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"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." George Orwell
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MASS PSYCHOSIS - How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL and Embraces GENOCIDE

COVID-19 is just a DECOY...
Covid  Passports,  Kill  Shots  and  Depopulation  are  the  goals
GENOCIDE - one injection at a time! "GENOCIDE - one injection at a time - c/o the C.I.A., WEF etc..." GENOCIDE - one injection at a time!

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Document Office for National Statistics (UK) - the more vaccines and boosters people received, the more they died! - 21st November 2023
Document Pilot Warns of Airline Industry Disaster Due to COVID Vaccines - "He has found official data that back up his claim of impending global catastrophe." - 15th November 2023
Video Covid: The Fifth Wave - Get boosted! - Wear a mask! - The Return of Michael Baker - 12th November 2023
Video Fifth wave of COVID-19 prompts call from health officials - NZ Government & Mainstream Media Urge Extreme FEAR! - 12th November 2023
Video MUST WATCH: Philippines Government committee votes in favour to launch investigation into over 327,000 unexplained excess deaths between 2021 and 2022 - 8th November 2023
Video You can now get ACC for Covid Vaccine Injuries, as previously NO ONE was able to make an 'informed decision' about the RISKS - 31st October 2023
Video OPERATION M.O.A.R. - The Mother of all Revelations - Tens of thousands of deaths in New Zealand linked to the Covid Jabs - 21st October 2023
Video "OH SHIT! Pfizer is heading for bankruptcy?! Mega Vaccination Hesitancy" - FRAUD: Pfizer switched vaccines & deceived everyone!- 18th October 2023
Document Secret Deals made in New Zealand for 11,000 Covid-19 Jab Exemptions! - 10th October 2023
Video Song - 5 Times August - There Ain't No Rock and Roll - 7th October 2023
Video Disease X: The Next Pandemic Could Kill 50 Million People | Vantage with Palki Sharma - 3rd October 2023
Video Fully Vaccinated LGBTQ+ Queer NZ PM Chris Hipkins Tests Positive for Covid-19 Days Before the Election! - 2nd October 2023
Video Covid 19 Vaccine Zionist JewJab Injury Compilation - 1st October 2023
Document How to Collect Anterior Nasal Specimens (Nasopharyngeal) for COVID-19 Testing and Create Slaves - 30th September 2023
Video COVID-19 Vaccine Claimed to be 100% Effective in Preventing Deaths. It was a HUGE Lie! - 27th September 2023
Video Chasing down the doctor who killed his sister with the Covid Bioweapon Vaccine Shot! - 18th September 2023
Document COVID-19 Vaccination Rollout History in New Zealand - What jab (clot shot / kill shot) are we up to now?) - 15th September 2023
Video THE COVID CLOTS: Why the vaccinated (& unvaxxed) are sick and dying? Microclots... Why were Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine banned? - 13th September 2023
Document Fully Covid vaxxed trans Julie Rei Goldstein mocks the unvaccinated - then succumbs to the Clot Shot Myocarditis - 10th September 2023
Document PFIZER / SOUTH AFRICAN VACCINE CONTRACT REVEALED - Our Government has been lying to us! - 9th September 2023
Document Thanks for making us a vaccine. We made you a play swing... - 8th September 2023
Video Winston Peters wants an enquiry as to how many people have injuries or died from Covid Vaccines - 8th September 2023
Video Jimmy Dore & Bret Weinstein Nuremberg Violations & How People Were Forced To Take COVID Vaccines - 8th September 2023
Video Chris Hipkins and the Lies of the Labour Party - Liar Liar Pants On Fire! - 6th September 2023
Video Mike Hosking - Chris Hipkins doubles down on his statement that: "Nobody was forced to be vaccinated!" - 5th September 2023
Video COVID tyrants: "Nobody was forced to take the jab" - [Except most of the population!] - 5th September 2023
Document Hipkins: 'There was no compulsory vaccination, people made their own choices' - 4th September 2023
