all be there

Ice Scorpion
This is gold. Pure genius. What a masterpiece!! I've watched it like 5 times and shared it to everyone I know. The fact that one person creates this is insane!! The animation.. the soundtrack.. the concept and story.. incredible!

Karolina Szczudlo
It's scary how this animation would be considered hilariously funny and irrational few years back , now it's nightmarish reality...

Masa Mainio
This is a masterpiece and should be conserved for the generations to come.

If someone says "that can't happen here", show them this and remind them of the last few years. Everything that we were called "conspiracy theorists" for has turned out to be true.

Mal Function
A lesson from history, don't get on the bus.

Tony Storton
Horribly accurate for the dystopia we are being forced into. Resist at all costs.

"The vaccine was not brought in for COVID. COVID was brought in for the vaccine. Once you realize that, everything else makes sense." ~ Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

It's frightening how close we already are to this potential future.

Thank you for creating this video. Sometimes, I think that I'm the only one feeling like what's portrayed in the video. I stopped complaining out loud, but still feel this way inside. Ty ty for letting me know I'm not alone in my observations and concerns. Great job with the video. So many details!!

Gary Foss
Extremely well done video! The powers that be (like the vile excuse for a human being that was shown in this video) would love to get rid of almost all of the what they/he calls "useless eaters" on this planet. If we don't stand up for our freedoms, this is pretty much what we have in store.

Jonny Gawdzik
Probably the best video on youtube since I Pet Goat II. Love the reptilian shapeshifting eyes when Klaus says ' and reset our world '

Tim Coolican
An exact representation of what our future holds.

Hairey Homestead
GREAT JOB! A sequel to this please.....- I have been writing scripts in my head on events like this happening and a new world order being rolled out. The reset is coming, there's no doubt in my mind. My imagined stories have people who "escaped" the lockdown. These people are called "the unlisted", "the runners" "the moles" and "the lost" which make up randomly formed communities that have developed an underground lifestyle of people with different but necessary life skills. All dreaming of the past to become the future again.

This is exactly how the dystopian future could look like if we stay safe, compliant and isolated! Thank you for making this brilliant film. Now we have something to share to the world. This is the best warning even though the message has been repeated all over the internet.

By: pureblood - 17th February 2023

Mass Suicides Expected!

The Punisher
Willingly and knowingly depriving patients of making an INFORMED DECISION comes at a price!
Willingly and knowingly participating in GENOCIDE comes at a price!
All you pro Covid Vaxx doctors and Nurses are so absolutely FUCKED!

Great Dane
Expect MASS SUICIDES amongst millions of the 'friendly, caring' doctors and nurses, as more normies wake up to how the medical professionals and doctors WILLINGLY and KNOWINGLY KILLED them! As it is many politicians / members of parliament are not in their offices and security is tightening in banks and media outlets Globally. Yes, the rats are fleeing the ship as Judgement is rolled out.

Great sue the doctors sue the government bankrupt everybody. That's the whole point of what the bad guys are doing. What do you think is going to happen in the US when 80% of our workforce files for disability? Everything they are doing is intended to bankrupt us and force us into a communist totalitarian system. So maybe don't do a victory dance quite yet. When those doctors are out of a job and lose their licenses, guess who gets to feed them and house them? The taxpayers. Guess who takes their property when they can't pay their bills? The government.

we are now fighting our grubberment over [ 15 minute cities ] the RATS/AUSSIES love it, they love jabbing their kids, only 1% of our ppl fight and the pigging normies stand with their killers BTW our troops help put our freedom fighters in the camps. and yes the death camps are very real, but the pigging normies love that too.. GOD BLESS RUSSIA, may they come here SOON and free us.

Australian here, i feel happy if the doctors face charges, in fact i hope ALL Australian doctors and nurses hang, living here i promise the Australians are 98%vaxxed and are a RACE OF RAT TRAITOR DOGS. pure assholes

Correct. But they all know who won Big Brother. Simpletons deserve everything they've got coming.

All pharma Contracts null and void as they knowingly rolled out toxic poison shots with the help of governments ,doctors ,media,etc,etc...if we sue our governments we are basically suing ourselves, their day in the peoples court is coming .
We need to seek and destroy and hold the UN,who,wef, and every ngo involved in this genocide accountable.. and bring their house of cards down,before it turns to all out war against us.

Yeah, right...cause they held a gun to yer halfwit heads

In some cases.... they did
Lose your freedoms or get poisened

Heard of mandates dimwit??? Clown. Congratulations...

As Nurse in America while Obam Care was in transition, I saw this all coming. I was told that Flu shotswould be mandatory or we would be terminated. I was dodging out every time I was told to go get mine. Sad, I left that Hospital.

I have zero sympathy for these medical 'professionals '. They were the last line of defence against all the propaganda and coercion. Through their weakness and cowardice they miserably failed in the duty they volunteered to do.

You musta took the bait huh fish? Blame everyone but yerself for failing a simple iq test


Our hospitals have become havens for NWO end of life protocols

"Informed" consent… a MASSIVE amount of people were NOT informed so ???? Did they give their consent ???

nope. without full disclosure there can be no consent, just deception.

so no full disclosure but take the death jab anyway right halfwits

no government has any right to deny a person right to seek redress if they are harmed, by indemnifying pharma, government took that liability on to their shoulders.

their insurance wont pay out, at least not while there is a pandemic of book passing and hand washing going on.
nobody wants to catch this steaming hot rotten potato.

Many are to blame. But whoever puts the needle in somebody's arm bears the ultimate responsibility.

who made the poison that went into the needles? who approved them? or gave them emergency use authorisation? who made the mandates.
yes those who injected it are guilty of harm, but many did so under duress and threat of termination of employment.
those who made the poison and authorised it are more guilty, nobody put them under pressure to do any of that.

Honest Doctors are speaking out !! exposing the deadly vaccines. Canadian Medical Association states Doctors under 50 are dying at 12X the normal rate after taking the COVID booster.

If only the doctors spoke out and said No at the start none of this would have happened - theyre coming for them but of course with the NHSX and AI just around the corner theyre not going to be needed anyways so there goes their big pay cheques - no sympathy

Whoever took part in it, instead of standing on the picket line, smiling and demanding massive pay-rises, they should be standing in the dock....

All the useful idiots who joined in on the coercion deserve everything they get! why do you think we had walk in vaccination centres so there is no accountability from your local GP surgery!...but now mRNA is being genetically modified in our food.

Download here: MAINSTREAM-MEDIA-BLACKOUT-MAJOR-NEWS-368-Arrested-In-Major-Human-Trafficking-Operation-2023-02-11.mp4 - 22,701 kb
By: INSPIRED Newsroom - 11th February 2023
MAJOR NEWS: 368 Arrested
In Major Human Trafficking Operation

Why won't the Fake News outlets (Mainstream Media) touch this most important story?

Oh that's right, they are complicit in Crimes Against Humanity themselves...

#humantrafficking #media #inspirednewsroom

John Leske
Yes sir Jean, spot on, it is getting harder and harder for the DS to hide their nefarious "acts" and deeds.
What Planet Am I On???
Thank you, Jean Nolan for bringing us the real news

You'd think the mainstream would be all over this. I think there may be a reason, we would recognize somebody.....
Thank you for the share Jean!

Dragons Guardian of the Crystal Hearts
Great job Jean! Keep bringing the truth in!

Deb Wirtz
Thank you Jean for bringing this to our attention. Who is being protected and why?

Annie Warner
Much love and gratitude for what you all do Jean, from England.

Robert Haviar
Jean, thank you for real journalism!

Hannah Chase
Thank you as always Jean..much sensationalism just delivered with compassion

Jo Smart
Thank you inspired newsroom doing Gods work

Diane Bedard
MSM never reports anything about important information we should know!

Stephanie Barnes
The best news! Fantastic. Many thanks to all good police involved.

13 Pat
There are people that they don't want you to know are involved!! We know THAT!!!!

gina disantis
Good They need to be arrested!
and the News should report it!
Thanx 4 sharing.

Download here: Here-is-The-Real-State-Of-The-Union-Trump-Responds-To-Bidens-2023-SOTU-2023-02-08.mp4 - 3,467 kb
By: Forbes Breaking News - 8th February 2023
'Here's The Real State Of The Union...'
Trump Responds To Biden's 2023 SOTU
In a video released to social media, former President Trump responded to President Biden's 2023 State of the Union address.

TruckNorris callerID
He should just replay his past predictions from german energy to gas prices, border, everything and call it a campaign.

Thank you, Mr. President! I feel like America is a long lost name these days. I think, "America who?" When I was young, I never knew something like my country could break or how indifferent, frustrated, and betrayed I could feel from imbeciles and criminals running this country...

Live Free or Die
A warning to Biden's ilk / MSM etc: 2 Kings 9:29-37 And in the eleventh year of Joram the son of Ahab began Ahaziah to reign over Judah. And when Jehu was come to Jezreel, Jezebel heard of it; and she painted her face, and tired her head, and looked out at a window. And as Jehu entered in at the gate, she said, Had Zimri peace, who slew his master? And he lifted up his face to the window, and said, Who is on my side? who? And there looked out to him two or three eunuchs. And he said, Throw her down. So they threw her down: and some of her blood was sprinkled on the wall, and on the horses: and he trode her under foot. And when he was come in, he did eat and drink, and said, Go, see now this cursed woman, and bury her: for she is a king's daughter. And they went to bury her: but they found no more of her than the skull, and the feet, and the palms of her hands. Wherefore they came again, and told him. And he said, This is the word of the LORD, which he spake by his servant Elijah the Tishbite, saying, In the portion of Jezreel shall dogs eat the flesh of Jezebel: And the carcase of Jezebel shall be as dung upon the face of the field in the portion of Jezreel; so that they shall not say, This is Jezebel.

Mark Evans
Don made more sense in 2 minutes than Biden did in 90 min.

Tracy Newberry
A salute Mr. President from the Great State of West Virginia, you shall have our vote again sir.

From your lips to God's ears Mr. President. We should be so lucky to have this man in office once again.

I will be voting for you Mr. President.

Keyoil Tab21
Two years left with pain and sorrow for our country!

Cursed boy IR
Finally someone who talks straight.

FakeNews Ignored
President Trump, you are missed dearly.

Timothy Johnson
You are still and will always be MY President Mr. Trump! I am 67 yrs old and you are by far the best President in my lifetime. Thank you for your service, your sacrifice, your courage, and your dedication to "Making America Great Again!" I pray every day for you, and your family that Our God will keep you safe, healthy, strong, and blessed! God Be With You Mr. President! MAGA 2024!!!

Manie Botha
If I was an American, I'd vote for you mr. Trump. Respect.

thomas loftus
at least i didn't have to hear "come on man" or lets finish what we started" and forget what he was going to say or what state he is in. this video was words of a real president!

Download here: Watch-Australian-Television-Presenter-Karl-Stefanovic-wake-up-on-air-From-FAKE-NEWS-to-OH-SHIT-NEWS-2023-02-08.mp4 - 16,409 kb
By: Reignite Democracy Australia - 8th February 2023
Watch Australian Television Presenter
Karl Stefanovic wake up on air

It's not too late for him to use his voice for the vaccine victims.

Today he spoke for the nation when he said he's "done with vaccines" and mentioned concerns re heart issues and sudden deaths.

Karl Stefanovic - Cause of Death: Covid Vaccines

Live Free or Die
Karl Stefanovic is beginning to sound like a Conspiracy Theorist!

Born Free
Blondie represented everything that was wrong with msm. She was rude and dismissive, shocking interview skills (but guess she is there for her beauty not her brains). Would love to know what Blondie thinks of Karl's comments now.

Good News!! Stay strong Karl and check out Graham Hood's recent interview with Matt Le Tissier, John Stockton, Trevor Hendy and Pat Cash plus an NFL Super Bowl winner. Every day more people wake up. Praise Jesus!!

thank God someone, somewhere in mainstream media is talking about this. I have nursing colleagues who were fired from their jobs for rightly refusing to take this "vaccine" given there were no long term studies. People have every right to decide what goes into their body - EVEN in a hospital setting. A nurse should not have to sacrifice their health for the sake of another - if a patient feels they need protection with a vaccine then fine, have one, the onus on responsibility should never be on the health professional. But like the 'white balloon" incident in the US this week, the media will distract the masses from focusing on companies like pfizer (see Project Veritas) who should by now, face lengthy criminal proceedings .

One and a half years for him to wake up into a semi doze meanwhile so much truth and justice needed to happen.

Tony Young
Put right off this smug woman. Good on you Craig.

Gutter journalism by Ellie. Miss Know it all who actually knows nothing. Keep keeping them honest Craig.

Sandra M
Ally is going to owe Craig Kelly a huge apology very very soon, she was so rude & dismissive in that interview.

Ralph Reilly
What an awful woman.

Divinus king
Pride comes before a fall,,, Craig Kelly is a legend standing TALL for HUMANITY

karen withak
That woman is just a rude slag. Good on you Karl.

Thomas K.
Karl, you have been on my shit list for the longest time together with most of your colleagues of the main stream / legacy media. For what it's worth, you are off it. In fact, you are not just off it, but you exited with flying colours. So, well done, mate and welcome to the right side of history. And to your colleagues I say: wake up or stay obsolete!

Van Dan Escobar
Ill never forget watching that first part live!! Ive never wanted to throw a tv so much in my life. SO FRUSTRATING!!!

Robert King
Im 49 had a cardiac arrest at age 42 i have a stent in my main artery not far from my heart ... and im unvaxxed and proud as fuck... ive never had covid ... stand strong all you clean blooded brothers and sisters .. god bless you all

Martin HOPKINS aka redneck rumbler
Fear is the greatest motivator for the feeble minded.

Wow the ignorance on that 1st clip, she has zero idea wtf is going on. Good slaveling.

Download here: Bombshell-Revelation-Hunter-Bidens-Confession-Rocks-Political-World-IT-IS-MY-LAPTOP-2023-02-03.mp4 - 57,730 kb
By: The Next News Network - 3rd February 2023
Bombshell Revelation: Hunter Biden's
Confession Rocks Political World!

NEW YORK POST: Hunter Biden finally admits infamous laptop is his as he pleads for criminal probe

NEW YORK POST: Hunter Biden finally admits infamous laptop is his as he pleads for criminal probe

Live Free or Die
The whole thing reminds me of New Zealand's ex Prime Minister and drug addict Jacinda Ardern, and her drug addict boyfriend Clark Gayford. A New Zealand Security Intelligence Service agent filmed Clark snorting a line of cocaine on a fishing trawler, but was soon after instructed to delete the video for 'purposes of national security!' This is only one of many damning incidences that has been covered up for national security - it actually gets worse, way worse...

Yisroel Katz
Corrupt politicians can always rely upon their fellow corrupt politicians to protect and save them from prosecution!

Yisroel Katz
I am tired of politicians becoming rich from their crimes, while the people suffer from these politician's corrupt leadership!

Salty Heathen
No surprise or shock here. Now we want to see him and his father going to prison and then down the range for their punishment.

Jean Parus
Why is Hunter not in jail? Everyone has been aware of this for so long. DOJ, FBI , CIA ... what happened to all the national security? How could this have been going on for so long?

Evelyn OBrien
Why are these people not being held accountable.

Robert F
Funny thing about that FOURTEEN page letter.. that laptop WAS hunter's. He ABANDONED it at that repair shop, repair bill not paid, and it became the property of the shop owner. Just like if someone drops their vehicle off at a garage for repairs then never returns to pay the bill or retrieve their vehicle - that shop can do whatever it pleases with that vehicle after a certain defined by law time passes.

Moab s10 blowthru
Of course Hunter is the victim, expected nothing less

Penn Carney
Thank you Gary for the truth.

"Truth stands the test of time but, lies are soon exposed." "Your sins will find you out."

toade wartface
Needs to get convicted quick if he wants a pardon.

J. SpiritWolf Vega
As 'WE THE PEOPLE' shall awaken in what is right and just. In guilt beyond a shadow of doubt, is the beginning path of 'Treason'. Accountability!!!!!! Justice for ALL, equally

Karen Mandel
Your attorney wrote the letter that the laptop is yours. You can't deny it now.

Keith Sargent
Now that its origin is confirmed, does this mean that they will try to take possession of it?

Download here: Japan-Orders-Investigation-Into-Covid-Vaccine-Deaths-as-MSM-Admit-The-Jabs-Are-Killing-Us-2023-01-05.mp4 - 75,462 kb
By: The People's Voice - 5th January 2023
Japan Orders Investigation Into
Covid Vaccine Deaths as MSM
Admit "The Jabs Are Killing Us"

Advertising enquiries:

In another case of yesterday's conspiracy theory becoming today's fact, mainstream media is finally reporting on what we have known all along. Biden, Fauci and Gates have been sharing misinformation with us. There was no "winter of severe illness and death" for the unvaccinated.

In reality, this is a pandemic of the vaccinated.

Official investigations are being launched and lawsuits are being readied. But before we get to that, let's take a look at an incredible phenomenon occurring closer to home. In the US, mainstream media outlets are beginning to quietly and tentatively report on the truth.

Seems the Japanese whom many of us in the west see as robots do have cojones and do stand up and push back against the BS.

Shame on our "scientists" for staying silent.

Excellent footage! It's interesting to hear how doctors are reacting to ("Vaxx") injection injuries in countries that do not shut down professional inquiry and open discussion. A big hat tip to Dr. Fukushima, for demanding action when it is clear that lives are in danger! It is very unusual for open displeasure to be expressed in Japanese culture, but the doctor is not willing to tolerate bureaucratic obstruction as people are injured and dying. It's too bad the pencil-pushers have complete control of health policy here in the USA.
Thank you for compiling this important story!

The VIRUS was never isolated so where is the proof there was ever a deadly virus? That was the first LIE. Question everything, the COVID NARRATIVE is just the catalyst for giving the jabs which then are causing all the illness. The talk of variants of a virus that was never properly isolated and identified is lunacy! A variation of a figment of their events l imagination is still imaginary!!! No doubt it is possible unvaccinated people have been sick with a severe influenza but they have the immune system to fight it! If the vaccinated and boosted get the flu their immune system collapses!!

The so-called variants are vaccine-related. There will be wave after wave of vaccine-related deaths around the world. Africa will be the only area that will have limited deaths because of the low vaccination rate. The only action that can be taken now is to stop all of the COVID vaccines immediately.

Yes 2023 is going to prove very interesting.

I think and hope 2023 is the year things turn around and the truth rises to the surface.
But unfortunately, It's a little too late for billions.

Really great Report. It is shocking what klaus schwabb's WEF has got away with. Population reduction in plain sight!

Every (clot shot) is just slow killing poison labeled as safe and effective cure.

lol who woulda thought taking a hastily concocted experimental vaccine, for which pharmaceutical companies made sure they had no liability, would be such a troublesome affair?

"But politicians and big pharma executives told us it was fine! How could this have happened?"

Take your darwin prize, d!psh!ts xD

many are dying now

The heated bodies makes me think they were subjected to Microwaves. Perhaps people are getting sick from the JAB, but don't forget

WE LIVE in a Network of Directed Energy Weapons / Active Denial Systems that can see if you've moved a pencil on your desk.

Viruses are un-scientific. There is no evidence for them. No contagion proved. Go to Dr Tom Cowan.

The ongoing COVID-19 nonsense here in the United States exists solely and exclusively because our governments have failed to use the correct treatment. They used so-called "vaccines" when Japan has just proven, in less than ONE MONTH, that Ivermectin can wipe out the disease. IVM was awarded the Nobel prize for medicine in 2015. One of the 3 most important drugs in human history: Aspirin, Penicillin, and Ivermectin. If you want to get Ivermectin you can visit

I think people need to wrap there head around the fact viruses dont exist...this makes alot of sense to me.

The deaths are becoming hard to hide,so now they will make it look like they care.
Wake Up

Download here: The-elite-pedophiles-have-woken-up-a-group-of-people-that-are-going-to-DESTROY-THEM-2022-12-28.mp4 - 9,231 kb
By: Unknown Thinker - 28th December 2022
The elite pedophiles have
woken up a group of people
that are going to DESTROY THEM!

Download here: DONALD-TRUMP-REAL-LOVE-FOR-THE-REAL-PRESIDENT-2022-12-11.mp4 - 8,698 kb
By: il Donaldo Trumpo - 11th December 2022 (originally from 12th December 2020)

Join our Amazing Patrioto Familia!!!


I love you guys with all of mi Hearto

Eileen Mccarthy
Best president ever! America loves TRUMP and TRUMP loves America!

Shelly Wilbur
God bless duly elected President Trump, God bless America

Lisette Taylor

AC geo
So Presidential!!! His love for our Country is so apparent!! We need him now!!!

That's my Awesome POTUS!!! Let's see Brandon do that!!!
God Bless Presidento Trumpo and All Patriotos!!!

Garden Life 19


Lorie L.
THIS GAVE ME CHILLS!!! Now, that's a REAL President......MY PRESIDENT!



Gloria Piccioni
Much love to you, Mr. President. Please come back soon. We need you!!!

Carolina da silva gonzalez
Vamos patriotas

Teresa Spencer
Chills up and down my body for the men and women who fight for this country with the support of our Commander In Chief

Bev Billings
On the 17th yard line.. this is the real super bowl & that's the real President

S Hisey Jones
We share the LOVE for or REAL POTUS

Phorcia Caughron
God Bless America

Sara Dimmig

Download here: Colonel-Riccardo-Bosi-Australian-Special-Forces-Ret-This-Is-The-Final-Phase-2022-12-03.mp4 - 28,831 kb
By: Juan O Savin SITREP - 8th December 2022
Colonel Riccardo Bosi, Australian
Special Forces (Ret.) - This Is The Final Phase

* We Are Exactly Where We Need To Be * Buckle Up * Be Ready For A Few Weeks Of 'Not Much To Do' *

  • We've Got A Month Of Discomfort Until The End Of The Year
  • 1st Quarter (2023) Things Will Start To Pick Up > Revelations Will Be Made > Truth Will Start To Come Out
  • By Mid 2023 Military Tribunals Are Going To Kick Off

Riccardo Bosi > AustraliaOne Party

Download here: She-Nails-it-Has-the-United-States-Lost-Its-Mind-Have-We-Entered-the-Twilight-Zone-2022-11-25.mp4 - 6,571 kb
By: Before It's News - 25th November 2022
She Nails it - Has the United States Lost Its Mind?
Have We Entered the Twilight Zone?

Have we entered the twilight zone? Has the Nation lost its mind? Check out this short clip and you will become a believer as she points out the total nonsense and gaslighting that we have been subjected to. The great Titanic America has hit an iceberg, taking on water and sinking fast. Wake up America.

[Originally aired via HTR2020 on 13th June 2022]

John Riley
Absolutely nailed and with such clarity. Sad thing is that all of those with the "thinking" she speaks of could watch this video a million times and still not get it. Thank you for speaking out. We all need to stand up and speak up. This once great country is turning not so great.

King Duramax
Protect this woman at all costs. She is a national treasure.

indira felix
She definitely nailed it, doesn't get any more clear than that

Donna Henault
She is absolutely right on everything she touched base on. We are pretty pathetic as a nation right now. Let's hope a lot of this can get turned around and go back to the sane way of life!!!

Hypocrisy Right Now
We couldn't have said it better ourselves !! Amen !!

Louise Swearingen
Yes! She nailed it and may many more her age speak up and speak out.

Diane Frank
I want to thank you young lady for speaking out on these matters in such a intelligent kind way.

Orion Bennett
The best explanation I have heard, coherent and in one single statement ... congratulations.

You absolutely nailed it!!! Perfect!!

Jan Fuger
I don't know how old that young lady is but she is wise beyond her years.!

Angie Allsup
She is amazing! Freakin nailed it!

Roger Smoot
Amen to this exceptionally perceptive message that "SAYS IT ALL."

Angelina Cappasola
Wow those words were straight to the point!!! Everyone should take those words into consideration!!!! She is speaking nothing but the truth

Paul Lonardo
Everything she said is absolutely true, and it's exactly what any reasonable person knows to be true.

AJW Ehrig
Oh wow... So eloquently put. You just covered every base there is... I wish more people would open their eyes and see what you just said, and that so many of us believe!!! There is no way that ANYONE can convince me that there are more people out there that DISAGREE with what you just said, than there are people that AGREE with what you just said. This sounds like a battle cry to me, and it looks to have went viral, with all those who have gave you a thumbs up on this. God Bless you for making your voice heard. I 100% agree, and try to make my voice heard as well. Very well done!!!

Hugo Schmidt
Simple and straight to the point. Who could possibly argue with her?

Chris Mardt
This woman hit the nail on the head, hope we can survive and right the ship!

Durbin Audio Designs
AMAZING! Concise, Precise, on POINT! I would vote for her and I don't care what office she runs for! lol

Download here: World-Premiere-Died-Suddenly-Documentary-2022-11-21.mp4 - 406,256 kb
By: Stew Peters Network - 21st November 2022
World Premiere: DIED SUDDENLY
WARNING: Contains graphic footage such as autopsy/s on cadaver/s
pulling long rubbery slugs out of the arteries and veins of vaccinated victims.

Why do we never believe them? For centuries, the global elite have broadcast their intentions to depopulate the world - even to the point of carving them into stone. And yet.. we never seem to believe them.

The Stew Peters Network is proud to present DIED SUDDENLY, from the award winning filmmakers, Matthew Skow and Nicholas Stumphauzer.

They are the minds behind WATCH THE WATER and THESE LITTLE ONES, and now have a damning presentation on the truth about the greatest ongoing mass genocide in human history.

You should have stated more clearly that the vaxes don't stop transmission. Great documentary though!

"The vaccine was not brought in for COVID. COVID was brought in for the vaccine. Once you realize that, everything else makes sense." ~ Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

Here's the problem: The only people watching, are people who already know all this. It would be great if the sheeple would tune in, but hey, they've got the nightly news followed by half a dozen sitcoms, with cheetos and coke.

The shot is genocide. This is a planned World Economic Forum event. All governments are involved. They want to cut the population in half by 2050. How do you think this happens? They are murdering your families, friends, and coworkers. This is all in the bible by the way. The Great Reset to the world is the Tribulation to the Christian. You don't have to be here for this. There is an escape. The church is promised not to endure the hour of temptation that comes upon the whole world and its coming. The CBDC, Vaccine Passport, and Social Credit score is about to launch. That means the church is too. Get on the ark of salvation. You can become a Christian right now.. Accept you are a sinner and need a savior, then repent. Believe in the death burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus on the 3rd day. Confess with you mouth and believe in your heart Jesus is Lord. Commit your life to following Jesus you WILL be saved. Time is almost up, If you are looking for a sign this is it.


Not sure if I should share this to my jabbed family and friends ???
They are ether going to say this is BS or they will freak

Looking forward to this for some time. I remember when I was asking "how is the news going to get out?" before there was a group dedicated to it. A documentary was much needed, thankful for what you do.

Will the war pop off when people realize how badly they were hurt? Distractions have increased over the past year. War, famine, etc. Engineered collapse.

Great reset includes population reset… and it's going to be billions

It's heartbreaking for me to be in a society where people sit around waiting for: Mainstream media, Hollywood, social media, politicians, religious leaders and educators to tell them what to believe, without making an effort to do their own research.

Thank you for putting this together for the American people.

I'm getting out the word to everyone I know!!!!

As much as I agree with the sentiments and facts of this documentary let's me honest. This was a giant IQ test of the masses and this IQ test told us most people simply don't use their noggin. This comment will be very unpopular I'm sure but no one in this country forced people to take the clot shot. No one put a gun to our heads. The excuses range from job security to being able to travel. Like many I was told by my employer that I had to comply or lose my job. I chose my health over my freaking career or paycheck and in the end I won. I used the law and my employers own corporate rules and told them to shove it where the sun doesn't shine. Two years later I'm still employed, never been sick by the "coof" or by the jab and happy that I didn't cave. This is also why as a society we must learn to live within our means, prepare for financial emergencies so when anyone threatens our job security we can show them the middle finger and know we'll be oK, perhaps live frugally but we can subsist.

Wow! I can't believe the stupid sheep still don't see what is happening! I just watched on Stew Peters dot com and I'm watching it again here. This is absolutely nuts.

Thank you for airing this. We all know too many that died.

Share with everyone you know!

Download here: The-Most-Epic-Speaker-In-Maricopa-County-EVER-re-Blatant-Election-Fraud-The-NPC-Show-2022-11-16.mp4 - 6,818 kb
By: The NPC Show - 18th November 2022
The Most Epic Speaker In Maricopa County EVER!
Re Blatant Election Fraud

The Most Epic Speaker In Maric0pa County EVER!

Grow some balls!

L Row
Wowzers! That man was so eloquent and at the same time able to convey exactly what every American citizen needs to ask and be angry about!

I would say that this man's IQ is so high that he finds it hard to fit in and take the BS.
It's comforting to know he's out there.

Tom Jones
This bloke is hilarious and correct that's how many people are feeling

Dripper 4 Life
I love this guy! There's better ones out there from him. This isn't the first time Ive seen him on video!

Phoenix Girl
YEAH!!! Go dude!! Screaming out loud what we're all thinking!!

Lee West
Charge on my fine fellow American

Download here: Myocarditis-cases-caused-by-previous-Covid-19-Vaccines-now-prevent-4th-dose-recommendation-2022-11-14.mp4 - 37,888 kb
By: Reignite Democracy Australia - 14th November 2022
Myocarditis cases caused by previous
Covid-19 Vaccines
now prevent 4th dose recommendation...


9News anchor: "Advisors on vaccinations says it's unlikely under 30s will be approved for a fourth Covid vaccine. A... [unknown] says the increased risk of myocarditis, means the current vaccine scheduled for younger people, will likely stay as is. Attention is turning to antivirals to tackle the new Omicron wave."

They've admitted that adverse events of myocarditis are too high to recommend 4th dose for under 30s!

How many people had to suffer for you to figure that out?

Doctors like Peter McCullough and vaccinologist like Robert Malone has been saying that almost from the beginning!

You didn't listen and now lives are ruined because of it.

wilo west
This should be a class action lawsuit party against the promoters and the people in charge for many years to come .

William Wallace
How do we get compensation from the lower level perpetrators of this genocide, when they themselves are dead or dying? Higher echelon politicians who received saline solutions - as opposed to the 'kill shot' - cannot give you their money, as all they only have access to 'our' money...

Bill Smail
Hold them to account. Do not forget or forgive.

Winston Smith
They talk as if Myocarditis is nothing to worry about when in reality , it shortens your lifespan.

Em K
So the under 30s are getting allowances but what about those older... is myocardial issues ok for them!!???

Toby Fitzpatrick
That's discrimination !

we tried to warm them.

Ron Geremy

Ted Klampett
and just think, all those pages of side effects of the you know what, those are potential income streams for big pharma.

On TrialSite News chnl, see video titled 'Association between Covid 19 and New Onset Alzheilmer's Disease, with Dr Pamela Davis'


Download here: Democrats-on-CNN-Fearful-of-coming-judgement-after-midterm-elections-2022-11-09.mp4 - 5,673 kb
By: John Talks - 9th November 2022
Democrats on CNN
Fearful of coming judgement after midterm elections

"What I worry about of course, if the Republicans take over, whether it's by a small margin or a large margin, that they are first of all we're not going to be able to pass anything; secondly, uh there will be hearings, there'll be investigations, they'll investigate Hunter Biden...

It'll be very toxic; um and Marjorie Taylor green and those, those people will want to impeach Biden; um I worry about it just being very very ugly; and um, I, I'm pretty sure that's pretty predictable."

Mortimer Duke
Why didn't the Democrat's conduct during the entire Trump presidency bother him?

Beowulf's Revenge
Yes, there should be hearings and investigations.
Especially onto Biden Junior.

Paolo Cardinali
after 4 years of investigating Trump for NOTHING! The courage of this guy!!!

DJ Smith
Their inability to see their blatant hypocrisy is beyond me.

Andrei Valdez
"If we lose we may have to face the consequences of our actions :( "

We can only hope so.

Destroygary Funky
Will anyone ever forget the look on Franken's face leaving the Senate office building with all his stuff in a cardboard box? Priceless!

In other words they are upset, thinking Republicans will behave just like they do.

So... you think Hunter Crackhead SHOULDN'T be investigated? Big surprise

JustJoe Oleson
I seem to remember him railing against liars in the past. So much for integrity.

Throw Acnt
For most of my life I wanted to live in the USA. I got my degree there, I played everything by the book, I did not overstay nor did I attempt anything illegal to stay even though I really wanted to because I loved what America stood for. Right now.... about 10 years later I am horrified at what I am looking at. I can't but be happy that I am not a part of what looks like a horrible realityTv show. It is unreal what has happened in less than 10 years. Good luck.

That's the most honest journalism CNN has said in a long time. In fact I would like to see them being held accountable for all the lies they have been spewing for the last 6 years

IF YOU DID EVERYTHING RIGHT - you have nothing to fear !

Download here: Pandemic-Amnesty-They-Can-Backtrack-All-They-Like-We-Will-Never-Forget-2022-11-08.mp4 - 128,019 kb
By: WE GOT A PROBLEM - 8th November 2022
Pandemic Amnesty:
They Can Backtrack All They Like.
We Will Never Forget

The Compilation you have been waiting for.

Never forget what these people did. they can say sorry all they like. we must never forget

My Links

Outro Audio taken from Youtube Audio Library
1812 Overture ( Tchaikovsky )

They Can Backtrack All They Like. We Will Never Forget

I'm so looking forward to all the WEFers / Satanists being tried for treason and facilitating genocide etc.

What a list of names for the executioner: Klaus Swabb, Anthony Fauci, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, George Bush, Jacinda Ardern, Justin Trudeau, Tony Blair, John Keys etc.

Hopefully they will all have to receive the very injections themselves as a preliminary punishment; then the executions can begin in due course. Make Nuremburg 2.0 be for real.

Tony Clack
My business was locked down and I lost everything, my business, my home, my job, my income, my savings. At 65 I live in a van with nothing. Hatred towards these parasites is an understatement of how I feel.

This brings back all those feelings of dread I endured, feeling isolated, wife and friends all hypnotised…and then I went on a freedom march and realised there were huge numbers that shared my understanding. This saved my mental health. Just hope these f-ers get their comeuppance . All odious and evil characters

I just can't believe that Esther Rantzen actually said people who are unvaxed should not be given an ambulance and die at home ....we must never forgive or forget all these dreadful stupid people ..NEVER..

Paul Sidaway
As an ex British soldier who visited Belsen concentration camp I often wondered how it came about that the Nazi regime was allowed to get away with murdering so many innocent people. Now in my 50s I understand how.
I'm watching this fantastic post and I am seething with anger and contempt.
My own mother died in July 2020 of COPD. She was in a respiratory unit at a hospital in Kent. Nurses there told me there were no patients with Covid on their wards. On December 31st 2020 my father died in Maidstone Hospital alone, noone from his family was there. He deserved better. They then signed his death certificate off as Covid when he had tested negative. We think he had Leukemia.
So then they roll out the bullshit vaccination program and I resisted this. I've known all along we were being lied to and manipulated.
But for me I've had to eventually had to have this unnecessary jab and this angers me. I needed it to travel. You see my wife is Russian my son is at university in Moscow. My mother in law was taken very ill and I had to travel. No jab no travel to be with family. Bloody disgraceful. Coerced into taking something I do not trust or believe in. I no longer trust or believe in anything this government here tell us. I also see that the vast majority of people here don't have a backbone and are ready to roll over and take it. Snitch on your friends and family. A great social experiment and they got the answers they desired .
Lied straight to our faces and the public believed all and vilified the ones who did not. We have no freedoms in truth and watching this video should tell us all.
Furthermore I know I'm going off the subject but please don't believe all the lies Western propaganda tells you about the war in Ukraine. They are lying to you there too. They have an agenda as they did with Covid.

Cathy Russell
I will never forget the continual pressure, it was terrible. I was even working out of a hiding place in my house in case they came looking for me. I am so very proud to still be a pure blood. I am not a coward, a snowflake or an idiot. I am a critical thinker that did not want to take an experimental drug.

Krista B
I am a pure blood and went back to work for SAP. At the time they weren't making it mandatory, but they asked to submit a yes or no regarding the shot. I completely ignored their request as my status is none of their business. In 2022 they made it mandatory for new hires for a few months, then later lifted the requirement.
I was shunned by family and friends. It gave me insight for the lack of compassion and intelligence of those around me. They showed their true colors.

Kerry Neylan
This should be broadcast in public places throughout the country.

Zed Jayhem
I remember watching the old lady tapping the window the first time, it still absolutely breaks my heart to see how desperate she was to touch her family member and wasn't " allowed" treated worse than criminals

Elisa Rolston
The Canadian truckers changed my perspective on everything. Demonstrations can change minds. The combination of their courage, joyfulness combined with how the media vilified them made me look at everything differently. The media is the biggest problem. Worse than politicians because politicians come and go.

Download here: Canadian-politician-Danielle-Smith-re-Covid-restrictions-We-are-sorry-for-destroying-your-life-2022-10-28.mp4 - 2,440 kb
By: Carl Vernon - 25th October 2022
Canadian politician Danielle Smith re Covid restrictions:
"We're sorry for destroying your life..."

Reporter: "During your campaign you said that 'not only would you issue an apology to those prosecuted during Covid restrictions, but you would also grant them amnesty.' When can we expect those apologies?"

Premier Danielle Smith: "Um, I can apologize right now. I'm, I'm deeply sorry for anyone who was inappropriately subjected to, er, discrimination, as a result of their vaccine status. I'm deeply sorry, for any government employee that was fired from their job, because of their vaccine status and I welcome them back if they want to come back. As for the amnesty, I have to get some legal advice on that and so, I've already asked my staff to um, to request that advice, so I can see how we would be able to proceed on that. My view has been, that these were political decisions that were made and so I think that they could be political decisions to offer a reversal. But I do want to get some some legal advice on that first."

Johnny Appleseed
CONTEXT. She's apologizing for the government she replaced. She was against it all and won leadership of the party.

The Tweakjunkie
For the folks NOT from Canada, this lady is newly elected (Conservative), she's apologizing for her predecessors.

It's not an apology's that is needed, it's convictions.

Life is ruined because of these punitive rules and mandates. All politicians should go to prison for the mental and physical damage they have inflicted.

Anton Ackermann
We don't want apologies. We want justice.


As an Albertan, I am extremely happy to see someone with courage and a moral backbone. Let's hope these evil people don't have a contingency plan for us serfs.
Prepare ??

No mercy, no apologies needed. Get these politicians out of office that went with any protocol for covid

Bruce Smith
There are a few church pastors in Alberta who were under the heel of the authoritarian boot for merely having their churches open for worship services. They need more remedy than just an apology.

David Allen
simple apologies are not good enough - the fascist decisions imposed had very real consequences for people and anybody who lost their job needs full compensation and those who imposed the nonsense need to be exposed and prosecuted - lessons need to be learnt!

Horde Gaming
Never apologise for the actions of someone else. The right and really only thing to do now is to hold the ones responsible for this including the Canadian PM to account for crimes against humanity, nevermind Canadians.

Download here: TRUMP-POSTED-ON-TRUTH-SOCIAL-THE-LION-IS-PREPARED-2022-10-10.mp4 - 4,300 kb
By: President Donald Trump - 10th October 2022

Trump Posts TERRIFYING CRYPTIC Video That Will Strike FEAR in All Who Ever Attacked Him.

Anyone else have chills?
God Bless Donald J Trump
God Bless America

Kathy Collins
brought tears. God Bless America and God Bless President Trump.

Lynelle Furbert
GET EM, POTUS!!!! We with you 100 PCT! STAY STRONG AND BRAVE thru this JOURNEY!!! WWG1WGA!!!

Just like at his rallies, it feels kinda special when you see others sharing your support for our true President and our country. God Bless you, and God Bless America!

Tamie Clarke
Love this!! Love President Trump and his family. May Gods plans for the world soon be fulfilled. peace for all nations

Waking UpNow

Kristen George
That is the 7th time I watched that and each time gets more impressive and shows that man's true love for America and the people in it!!!! When he put that hat back on that soldier when the wind blew it off was priceless and something no other President in history would have done!!!! It sent chills through my body it was just beautiful and breathtaking and so honest to GOD true....
I have to go now I'm going to watch it again

Lee Lemon
What President Trump said years before he got into politics "Someday I would like to lose everything for a short while just to find out who my Real friends are" President Trumps wish came True.
We The People Love you Sir. lead on. God Bless you and your Family.

Download here: Safe-and-Effective-A-Second-Opinion-Conclusion-Covid-Vaccines-are-Harming-and-Killing-Millions-2022-09-29.mp4 - 265,162 kb
By: Oracle Films - 29th September 2022
Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion...
Conclusion: Covid Vaccines are Harming and Killing Millions

Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion (2022) | Oracle Films | News Uncut

If you'd like to see more independent projects like this happen in the future, or you feel inclined, you can donate to us here:

Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion shines a light on Covid-19 vaccine injuries and bereavements, but also takes an encompassing look at the systemic failings that appear to have enabled them. We look at leading analysis of pharmaceutical trials, the role of the MHRA in regulating these products, the role of the SAGE behavioural scientists in influencing policy and the role of the media and Big Tech companies in suppressing free and open debate on the subject.