Video New Zealand's PM Hipkins has pushed back on calls for compensation for Covid vaccine injuries, saying "people made their own choices." - 4th September 2023
Video NZ Government COVID-1984 Announcement - Vaccinate against the Labour BS 24/7 Variant - 4th September 2023
Video New Zealand PM Chris Hipkins says there was no compulsory vaccination & that people made their own choices - 4th September 2023
Video Pilot tells all. Pilots will not submit to anymore Covid Vaccines as their hearts are all fucked! - 31st August 2023
Video Covid VACCINE injury compilation - 28th August 2023
Document JAG Sentences 10 Clot Shot-Loving Physicians to Hang - [JAG: Army Judge Advocate General's Corps] - 27th August 2023
Video We're doing it again with more Viruses, Mask Mandates, Lockdowns and Deadly Vaccines coming soon! - 27th August 2023
Video This Evil won't end until We END it. If you stood down in 2020, then stand up now! - 20th August 2023
Video Covid-19 mRNA vaccines - Have you ever seen Clots like this? DO NOT WATCH if squeamish! - 16th August 2023
Video Australian Senate Hearing: Vaccines shouldn't cause an autoimmune response against your own healthy cells - 10th August 2023
Video Australian Senate Hearing: Overwhelming evidence. Pfizer / Big Pharma deceived the public and has VOIDED their INDEMNITY! - 10th August 2023
Video Australian Senate Hearing: Moderna can't explain why their vaccine has 3 times more mRNA than Pfizers - 9th August 2023
Video MANDATE MADNESS EXPOSED! Why Australia Needs A Covid-19 Royal Commission - 8th August 2023
Video Big Pharma Denies People Were FORCED To Get The Covid Jab - 8th August 2023
Video The Covid Vaccinated still get Covid! That's Not How Vaccines Are Supposed To Work! - 8th August 2023
Video Pfizer lies to Senator Pauline Hanson and says: "Nobody was forced" to take vaccines in Australia. - 5th August 2023
Document Lawyer and anti-Covid vaccine campaigner Sue Grey found NOT to have breached conduct standards - 4th August 2023
Video Australian senate Hearing: Pfizer can't explain why their Covid Vax causes myocarditis! Senate Hearings on Covid Adverse Events - 4th August 2023
Video Pfizer claims no one was forced to get the Jab! - 4th August 2023
Video The Dark Side Of Hollywood They Try To Hide - Then This Happens - 1st August 2023
Video Australian Comedian Regrets Getting The Covid Vaxx! - 31st July 2023
Video Senior ABC journalist caught on hot mic making 'astonishing' COVID admission - 31st July 2023
Document Covid cover-up: Wuhan lab leak suspicions, Anthony Fauci and how the science was silenced - 28th July 2023
Video Why are they all suddenly getting this? Weird Coincidence Deaths after getting Covid Jabs! - 26th July 2023
Video IceCube Gives One of the Best Answers Ever Why He Didn't Get Jabbed - 26th July 2023
Video Dr. Bryan Ardis - PROTOCOL FOR MANAGING Long Covid / Long Vaxx Snake Venom with Nicotine, Ivermectin etc - 24th July 2023
Video Damning new evidence reveals what leading scientists 'really' thought of COVID origins - 24th July 2023
Video ADVERSE EVENTS EXPLODE FOLLOWING IMMUNISATION - Western Australian Vaccine Safety Surveillance Annual Report 2021 - 14th July 2023
Video "CAUSE UNKNOWN" - Why Are People Suddenly Dropping Dead? | CBN NewsWatch - 7th July 2023
Video The Regret of Non Compliant People - Because they refused to get the Covid Jabs - 5th July 2023
Traitors Bill Gates - the traitor behind 5G / Covid-19; and his ultimate plan to vaccinate the World with his 5G / Covid-19 vaccination and AI tracking technology

Certified IDIOT! Imagine A Vaccine So Safe You Have To Be
To Take It! For A Disease So Deadly
You Have To Be Tested To Know You Have It!
Satanic Pharmaceutical System

WARNING re Covid mRNA Injections

You simply CANNOT unvaccinate yourself of these Kill Shots!So you have participated in the GENOCIDE PROGRAMME and injected yourself for your: work / partner / or to 'fit in' socially etc; despite the hundreds of thousands of medical professionals who have been warning the whole World about the dangers of: modifying your RNA / DNA and shutting down your God given immune system!