Congratulations to everyone who made it through the biggest stress test ever. Society, acquaintances, coworkers, even friends and family members have treated the unvaccinated in an absolutely terrible way, and they don't even know how to apologize. The unvaccinated were made scapegoats for all this and we became lower class citizens. I wouldn't have thought that something like this could happen. Fortunately, the truth always comes out eventually.

P.S. I believe that this video will be removed from Youtube quickly, because the narrative says that nothing can be questioned or criticized.

Andrew Thomas
Huge thanks to Mark Sharman, and to all of my brave, kind, loving and wonderful brothers and sisters on this planet, who stand strong together over these unbelievable years.

As an ICU nurse, I have had patients tell me - sobbing - they believed their hospitalization was due to the shots … they were told by doctors it couldn't be related. How many people are out there just like this?
Thanks for giving these people a voice, we appreciate you!

If you are embarrassed or afraid to share this video with your friends, at least share this somewhere. For example, even to an anonymous forum in your country. And remember to give the video a thumbs up. Every share of the video helps to reach a larger mass of people and we need every person in the change. We finally need to talk honestly about vaccines. Many people have had to suffer and the negative side of vaccines also deserves space in the media. We can't just keep quiet and pretend there's no problem when so many people are suffering.

Andrew G
This documentary should be shown on every TV station in the world with subtitles where necessary. It will, of course, be totally ignored by the legacy media, but they have become utterly irrelevant over the past couple of years anyway. This is a far superior production than anything else I have yet seen; and excellently presented by John Bowe. Thank you and well done to all.

Thank you all for your hard work Oracle Films and John for getting this out to the public. So many lives lost and ruined. This has torn families apart.

There is not a single day that goes by where I am not grateful for standing my ground and not having a jab. The number of people I personally know who have been injured as a result of the covid vaccines still shocks me. I will stand and fight for all of you. Sending all my love and solidarity to those affected. Thank you Oracle Films, for continuing your powerful work. I hope this stays up long enough on YouTube to help and inform as many people as possible. Better still I hope YT proves us all wrong and does not censor or remove this film. I live in hope.

Download here: Vaccinated-Man-Apologises-to-the-Unvaccinated-2022-09-24.mp4 - 11,780 kb
By: Reignite Democracy Australia - 24th September 2022
Vaccinated Man Apologises to the Unvaccinated
Jabbed or not - I am sorry!!

Jabbed or not...#ImSorry

I have no idea who this man is, but I am responding to what he did...I AM ALSO SORRY.

My video is after his.

If this inspires you, why not make your own video and post it...

Use the hashtags #ImSorry and #MendTheDivide

Big Eye
To all the jabbed, my heart breaks for what some of you are going through physically or what you and your children may go through.

Lee Court
Kudos to this guy for recognising that they were lied to.

This. This is the best thing ever. We don't get to point the finger of blame at others so we can wash our hands and play victim.
Its not until every individual takes personal responsibility for this shitfight that it can end.
While i remain unjabbed, I now know we all let it happen. We all did our best. We all did what we thought was safest, no matter which side we are on.
I'm sorry too. I'm sorry I judged. I'm sorry for the loss we've all suffered on every level. I'm sorry for my anger and refusal to listen.
I'm sorry for the vaxed who were lied to, forced, threatened, cooerced and emotionally blackmailed into it.
I take full responsibility for my choices good and bad.
There is no failure, only learning.
Stay safe everyone. Much love.

a great video and message.Big respect to the Big man,that takes courage and wisdom and he is a great example to us all.It is time to get together and realise who our real enemies are.Peace

Mend the divide. This is the direction we need to go

Nic Gordic
Division will always cause harm! As far as I'm concerned, that man who said sorry is my brother! I'll be praying for his protection and well being.

Robyn Gibbs
The last 2 years has confirmed to me the pettiness and ignorance of my family ... I am unjabbed...

Download here: THE-BIG-RESET-MOVIE-The-uncensored-documentary-about-the-truth-of-the-pandemic-2022-09-12.mp4 - 817,316 kb
By: @thebigreset - 12th September 2022
The uncensored documentary about the truth of the pandemic


Probably the best explanation of reality I have seen in the last two years

COVID was created for the vaccine and the vaccine was created for mass depopulation.

Truly outstanding. Thank you.

The Spanish version has been seen over 1 million times, more english speaking audiences need to watch this masterpiece... share like crazy!!

Long before the first case was announced, there was a "world military games" held in Wuhan. Military competitors from countries all over the planet came home with a strange and unidentified illness. I remember hearing about it in Canada.

Just a thought, the govts pushed the vaccine and it's accompanying narrative and agenda, this documentary aims to expose it, perhaps the result is going to be anger against these govts, perhaps even overthrown them opening the way to a one world govt (to protect you from your own corrupt govts).

We need to get these fake fraud vaccines and jab them up their bums triple dose at a time . . all of them the evil disgusting evils

Download here: MY-SON-HUNTER-Full-Movie-2022-09-08.mp4 - 196,876 kb
By: Patriot Vibes 1Q7 - 8th September 2022
(Full Movie)

Directed by Robert Davi, the film centers on Hunter Biden, the son of current U.S. President's in his lifestyle and his scandalous business dealings. In 2021, Donald Trump accused Hunter Biden of corruption. It is, according to The Guardian's Catherine Shoard, the "debut fiction attempt" of documentarians Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer. Spectator Australia called the movie a "socially dangerous, ego-damaging, and down-right delicious exposé of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal". The film is being distributed by American far-right media company Breitbart News, and scheduled for release on September 7, 2022.

Former MMA star Gina Carano, who will be playing a "world-weary" secret service agent in the film stated: "The script was instantly intriguing and side achingly hilarious to me, especially after being newly exposed to the political realm in 2020. Robert Davi is someone who reached out to me as soon as I was 'canceled' in Feb. 2021. I signed on in support of him and one of my favorite humans, Laurence Fox."

Production began in October 2021 in Serbia, and lasted for four weeks. During filming John James, who portrayed Joe Biden, had an off-set injury and was rushed to the hospital, though he continued filming after treatment saying that "the show must go on".

Laurence Fox as Hunter Biden
John James as Joe Biden
Jovana Stevic as Beau's Wife
Emma Gojkovic as Grace Anderson
Gina Carano as Secret Service Agent

Sensitivity Normal - Content that is suitable for ages 16 and over

In-Memory-of-Queen-Elizabeth-2-and-her-Legacy-of-Satanism-Globalism-Paedophilia-Child-Trafficking-and-Murder-2022-09-08.mp4 - 40,378 kb
By: Patriot Vibes 1Q7 - 8th September 2022
In Memory of the fake Queen Elizabeth 2
Officially died on 8th September 2022 at age 96.
[Note: It is alleged that Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor actually died (or was executed) on 8th September 2019. Ensuing public appearances after her death, were simply by way of: doubles, CGI, holograms, old photos, videos, sound bits etc.]
..a legacy of: Satanism, Globalism, Murder,
Paedophilia, Child Trafficking, Cannibalism...

In Memory of Queen Elizabeth 2 and her Legacy of: Satanism, Globalism, Murder, Paedophilia, Child Trafficking, Cannibalism...
Queen Elizabeth 2

In Memory of Prince Philip and his Legacy of: Satanism, Globalism, Murder, Paedophilia, Child Trafficking, Cannibalism...
Prince Philip

Download: Global-Walkout-A-unified-pushback-against-the-globalist-agenda-starts-September-4th-at-8pm-London-time-2022-08-31.mp4 - 91,358 kb
By: Reignite Democracy Australia - 31st August 2022
Global Walkout
A unified pushback against the globalist
agenda starts: September 4th at 8pm London time

A unified pushback against the globalist agenda

ONE STEP AT A TIME, hand in hand, we will walk out of the society they are trying to enslave us.

GLOBAL WALKOUT…starts September 4th at 8pm London time.

Reignite Democracy Australia
It's finally here, the Global Walkout begins September 4th at 8pm London time

One step at a time, hand in hand, we are walking out from the globalist society they are trying to enslave us into

ANYONE can participate
ANYWHERE in the world

JOIN or read about it here -

Translate the video into your language -

Originally, the global walkout was proposed as a strike and convoy to our capital cities. That will still happen, but we need more momentum (millions globally) if we want that to be effective. As the movement grows, there will be a perfect right time for that action, it's just not yet.

purple mander
Sing, dance, worship, breathe freely. Sounds like the world my ancestors set up for me. Lest we forget.

Throughout history,evil ALWAYS loses in the end! ALWAYS! And GOoD always win!!! Hallelujah

Lets do this people! DONT forget what they did to us!

Boshena W.
I am looking forward to see what else I can do. Pretty much out of the system now, but happy to do more

wilo west
Remember if your phone has been taken into possession by the police in Australia throw it out or sell it and buy a new one , write down any information you want to save then manually enter in to your new phone because a key logger can easily put onto your phone by any 15 year old these days or probably 12 year old and hidden where you can't see it .
Never hand your phone to anyone to use as a rule especially strangers pretending to be desperate to call someone because of a fake emergency , dial the number for them maybe then put on speaker while still holding onto your phone if you feel obliged to do so .

Download: TEASER-River-of-Freedom-A-Feature-Documentary-about-Convoy-NZ-and-the-Parliament-Protest-in-Feb-Mar-2022-08-19.mp4 - 54,585 kb
By: River Of Freedom - Documentary - 19th August 2022
TEASER - River of Freedom
A Feature Documentary about Convoy NZ
and the Parliament Protest in Feb / Mar 2022

River of Freedom is a feature documentary in production about Convoy NZ and the Parliament Protest during February and March 2022. It tells the story of who the people were, why they were protesting, and what happened.

We are a collective of professional filmmakers who support inalienable human rights, the freedom to choose and media without censorship. We need funding to complete the post-production.
Please support us to finish this film and screen it in theatres! Thank you x

Thank you to everyone who shared their stories with us. Thank you to our team of independent filmmakers who volunteered their time. X Gaylene, Mark, Jared, Sonny, Ben P, Ben V, Jacqui, Heidi, Meagan, Dane, Jordan, Briar Rose, Aaron, John, Ryan, Chucky, Russ, Greg and all have shared with us. Thanks to Donny [Not My Aunty] for the music at end.

Nga mihi nui. Noho ora mai Aotearoa New Zealand.

Tegan Dunn
Brought tears to my eyes. I remember sitting on the ledge and watching that line of white crosses going up, and observing the circle of people nearby doing a slow, peaceful movement meditation together. You captured the spirit of the event so well. thank you.

Janet Dougherty
So pleased to see this. Brought it all back to me. The joy of community and the generosity of everyone present and alongside that the moments of fear, Mallard's melodious music and the sprinklers and a whole lot more. So proud of us all that stood for our people. Yes all our people in NZ. We stood for you, even though you may not yet realise that, unfortunately you will sometime soon.

I was on my back in bed due to an injury during the protest. I watched most of the live streams. What I saw and heard I will never forget. PEACEFUL protestors ignored by government, insulted by government, lied to by government, bullied and injured by government thugs. No one in government liistened to them, they just leered at the protestors from windows above. Then, when government realised to protestors were not going away without being listened to the government and police sent in trouble makers to instigate problems to give the police, those government gestapo bullies and thugs, the excuse to destroy it all. I know what I saw and heard during this PEACEFUL protest for people's medical freedom and it was innocent people being bullied and bashed, psychologically by the government and physically and psychologically by government bullies and thugs - who go under the name of police. I'm 75 years old, I refuse to have the covid bioweapon injected into my precious body and I will continue to refuse. If that makes me part of the governments 'river of filth' then I am PROUD to be a part. Nearly 3 years now and still I am classed as a second class citizen along with all the others who refuse the clot shot. Walk around outside and it's like the 'masked walking dead zombie apocalypse', filthy masks disgarded in gutters and parks and the masked 'look' if you don't wear one and hospitals filled with jabbed who are now sick.. RIPNZ.

This gave me chills. Thank you thank you thank you to all involved in this doco. There was so much love in Wellington.

Ben Dover
Beautiful work! Cant wait to see the full feature!

The Animal
These are all my Brothers and Sisters Auntys and Uncles . I will forever stand by your side . Love you all who stood up for our rights .

Download here: Anthony-Fauci-Kennedy-Dr-Fauci-is-a-fraud-2022-08-16.mp4 - 19,640 kb
By: Fox Business - 16th August 2022
Kennedy: Dr Anthony Fauci is a fraud!
Fox Business host Kennedy and panelists discuss National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease director Dr. Anthony Fauci bragging that he symbolizes 'integrity' and 'truth.' #foxbusiness #kennedy

Billie Kellems
He belongs in prison, and now!!

Renee Workman
I love Kennedy & how many Americans are waking up to the truth!

TC Murray
Fauci needs to be held accountable for this BS.

Leah Hernandez
Finally somebody that had the guts to expose this evil fraud

Brad Stephens
Fauci is a monster, and Kennedy ROCKS.

Geoffrey Brockmeier
It boggles my mind anyone would trust a decades-long bureaucrat.

Jan Cramp
He's is nauseating and despicable. He didn't lose his livelihood like we did. His ego is disgusting.

Download: Eric-Trump-speaks-out-after-Mar-a-Lago-raid-I-want-everyone-to-remember-this-about-the-FBI-2022-08-10.mp4 - 13,040 kb
By: Newsmax TV - 10th August 2022
Eric Trump speaks out after Mar-a-Lago raid:
'I want everyone to remember this' about the FBI

"I'm pissed off": Eric Trump joins Greg Kelly Reports to speak out about the FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago and calls out the years-long political persecution of his father, siblings and entire family.

Cherry Blossom
Be strong President Trump and family! Praying that God give you the courage, the wisdom to fight these wicked people in the the govt.

ninja warrior the cerebral assassin
Trump 2024 President & Save America!!!

Plus, Let's go Brandon!!! [go fuck Biden...]

True Patriots
God help us all Patriots under this horrible Administration !

Francisco Sandiego
God bless our greatest president Donald Trump and his family.

Eric, you hit every point. The whole Trump family is in our prayers. The world is not fooled.....this is desperation before the mid terms. The voters had better pray for each other too.

Julian Assange was asked when he planned to release all of the dirt on Trump. His response: There is none.

James Dyson
Thank You Eric for your response to this unprecedented action toward a President, Thank You for sharing this with America. We need this now, we are hurting...

Download: A-Nation-In-Decline-President-Donald-J-Trump-the-best-is-yet-to-come-Copy-Share-Repeat-2022-08-08.mp4 - 13,040 kb
By: PatriotArmory - 8th August 2022
A Nation In Decline - President Donald J. Trump
...the best is yet to come. Copy - Share - Repeat

R CeCe
"THE BEST IS YET TO COME" & we are with you President Trump

Bryson McCarthy
We stand with you Trump you will be back and we will stand tall in victory

Recognize The Bay
Greatest fighter in modern American political history - Donald J. Trump

Debbie Blankenship
I love you President Trump and the best president in history. I stood with you when you announced your run for presidency in 2016 and I stand proudly for you now. We stand together! Always.

I needed this, I'm really black pilled. You're a great leader President Trump.

One of the best politicians of our time in the entire world.

Raven AmberRose
I stand with you Mr. Trump!!!!!! 45th president was the greatest!!!!

Major Glory
"I am a cheerleader for this country"

- President Donald J. Trump

Zeusie/Pandora 13
I don't care for ANY politician, but that was the best speech I've ever heard in my 64yrs!

Download: Grovelling-United-States-is-brought-to-its-knees-Donald-Trump-2022-07-27.mp4 - 11,049 kb
By: Sky News Australia - 27th July 2022
'Grovelling' United States is 'brought to its knees'
Donald Trump

Former US president Donald Trump says the United States has been "brought to its knees" in a policy speech in Washington DC.

Mr Trump said the US has become a "beggar-nation grovelling to other countries" for energy.

"Our country is being dealt one historic humiliation after another on the world stage," he said.

"The American dream is being torn to shreds."

Hate this man or not, he's spitting facts!! The US cannot keep going down the current path!

Iftekhar Aqib
I never thought I would ever see a US president (Joe Biden) beg to foreign dictators to save the American economy.

Zach Roller
That's how a REAL President addresses the country.

Jonathan Williams
Yet again he hits the nail on the head, with everything he says. God bless America. God bless PRESIDENT Trump.

Paul Williams
Finally a President talking sense, how refreshing

American Made
This man stands for everything our our forefathers fought for a real president with a set of balls

That's what a coherent president sounds like.

Whistling Woods Crafters
God Bless America. We truly need some representation that has a back bone, a cognitive ability to make GOOD decisions, and will represent the American people.

Jane - - -
What an absolutely brilliant speech by the REAL President of the United States of America, well said, President Trump ...

Download here: Covid-John-Mason-MSP-mocks-people-for-asking-questions-about-vaccine-injuries-Mark-Steyn-2022-06-17.mp4 - 13,859 kb
By: GBNews - 17th June 2022
John Mason MSP mocks people for asking
questions about vaccine injuries | Mark Steyn

"..later, when someone replied to the people's representative in a sober and substantive way, John Mason MSP again played it for laugh with another three emojis. Look at them, there they are, that's six emojis. That's six times he's rolling on the floor weeping with laughter. Sure you've got myocarditis from the vaccines. You've got blood clots in the brain. You've got guillain-barre syndrome. You've got ramsay hunt syndrome. But he's lying on the carpet clutching his sides, because your injuries are death!

Uh, so bloody hilarious, that laughing is causing him pain..."

Coroner's report - cause of death

What We Learned
From Hating the Unvaccinated

By Susan Dunham on [your]NEWS - 16th June 2022

What We Learned From Hating the Unvaccinated

The battlefield is still warm, following Canada's war on the unvaccinated. The mandates have let up, and both sides stumble back into something that looks like the old normal - except that there is a fresh and present injury done to the people we tried to break. And no one wants to talk about it.

Only weeks ago, it was the admitted goal of our own leaders to make life unlivable for the unvaccinated. And as a deputized collective, we force-multiplied that pain, taking the fight into our families, friendships, and workplaces. Today, we face the hard truth that none of it was justified - and, in doing that, uncover a precious lesson.

What We Learned From Hating the Unvaccinated

It was a quick slide from righteousness to cruelty, and however much we might blame our leaders for the push, we're accountable for stepping into the trap despite better judgment.

We knew that waning immunity put vast numbers of the fully vaccinated on par with the shrinking minority of unvaccinated, yet we marked them for special persecution. We said they hadn't "done the right thing" by turning their bodies over to state care - even though we knew that principled opposition to such a thing is priceless in any circumstance. And we truly let ourselves believe that going into another ineffectual lockdown would be their fault, not the fault of toxic policy.

And so it was by the willful ignorance of science, civics, and politics that we squeezed the unvaccinated to the degree that we did.

We invented a new rubric for the good citizen and - failing to be one ourselves - took pleasure in scapegoating anyone who didn't measure up. After months of engineered lockdowns, having someone to blame and to burn simply felt good.

So we cannot hold our heads high, as if believing we had logic, love, or truth on our side while we viciously wished death upon the unvaccinated. The best we can do is sit in the awareness of our rabid inhumanity for having cast so many aside.

Most of us who pilloried the noncompliant did it because it seemed like certain victory, like the unvaccinated would never make it through unbroken. Indeed, the promised new normal looked unbeatable, so we sided with it and made punching bags out of the holdouts.

But betting against them has been a scathing embarrassment for many of us who've now learned that the mandates only had the power we gave them. It was not through quiet compliance that we avoided endless domination by pharmaceutical companies and medical checkpoints at every doorway. It was thanks to the people we tried to tear down.

What We Learned From Hating the Unvaccinated

So for those of us not among the hopeless few that pray for the return of mandates, we might find some inner gratitude for the unvaccinated. We took the bait by hating them, but their perseverance bought us the time to see we were wrong.

It seems right now like the mandates will return, but this time there's hope that more of us will see them for what they are: a rising authoritarianism that has no concern for our wellbeing. If there's an enemy, it's the confidence game of state power and the transparent attempt to tear us apart. Heeding that looks like our best shot at redemption.

Written by Susan Dunham.

Susan Dunham can be found on Instagram and at Susan Dunham on Medium (

Senator-Rand-Paul-reacts-to-the-World-Economic-Forum-in-Davos-Switzerland-This-is-the-danger-of-a-one-world-government-2022-05-26.mp4 - 19,193 kb
By: Fox News - 26th May 2022
Senator Rand Paul reacts to the
World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.
This is the danger of a one-world government

Kentucky senator reacts to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on 'Jesse Watters.'

Linco M
Those people should be behind bars for their crimes against humanity.

Cristian Hueso
"Never trust a government that doesn't trust its own citizens with guns." - Benjamin Franklin.

Bernard Zamostny
"Some of the biggest cases of mistaken identity are among intellectuals having trouble remembering that they are not God."- Thomas Sowell

We need to stop referring to these people as the "ruling elite ". A better title would be the "rich bored and insane"

Fred Berger
Everyone that is invited to Davos should be tried for crimes against humanity and dealt with properly. These people are the super villains of all time

Kevin Talbot
These psychopaths need putting away for life

Bryan Hawn
Millions of people owe Alex Jones an apology!

Andy harpist
Two years from being laughed at for saying there is an elite trying to rule the world..... to seeing these billionaire leaders coming out into the light and saying, just that.

RuN KapBandit
I'm not a Alex Jones super fan but he's been warning us of these people for over 15 years now its coming true . Unbelievable

All animals are equal but some are more equal than others

Download: The-Plan-The-World-Health-Organization-has-a-plan-for-ten-years-of-infectious-diseases-2022-05-04.mp4 - 185,618 kb
By: stopworldcontrol - 4th May 2022

THE PLAN - The World Health Organization
has a plan for ten years of infectious diseases

THE PLAN shows the official agenda of the World Health Organization to have ten years of ongoing pandemics, from 2020 to 2030. This is revealed by a WHO virologist, Marion Koopmans. You will also see shocking evidence that the first pandemic was planned and abundantly announced right before it happened. Make sure to watch, and share this everywhere.

More information, and to see all the documents in THE PLAN, go to:

Be aware of the extreme level of hypocrisy that is in these documents. These criminals claim to protect humanity, while in reality they are suppressing and banning all effective treatments for covid, while censoring, firing, arresting and even murdering physicians who are curing covid patients.

F all those evil people. Can't wait until they get what they deserve.

fantastic presentation
God help those who have been blinded by evil

PLANdemic for sure.. These people are sociopaths!

No one has EVER isolated a virus. We have computer images but NO microscopic images of viruses. There is nothing to fear except the bio-weapon jabs. THAT's how you can get infected…NOT…by non-existent "bugs!"

WHO = World Homocide Organization

God help us all.

At 2:30, Freak Charles lives in actual castles built by stealing the wealth of peasants, demands we cut back on our lifestyle. Time to remove the totalitarians from polite society. They belong in prison.

#thegreatreset #climatehoax

One little piece of advice : Share this as much as you can, the info in this one is gold! But do not share it on Youtube haha. My account is now suspended for 1 week... * sigh*

beyond are they still allowed to exist??

they are already getting ready to starve to death millions..sabotaging food warehouses..fires at food plants..stack up..pack up and get ready to fight ..nato forces will be on U.S soil..

It's the glee in their eyes I don't understand why ppl don't see it…
Lord let Your Will Be Done Here On Earth As Is In Heaven

Download here: USA-2020-Elections-2000-Mules-by-Dinesh-DSouza-Documentary-2022-05-02.mp4 - 187,423 kb
By: - 2nd May 2022
2000 Mules by Dinesh DSouza
Documentary on USA 2020 Elections

"Highly respected Dinesh D'Souza, working together with Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote, just released a trailer to their new movie, "2,000 Mules," that shows the world exactly how the 2020 Presidential Election was Rigged and Stolen. The movie exposes the lies of the Democrats, RINOs, and Fake News who say it was the "most secure election in history." It was, perhaps, the least secure in history. The ballot box was stuffed, and stuffed like never before—and it's all on video. Ballots were trafficked and sold in a massive operation in each Swing State. The evidence is so damning, what will the cowards who sat and did nothing about the stolen election say now? The way our votes were taken away is a disgrace to our Nation. It must be fixed."

2000 MULES - They thought we'd never find out. They were wrong.

Download: Covid-LIVE-WORLD-PREMIERE-WATCH-THE-WATER-2022-04-11.mp4 - 277,588 kb
By: Stew Peters Network - 11th April 2022
Satanic elite using SNAKE VENOM in
their Covid-19 virus / vaccine bioweapons

The plandemic continues, but its origins are still a nefarious mystery. How did the world get sick, how did Covid really spread, and did the Satanic elite tell the world about this bioweapon ahead of time? Dr. Bryan Ardis ( has unveiled a shocking connection between this pandemic and the eternal battle of good and evil which began in the Garden of Eden.

In this Stew Peters Network exclusive, Director Stew Peters, award winning filmmaker Nicholas Stumphauzer and Executive Producer Lauren Witzke bring to light a truth satan himself has fought to suppress.

Visit to learn how to protect you and your loved ones during this biological war.

Proteins from the Chinese Krait Snake
Proteins from the Chinese Krait Snake
Proteins from the King Cobra
Proteins from the King Cobra Snake

The weird history of Medical Symbols
The weird history of Medical Symbols

Hope that LAWSUITS starts immediately after!!

This will give a MASSIVE BLOW to the elite that they will not recover from.Time to work and be brave.
We know we are protected.They are not, because God is on our side.

They should show the catholic great hall at the vatican. It is built to look like a snake.

And the medical symbol is a snake wrapped around a staff. They're mocking us

Solve et Coagula--invert reality, tattooed on the inner arms of baphomet, who wears a belt with the Caduceus on it with 2 snakes in a helix, likely symbolizing the human double helix genome. We are in a spiritual battle for the soul of humanity. GOD speed brothers and sisters.

Yes, I'm a nurse and I always wondered where that came from. When I researched it, I was mortified.

Yes!!! But there are two snakes wrapped around it!
50 rumbles

That's a magic wand from Greek Mythology.

@ Jillzy... Actually... I believe, it's more like their mocking God

American Medical Association, the CDC has the outline of people's faces and on either side of them looks like snakes and the World Health Organization.

Kbohach, 9 hours ago
So many lies, deceit and corruption in the Vatican and in the churches. I don't know how the catholic community who were convinced to take the death jab are going to live through this truth. I am catholic, but the Holy Spirit has been guiding me since day 1. Praise God that me and my immediate family knew that the jab was of the evil one. extended family caved in to the fearmongering.

They have been doing right in our face and laughing at us all the time. Time we stand up and put an end to this. We are the 99% and God is on our side!! But we have to stand up!!!

Download here: Covid-Crimes-A-Witness-Dr-Richard-Fleming-2022-03-09.mp4 - 343,683 kb
By Galleries.Vidflow.Co - 9th March 2022
The Cat is Out of the Bag!

The Cat is Out of the Bag!!!Dr. Richard Fleming gives a sworn testimony and acknowledges that COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) and the Vaccines are literally Bioweapons - and so much more...


  • 00:00 - Play from Beginning
  • 00:20 - Oath
  • 00:56 - Credentials -
  • 02:50 - Part 1: Is COVID-19 A Bioweapon?
  • 15:40 - Part 2: The Cover-Up
  • 21:50 - Part 3: Are the Vaccines Effective?
  • 30:13 - Part 4: Are the Vaccines Safe?
  • 37:46 - Part 5: Are the Vaccines Bioweapons?
  • 48:38 - Part 6: Action Plan

Real-News-Is-Klaus-Schwab-the-Most-Dangerous-Man-in-the-World-You-Will-Own-Nothing-He-Will-Own-Everything-2022-03-05.mp4 - 47,017 kb
By: AwakenWithJP - 5th March 2022
Is Klaus Schwab the Most Dangerous Man in the World?
You will Own Nothing - He will Own Everything

Klaus Schwab is bringing you the great reset. And not only will it be great, it'll be a fantastic reset! The folks at the World Economic Forum are busy helping protect you from climate change and disease. Yet some people still ask, is Klaus Schwab the most dangerous man in the World? Get the full picture along with everything they DON'T want you to know in this video!

Paul Chek
Thank you for the real news that EVERYONE should see as the punchline before Schwab cracks his joke because when he does it AGAIN, it won't be funny!
You are a Blessing JP.
Big Hug,

Marcy T
When he said that humans are hackable animals and that free will is over, that chilled me to the bone. Nope!

Richard B
Everyone needs to see this.

JP is right. We are deep into this, wether you realize it or not.

Plain Jane
The evil arrogance of these people at the WEF is astounding.

Jay Kundalini
How anyone could watch this, and not have something quick in their head is extremely troubling. This video alone should be enough to convince every sentient Man woman and child. Sadly though, I think we're dealing with some sort of possession, or psychosis, and it might not even be possible.

Common Sense
I really hope the world wakes up and realizes what a huge threat this group is. We are seriously in trouble if everyone keeps ignoring what is really going on.

The power of sarcasm as a weapon for truth has never been more beautifully displayed. Just hitting all the nails on the head in one go. Love it!

Download: Q-John-Durham-Special-Counsel-Special-Message-things-are-getting-ready-to-happen-soon-very-soon-2022-02-27.mp4 - 2,370 kb
By: Eric D. Kirk - 27th February 2022
John Durham, Special Counsel | Special Message
Things are getting ready to
happen soon - very soon

Jimmie Jones
You are doing a great job there John Durham. What is frustrating is the mainstream public is not learning about anything. I myself have been ridiculed by people in my own family. Ive talked to these idiots in the town I live in and telling them what's going on but nobody is waking up

Erin Gothard
I SOOOOOOO can relate!!!!!

Teddy Baird
Im with you on this

Danielle Bleue
Me 3

Some people are suffering from Mass formation psychosis

Justin Case
Nobody is "waking up" because WE TRUTHER'S have REALLY been made to look like "conspiracy theorist's" Time & Time again with little to no "Promised Validation" !! Just a lot of can kicking & speculation. After a couple of YEAR'S of this same Ol Same Ol, WHO in their right mind Keeps trying to "wake Sheeple up" while the supposed "movie" CONTINUES with NO END IN SIGHT !!

@FREEDOM FIGHTER And Cognitive Dissonance.

Cynthia Klahn
I finally found one very cued in Vietnam vet, here in Washington State, who drives my granddaughters bus; my granddaughter also gets the Q story. WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE
I think the normees I'm surrounded by are on the slow train and will have to catch up the hard way.

Download: Real-News-Archbishop-Viganos-IMPORTANT-MESSAGE-To-Canadian-Truckers-Canadian-Freedom-Convoy-2022-02-15.mp4 - 26,136 kb
By: INSPIRED - 15th February 2022
Archbishop Vigano's IMPORTANT
MESSAGE To Canadian Truckers
Canadian Freedom Convoy
Carlo Maria Vigano is an archbishop of the Catholic Church who served as the Apostolic Nuncio to the United States from 19 October 2011 to 12 April 2016. Archbishop Vigano has spoken out against The Great Reset and the Globalist Agenda 2030 publicly many times. He now gives his full support to the Canadian truckers and the worldwide Freedom movement.

Suzanne Cranny
I am not a member of any Church or religion, but this speech is amazing. Thank you for making it and for sharing it

Theresa Doyle
Archbishop Vigano is such a good man.. i hope anyone listening to him is blessed and motivated to get today's message

David Bryan
Make no mistake, these are incredible times to be alive and I say to you all reading this; have faith over fear because better times are coming.
And to those Canadian truckers making history I say this, history will be kind to you.

Rob H
Huge respect and love to every single person on this planet who has stood to oppose this global tyrany.
We will win because they underestimate the power of the human spirit.

Linda Badham
A man who is telling the truth at last .

James Nichols
Just wanted to say that this is one of the most beautiful speeches I have heard about the convoy. I am sad to say that I am Canadian and I see what has happened to my country . I feel in my heart that love will always win over fear. Please everyone share this message of love and this video.

I am not religious-----------but this is one of the greatest speeches I have ever heard !
----------------Spoken by a REAL MAN !!!!!...........much gratitude.

Kieron Knott
More people really need to start waking up and begin to understand just how perilous our future will become if we all don't stand up and say no.

Rosey K
This is OUR time! It was always written. We are not here accidentally, we have been chosen for this moment.

Amazing speech. Covered everything Govts don't want the average person to know or think about. It's not about being allowed into supermarkets nor vaccine mandates. It's about our fundamental rights to be free as living beings on our planet.

Download: Law-International-Tribunals-Start-Next-Week-Gates-Fauci-Tedros-etc-FACE-THE-DEATH-PENALTY-2022-02-01.mp4 - 179,002 kb
By: James Red Pills America - 1st February 2022
BREAKING! International Tribunals Start Next Week!
Gates, Fauci, Tedros etc FACE THE DEATH PENALTY!

Patriots, get ready for the LATEST BOMBSHELL UPDATE with Dr. Reiner Fullmich! This is a 3-PART COMPILATION, in which Dr. Reiner Fullmich confirmed that an INTERNATIONAL TRIBUNAL will be starting as early as next week. He goes on to say that SEVERAL LEGAL ACTIONS are also taking place in South Africa, India, Poland, and Canada. Bill Gates faces the death penalty in India, but you will NOT hear a word in the complicit mainstream media about that, let alone the fact that Anthony Fauci, Dr. Tedros, General Director of WHO and Mr. Christian Drosten (the lying idiot who pushed the useless PCR test to no end) ARE ALSO FACING THE DEATH PENALTY! This video also includes an interview of tremendous hope enhanced by a SPIRITUAL FORCE that will turn a seemingly IRREVERSIBLE and DEMONIC PLAN to DUST!

This interview BLOWS UP the fake news narratives and DROPS A MOAB on the EVIL DOERS of this DYSTOPIAN & NIGHTMARISH FARCE and was IMMEDIATELY CENSORED & REMOVED by YouTube and Facebook (also complicit in CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY)! Dr. Fuellmich of the German Corona Investigative Committee, explains in FANTASTIC & VIVID detail what the Committee's first lawsuit will accomplish. He says many people call it Nuremberg 2.0.

In this MIND-BLOWING interview, Dr. Fuellmich also talks about spirituality, which he believes will play an important role in humanity's evolving and winning this case; in not giving up and in a future new society which Reiner believes will be based on local or regional societies, with local supplies, and regional trade. Dr. Fuellfeels that about 30% of the population are awake and can no longer be fooled, while another 40% are in the process of waking up – demonstrating throughout Europe, what has so far been mostly hidden by the mainstream media, and CAN NO LONGER BE SILENCED!

Download here: Satanists-Ghislaine-Maxwell-could-name-names-to-reduce-lengthy-prison-sentence-2021-12-31.mp4 - 6,603 kb
By: 9 News Australia - 31st December 2021
Child trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell
could name names to
reduce lengthy prison sentence

Convicted of five charges of recruiting and grooming teenage girls to be sexually abused, former British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell could start naming powerful names (note: Ghislaine has been singing like a canary since her arrest) in an attempt to shorten her lengthy prison sentence.

..and officials do not know why
But the White Hats and Alliance know why - as evil is being eradicated Globally
24th December 2021

Vatican Closed - and officials do not know why. But the White Hats and Alliance know why - as evil is being eradicated Globally

Download here: Q-Military-Tribunals-Coming-Nuremberg-2-and-The-October-Horse-This-is-How-Their-Story-Ends-2021-12-18.mp4 - 215,714 kb
By: James Red Pills America - 18th December 2021
Nuremberg 2.0 & 'The October Horse'
THIS Is How Their Story Ends!

ALLOW ME TO INTRODUCE YOU TO PERHAPS THE MOST IMPORTANT VIDEO YOU'LL EVER WATCH THIS YEAR, PACKED WITH THE MOST COMPELLING VIDEO CLIPS YOU WILL EVER SEE TOGETHER IN ONE PLACE, ALL WOVEN INTO AN EYE-BULGING, HEART-POUNDING EXPERIENCE YOU'LL NOT SOON FORGET! Have you heard of the date?! October 15th, 2021 was the date chosen by the Evil Elites to mark the dawn of a new IRON CURTAIN. All around the world the POLITICAL, CORPORATE and RELIGIOUS ELITES have SYNCHRONIZED THE ENFORCEMENT of employment mandates and health passport systems under the guise of public health. It doesn't matter that the narrative for these measures have been thoroughly debunked. The EVIL ELITES will push forward because they're committed now, BUT THIS WILL BE THEIR FINAL UNDOING! NUREMBERG 2.0 IS FAST APPROACHING! This date was not chosen at random. The full significance of this symbolic act can only be understood in the context of the ancient Roman tradition of the 'OCTOBER HORSE'.

I want to be very clear and unequivocal about one thing right up front: THOSE BEHIND THIS GENOCIDAL SCHEME ARE EVIL TO THE CORE and MOST PEOPLE still haven't realized just how evil these SATANIC BEASTS REALLY ARE! But when finally open their brainwashed eyes, IT'S GOING TO BLOW THEIR MINDS! I'm going to describe how this ends in BRUTAL TERMS! I'm not going to pander to the delusional, and I'm not about to sugar coat it for the masses. THIS VIDEO IS NOT FOR THE 'COMPLIANT'; the sheep who line up willingly in the final hour, because their propensity for self delusion seals their fate sooner than they could imagine. But, for those with EYES TO SEE, this will come as a MESSAGE OF HOPE! The elites' timing is off and THIS WILL NOT END WELL FOR THEM because they are creating the precise conditions that will give rise to the MILITARY TRIBUNALS THAT LAY AHEAD!

The elites HAVE DECLARED WAR on the entire population of Earth and they marked it symbolically by choosing October 15th — THE SACRIFICE OF THE OCTOBER HORSE! But in their arrogance they have committed many grievous errors. Their invocations are corrupt and profane. They have transgressed Common Law, International Law and Spiritual law. THE FORCES THEY HAVE AWAKENED CANNOT BE BENT TO THEIR WILL! They will reap no benefit by invoking the Red Horse. Nor will the black horse ride down the path they have planned, the scales do not find in their favor. Rather than gain power, THEY WILL LOSE EVERYTHING, and this EPIC VIDEO Lays out just how it will all fall into place - FOR US! Get ready for one HELL of a ride down this BOTTOMLESS RABBIT HOLE, Patriots, this is one video that you MUST WATCH & SHARE EVERYWHERE, as it reveals the EPIC TAKEDOWN OF SATAN'S ARMY!

Download here: Real-News-Riccardo-Bosi-speaking-at-the-Taree-Freedom-Rally-Important-Insight-Into-Next-Few-Months-2021-12-14.mp4 - 72,590 kb
By: Anton Visser - 14th December 2021
Riccardo Bosi speaking at Taree Freedom Rally
Important Insight into the Next Few Months

Partial Transcript:

"...yeah it's a horrifying feeling, when your kids aren't safe. Nothing else matters...

..if our kids aren't safe nothing else matters. And the loathsome individuals that run this country for the time being and often much longer, have persuaded too many of us - that we have to kill our kids. That's the depth of depravity that we face at the moment ladies and gentlemen...

..Now the sad truth is, about 40% of Australians have been taking the jab. The good news is that means 60% haven't. So whenever you read the numbers that it's 70, 80 percent double vaxxed - complete bullshit!

60% of us have said 'no way, we're not doing it - it's not going to happen' and we are in the ascendancy and we know
this because their demands are becoming even more ridiculous every day goes by. In Western Australia, $20,000 fine if you don't get vaxxed and turn up to work. In Northern Territory, $5,000 a day if you don't get vaxxed and turn up to work. It's insane
and if they are in charge, then good for nothing Gladys Berejiklian would still be the premier, but she's not. And Mick Fuller, that piece of crap that was our commissioner for police, who received two pay rises in two years totalling two hundred thousand dollars, if they were in charge, he would still be the commissioner - but he's not.

We've got commissioner Karen. Now commissioner Karen, she's a lovely lady. She actually is. She's a lovely lady, but do you really think the assistant commissioners around her are letting her call the shots? Absolutely not.

Stop looking for the saviours. I want you to look in the mirror and see that person staring back at you. That's the source of every solution you've got to every problem. Every one of us has to save ourselves. We have to save our families, our children, our town, our region, our state and our country. These are the people that are going to save Australia, right here. And it's going to happen sooner than you think. It's going to happen sooner than you think; because this has now come to its logical conclusion. They've run out of ideas. Enough of the bad guys have already been arrested.

I don't know if you've been noticing, apart from the Australian politicians and police and the rest, are all falling off the perch: good for nothing Gladys / Mick Fuller / Dan Andrews has lost three of his MPs. If these people are in charge, they'd still be there, but they're not. Look Internationally: the head of Twitter - gone. NBC - gone. CFO - gone. They're all disappearing, one by one.

The dominoes are falling. We are in the ascendancy, but your crooked media won't tell you that. So turn them off and when you turn off the ABC and the commercials, because they're all the same, you don't pay for the commercial - so you just ignore them. But what you can do is, you ring up Ita Buttrose at the ABC and give her a mouthful and tell her what you really think about the Australian Bolshevik Collective, that won't tell the Australian people that they're being poisoned by the politicians; that won't tell the Australian people that the paedophiles are running the show; and the ABC has never once done an expose on paedophilia in this country. Now why is that I wonder?