Now you are filled with Covid 'Vaccination Remorse' (aka Jabber's Remorse) and are totally concerned about suffering extreme 'serious adverse reactions', so you have decided to find a 'wonder pill' as a cure. The reality is, unless you received a 'saline solution' (like many politicians and other key players in this Genocide Programme, or a miracle healing from your Creator God), you simply CANNOT UNVACCINATE yourself of these Kill Shots!

[Note: At this stage, scientific studies from the UK and Israel show that the life expectancy for 'fully vaccinated' recipients is just 0-3 years!]

How Bad is My Batch
Check out your batch code (lot number) for: Moderna - Pfizer - Janssen etc here:

Remedies and protocols (see here) that you take to reduce side effects / pain etc from the injections / shedding / spike proteins etc, will possibly be for the remainder of your life - as all you will be doing is alleviating the symptoms of the inevitable - AIDS and eventual DEATH (yes, the Covid injections include the A.I.D.S virus and nano / graphene technology (all patented) - that turns many surviving recipients into patented 5g routers / transhumans / human 2.0.)

So please, take this opportunity to seek the Lord God (Creator of the Heavens and Earth) and make peace with Him. [Note: Globalists, politicians, scientists, doctors and merchants created this mess - so stop blaming the Purebloods and your Creator God.]

No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable in a civil action for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death associated with the administration of a vaccine after October 1, 1988, if the injury or death resulted from side effects that were unavoidable even though the vaccine was properly prepared and was accompanied by proper directions and warnings.

"I have met many people who regretted GETTING the Covid-19 mRNA Vaccine - but I have never met anyone who regretted NOT GETTING the Vaccine! - WHY IS THAT?"

Office for National Statistics (UK)
The more vaccines and boosters
people received, the more they died!
By: Dr. Stephen Jones - 21st November 2023

Statistics are now available about covid-19 deaths in England. It appears that in the year ending May 31, 2023 only 5% of the deaths happened to those who were unvaccinated. The more vaccines and boosters people received, the more they died. 95% of the covid casualties were from the vaccinated group.

Remember when Biden told us that only unvaccinated people would die of covid?

The caveat here is that hospitals were paid a lot of money to treat covid patients. So many cases of the common flu were attributed to covid in order to gain more government subsidies. Even so, it is of interest to note that unvaccinated people had a far greater survival rate.

The more vaccines and boosters people received, the more they died!

Nonetheless, the Canadian parliament has failed to learn this lesson. Bill C-278 to ban vaccine mandates failed by a vote of 114-205.

Pray that Canada's authoritarian "democracy" will restore freedom to the people. OK, I know that governments never give up power unless they are forced to do so. Pray that God will restore freedom to the people.

Pilot Warns of Airline Industry
Disaster Due to COVID Vaccines
"He has found official data that back up his
claim of impending global catastrophe."

By: Sally Beck, Lioness of Judah Ministry - 15th November 2023
Pilot Warns of Airline Industry Disaster Due to COVID Vaccines

Captain Shane Murdock says the air industry is 'poised on the precipice of disaster.' A pilot for more than 40 years and a qualified air accident investigator, he has found official data that back up his claim of impending global catastrophe.

He adds: 'When correlated, the data indicate there is an enormous problem that is having, and will have, a significant impact on aviation safety worldwide. There is enough evidence to be sending out red flags.'

There have been many tragedies this year. Phil Thomas, a young graduate of the Cadiz, Spain, flight training academy, fell ill and died suddenly in April. There were five pilot incapacitations in March including a British Airways pilot who collapsed and died in Cairo, Egypt not long before he was due to fly.