They're all in on it - bingo! And so this is what we've got to do. We take the power that is ours, every one of you; and now you guys get it, but too many don't. But we're getting there slowly.

Sovereignty is born with you. Each one of you is sovereign in this nation. I don't care if we've been here 40,000 years or 40 minutes, you're born here, you're an Australian, you have a right to this land and you have the right to exercise that right. Every one of us.

Now I look forward to the day and when I do rallies in Sydney and things like that, where we have a lot of different backgrounds; and it's wonderful, you see Italian flags and Greek flags and all these flags along with the Australian flags; and that's our past and that's important. But I'm looking forward to the day we see one country and one people and one flag. That'll be the day when we have come together as one and we become - undefeatable. Nothing and nobody will be able to touch us ever again, because when every Australian realizes that sovereignty lies in your heart and your soul; and nobody has to right to tell you how to live your life. As long as you leave everyone alone and don't break the law, then you have the right to live the way you choose.

More importantly, you have the right to determine by whom and how you are governed. And if they, to quote the American Declaration of Independence, become destructive to your needs, you have the right to alter or abolish that government. Now how would you like the right, now, to sack any MP that wasn't doing what it was told? Who would love that? Well that's what we're going to introduce to Australian electoral system. Recall elections. So instead of having this fuss where some buffoon is presented by a party, you vote for this idiot, ignores you for three years, and then comes back three years later 'Aw look sorry we couldn't do anything so, but vote for me again, we'll try again next year...'

How would you like this system? You vote this idiot in and the moment they displease you, you have a recall election. You get to sack them! Now with that sort of damocles hanging over the head of the MP, to whom do you think they're going to be responsive? The party machine, or the people that put them in their place? That's what power to the people actually means in a practical sense. That's what we're going to be introducing to Australia. Recall elections at all levels. And so, the elect, the elected representatives were responsive to you 24/7, 365, for the duration of their time in parliament. That's what power in your hands means. You get to sack them and they respond to your needs. This is what Australia should be. This is the promise that we should have had and has been taken from us, but we're going to take it back.

Now, as I said, the next few weeks, some things will be happening. Watch International news if you can, see who's being arrested; and watch the dominos start to watch what we call in the military 'combat indicators.' Watch the ebb and flow of the war to see who's winning who's losing. Now next year's, the first three months next year is going to be a little tough. Easiest way I can say this is, that the uh, the poison that runs through this country is so pervasive, it's not like a cancer we can cut out, a section of skin or a section of muscle. The whole body is rancid. The Australian body politic every aspect is rotten. The polity, the bureaucracy, the judiciary, the military, media, academia, business, unions, churches, synagogues, mosques, temples. You name it, there isn't one organ of state, not one institution in this country, that hasn't been penetrated by corruption.

They get into the leadership level and then they pit us against each other at the, at the base level. That's how they work. And so it's not a matter of just cutting out this group, or cutting out that group, because they all run, they're all run by the same people.

What's going to happen is a very slow removal. One by one by one we start to remove them. Now to do this we're going to, there are going to be a series of lockdowns next year, but - run by white hats - not by black hats! So January to March next year, just be aware what you need to do is this: stock up on food and water; and make sure you can get through that period, just to stay off the streets, because things will be going on that won't be pleasant, and you want to, you won't want to be there. And if you thought it was embarrassing watching them elbow each other for a roll of Sorbent toilet paper in the in the uh, isles of Woolies, wait till people start killing each other over a tin of baked beans. So stock up food and water as best you can. Be smart, be a good Samaritan, put some aside for that idiot neighbour that doesn't think for himself yet, because he's going to turn up with his wife and starving kids, and you'll do the right thing and you'll look after him. You've got to band together as a community and look after each other and, and, and your friends.

It won't last long, but it will be unpleasant, unfortunately. But there's nothing we can do about that, this is the way it has to be done."

Person in audience: "What about cash?"

"Hang on to cash as much as you can. What they do with it, is beyond our understanding, at this stage. Hang on to cash as much as you can. For those of you who are into metals buy the metal, silver, small denomination ingots. Don't buy the certificates. Certificates aren't worth the paper they're written on. Okay, but stock up in food and water.

The system is going to be replaced, repaired, redesigned and re-liberated, with as minimal disruption as possible. But you've got to get through that first three months. After that, there's probably going to be an election about April / May. My guess closer to May, and by then we will have cleaned up the system enough, so you get the chance to have the first clean election in probably 50, 60, 70 years!

Huge Applaud!!!!

Now whether you join Australia One or not, that's, that's, that's neither here nor there. What's important is that you elect somebody that you know, like and trust. Now the way that we organize ourselves is that if you want an Australian One candidate in your seat, you have to form the branches, you've got to select your potential candidates, you have to run the presidential style primary, and then you select them. All we do at the head office is to vet them to make sure they're not crooks and spiffs and paedophiles or whatever. But that's of primary importance. You hire them - you fire them! And the sort of good decent A1 candidate we're looking for knows, first of all they know nothing about politics, that's a real advantage. I get a lot of calls from people saying I've been in politics for 30 years and you need to know what I know. And I politely reply 'If you've been in politics for 30 years, you're the problem mate - click!'

But what we're looking for is just decent people, who have a history of service in the community; and I don't care if you're the head chef at the local cafe, or a cocky out in the land. Someone who has deep roots in the community, is known, liked and respected already. The sort of person who has a history of serving the community. They get involved. They're down at Bunnings running the sausage sizzle to raise money for the cancer kids; whatever it might be. it's in their blood. It's in their dna to serve. That's what you want as an MP. It's a bit like jury, duty a pain in the arse, but somebody's got to do it. No more snouts in the trough.

But if you want an A1 candidate, form a branch, select and when the word goes out, pick the best candidate you can and then get behind them and we'll help you. We'll train you up. We'll back you. We'll do what's got to be done, because come the election, we want such an overwhelming result, it never even gets to preferences. The average electorate's got about 100,000 electors in it and we want the results when the Australian Bolshevik Collective, decides to call the election, they go 'Oh my god, Australia won, Australia won!' Damn right Australia one.

All right ladies and gentlemen. The news is mostly good and there's it is a bit of bad news. But it's bad news for Scott Morrison, the State Premiers, the banks - all those rotten sods that have been making our life miserable. They're going to have a very, very, very bad 2022. But we're not - we're going to have a great 2022. This time next year you won't believe the difference in the country. You'll be happy, freer, healthier, you'll be in charge of your lives; and never ever, ever again is someone coming to your door and terrifying you. They're going to be very polite, and if you don't like what they say, you just shut the door and send them on their way.

This is your country, this is your life, this is your land. We're gonna make sure you get it back - thank you very much."

Host: "Thank you Ricardo. I'm seeing more and more faces I know and I'm just absolutely thrilled that Taree's standing for what's right for all of us.

So everyone's saying words you all want to hear to encourage you; and one of the things with so many people from this community here today, we need you to START THE STOP - stop wearing masks. Stop wearing your exemptions. Stop signing in and stop everything.

Do you know, you probably all know, just tell them this is unlawful, and you all know we can access the information, the Biosecurity Acts are not lawful. The word 'mandate' does not even mean lawful. It means unlawful. You have to submit to it and that's why people are submitting. For the few people that we've had locally, who've stood up for what they believe and have been fined and had rides in paddy wagons, most of it is being thrown out of court.

So a lot of you joined the rally last week to the Singleton um pub, the Caledonian pub, his has been fully dismissed, and they started with a $100,000 and a $1,000 each (fines). It's all been dismissed. So it's just a matter of standing your ground and knowing what the law is. All Federal law outweighs anything State. So please stand your ground and let's on mass, where we've come from, from Port, from Newcastle, from Foster and Taree today, stand your ground and start walking into shops and supermarkets and I think the fine for asking you to prove your health status, on a federal level, is something like $63,000?

So yeah, start, start saying you know, we'll threaten you.

But anyway, without further ado, we have to get the Bosis out of their accommodation before 11 o'clock people..."

Download here: Real-News-This-Pivotal-Moment-Episode-1-2021-10-15.mp4 - 102,717 kb
By: ThisPivotalMoment - 10th November 2021
This Pivotal Moment - Episode 1

The proposed global rollout of Vaccine Passports has nothing to do with your health. Vaccine Passports are a Trojan horse being used to create a completely new type of controlled and surveilled society in which the freedom we enjoy today will be a distant memory. It's time to stop this plan in its tracks.

This Pivotal Moment - Episode 1 - The proposed global rollout of Vaccine Passports has nothing to do with your health

Download here: Covid-Vaxxed-people-dropping-like-flies-in-Auckland-NZ-after-5G-signals-activate-vaxx-ingredients-2021-10-31.mp4 - 3,013 kb
By: Kiwi Driver - 31st October 2021
Vaxxed people dropping like
flies in Auckland, NZ
Are 5G signals activating the vaxx ingredients?

Many healthy, non Covid Experimental Injected people in Auckland, New Zealand, have recently been reporting various symptoms such as: hearing strange high pitch ringing in their ears / difficulty sleeping / difficulty staying awake / nausea / shortness of breathe.

At the same time, there have been many reports of Covid Injected people collapsing to the ground, in several areas of Auckland.

Be kind - quote from Jacinda Ardern, (fake New Zealand Prime Minister)

Download here: Satanists-Riccardo-Bosi-We-are-coming-for-you-Pedophiles-in-Australia-2021-10-15.mp4 - 14,868 kb
By: A1 Bandwagon - 15th October 2021
Riccardo Bosi "We are coming for you"
- Pedophiles in Australia -

By: A1 Bandwagon

Australian children are still be being abused and murdered.
The Guilty must be brought to justice.
All Australians deserve to know the truth. ~Riccardo Bosi

Did you know that John Howard placed a 90 year suppression order on high profile pedophiles?

Due to those suppression orders the 28 Pedophiles that remain amongst us and possibly in high positions of power are most likely reoffending again and again and again. Even worse facilitating this disgusting acts for others.

Sandy Douglas
Can't wait for the guilty to be punished. Just love Riccardo Bosi

Judith Gange

Angela Where Love Breathes
We've known since 2015 and nothing has happened… we've had lockdowns and forced experiments on us and nothing has been done to stop it… I'm starting to believe there are peters here way beyond you and me. I wonder if I will ever see Justice in my lifetime not for me but for my children and grandchildren …

Lucy Spataro Infinite Heart Mind Meditation
Even those who know and did not speak out against these evil actions will be punished

Lynn Taylor
The whole hearing should be shown

Yes!!! When this war is over; those guilt will be punished to the highest extents of the law. -as far as I'm concerned; if that means death penalty; they should hang

Download here: Covid-ALIENS-Dr-Carrie-Madej-First-US-Lab-Examines-Vaccine-Vials-HORRIFIC-Findings-Revealed-2021-09-29.mp4 - 95,175 kb
By: Stew Peters Show - 29th September 2021
ALIENS: Dr. Carrie Madej: First U.S. Lab Examines
"Vaccine" Vials, HORRIFIC Findings Revealed

Dr. Carrie Madej joined Stew Peters today and appeared obviously shook up by what she had seen, after examining Moderna and J&J "vaccine" vials. [Animated nano alien / spider like creatures assembling themselves and walking...]

Democrat leaders all over the country have spent the past year trying to force as many people as they can to get vaccinated against COVID-19. In order to make this happen, they've teamed up with the leftist media to try and silence anyone who dares to question what's actually in the vaccines, to begin with.

That's why Dr. Carrie Madej can be described as the leftwing establishment's worst nightmare. She's one of the few people who has actually had the chance to examine what's really in the vaccine vials that are being forced into the arms of millions of people, and she told our very own Stew Peters yesterday that she was nothing short of horrified by what she saw.

Back in July, Madej was brought in by a lab in Georgia to examine a vial of the Moderna vaccine. After placing it on a glass slide and waiting two hours before observing it under a microscope, Madej was horrified to see that "colors appeared which I've never seen anything like… There wasn't a chemical reaction happening. It was a brilliant blue and royal purple and a yellow and sometimes green.

And so there were these colors appearing, I did not know what that was."

By James Samson
September 29, 2021

Animated nano alien / spider like creatures assembling themselves and walking...

are Invading Earth - Why?
29th September 2021
Statues of Arachnids are invading the Earth. Why? . LONDON, ENGLAND . Statues of Arachnids are invading the Earth. Why?

Maman - giant spider - at Tate Modern in London, England. Artist Louise Bourgeois. Year 2000
Maman - giant spider - at Tate Modern in London, England. Artist Louise Bourgeois. Year 2000

Louise Bourgeois

Maman (Ama)

Like a creature escaped from a dream, or a larger-than-life embodiment of a secret childhood fear, the giant spider Maman (1999) casts a powerful physical and psychological shadow. Over 30 feet high, the mammoth sculpture is one of the most ambitious undertakings in the long career of Louse Bourgeois. Over a vast oeuvre spanning more than sixty years, Bourgeois plumbed the depths of human emotion further and more passionately than perhaps any other artist of her time. In its evocation of the psyche, her work is both universal and deeply personal, with frequent, explicit reference to painful childhood memories of an unfaithful father and a loving but complicit mother.

Meghan Dailey

Statues of Arachnids are invading the Earth. Why? . CANADA . Statues of Arachnids are invading the Earth. Why?

Maman -giant spider - at the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa. Artist Louise Bourgeois. Year 1999
Maman - giant spider - at the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa. Artist Louise Bourgeois. Year 1999

Statues of Arachnids are invading the Earth. Why? . SPAIN . Statues of Arachnids are invading the Earth. Why?

Maman -giant spider - at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. Artist Louise Bourgeois. Year 1999
Maman - giant spider - at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. Artist Louise Bourgeois. Year 1999

Maman (sculpture)

Maman (1999) is a bronze, stainless steel, and marble sculpture by the artist Louise Bourgeois. The sculpture, which depicts a spider, is among the world's largest, measuring over 30 ft high and over 33 ft wide (927 x 891 x 1024 cm). It includes a sac containing 32 marble eggs and its abdomen and thorax are made of ribbed bronze.

The title is the familiar French word for Mother (akin to Mummy). The sculpture was created in 1999 by Bourgeois as a part of her inaugural commission of The Unilever Series (2000), in the Turbine Hall at London's Tate Modern. This original was created in steel, with an edition of six subsequent castings in bronze.

Bourgeois chose the Modern Art Foundry to cast the sculpture because of its reputation and work.

Philosophy and Meaning:

The sculpture picks up the theme of the arachnid that Bourgeois had first contemplated in a small ink and charcoal drawing in 1947, continuing with her 1996 sculpture Spider. It alludes to the strength of Bourgeois' mother, with metaphors of spinning, weaving, nurture and protection. Her mother, Josephine, was a woman who repaired tapestries in her father's textile restoration workshop in Paris. When Bourgeois was twenty-one, she lost her mother to an unknown illness. A few days after her mother's passing, in front of her father (who did not seem to take his daughter's despair seriously), Louise threw herself into the Bièvre River; he swam to her rescue.

"The Spider is an ode to my mother. She was my best friend. Like a spider, my mother was a weaver. My family was in the business of tapestry restoration, and my mother was in charge of the workshop. Like spiders, my mother was very clever. Spiders are friendly presences that eat mosquitoes. We know that mosquitoes spread diseases and are therefore unwanted. So, spiders are helpful and protective, just like my mother." - Louise Bourgeois

From Wikipedia

Statues of Arachnids are invading the Earth. Why? . TOKYO, JAPAN . Statues of Arachnids are invading the Earth. Why?

Maman - giant spider - at the Mori Art Musem, Tokyo, Japan. Artist Louise Bourgeois. Year 2000
Maman - giant spider - at the Mori Art Musem, Tokyo, Japan. Artist Louise Bourgeois. Year 2000

Statues of Arachnids are invading the Earth. Why? . SOUTH KOREA . Statues of Arachnids are invading the Earth. Why?

Maman - giant spider - at Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art, South Korea. Artist Louise Bourgeois
Maman - giant spider - at Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art, South Korea. Artist Louise Bourgeois

Statues of Arachnids are invading the Earth. Why? . ARKANSAS, USA . Statues of Arachnids are invading the Earth. Why?

Maman - giant spider - at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, Arkansas, USA. Artist	Louise Bourgeois
Maman - giant spider - at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art,
Bentonville, Arkansas, USA. Artist Louise Bourgeois

Statues of Arachnids are invading the Earth. Why? . DOHA, QATAR . Statues of Arachnids are invading the Earth. Why?

Maman - giant spider - at Qatar National Convention Center, Doha, Qatar. Artist Louise Bourgeois
Maman - giant spider - at Qatar National Convention Center, Doha, Qatar. Artist Louise Bourgeois

Download here: Covid-Yet-Another-Vaccine-Injury-Compilation-2021-09-28.mp4 - 77,343 kb
By: AngelikkaSevenScoreThree - 28th September 2021
Yet Another Vaccine Injury Compilation
Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca...
But the Government/s and Drug Companies wouldn't lie to us? Would they?

Why will the Mainstream Media not allow their viewers to see this footage? Why are governments all around the World not allowing us to see this footage?????

This video is not going to be for everybody. It is sad but the truth needs to be revealed as these many stories are obviously not making it out into the general public.

Remember : United We Stand - Divided We Fall : The enemy is common and hates us all equally. Remember this too........ The ProAbortionist(s) in abomination CLAIM My Body My Right.......... so go ahead and Claim your Body RE VAX....... My Body My Right - I Say No to VAX - Vax contains *parasites (*it's what they call aborted fetus matter) and tracking chip

World leaders are complicit in Global Genocide!

Download here: Covid-19-US-FDA-Warn-That-Pfizer-Vaccine-Kills-5-people-to-Save-1-Life-2021-09-17.mp4 - 6,391 kb
By: U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) - 17th September 2021

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
WARN that Pfizer Vaccines
Kill 5 People to Save 1 Life!!!

Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee - 9/17/2021

Join us for a Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee meeting to discuss Pfizer-BioNTech's supplemental Biologics License Application for administration of a third dose, or "booster" dose, of the COVID-19 vaccine, Comirnaty, in individuals 16 years of age and older.

[Note: The above section of the 8:09:40 long Virtual Meeting video, was taken from the 4:20:23 mark and onwards.]

At 4:20:31 on the original FDA Virtual Meeting video, FDA member Steve Kirsch (the Executive Director of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund) said: "Pfizer vaccine kills more people than it saves."

FDA member Steve Kirsch, Executive Director COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund said: 'Pfizer vaccine kills more people than it saves.'

Traitors such as: Presidents / Prime Ministers / Health Officials (*see below) are FULLY AWARE that these EXPERIMENTAL DRUGS are KILLING more people than the original heavily patented biological warfare weapon, which is falsely called the SARS-COV-2 virus. This is why the SARS-COV-2 virus has never been isolated by any laboratory Globally; for if it was isolated, they will find that this is actually a heavily patented biological warfare weapon - that was 'designed' to KILL PEOPLE. Further, the ownership of the patents traces back to Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci etc.

* Traitors complicit in this GENOCIDE are: Anthony Fauci - Nancy Pelosi - Joe Biden - Barack Obama - Bill Gates - Hillary Clinton - George H. W. Bush - Bill Clinton - George Soros - George W. Bush - Robert Mueller - John McCain USA - World Health Organisation - United Nations - Queen Elizabeth II - Prince Charles - Prince Andrew - John Howard - Bob Hawk - Paul Keating - Jacinda Ardern - Ashley Bloomfield - John Key - Helen Clark etc

Transcript from FDA Virtual Meeting @ 4:20:23 onwards:
(original video:

"Thank you Dr. Freeman. The next speaker is Mr Steve Kirsch."

"Hi, I'm Steve Kersh. I'm Executive Director of the Covid-19 Early Treatment Fund.

I have no conflicts.

Uh, advance to slide number four with the elephant. I'm going to focus my remarks today on the elephant in the room that nobody likes to talk about - that the vaccines kill more people than they save.

Today we focus almost exclusively on Covid death saves and vaccine efficacy, because we were led to believe that the vaccines are perfectly safe. But this is simply not true. For example there were four times as many heart attacks in the treatment group in the Pfizer six-month trial report; that wasn't bad luck. The error shows heart attacks happened 71 times more often following these vaccines, compared to any other vaccine. In all, 20 people died who got the drug, 14 died who got the placebo. Few people noticed that. If the net all caused mortality from the vaccines is negative, vaccines boosters and mandates are all nonsensical. This is the case today.

Death rates, um, let's slide number seven, advance uh to the number seven, in lower, a part. This shows that the all cause death light rate in three cases, only the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) numbers are statistically significant; but the other numbers are troubling. Even if the vaccines have 100 protection, it still means we killed two people to save one life.