Pilots are super-fit, so why are so many dying suddenly or collapsing? Cpt Murdock concludes they are suffering severe adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccinations, which has myocarditis (heart inflammation), brain fog, insomnia, blood clots and anaphylaxis as side effects.

He thinks some pilots are ticking timebombs and claims many are not declaring ill-health. He said: 'They are not reporting brain fog, heart flutters and dizzy spells because they don't want to lose their jobs.'

Aviators have comprehensive annual health checks, or six-monthly if they have been ill. Rules state they can pass only with a less than 1 per cent chance of suffering an illness that could incapacitate them.

How are they passing medicals if they are suffering serious adverse reactions? Last year the global aviation regulator, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), changed the electrocardiogram (ECG) markers that measure the 'PR interval.' This is the time it takes for an electrical impulse to travel from one part of heart to another and is an indicator of heart health. The new limit is 50 per cent longer than the previous limit, and means that if a pilot has developed a heart condition, it could slip past.

It was November 15, 2020, when Australian airlines mandated Covid-19 vaccines for 900 pilots, and all air and ground crew. Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Moderna were available in Australia.

Today is the third anniversary of that mandate and Cpt Murdock is one of 12 pilots who refused. He was sacked of course, accused of serious professional misconduct, a charge generally reserved for inappropriate sexual behaviour or reckless and dangerous behaviour.

Mr Murdock, 60, who lives near Sydney, Australia, flew as Captain for Virgin Australia for 20 years, and has held a licence since 1984. He also has an MSc in Aviation Human Factors, the science behind how humans interface with machines. He said: 'Somewhere on the international network daily, you will find a plane has been turned back because of a health emergency. Either a passenger health emergency or crew health emergency.'

When pilots put out a mayday radio call to air traffic control, it is nicknamed a 'squawk.' They use the code 7700 for all mayday calls which are reserved for serious incidents like pilot incapacitation or an uncontained fire on board. Few scenarios warrant a mayday; passengers and crew must face genuine peril.

There has been an unprecedented rise in the numbers of mayday calls as tracked by a bot set up by the X account @GCFlightAlerts. It posts when a pilot squawks 7700 anywhere in the world.

Between 2018, and 2019, the mayday average was 29.1 per cent of all distress calls. During 2022, mayday calls increased by 272 per cent. In the first three months of 2023, the increase was 386 per cent. The graph shows there was an instant, steep increase when the vaccines were mandated to pilots.

The graph shows there was an instant, steep increase when the vaccines were mandated to pilots.

The average age of death in Australia during the pandemic was 85.3 years. The figures did not justify mandating vaccination to healthy, fit, pilots and implementing a no jab, no job policy. It even violated their own guidance: according to FAA rules, no pilot is allowed to take any type of medicine unless it has been approved and in use in the general population for 12 months. Pilots are forbidden to take part in drug trials and all Covid-19 vaccines were allowed under emergency use authorisation. The final phase of the trial finishes this year.

Cpt Murdock also looked at the number of multi-crew licences issued by Australia's regulator, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). They have the authority to impose restrictions on Airline Transport Pilot's Licences (APTL). A multi-crew licence restricts pilots to operating with multiple crew members and is issued when their medical status shows a possibility that they may become incapacitated whilst flying. CASA monitors and administers medical certification and licensing for all Australian pilots. Freedom of information data shows there has been an unprecedented increase of 126 per cent on limitations.

You would think this would prompt a major review by CASA, but they will do nothing while Australia's drug watchdog, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), still endorse Covid-19 vaccination for all. It is a revolving door avoiding responsibility that is familiar to those of us investigating vaccine issues.

Cpt Murdock thinks lack of action can have only one result, and bear in mind we have seen many planes make emergency landings because of pilot incapacitations. He is unequivocal and said: 'Disasters will occur and both aircrew and the traveling public will die unnecessarily.'

Ticking time bombs piloting every plane in the world. Yikes!

This mRNA shot is very new. Using a vaccine created with weakened or dead virus/bacteria is mostly proven over a Century of use. The mRNA shots are clouded in misinformation and poor research results.

It would help if the truth were told.

I know that when I took the mRNA shot I had a terrible stabbing pain at the base of my skull, as well as other side effects.

I noticed that for the first time in history people were kept for 15 minutes after the mRNA shots were administered. Why?

My dear petite mouse, mRNA technology can NEVER work. Period. The End!

Let's review:
Messenger RNA works by entering the ACE receptors on a cell wall. Once inside, the cell replicates the protein as per the instructions and shoves it outside. Bam! Spike protein. Your T-cell sees it and says you're not a human protein, imma gonna eat you. Yummy! Now if it sees anything, such as a virus, with that same protein, it eats it too. Yaa! Immunity!

Interesting fact:
Viruses can't replicate on their own. They highjack cells and use it's machinery to replicate with. But that's OK! T-cells are smart. If they see a cell producing non-human proteins, well, clearly that cell has been highjacked... so that cell gets eaten too. Yummy!

Pop quiz!
What happens when almost every cell in your body is producing spike proteins?

Johnny Dollar
TCW has become popular with Trolls & fake opinions. clearly, you are doing a good job o exposing the truth....

Cat's Meow
The jab is unfit for man or beast.

Paul Barbara
With the possible exception of the Luciferian Globalist Ghouls.

Ian Barlow
Maybe it is fit for purpose - if the purpose was to cause harm and death.

I hope the COVID mongers are satisfied. Proof that I did the right thing by NOT getting the jab is summed up PERFECTLY in this article.

I see that Dr William Makis has taken up Sally Beck's article and commented on it in his substack. See below:

My Take…
"I reported the pilot deaths and incapacitations that are mentioned in this article. I have a very thorough record of pilot incapacitations and deaths inflight for 2023, that I have been tracking on my substack and once we have enough data, I will be releasing comparisons of 2022 and 2023 pilot incapacitations, compared to the pre COVID-19 vaccine years...."

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of My Knowledge:

Susan Clack
I will share this and warn my frens & fam to skip air travel...but I'll bet nobody will listen...

J. Edward
Agenda30 goals magically met

Download here: Covid-The-Fifth-Wave-Get-boosted-Wear-a-mask-The-Return-of-Michael-Baker-2023-11-13.mp4 - 5,824 kb
By: Coronavirus Plushie - 12th November 2023

Covid: The Fifth Wave
- Get boosted! Wear a mask! -
The Return of Michael Baker

Coming this Christmas...

#COVID: The Fifth Wave - The Return of Michael Baker

A 'fifth wave' of #COVID19 in New Zealand, and @TeWhatuOra is urging the public to get a booster which could increase your chances of getting covid, injure you, or maybe even kill you.

Get boosted!

Wear a mask!

@minhealthnz @NewshubNationNZ @AshBloomfield

#VaccineDeaths #vaccineinjuries

A few, out of over 700 deaths that Dr. Matt Shelton @NZDSOS says need to be properly investigated.

Male, 13.
Rory Nairn, 26.
Female, 32 (got jabbed under duress, to keep her job).
Male, 21.
Female, 16.
Female, 23.
Female, 12.
Male, 12.
Male, 14.
Male, 37.
Male, 21.
Louis Amos, 19.
Male, 23.
Female, 57.
Tongan couple, both died within 12 hours of getting jabbed (leaving behind 5 children).
Male, 29.
Divya Manoj (Divya Simon), 31.
Male, 33.
Female, 39.
Male, 42.
Male, 23.
Male, 24.
Male, 23.
Female, 42 (leaves behind 2 children).
Male, 46.