Four experts did analyses using completely different non US data sources and all of them came up with approximately the same number of excess vaccine related deaths. About 411 deaths per million doses. That translates into 150,000 people have died!

The next slide would be slide number 11. Uh, the nursing home. Now the real numbers confirm that we kill more than we save and I will, uh, I would love everyone to look at the Israel Ministry of Health data on the 90-plus year olds, where we went to, we went from a 94.4% vaccinated group to 82.9% vaccinated in the last four months. In the most optimistic scenario it means that 50% of the vaccinated people died and 0% of unvaccinated people died. Unless you can explain that to the American public, you cannot approve the boosters.

Slide number 16 please. Myocarditis. Uh, the paper just posted yesterday on Med Archive entitled mRNA Covid-19 Vaccination Development of CMR confirmed Myocarditis, shows that the Myocarditis risk was one in a thousand and that's an overall age range from 16, uh, 18 to 65 mean age of 33. It is not inconsistent with what the VAERS shows.

Next slide would be slide number 18 - gaming of the trial. It's pretty clear that the Pfizer trial results were gained. It's statistically impossible for protocol violation to be five times higher in the treatment group. Why hasn't this been investigated?

Slide number 19. Um, Maddie de Gray was, was 12 when she enrolled in the Pfizer phase 3 trial for kids. Now she's paralyzed for life. It wasn't recorded by - in the Pfizer results. I told Janet Woodcock there was no investigation. Please tell us why this was not - why this fraud was not investigated?

And finally, um, slide number 20 please. Um, early treatments are much better alternative to boosters. The proof is that in Israel - cases are at an all time high. In India, Uttar Pradesh is now Covid-19 free, as of today! Almost NOBODY there is vaccinated.

Thank you."

"Okay, thank you, uh..."

Download here: Real-News-Riccardo-Bosi-AustraliaOne-Party-Where-We-Go-One-We-Go-All-2021-09-15.mp4 - 7,857 kb
By: AustraliaOne Party - 15th September 2021
Riccardo Bosi - AustraliaOne Party
- Where We Go One, We Go All -
Important Message for all Australians

Riccardo Bosi has an important message for all Australians:

Ladies and gentlemen of Australia. My name is Ricardo Bosi and I am the national lead of Australia One.

In the coming days weeks and months, disturbing rumours, concerning the governance of our country, will begin to circulate. These rumours will appear to be so incredible, so unlikely and even so ludicrous, that the only sensible response would appear to be to dismiss them out of hand. Some of these rumours will in time indeed prove to be false. Unfortunately, some will be true and be prima facie evidence, of the despicable crimes of treason and sedition; and some even morally worse, by those at the highest levels of power, in Australia.

During this time, it is imperative you monitor closely, the responses of those who comprise the polity, the judiciary, the bureaucracy, the military, the constabulary, the corporations, the media, academia and religious organizations. The case can already be made, that many of these people are already attainted of treason. But if any remain silent, in the face of an obvious attack on Australian sovereignty, they will have signed their own death warrants.

Remember them, from the governor general and state governors, through parliament, through all the courts including the high court, through the public service, the defence force, the police forces, the boardrooms, the unions, the charities, the mainstream media, schools and universities and finally even the churches, synagogues, mosques, temples and lodges. Remember their names and who they are. Remember what they said and what they did not say. Remember what they did and what they did not do.

Why and how has it come to this? Simply put for decades now, we have been deceived by those whom we trusted. Slowly the truth has been revealed by the tireless efforts of a few, and this has been a most difficult task. Some of you will have heard it said, sometimes you can't tell people, you just have to show them. And to put that in the Australian vernacular, some people just need to piss on the electric fence for themselves! Thankfully enough of us are now awake to the lies and our numbers continue to grow - faster every day.

So what should we do? Firstly be calm. Know that we can and will win this war. Secondly be united, no matter how many they send against us, they cannot defeat 25 million Australians, who stand together as one; and simply say, in a clear strong and unconquerable voice, "No consent! No consent! No consent!"

Thirdly be brave. Some of us might be hurt and some of us might die. But if we truly seek liberty, we must win it for ourselves. Nothing worth winning is won cheaply. Fourthly, be good. We the people must win this war with non-violent, noncooperation. Because the manner of our victory, is of foundational importance, to the future of Australia as a nation state.

We must win this war with such moral authority, that we are able to win the peace that follows. Finally, when all is done, the guilty will be punished. We will deal with the traitors in a lawful manner, which after the reprehensible, coordinated malfeasance and violence, that they have visited upon us, that would be more than they deserve. And we will do this because we, the common people of Australia, are, and have always been so much more than the elites. We are better than they are. We have not and we will not sacrifice our decency and our humanity to win this war as they have done.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to enter a period of history without precedent. A war for the world and we, you and I are on the front line. Be calm, be united, be brave and be good. And finally remember, that we fight, as G.K. Chesterton wrote: "Not because we hate what is in front of us, but because we love what is behind us."

Thank you.

About Riccardo Bosi:
Riccardo Bosi is a much sought after speaker and consultant in leadership, strategy and innovation. He works with private industry, the public sector as well as the military, by drawing on his over 40 years of experience in all three.

He is a former Australian Army Special Forces lieutenant colonel who served in the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific; as well as a long-term adviser to the United Arab Emirates Special Operations Command. Riccardo's experience in industry spans international corporations to small to medium enterprises.

Download here: Real-News-Aussie-Truckies-Blockade-Shut-down-M1-Highway-with-Support-from-Pauline-Hanson-2021-08-30.mp4 - 16,542 kb
By: GTV - 30th August 2021

M1 highway - with support from Pauline Hanson

One truckie said they want an end to the lockdowns.

"(We want) people to go back to work, kids go back to school ... we've had enough of it," the driver, known only as Brock, said.

"It's all about choice at the end of the day," he said.

"If you don't want to get the Vaxcine, don't. If you do want it to get it, get it. But don't keep locking up people."

A separate group of truckies are planning a protest for tomorrow.

So there's 126 people in intensive care in nsw?? How many hospitals are there? how many people are healthy in Australia?? Bens a media shill. Respect to the truckies and all those who oppose this tyranny.

Steven Walker
I love how these " journalists" ask a question and don't even try to hide their utter dis- interest in even listening to the answer , still better than their usual immature behaviour , huge respect for the truck drivers for putting these vaccine extremists in their place.

Snapper head
Ben Fordham (journalist) and his cohorts ARE THE PROBLEM, it's time to start turning up and protesting media outlets!!

Glenn Davis
Ben Fordham confusing people with statistics of people in ICU's regardless of being jabbed or not the fact is the reason they are in there is unknown and it might be the case that it's not because of covid but because their immune system is compromised to start with through bad health or age. Lets hope the other truckers around Australia this week actually disable their airbrakes and that way they wont be able to tow them away...It's time to totally bring Australia to a halt and not by half arsed measures.

Jono G
Pauline is a hero she gets my vote. She stuck to her word said she'd be there.

Dan Brit
It's crazy how ausis are fighting for rights more then those in the USA...stay strong stand up

Dennis Tregellis
Go the Truckies, we're behind you fella's, no one else has the power.

Robert Stojcevski
This is nothing short of extortion, cant force someone to get the jab!!! Its got to be your choice, you can still get covid even with jab

Truckies. Real men and women of Australia. God Bless!

Download here: Real-News-Breaking-Justin-Trudeau-Chased-Out-Of-Neighbourhood-By-Angry-Crowd-2021-08-25.mp4 - 13,637 kb
By: Bright Light News - 25th August 2021


Man that makes me smile. Thank you.

Damn I wish I had been there.

sooo good! makes me proud to be from Vancouver!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

In Alberta, we ALL Hate Justin Trudope !

Well done Surrey!!

HUMEandRUMBLE, 17 hours ago
Me Too ! Trudope gets Heckled everywhere he goes !

So glad to see. Need to push the psychopath out before he finishes his global agenda. Post nation state, my ass.

Download here: Covid-2030-UnMasked-For-those-Preparing-for-whats-Coming-After-Covid-19-2021-08-24.mp4 - 299,110 kb
By: 2030 Unmasked - - 24th August 2021
2030 UnMasked - For those Preparing
for what's Coming After Covid-19

2030 UnMasked is a documentary revealing the connection between Covid-19, Vaccines, Masks, the Banking System, and the upcoming "Great Reset".

This documentary is for anyone realizing something is wrong in the world. Especially for those "just waking up". It's uncomfortable to learn that so many things you've been told are untrue and this documentary is intended to help make sense of WHY so many things are happening, HOW they are happening, and also WHAT you can do about it.

We can't obey our way out of tyranny.

Mass disobedience is the best way to move forward and helping as many people become AWARE is one of the first places to start.

This 2-Hour "2030 Unmasked" independent documentary offers an exceptional attempt to make sense out of today's complex and clandestine forces. The content offered, here. will never appear on mainstream news, big tech social media platforms, nor standard academia. Consider this a must-see and must-share content.

Download here: USA-2020-Elections-Fox-News-Trump-to-be-reinstated-on-22nd-August-2021-08-15.mp4 - 13,907 kb
By: Fox News - 15th August 2021
Fox News - Donald Trump
to be reinstated on 22nd August 2021

Fox News - Donald Trump to be reinstated on 22nd August 2021

Download here: USA-2020-Elections-Mike-Lindell-Cyber-Symposium-Professor-David-Clements-The-Vote-Trafficking-Parable-2021-08-12.mp4 - 358,501 kb
By: KanekoaTheGreat - 12th August 2021
Mike Lindell Cyber Symposium
Professor David Clements:
"The Vote Trafficking Parable"

USA-2020-Election-Phil-Waldron-Military-has-had-Cyber-evidence-of-China-involvement-since-2018-mid-term-elections-2021-08-11.mp4 - 429,451 kb
By: - 11th August 2021
Col. Phil Waldron - Military has had (Cyber)
evidence of (China) involvement since
2018 mid-term elections re: 2020 elections

Military has had (Cyber) evidence of (China) involvement since 2018 mid-term elections (USA) re 2020 elections

  • John Durhams job was to obtain the evidence of CIA / FBI (Federal) involvement in those crimes;
  • Arizona Audit is going to produce the (Paper) evidence that connects State and Local governments to that same crime;
  • All three (Federal, State and Local) provide the evidence needed for Military to confirm our Country's election was completely attacked by a Foreign enemy.

If you watched the Cyber Symposium and paid attention you clearly heard Col. Phil Waldron confirm that EO 13848 & 13849 were initiated.

Keep your eyes on the Arizona Audit.

Download here: The-Charlie-Ward-Show-The-real-Joe-Biden-has-already-been-executed-2021-07-31.mp4 - 74,387 kb
By: Review Time - 31st July 2021

The Charlie Ward Show
The REAL Joe Biden has already been executed


Download: Deepest-Dark-Documentary-Satans-Playground-WARNING-VERY-GRAPHIC-AND-DISTURBING-05-2021.mp4 - 261,913 kb
By: Chandor - May 2021
Deepest Dark Documentary
Satan's Playground

Compiled information and footage exposing elite child sex trafficking, satanic rituals, cannibalism, Hollywood slaves, dark cabal, paedophilia, sacrifice, torture, child abuse, royal conspiracies, human hunting, illuminati hierarchy, entertainment industry, planned parenthood, etc...

Includes notorious evil monsters such as: Aleister Crowley, Bill Gates, Bill & Hillary Clinton, Marilyn Manson, Katy Perry, Lil Nas X, Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, Prince Andrew, Marina Abramovic, Lady Gaga, Vatican Popes and hundreds more...

REAL WARNING !! - This Documentary contains footage and concepts which are highly disturbing and very graphic.

This can not be unseen once watched!

This Documentary exists for educational purpose only.

Sharing is highly recommended!

To expose these dark and sick aspects of the world, people have to shine light on these topics and bring it into consciousness!


Donald Trump and his people are hunting these bastards down. God bless them

Most People Prefer Slavery Over Freedom
2nd July 2021

Most People Prefer Slavery Over Freedom

Benjamin Franklin: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

Samuel Adams: "If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen."

Download: Donald-Trump-calls-out-fake-news-reporters-Do-you-miss-me-This-is-a-message-you-cant-cancel-2021-06-27.mp4 - 36,925 kb
By: Newsmax TV - 27th June 2021
Donald Trump calls out 'fake news' reporters:
"Do you miss me?"
This is a message you can't cancel

At his first rally since leaving office, Donald Trump calls out the 'fake news' reporters in attendance, and attacks President Biden for 'destroying the nation' in his first five months in office.

Goody T
At this point, you don't even have to identify by race or party, only one word: #CATASTROPHE

Not only the Americans miss this guy. The world also miss him so much.

Ron De Palma
Sleepy Joe can't speak more than 5 minutes before his handlers need to rescue him...

Justyn Brodsky
Our ACTUAL President. The media misses him, liberals still have him living in their heads rent free, Trump wins no matter who is watching him!

Ohio is blessed to have President Trump kicking off his rally there, we love Ohio, and our true President of The United States of America, Donald J. Trump!! #AmericanLivesMatter

crabby golfer
What an incredible contrast listening to President Trump vs Biden.

Smilin' Doug
Soon after this part, Trump called out the fake news for shutting off their camera's. They didn't like what he was saying. But I'm sure they started the camera's again. After he stopped talking about the election fraud. LOL

Download here: USA-2020-Elections-The-Deep-Rig-web-trailer-2021-06-10.mp4 - 28,700 kb
By: The Alex Jones Show - 10th May 2021
The DEEP RIG - movie trailer
FILM PREMIERE EVENT - Story of the Year

Launch Event 4 - 9 PM (MST) on June 26, 2021
Livestreamed from Phoenix, AZ

Ask the questions that censorship-happy mainstream media doesn't want you to ask. Reveal the truth that Twitter sacrificed millions of accounts to hide. Follow the team of patriots, lawyers & 'white hat' hackers, determined to reveal the facts behind the headlines, to backroom scenes and through electronic networks designed to rig any election they conduct. Scrutinize for yourself the evidence which paints a portrait of Washington's double-dealings and international intrigue.

Be part of a movement by making sure this film is not censored.

"Is this the end of the US constitutional republic? Is this the end for democracy?"

Michael Flynn

Michael FlynnMichael T. Flynn graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 1981 and was commissioned a second lieutenant in Military Intelligence. His first assignment was as a paratrooper of the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Since then, he has served in a variety of command and staff positions to include, Commander, 313th Military Intelligence Battalion and G2, 82nd Airborne Division; G2, 18th Airborne Corps, CJ2, CJTF-180 Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) in Afghanistan; Commander, 111th Military Intelligence Brigade at the Army's Intelligence Center at Fort Huachuca, Arizona; Director of Intelligence, Joint Special Operations Command with duty in OEF and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF); Director of Intelligence, United States Central Command with duty in OEF and OIF; Director of Intelligence, the Joint Staff; Director of Intelligence, International Security Assistance Force-Afghanistan and US Forces Afghanistan and Special Assistant to the Deputy Chief of Staff, G2. He most recently served as the Assistant Director of National Intelligence for Partner Engagement before becoming the 18th Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency on 24 July 2012.

Lieutenant General Flynn's other assignments include multiple tours at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, where he deployed with the 82nd Airborne Division as a platoon leader for Operation URGENT FURY in Grenada, and as Chief of Joint War Plans for JTF-180 UPHOLD DEMOCRACY in Haiti. He also served with the 25th Infantry Division at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, and as the Senior Observer/Controller for Intelligence at the Joint Readiness Training Center at Fort Polk, Louisiana. Lieutenant General Flynn holds an undergraduate degree in Management Science from the University of Rhode Island and holds three graduate degrees: a Master of Business Administration in Telecommunications from Golden Gate University, San Francisco; a Master of Military Arts and Sciences from Fort Leavenworth, Kansas; and a Master of National Security and Strategic Studies from the United States Naval War College. He also holds an Honorary Doctorate of Laws from The Institute of World Politics, Washington, D.C. Lieutenant General Flynn is a graduate of the Army's Intelligence Officer Basic, Advanced, and Electronic Warfare Courses; the Combined Armed Services Staff Course; the United States Army Command and General Staff College and School of Advanced Military Studies; and the United States Naval War College.

His awards include the Defense Superior Service Medal (with 3 Oak Leaf Clusters), Legion of Merit (with Oak Leaf Cluster), Bronze Star Medal (with 3 Oak Leaf Clusters), Meritorious Service Medal (with Silver Oak Leaf Cluster), Joint Service Commendation Medal, Army Commendation Medal (with 4 Oak Leaf Clusters), the NATO Service Medal, and several service and campaign ribbons. Lieutenant General Flynn also has earned the Ranger Tab and Master Parachutist Badge, and the Joint Staff Identification Badge. Lieutenant General Flynn is happily married and has two sons.


Patrick M. Byrne

Patrick M. ByrnePatrick received a bachelor's degree in philosophy and Asian studies from Dartmouth College, a master's in philosophy (ethics) from Cambridge University as a Marshall Scholar, and a doctorate in philosophy (focusing on political theory, jurisprudence, and economics) from Stanford University. He has taught at the university level and frequently guest-lectures on business, the Internet, leadership and ethics.

Patrick served as chairman, president and CEO of Centricut, LLC, a manufacturer of industrial torch consumables, then held the same three positions at Fechheimer Brothers, Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company that manufactures police, firefighter and military uniforms. Patrick Michael Byrne is the former CEO of, Inc., a Utah-based internet retailer that has been publicly traded since 2002.

In 2001, Patrick began,'s socially responsible store for products handcrafted by artisans from developing nations and rural areas of the USA. To date, more than $30 million has been returned to Worldstock's artisan suppliers.

A classical liberal, Patrick believes that our nation's future depends primarily on a sound educational system and a healthy capital market. Towards those ends, Patrick serves with Rose Friedman as co-chair of the Milton & Rose Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice, supporting legislative reform to bring educational choice to parents. Patrick has also founded 19 schools internationally that currently educate more than 6,000 combined students.

In 2005, Patrick began a vigorous campaign against corruption in our capital markets through securities manipulation. His stance quickly caught the attention of Wall Street analysts and reporters and remains a point of high controversy today. The Deep Capture website grew out of this campaign.

Patrick has a black belt in tae kwon do and once pursued a career in boxing. After surviving cancer three times, he cycled across the country four times. His last ride, in the summer of 2000, helped raise awareness and record-breaking funds for cancer research at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

Yahoo News on Hydroxychloroquine
- Then and Now - Trump was Right all Along! -
9th June 2021

Yahoo News on Hydroxychloroquine - Then and Now - Trump was right all along!

What a difference nine months makes! Trump was right all along!

What the media reported in September 2020 is the opposite of what they now report in June 2021. How many people died as a result of their fake story? Perhaps the key is in the fact that the earlier story was in their "Entertainment" section, while the 2021 story was in the News section?

Download here: The-Incredible-Genius-Of-President-Donald-Trump-The-Art-Of-War-Tactics-2021-04-05.mp4 - 13,223 kb
By: Rev1776 - 5th April 2021
The Incredible Genius Of President Donald Trump
- The Art of War Tactics -

The Art of War tactics used by President Donald Trump to defeat evil explained.

Yesterday President Trump and his loving family received a standing ovation from guests at his Mar-a-Lago estate - after which then saw President Trump sending out an hilarious Easter greeting saying: "Happy Easter to ALL, including the Radical Left CRAZIES who rigged our Presidential Election, and want to destroy our Country!" - that was then followed by the release of an astonishing video that's now sweeping across the entire world (Posted Below) - wherein it describes how everything in the world being seen today is part of a strategy to defeat evil being masterminded for decades by President Trump using "The Art Of War" tactics - and says that even though many may be despaired at what they're seeing, President Trump has already won this war against darkness - and with his new media system freeing the minds of people in Europe today, one hopes this victory for truth will be followed by many others.

Download here: Inaugeration-President-Donald-Trump-We-the-People-2021-01-20.mp4 - 9,550 kb
By: Gibby's Treasures - 20th January 2021
President Donald Trump - We the People

Robert Bailey
I would love to see a Trump/Flynn administration, pence needs to join gitmo crew, he's a traitor also

Sandra Bradley
Worry not, the light won! Here's to the white hats!

pink neon
When I saw this video, I was so moved, even to tears. I am not an American, but I have prayed for Trump to continue leading this land of the free. My heart had sunk when I heard of his farewell speech this morning, in Manila. But this video gives me, the American people, and the world the "hope" that evil will never, ever prevail. In Christ, we will be victorious. Amen and amen.

Tonfu Saechao
Powerful!!! Trump is the man sent by God for salvation!!!

Download here: Donald-Trump-Stop-the-Steal-election-fraud-2020-12-12.mp4 - 5,850 kb
By: President Donald Trump - 12th December 2020
Stop the Steal
President Donald Trump won the 2020 election

Note: On 12th December 2020, YouTube removed the above video for allegedly violating YouTube's Community Guidelines!

YouTube is complicit in aiding and abetting treason.

On 12th December 2020, YouTube removed the above video for allegedly violating YouTube's Community Guidelines! YouTube is complicit in aiding and abetting treason.

Download here: Donald-Trump-We-Are-Not-Gonna-Take-It-2020-11-05.mp4 - 14,833 kb
By: Mad__ American - 5th November 2020
We're Not Gonna Take It

A little motivation to keep the fight alive.

WOW! 1 million views!
It's amazing to see so many patriotic Americans watching this!

To those who think this was made as a call for riots and violence, I ask, did you watch the video?

If riots and violence are what you got from this, you missed the mark completely. This video is anti-riots, anti-violence.

It's about The American People peacefully assembling, standing against violence and chaos, respecting our flag, standing for freedom. Standing behind the only person who dared to brave DC and shine a light on the swamp that it's become. The video pays homage to all Americans who stand by our President, who will not abandon him to fight for this country alone.

It's a reminder to the powers that be that the American spirit can only take so much before action is required. The American People are sick of the lies, disinformation, manipulation, censorship, corruption, hypocrisy, greed, and tyranny that is a pandemic of its own.

There are powerful people willing to let this country burn to the ground to hide their true intentions and corruption, BUT Patriotic Americans are the Yin to their Yang.

We THE PEOPLE are fed up. This isn't about right or left. That's what THEY want you to think, to distract you, to keep you from opening your eyes. THIS is simply about freedom VS captivity.

The video is a reminder of how much can be accomplished if we stand United as we fight to preserve our freedoms. A flame to ignite whatever spark you need to keep going, to keep speaking out, to keep talking, to break the barriers of misunderstanding, and more importantly to keep defending our Constitutional Rights and Freedoms.

"We're Not Gonna Take It!" We are stubborn Americans and will not be pushed around any longer.

We love our GREAT COUNTRY and will stand to defend our FREEDOMS like so many brave Americans before us.

That's what THE VIDEO is about.

I'm just an everyday Patriotic American trying to make a difference who made a video to the greatest Twisted Sister song ever written, and thanks to Q was lucky enough to get an audience.

The best audience ever, thank you for being a part of this.

Download here: Barrack-Obama-Whistleblower-Drops-HARD-Evidence-that-Biden-Obama-Hillary-EXECUTED-Seal-Team-6-2020-10-12.mp4 - 259,696 kb
By: The Next News Network - 12th October 2020
BREAKING NEWS: Whistleblower Drops
HARD Evidence, Biden, Obama, Hillary
EXECUTED Seal Team 6 - Audio Proof

Anna Khait joins Gary Franchi to breakdown her bombshell tweet that is going viral across the web, "BREAKING: Allen Harrow Parrot (CIA whistleblower) tells Charles Woods (father of Tyrone Woods killed in Benghazi) that Obama and Biden sent Iran 152 Billion Dollars as a coverup for the deaths of Seal Team 6. Allen said that ALL of the proof will come out: documents and audio." She's heard the audio and it implicates top Obama officials.

Influential People Found Guilty and Charged Accordingly
September 3, 2020


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: f84976 No.10504529
Sep 2 2020 11:55:11 (EST)

Republican benefactor of conservative Christian groups, Richard A. Dasen Sr., was charged with rape for allegedly paying a 15-year old girl for sex. Dasen, 62, who is married with grown children and several grandchildren, has allegedly told police that over the past decade he paid more than $1 million to have sex with a large number of young women.
Democratic donor and billionaire, Jeffrey Epstein, ran an underage child sex brothel and was convicted of soliciting underage girls for prostitution.
Democratic New York Congressman, Anthony Weiner, plead guilty to transferring obscene material to a minor as part of a plea agreement for sexted and sending Twitter DMs to underage girls as young as 15.
Democratic donor, activist, and Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein is being criminally prosecuted and civilly sued for years of sexual abuse (that was well known “secret” in Hollywood) including underage sexual activities with aspiring female actresses.
Democratic activist and #metoo proponent, Asia Argento, settled a lawsuit for sexual harassment stemming from sexual activities with an underage actor.
Democratic Mayor of Racine, Wisconsin, Gary Becker, was convicted of attempted child seduction, child pornography, and other child sex crimes.
Democratic Seattle Mayor Ed Murray resigned after multiple accusations of child sexual abuse were levied against him including by family members.
Democratic activist and aid to NYC Mayor De Blasio, Jacob Schwartz was arrested on possession of 3,000+ child pornographic images.
Democratic activist and actor, Russell Simmons, was sued based on an allegation of sexual assault where he coerced an underage model for sex.
Democratic Governor of Oregon, Neil Goldschmidt, after being caught by a newspaper, publicly admitted to having a past sexual relationship with a 13-year-old girl after the statute of limitations on the rape charges had expired.
Democratic Illinois Congressman, Mel Reynolds resigned from Congress after he was convicted of statutory rape of a 16-year-old campaign volunteer.
Democratic New York Congressman, Fred Richmond, was arrested in Washington D.C. for soliciting sex from a 16-year-old boy.
Democratic activist, donor, and director, Roman Polanski, fled the country after pleading guilty to statutory rape of a 13-year-old girl. Democrats and Hollywood actors still defend him to this day, including, Whoopi Goldberg, Martin Scorcese, Woody Allen, David Lynch, Wim Wenders, Pedro Almodovar, Tilda Swinton and Monica Bellucci.
Democratic State Senator from Alaska, George Jacko, was found guilty of sexual harassment of an underage legislative page.
Democratic State Representative candidate for Colorado, Andrew Myers, was convicted for possession of child pornography and enticing children.
Democratic Illinois Congressman, Gus Savage was investigated by the Democrat-controlled House Committee on Ethics for attempting to rape an underage female Peace Corps volunteer in Zaire. The Committee concluded that while the events did occur his apology was sufficient and took no further action.
Democratic activist, donor, and spokesperson for Subway, Jared Fogle, was convicted of distribution and receipt of child pornography and traveling to engage in illicit sexual conduct with a minor.
Democratic State Department official, Carl Carey, under Hillary Clinton’s state department, was arrested on ten counts of child porn possession.
Democratic Maine Assistant Attorney General, James Cameron, was sentenced to just over 15 years in federal prison for seven counts of child porn possession, receipt and transmission.
Democratic State Department official, Daniel Rosen, under Hillary Clinton’s state department, was arrested and charged with allegedly soliciting sex from a minor over the internet.
Democratic State Department official, James Cafferty, pleaded guilty to one count of transportation of child pornography.
Democratic radio host, Bernie Ward, plead guilty to one count of sending child pornography over the Internet.Democratic deputy attorney general from California, Raymond Liddy, was arrested for possession of child pornography.


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: f84976 No.10504523
Sep 2 2020 11:54:50 (EST)
Republican activist Marty Glickman (a.k.a. "Republican Marty"), was taken into custody by Florida police on four counts of unlawful sexual activity with an underage girl and one count of delivering the drug LSD.
Republican legislative aide Howard L. Brooks was charged with molesting a 12-year old boy and possession of child pornography.
Republican Senate candidate John Hathaway was accused of having sex with his 12-year old baby sitter and withdrew his candidacy after the allegations were reported in the media.
Republican preacher Stephen White, who demanded a return to traditional values, was sentenced to jail after offering $20 to a 14-year-old boy for permission to perform oral sex on him.
Republican talk show host Jon Matthews pleaded guilty to exposing his genitals to an 11 year old girl.Republican anti-gay activist Earl "Butch" Kimmerling was sentenced to 40 years in prison for molesting an 8-year old girl after he attempted to stop a gay couple from adopting her.
Republican Party leader Paul Ingram pleaded guilty to six counts of raping his daughters and served 14 years in federal prison.
Republican election board official Kevin Coan was sentenced to two years probation for soliciting sex over the internet from a 14-year old girl.
Republican politician Andrew Buhr was charged with two counts of first degree sodomy with a 13-year old boy.
Republican politician Keith Westmoreland was arrested on seven felony counts of lewd and lascivious exhibition to girls under the age of 16 (i.e. exposing himself to children).
Republican anti-abortion activist John Allen Burt was charged with sexual misconduct involving a 15-year old girl.
Republican County Councilman Keola Childs pleaded guilty to molesting a male child.
Republican activist John Butler was charged with criminal sexual assault on a teenage girl.Republican candidate Richard Gardner admitted to molesting his two daughters.
Republican Councilman and former Marine Jack W. Gardner was convicted of molesting a 13-year old girl.
Republican County Commissioner Merrill Robert Barter pleaded guilty to unlawful sexual contact and assault on a teenage boy.
Republican City Councilman Fred C. Smeltzer, Jr. pleaded no contest to raping a 15 year-old girl and served 6-months in prison.
Republican activist Parker J. Bena pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography on his home computer and was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison and fined $18,000.
Republican parole board officer and former Colorado state representative, Larry Jack Schwarz, was fired after child pornography was found in his possession.
Republican strategist and Citadel Military College graduate Robin Vanderwall was convicted in Virginia on five counts of soliciting sex from boys and girls over the internet.
Republican city councilman Mark Harris, who is described as a "good military man" and "church goer," was convicted of repeatedly having sex with an 11-year-old girl and sentenced to 12 years in prison.
Republican businessman Jon Grunseth withdrew his candidacy for Minnesota governor after allegations surfaced that he went swimming in the nude with four underage girls, including his daughter.
Republican director of the "Young Republican Federation" Nicholas Elizondo molested his 6-year old daughter and was sentenced to six years in prison.



Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: f84976 No.10504508
Sep 2 2020 11:53:46 (EST)
Democratic California Congressman, Tony Cárdenas, is being sued in LA County for allegedly sexually abused a 16-year-old girl.
Democratic aide to Senator Barbara Boxer, Jeff Rosato, plead guilty to charges of trading in child pornography.
Democratic Alaskan State Representative, Dean Westlake, resigned from his seat after the media published a report alleging he fathered a child with a 16-year-old girl when he was 28.
Democratic New Jersey State Assemblyman, Neil Cohen, was convicted of possession and distribution of child pornography.
Republican Tim Nolan, chairman of Donald Trump's presidential campaign in Kentucky, pled guilty to child sex trafficking and on February 11, 2018 he was sentenced to serve 20 years in prison.
Republican state Senator Ralph Shortey was indicted on four counts of human trafficking and child pornography. In November 2017, he pleaded guilty to one count of child sex trafficking in exchange for the dropping of the other charges.
Republican anti-abortion activist Howard Scott Heldreth is a convicted child rapist in Florida.
Republican County Commissioner David Swartz pleaded guilty to molesting two girls under the age of 11 and was sentenced to 8 years in prison.
Republican judge Mark Pazuhanich pleaded no contest to fondling a 10-year old girl and was sentenced to 10 years probation.
Republican anti-abortion activist Nicholas Morency pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography on his computer and offering a bounty to anybody who murders an abortion doctor.
Republican legislator Edison Misla Aldarondo was sentenced to 10 years in prison for raping his daughter between the ages of 9 and 17.
Republican Mayor Philip Giordano is serving a 37-year sentence in federal prison for sexually abusing 8- and 10-year old girls.
Republican campaign consultant Tom Shortridge was sentenced to three years probation for taking nude photographs of a 15-year old girl.
Republican Senator Strom Thurmond, a notable racist, had sex with a 15-year old black girl which produced a child.
Republican pastor Mike Hintz, whom George W. Bush commended during the 2004 presidential campaign, surrendered to police after admitting to a sexual affair with a female juvenile.
Republican legislator Peter Dibble pleaded no contest to having an inappropriate relationship with a 13-year-old girl.
Republican Congressman Donald "Buz" Lukens was found guilty of having sex with a female minor and sentenced to one month in jail.
Republican fundraiser Richard A. Delgaudio was found guilty of child porn charges and paying two teenage girls to pose for sexual photos.
Republican activist Mark A. Grethen convicted on six counts of sex crimes involving children.
Republican activist Randal David Ankeney pleaded guilty to attempted sexual assault on a child.
Republican Congressman Dan Crane had sex with a female minor working as a congressional page.
Republican activist and Christian Coalition leader Beverly Russell admitted to an incestuous relationship with his step daughter.
Republican congressman and anti-gay activist Robert Bauman was charged with having sex with a 16-year-old boy he picked up at a gay bar.
Republican Committee Chairman Jeffrey Patti was arrested for distributing a video clip of a 5-year-old girl being raped.



Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: f84976 No.10504503
Sep 2 2020 11:53:16 (EST)
How is blackmail used?
Democratic Illinois State Representative, Keith Farnham, has resigned and was charged with possession of child pornography and has been accused of bragging at an online site about sexually molesting a 6-year-old girl.
Democratic spokesperson for the Arkansas Democratic Party, Harold Moody, Jr, was charged with distribution and possession of child pornography.
Democratic Radnor Township Board of Commissioners member, Philip Ahr, resigned from his position after being charged with possession of child pornography and abusing children between 2 and 6 years-old.
Democratic activist and BLM organizer, Charles Wade, was arrested and charged with human trafficking and underage prostitution.
Democratic Texas attorney and activist, Mark Benavides, was charged with having sex with a minor, inducing a child under 18 to have sex and compelling prostitution of at least nine legal clients and possession of child pornography. He was found guilty on six counts of sex trafficking.
Democratic Virginia Delegate, Joe Morrissey, was indicted on charges connected to his relationship with a 17-year-old girl and was charged with supervisory indecent liberties with a minor, electronic solicitation of a minor, possession of child pornography and distribution of child pornography.
Democratic Massachusetts Congressman, Gerry Studds, was censured by the House of Representatives after he admitted to an inappropriate relationship with a 17-year-old page.
Democratic Former Mayor of Stillwater, New York, Rick Nelson was plead guilty to five counts of possession of child pornography of children less than 16 years of age.
Democratic Former Mayor of Clayton, New York, Dale Kenyon, was indicted for sexual acts against a teenager.
Democratic Former Mayor of Hubbard, Ohio, Richard Keenan, was given a life sentence in jail for raping a 4-year-old girl.
Democratic Former Mayor of Winston, Oregeon, Kenneth Barrett, was arrested for setting up a meeting to have sex with a 14-year-old girl who turned out to be a police officer.
Democratic Former Mayor of Randolph, Nebraska, Dwayne L. Schutt, was arrested and charged with four counts of felony third-degree sexual assault of a child and one count of intentional child abuse.
Democratic Former Mayor of Dawson, Georgia, Christopher Wright, was indicted on the charges of aggravated child molestation, aggravated sodomy, rape, child molestation and statutory rape of an 11-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl.
Democratic Former Mayor of Stockton, California, Anthony Silva, was charged with providing alcohol to young adults during a game of strip poker that included a 16-year-old boy at a camp for underprivileged children run by the mayor.
Democratic Former Mayor of Millbrook, New York, Donald Briggs, was arrested and charged with inappropriate sexual contact with a person younger than 17.
Democratic party leader for Victoria County, Texas, Stephen Jabbour, plead guilty to possession and receiving over half a million child pornographic images.
Democratic activist and fundraiser, Terrence Bean, was arrested on charges of sodomy and sex abuse in a case involving a 15-year-old boy and when the alleged victim declined to testify, and the judge dismissed the case.
Democratic Party Chairman for Davidson County, Tennessee, Rodney Mullin, resigned amid child pornography allegations.
Democratic activist, Andrew Douglas Reed, pleaded guilty to a multiple counts of 2nd-degree sexual exploitation of a minor for producing child pornography.
Democratic official from Terre Haute, Indiana, David Roberts was sentenced to federal prison for producing and possessing child pornography including placing hidden cameras in the bedrooms and bathrooms at a home he shared with two minor female victims.


Download: Updated-Lists-of-arrests-and-executions-2020-07-06.mp4 - 13,856 kb
By: Alice Down The Rabbit Hole - 6th July 2020
Updated Lists of Arrests and Executions

Info from King Smarty on Twitter.

Download here: Donald-Trump-History-of-Donald-Trump-Bible-Hebrides-Revival-Dr-Clarence-Sexton-2020-04-25.mp4 - 14,820 kb
By: Joe Joe Dawson - 25th April 2020
History of Donald Trump
Bible Hebrides Revival From Scotland
to the Oval Office - Dr. Clarence Sexton

We hope you enjoy this message from Dr. Clarence Sexton

Who's Who in Those 144,000 Sealed
Indictments About to be Served - January 1, 2020

President Trump has declared January 2020 as a Month Against Human Trafficking, though there was already said to be over 144,000 sealed indictments filed in federal courts across the nation, the majority of which contained charges of pedophilia – one of the main reasons for the trafficking of children.,

Since President Trump took office US Attorney General John Huber and his 740 investigators were believed to have been working with the World Court and Interpol on charges against and arrests of global and political elites believed to have committed Pedophilia and Crimes Against Humanity, including Treason.

Charges on the indictments were said to include violation of the Espionage Act of 1912, High Treason, Election Fraud, Child Sex Trafficking, Homicide, Pornography, Money Laundering, Bribery, Perjury, crimes of Uranium One, 9/11, Cover Up of 9/11, March 11 2011 Fukushima Nuclear and Tsunami mass murders, Benghazi Massacre, Hijacking of Malaysian Air 370, Mass Murder in Haiti and elsewhere, Gun and Drug running, Human Trafficking, Child Exploitation, kidnapping, harvesting victim's organs for monetary gain; Election Fraud, blackmail for votes on political issues through recording of pedophilia parties where children were raped, tortured and murdered, misappropriation and confiscation of US taxpayer monies through use of the illegal and privately owned Federal Reserve, IRS, US Corporation, City of London and Holy See, plus not implementing the freedom from debt GESARA Law signed into law by the US Supreme Court and President Bill Clinton.

"U.S. Attorney John Huber and 740 Investigators Moving to Indict Clintons and Others":

"Who's Who in the Unsealed Federal Criminal Indictments as of 30 Nov. 2019":

The below was one of many articles in the Alternative News about those criminal indictments that never reached coverage by the Mass Media. It was published back in Feb. 2019: “Obama, Clinton, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Lynch, McCabe Believed Charged with Treason”:

Donald Trump Attacks Human Traffickers
December 31, 2019

Proclamation on National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, 2020

Donald Trump Attacks Human TraffickersHuman trafficking erodes personal dignity and destroys the moral fabric of society. It is an affront to humanity that tragically reaches all parts of the world, including communities across our Nation. Each day, in cities, suburbs, rural areas, and tribal lands, people of every age, gender, race, religion, and nationality are devastated by this grave offense. During National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, we reaffirm our unwavering commitment to eradicate this horrific injustice.

Trafficking crimes are perpetrated by transnational criminal enterprises, gangs, and cruel individuals. Through force, fraud, coercion, and sexual exploitation of minors, traffickers rob countless individuals of their dignity and freedom, splinter families, and threaten the safety of our communities. In all its forms, human trafficking is an intolerable blight on any society dedicated to freedom, individual rights, and the rule of law.

Human trafficking is often a hidden crime that knows no boundaries. By some estimates, as many as 24.9 million people ‑- adults and children — are trapped in a form of modern slavery around the world, including in the United States. Human traffickers exploit others through forced labor or commercial sex, and traffickers profit from their victims' horrific suffering. The evil of human trafficking must be defeated. We remain relentless in our resolve to bring perpetrators to justice, to protect survivors and help them heal, and to prevent further victimization and destruction of innocent lives.

This year marks nearly 20 years since our Nation took decisive steps in the global fight against human trafficking by enacting the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 (TVPA) and nearly 15 years since the United States ratified the United Nations' Palermo Protocol to Prevent, Suppress, and Punish Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children (Palermo Protocol). Both the TVPA and the Palermo Protocol established a comprehensive framework for combating human trafficking by establishing prevention programs, creating victim protections, and advancing prosecutions under expanded criminal statutes to usher in the modern anti-trafficking movement domestically and globally. These two measures illustrate a global consensus on the issue, and yet as a Nation we must continue to work proactively to foster a culture of justice and accountability for this horrific crime.

My Administration is committed to using every available resource, strengthening strategic partnerships, collaborating with State, local, and tribal entities, and by introducing innovative anti-trafficking strategies to bring the full force of the United States Government to help end this barbaric practice once and for all. In January 2019, I was proud to sign both the Frederick Douglass Trafficking Victims Prevention and Protection Reauthorization Act and the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act, reaffirming our commitment to preventing trafficking in all forms.