@chrisluxonmp, @NicolaWillisMP, @JudithCollinsMP, @DrShaneRetiMP, @ChrisPenknz,@NZNationalParty, @dbseymour, @BrookevanVelden, @jamespeshaw, @MaramaDavidson, @chrishipkins, @CarmelSepuloni, @nzlabour, @jamesshaw, @joluxton, @winstonpeters, @MattKingNorth, @DemocracyNZ_org, @Coming, @P_McCulloughMD, @DrAseemMalhotra, @mattletiss7

Geraldine Hocking
You kiwis are always been behind us Aussies, what's going on? You're only at the fifth wave, we are at the eighth wave!
Talk about slow

Israeli TV News has now told the truth about the C19 vaxxines, claiming they are producing extremely high fatality levels relative to unvaxxinated, through complex "immune system erosion"

Leon Gustave Tenzin wangchuk Sergei Stuart!! Eligible for UNLIMITED boosters of 30 or above. So a healthy young 32 year old should take up this offer. They try say maybe more important for actual very old (especially 80 plus ) and/or people who are vulnerable in one way or another But in reality Dr baker wants everyone to take (at least 30 and above)I am sorry but this is truly WRONG and insane on so so SO many levels.

Rick Rock
"Introduced new variants "
To Institute, Initiate,Launch, or otherwise put in place. And here's
me a complete thicko thinking
science dictates virus variants evolve

Not really understanding the point. It's already been proven that these experimental shots do not stop transmission. In fact, they wasn't even tested the stop transmission. Furthermore, 98.8% of those infected recovered. So, this is equivalent to the flu which is a pulmonary virus just like coronavirus. If they just leave the doctors alone and let them do what they do best, we would not have been in this mess in the first place.

Download here: Fifth-wave-of-COVID-19-prompts-call-from-health-officials-Newshub-2023-11-12.mp4 - 12,832 kb
By: Newshub - 12th November 2023
Fifth wave of COVID-19 prompts
call from health officials | Newshub
NZ Government & Mainstream
Media Urge Extreme FEAR!

Health officials are warning a fifth wave of COVID-19 is upon us. Te Whatu Ora is urging the public to get up-to-date booster vaccinations as the rise is likely due to waning immunity and the emergence of new hybrid variants. Zane Small has the latest.

Comments are turned off...

NOTE: Currently the New Zealand government, most politicians, health officials and mainstream media are recommending:

  1. getting experimental mRNA boosters and wearing masks regularly for the rest of your life;
  2. believe that poison is good for your health;
  3. call anyone with adverse reactions from Covid-19 Injections a Conspiracy Theorist;
  4. believe that inexpensive, readily available, proven and effective drugs such as Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine are evil;
  5. believe that sunshine, balanced diet, fresh air, natural medicine and faith in God are ineffective and / or illegal;
  6. the government is the single source of all truth - so do not think;
  7. live in perpetual fear for the rest of your life!

Download: Philippines-Government-to-launch-investigation-into-over-327000-unexplained-excess-deaths-between-2021-and-2022-2023-11-08.mp4 - 11,079 kb
By: The Canadian Independent - 8th November 2023

Philippines Government committee
votes in favour to launch investigation
into over 327,000 unexplained
excess deaths
between 2021 and 2022.

The House of Representatives of the Philippines has voted in favour of passing a resolution to investigate over 260,000 unexplained excess deaths in 2021 and 67,000 unexplained excess deaths in 2022.

Chairperson Rep. Dan S. Fernandez while explaining the statistical findings to the rest of the committee says he "was shocked" when referring to the number of unexplained excess deaths.

Ross Sundelin
May God above let the truth roll down like a mighty flood to wash away the lies of those who push these kill shots. The truth shall set us free.

That's not good enough. May their LIVES be washed away with the truth.

Philippines latest vital statistics data (released 7th November 2023) reported in my article. It is even worse, probably much worse than Congressman Dan is presenting. There are already 330,000 excess deaths between 2021 (43.2% excess) and 2022 (10.7% excess), in still preliminary data.

Will you initiate a committee that seeks FOI on excess deaths in Canada?I live a block away from a crematorium, they used to light up one day per week, if needed. Now they burn day and night 7 days per week and they are reported to Consumer Protection due to the black smoke they are constantly emitting...

We have 4 schools all uphill of our local crematorium.

How would you see this developing, I finally have the towns mayor here in Gibsons BC pursuing the Consumer Protection for their investigation report.