With my resolute support, executive departments and agencies are steadfastly continuing the battle to abolish this form of modern slavery. In October 2019, the 19 members of my Interagency Task Force to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons convened to highlight significant accomplishments in our sustained, whole-of-Government fight against human trafficking. The Anti-Trafficking Coordination Team (ACTeam) initiative, led by the Department of Justice, more than doubled convictions of human traffickers in ACTeam districts. Additionally, the Department of Homeland Security initiated more than 800 investigations related to human trafficking and the Department of State launched its Human Trafficking Expert Consultant Network, comprised of survivors and other subject matter experts, to inform its anti-trafficking policies and programs. The Department of Health and Human Services continues to provide funding for the National Human Trafficking Hotline, and in Fiscal Year 2018 it funded victim assistance programs that provided benefits and services to more than 2,400 victims. For the first time, the Department of Transportation committed $5.4 million in grants to the prevention of human trafficking and other crimes that may occur on buses, trains, and other forms of public transportation. The Office of Management and Budget also published new anti-trafficking guidance for Government procurement officials to more effectively combat human trafficking in Federal contracting.

The inherent dignity, freedom, and autonomy of every person must be respected and protected. Despite the progress we have made and the momentum we have built toward ending human trafficking, there is still more to be done. This month, we renew our resolve to redouble our efforts to deliver justice to all who contribute to the cruelty of human trafficking, and we will tenaciously pursue the promise of freedom for all victims of this terrible crime.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim January 2020 as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, culminating in the annual observation of National Freedom Day on February 1, 2020. I call upon industry associations, law enforcement, private businesses, faith-based and other organizations of civil society, schools, families, and all Americans to recognize our vital roles in ending all forms of modern slavery and to observe this month with appropriate programs and activities aimed at ending and preventing all forms of human trafficking.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this thirty‑first day of December, in the year of our Lord two thousand nineteen, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and forty-fourth.

Obama, Clinton, Comey, Clapper, Brennan,
Lynch, McCabe Believed Charged with Treason
February 20, 2019

A treasonous coup attempt to over throw duly elected President Donald Trump was about to be made public in FISA document declassification next week. Defendants such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, former directors of the FBI and CIA, plus other political elites were said named in the federal indictments about to go on trial. The same political elites were said to be headed to, or were presently at GITMO for their military tribunals.

Rumored as named defendants in the treasonous coup were former President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former FBI Director James Comey, former National Intelligence Director James Clapper, former CIA Director John Brennan, former US Attorney General Loretta Lynch, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, former FBI Agent Peter Strzok and former FBI Agent Lisa Page.

Evidently McCabe had already faced a military tribunal, was under court order to disclose "semi-truths" to the public and did as ordered. On Sunday Feb. 17 he disclosed on Twenty Minutes that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has been intent on wiring himself for meetings in the White House and conversations with Trump. That same Feb. 17 CBS's Face the Nation found Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham announcing he would subpoena both McCabe and Rosenstein for hearings to determine whether top Justice Department and FBI officials discussed a "bureaucratic coup" to remove President Trump from office – an act of Treason. Earlier that day Rosenstein had announced his resignation for mid-March.

Since President Trump took office Attorney General for Utah John Huber and his 740 investigators have filed over 76,492 sealed indictments in federal courts across the nation. An estimated 80 to 140 Congress people were said named on those indictments (85% to 95% of whom were thought Democrats). The FISA Report was said to be the first major indictment to be unsealed.

Although, there was another that preceded it. Former President George Bush Jr. was said to be named as one of the defendants in the 9/11 crimes. After 18 years of wait, Tribunals on 9/11 finally began at GITMO on Jan. 28. Pre-trials had already begun on five other defendants of the 9/11 crimes – trials that were subsequently delayed until March because of Military Court Judge Colonel Parrella's medical problems.

Bush, Obama, Clinton and George Soros among others, were suspected to presently reside at GITMO in a new $69 million special prison called Camp 7 that was designed to hold 15 high value detainees.

Charges on the over 76,492 indictments included violation of the Espionage Act of 1912, High Treason, Election Fraud, Child Sex Trafficking, Homicide, Pornography, Money Laundering, Bribery, Perjury, crimes of Uranium One, 9/11, Cover Up of 9/11, March 11 2011 Fukushima Nuclear and Tsunami mass murders, Benghazi Massacre, Hijacking of Malaysian Air 370, Mass Murder in Haiti and elsewhere, Gun and Drug running, Human Trafficking, Child Exploitation, kidnapping, harvesting victim's organs for monetary gain; election fraud, blackmail for votes on political issues through recording of pedophilia parties where children were raped, tortured and murdered, misappropriation and confiscation of US taxpayer monies through use of the illegal and privately owned Federal Reserve, IRS, US Corporation, City of London and Holy See, plus not implementing the freedom from debt GESARA Law signed into law by the US Supreme Court and President Bill Clinton.

Some tribunals were taking place in secret military facilities such as in South Carolina. At least two, if not seven, FEMA prison barges had been prepared to hold prisoners for the Military Tribunals. Trump had spent around $200 million to renovate GITMO for arrival of political elite prisoners.

On March 1, 2018 President Trump signed Executive Order allowing military tribunals to take place – that were said being held in secret on different military bases including GITMO. Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, General James Mattis and General John Kelly were in charge of the tribunals.

U.S. Attorney Huber Moving to Indict Clintons and Others
February 9, 2019

U.S. Attorney for the state of Utah John Huber was appointed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions over a year ago to investigate accusations of abuse of power and corruption at the highest levels of the State Department, FBI and Justice Department.

A.G. Sessions mistakenly recused himself from any investigations surrounding accusations of collusion between the Russian government and its operatives, and members of the Donald Trump for President election campaign. He was then duped into appointing Robert Meuller as Special Prosecutor to investigate such allegations. Meuller immediately appointed dozens of Democratic Party operatives to the investigation, resulting in no evidence of collusion from the Trump camp, but a great deal of evidence of collusion between Hillary Clinton’s team and Russian operatives.

U.S. Attorney Huber was appointed by sessions not under any special counsel statute, but within the normal operational standards of the Department of Justice, and tasked with investigating all those that Meuller seemed reluctant to investigate—including Meuller himself. Huber was also selected because Sessions assumed that a Grand Jury selected from among the citizens of Utah would be willing to provide an unbiased response to evidence of wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton and those in the upper echelons of Washington, D.C. bureaus and law enforcement agencies.

U.S. Attorney for the state of Utah John Huber

Although Huber’s work has remained shrouded in mystery, without leaks, we have obtained information from an inside source that Huber has been presenting evidence of felonious activities to the Grand Jury against several high level government actors, and will soon be bringing indictments against Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, FBI Director James Comey, Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, CIA Director John Brennan, Associate Deputy Director Bruce Ohr, FBI Agent Peter Strzok, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Christopher Steele, and several other principals of Uranium One, The Clinton Foundation and Fusion GPS.

According to our source, the sealed indictments will be made public within the next 4 months.


Download here: George-H-W-Bush-Funeral-Envelope-Reactions-2020-12-24.mp4 - 25,439 kb
By: Triumph News Network - TNN - 5th December 2018
George H.W. Bush's Funeral Service
- Envelope Reactions -

The funeral service for George H. W. Bush was held on 5th December 2018.

This is the video a lot of people have had questions about. Many people at the Bush Funeral received envelopes. All still wonder what was actually in the envelopes. The end that shows what the envelopes contained, has yet to be verified...

The evil witch, pedophile and cannibal that is Hillary Clinton gets a shock when she reads the words THEY KNOW EVERYTHING. I'M SORRY.

Truth Will Set U Free
Pence's wife got an envelope too ... don't leave them out, they were just as evil

Well unless someone else has a better answer , I can believe it.

The Big Dipper
BAM - So grateful this has all come out, I totally remember seeing the footage and being like hmmm what was that little note they all were reading.

Quantum Niggah
All pedophiles were warned loong time ago

Charlie A
Jeb"s reaction, taking his hand off his heart and the look of fright on his face is something I will never forget

robin jackson
Mike Pence got one too and the Obamas I seen the video it's on You- Tube!

Everyone already knows the cabal is led by the fake jews

Blue Ridge Patriot Woodworking
I made this connection about a week ago. The same "agent" who handed that card at G.H.W. Bush's funeral is also seen here. Which side of the fence does he play on? Black Hat or White Hat?

Who filmed this? That's what I want to know.

The card or letter was put in their funeral program. No one knows what it said, but only high level people received it and all of them had disturbing looks on their faces. I would like to think it said that but their is no actual proof.

Download here: Q-The-Plan-To-Save-The-World-REMASTERED.mp4 - 84,470 kb
By: Joe Masepoes - Qanon Explained - 2018
Q - The Plan To Save The World

A real eye opener into the highly paid liars, thieves and murderers in government / banking / churches etc - and what is being done to bring them to justice.

Includes exposing heinous criminals such as Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton and many other criminals who are involved in nefarious activities such as: paedophilia / human trafficking / drug running / and creators of absolutely unnecessary wars.

A must watch for all ages.
Tired of woke, inject hormones in your trans kid, CRT corrupt divisive politics and falsehoods from every corner ? Then you should watch this 13 min video. I myself don't go for politics but when you hear, feel and see the lies flying and infesting the air you breathe, then u need something fresh to remind you that we are just human who want to get on with our lives and are very tired from a long week at work and want no more BS.
5 out of 7 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote.

Must watch.
If you feel like you're lost and there's no one listening, don't be. There is always someone listening, usually the NSA (national security agency). Whether it be the deep state doing a heroine deal with the taliban or your gran making a doctors appointment, everything is recorded, stored and archived. This is a perfect introduction to the future. ACCOUNTABILITY.

Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming
Amazing Video!!! Joe M lays it all out, those things we see everyday being done to divide us, control us, destroy us. This video is only the beginning, but we are getting to the good parts right now! Anons know!

Enjoy the show Don't forget your popcorn!

I needed to watch this again. God Bless The Best President Ever Ever!!!

America's Most Wanted Unindicted Criminals
March 1, 2018

America's Most Wanted Unindicted Criminals

Download here: FUNNIEST-TRUMP-CANT-WIN-COMPILATION-2017-04-11.mp4 - 45,592 kb
By: Mark Conklin - 11th April 2017

Download here: Donald-Trump-This-Video-Will-Get-Donald-Trump-Elected-2016-10-24.mp4 - 21,628 kb
By: Enriching Diversity - 24th October 2016
This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected
Donald Trump gives one of his best speeches in his campaign for the Presidential post 2016.

Dana Dunno
July 2020
I am a 40-year-old black woman from Alabama and a life long democrat. I voted for Hilary and absolutely HATED Trump. That is, until I finally woke the hell up and realized that Trump was divinely sent here to lead us into victory against the evil elitists. I pray God protects President Trump and continue to lead him throughout his presidency. This Fall, for the first time in my life, I will be voting for a Republican...Donald J. Trump!!!! #WWG1WGA #Trump2020

Download here: Weird-Al-Yankovic-Foil-Oh-by-the-way-I-have-cracked-the-code-2014-07-30.mp4 - 11,500 kb
By: alyankovic - 30th July 2014
There's a big conspiracy
"Weird Al" Yankovic - Foil
Oh by the way I've cracked the code!

#WeirdAlYankovic #Foil

Official 4K Video for "Foil" by "Weird Al" Yankovic

I never seem to finish all my food
I always get a doggie bag from the waiter
So I just keep what's still unchewed
And I take it home, save it for later
But then I deal with fungal rot, bacterial formation
Microbes, enzymes, mould and oxidation
I don't care, I've got a secret trick up my sleeve
I never bother with baggies, glass jars, tupperware containers
Plastic cling wrap, really a no-brainer
I just like to keep all my flavours sealed in tight
With aluminum foil (Foil)
Never settle for less
That kind of wrap is just the best
To keep your sandwich nice and fresh
Stick it in your cooler (Cooler)
Eat it when you're ready
Then maybe you'll choose (You'll choose, you'll choose, you'll choose)
A refreshing herbal tea
Slurp - Mmm, lovely!
Oh, by the way, I've cracked the code
I've figured out these shadow organizations
And the Illuminati know
That they're finally primed for world domination
And soon you've got black helicopters comin' cross the border
Puppet masters for the New World Order
Be aware: There's always someone that's watching you
And still the government won't admit they faked the whole moon landing
Thought control rays, psychotronic scanning
Don't mind that, I'm protected cause I made this hat
From aluminum foil (Foil)
Wear a hat that's foil lined
In case an alien's inclined
To probe your butt or read your mind
Looks a bit peculiar ('culiar)
Seems a little crazy
But someday I'll prove (I'll prove, I'll prove, I'll prove)
There's a big conspiracy

This video is the definition of "well that escalated quickly"

Billy Cranston
Weird Al is definitely a person who has found his true calling in life because he is so good at it. Also he has made this world a better place just by being in it and being himself.

10 months ago
I believe Weird Al Is the only parody artist to make a song better than the original

With all current insanity, this song has aged like fine wine.

I still remember how I absolutely lost it at the sudden tone shift at 1:15 the first time I saw it. the line delivery the acting the lighting everything is perfection

David losee
The way he managed to loop the second part back into foil is amazing

Imagine being honored enough to have your song parodized by Weird Al.

The harmonies of his voice being layered is so good

The only man in history who can rock a tinfoil hat and not look any stranger than normal.

The best bit is when he says, "oh by the way" as if he almost forget to tell us about the illuminati.

8 years and I finally realise that the ending of this song is a pun. His plans to reveal the truth were "FOILED"

I love how weird Al is the only person to put out a song about a conspiracies but hide it with the first half of the song

I like how fast it transitions from a cooking show to Infowars

This video is the definition of "well that escalated quickly"

The insane part is that some of Weird Al's parodies age better than the original songs.

I'm pretty sure the biggest sign for any artist that they've "made it" is getting a call from their agent saying Weird Al wants to parody one of their songs

He was going to foil their plans.

Weird Al is the only person that can go from talking about storing food to the illuminati and alien abductions and make it flow PERFECTLY

I'll never forget the day I watched this parody for the first time, the plot twist took me off guard completely, this is such a masterpiece.

This song is the definition of "well that escalated quickly"

I just love how quickly he goes from "A refreshing herbal tea! Hm, lovely!" to "Oh by the way I've cracked the code."

"I promise I won't get political."
2 drinks later: 1:15

In 2024 this song still holds up

I sometimes quote the bit where he goes "Oh by the way I cracked the coooooode" whenever I figure a thing out.

Download here: New-World-Order-Communism-by-the-Backdoor-Documentary-05-07-2014.mp4 - 1,134,426 kb
By: TruthWillOut Films - 7th May 2014
New World Order
Communism by the Backdoor

This sensational documentary by Dennis Wise proves beyond doubt that the western countries both "victorious and the defeated" after World War Two have been covertly under Communism since 1945.

An epic documentary which reveals compelling evidence of how, why and who are responsible for the completion of a plan to enslave us all. Institutions including the United Nations and secret societies, such as freemasonry and the European Union, have all played their part in pursuing their end goal. Communism By The Backdoor exposes a tangled web of lies and deceit and shows the very people many regard as heroes, as nothing more than traitors.

Top Cast:

Tony Blair
George Bush
George W. Bush
David Cameron
Dave Chappelle
Bill Clinton
Hillary Clinton
Milton William Cooper

Bob Dylan
Muammar Gaddafi
Bill Gates
Hermann Goring
Adolf Hitler
Saddam Hussein
Michael Jackson
John F. Kennedy
Jerry Lee Lewis

Corporatism disguised as communism

After "The greatest story never told" Dennis Wise made another master piece that shows exactly what is going in the world today and HOW it came to that.

Over the last 300 years a bunch of psychos have hijacked the world, with their Babylonic banking system and ANYONE that stood up against them has been slaughtered, either with their entire family and even with entire nations!

These psychos worship no one other than the devil itself. This documentary shows the dictators that rule the world from behind the scenes. The OWN just about EVERYTHING; Banks, politicians, media, corporations, etc. They decide. They dictate. Here's the proof.


Communism is back? No it never left.

This is a breakdown of the plan of the NWO and how it has been implemented. Slowly but surely the Fabian tactics have crept upon us, so much so that what we once held as free speech has been turned into hate speech. This documentary was the first to announce that the threat of Communism is upon us when Obama brought inland the border patrols to harass US drivers where even women were being tazed for non compliance. Summer 2020 has witnessed cities burning across the US, plus New York opening up prisons in an attempt to replicate the Russian Revolution. Also calls to defund the police, the pulling down of historic statues co-ordinated across the world and the Chinese virus with the ludicrous lockdown of healthy people worldwide leading to an economic crash. Well, how they planned it is all in this documentary.

Page Footer...
[Everything below this line is repeated on most pages]

Some people wouldn't know tyranny if it bit them on the ass!

Doctors - Putting Profit and their Job Before People!
Doctors - Putting Profit and their Job Before People!

This is a question that stupid
people & traitors cannot answer:
Q: Where did Influenza go in 2020 & 2021?
This is a question that stupid people & traitors cannot answer: Q: Where did Influenza go in 2020 & 2021?

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus
WHO leader, Liar and Genocidist!
30th June 2023
Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus WHO leader, Liar and Genocidist!

Being awake isn't cool. It means having to dumb down 98% of your conversations every day, so you don't sound like a lunatic.

Attitude to monsters after putting up with their shit since late 2019...

Plan F - The Fuck Off plan!

When people you don't even know hate you, That's when you know you're the best.

mRNA jabs are doing the job
slowly and quietly. Hardly anyone knows it is a holocaust!
30th June 2023
mRNA jabs are doing the job slowly and quietly. Hardly anyone knows it is a holocaust!

20 - 10 - 5 - 1 Minute Cities
It's called GENOCIDE!
13th June 2023
20 - 10 - 5 - 1 Minute Cities - It's called GENOCIDE!

"A Social Contract to Transform Our World by 2030"
It's called GENOCIDE!
12th May 2023
A Social Contract to Transform Our World by 2030 - It's called GENOCIDE!

World Economic Forum - Committed to Enslaving the Whole World

Nothing says "Trust the Science"
like asking for the data
to be hidden for 75 years!
18th March 2023
Nothing says Trust the Science like asking for the data to be hidden for 75 years! Shhhhh....

Superheroes bow down to the
Big Pharma / Businessmen / Doctors
11th February 2023
It is a lot easier to tell yourself that you are a hero, than it is to realize that you have been complicit in the biggest fraud in history! MEDICAL APARTHEID and GENOCIDE!

It is a lot easier to tell yourself that you are a hero, than it is to realize that you have been complicit in the biggest fraud in history! MEDICAL APARTHEID and GENOCIDE!

Break free of all the WEF / Political /Media BULLSHIT
26th November 2022
Break free of all the WEF / Political /Media BULLSHIT

The jabbed telling the unjabbed to get
jabbed is like sending a post card from
the Titanic saying: "Wish you were here!"
20th November 2022
The jabbed telling the unjabbed to get jabbed is like sending a post card from the Titanic saying: Wish you were here!

Ten Stages of Genocide
As taught by WEFers Klaus Schwab, Prince Charles, Emmanuel Macron, Jacinda Ardern, Justin Trudeau etc - August 2022

Ten Stages of Genocide

The Good Reset
Not Satan's, Klaus Schwab's, Jacinda Ardern's,
Justin Trudeau's etc Great Reset

28th July 2022
The Good Reset - Not Satan's, Klaus Schwab's, Jacinda Ardern's, Justin Trudeau's etc Great Reset

Covid Variant / Booster
The Merry Go Round From Hell
22nd December 2021

Covid Variant / Booster - Merry Go Round From Hell

Experimental Injections
Multiple Dose Infinite Carousel
13th November 2021

Experimental Injections - Multiple Dose Infinite Carousel

Death is coming for you stupid!

I am fully Vaccinated and Boostered, and just tested positive for Covid-19. I am grateful for the protection my vaccines continue to provide.

The 5-Step COVID 'Vaccine' RISK / BENEFIT ANALYSIS - September 2021

Trump's swamp draining service

When the population understands this picture, it will change everything.

"You can fool all the people some of the time.
You can fool some of the people all the time.
But you cannot fool all the people all the time!"

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
Attributed to Edmund Burke. Also by John F. Kennedy in a speech in 1961.

The Great Cow Analogy

Donald J. Trump - They should never have touched the children!
'They should never have touched the children!'
Donald J. Trump - President of the United States of America

'They should never have touched the children!!' President Donald J. Trump

Ephesians 5:11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

Abortion: Modern Day Child Sacrifice
Psalms 106:37 Yea, they sacrificed their sons and their daughters unto devils
Ephesians 6:12 "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers,
against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

Freedom of Information Alternatives to YouTube
Banned Videos - Education instead of Indoctrination - Better than Google
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If someone accuses you of wearing a tinfoil hat...,
remind them that it's better than wearing a blindfold!

Q - Apr 17 2020 - We are ready. [Set 1] Mission good. Q Q
"Where We Go One, We Go All"
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