You-can-now-get-ACC-for-Covid-Vaccine-Injuries-as-previously-NO-ONE-was-able-to-make-an-informed-decision-about-the-RISKS-2023-10-31.mp4 - 116,470 kb
By: Sue Grey - New Zealand Outdoors & Freedom Party - 31st October 2023

You can now get ACC for
Covid Vaccine Injuries, as previously
NO ONE was able to make an
'informed decision' about the RISKS

New Zealand: Sue Grey sharing some thoughts on the imminent end of the PfizerVax provisional consent on 3rd November 2023, admissions about Myocarditis and Pericarditis in the Risk Management Plan, informed consent the Health and Disabilities Code and the need for a proper public inquiry to start to restore trust in government.

This is what Sue Grey does so well.

This is amazing and **SO IMPORTANT!!!** Thank you so much for sharing this

Moehau Hakopa
I want to know if these vaccinators and these ill practioners are going to be held accountable for these heinous crimes???

Fiona Hansen
Brilliant thanks. Here's hoping justice is coming for many.

Juli Bea
THANK YOU Sue Grey for all of your tenacity, honesty and extremely hard work trying to get the Truth for all Kiwis. YOU are a TRUE HERO and deserve official recognition for everything you do. I would nominate you for New Zealander of the year , in fact Decade, if I could!

Judy Clark
You will need a Judge that won't be swayed first!

New Zealand Outdoors & Freedom Party
Judy Clark they just need to follow the law

Golden Alexandria
Healthcare NZ terminated my contract, I didn't decline the vax, I asked questions and wanted them to answer.

Rodrigo Nasa
Thank you for everything you do Sue! This country owe you a lot!!

Golden Alexandria
I've been waiting for 16years for investigations with child immunizations and autism.

New Zealand Outdoors & Freedom Party
Golden Alexandria we need to keep pushing to reclaim health from big Pharma

Marcus Hikoi James
Well researched and particularly well explained thankyou Sue Grey

Shari Landeg
Bring on the class actions! What an absolutely disgraceful time in our human history. Thank you for your tireless work Sue

Amanda Thompson
Thanks Sue!!! Great info. Definitely was not safe and effective was it

Jacquie Stokes
There was never an opportunity to give informed consent. So many lies & cover ups

New Zealand Outdoors & Freedom Party
Jacquie Stokes I agree. Informed consent is not possible without full disclosure of risks or where there is coercion

Lynne Wylie
Perhaps they could acknowledge the Turbo Cancers , Bloodclots, Brain Bleeds & all the Nurological Problems. Burwood Hospital is full of Gillian Barre (Polio). Thanks Sue

Allan Grant
Bring on criminal accountability !

Alison Heslop
Thanks for your research and sharing

Mary Hobbs
Thank you Sue. There should be criminal charges. And full compensation for those who lost loved ones and for the injured.

Carla Gates
Interesting conversation Sue Grey! Yes an inquiry is a must! Thanks for speaking out on this important information.

Lesha Coyle
Absolutely we need honesty.The people's rights.

Peter Wilson
Sue, I'm wondering if this has any thing to do with the possibility of Rory's second part of Inquest coming out.
Definitely don't trust them one ounce.
Keep up the great work.

Suzie Reyland
Peter Wilson I wasn't aware there was going to be a second part ... would you be able to advise me when that would be ?

Sandi Marie
Even though we're being vindicated I just feel SAD

New Zealand Outdoors & Freedom Party
Sandi Marie the entire situation is incredibly sad

Jane London
Fabulous news let's hope we can get to the bottom of it

Deborah Hallam
I am so glad Medsafe is finally admitting myocarditis and pericarditis ARE serious risks of the jab.

NZers need to know this to make INFORMED decisions. Thanks Sue.

Linda Knight
Fantastic!! So much thanks to Sue for her hard work. It's not over yet and this has to get out onto mainstream media!!!

Brenda Marshall
Thank you Sue ,full unbiased inquiry need as soon a possible

Pauline Scott
Well done and thank you Sue, sharing everywhere I can.

Jeannie Knott
Bless you sue for all your integrity and dedication

Sheree Morfett
Love it when the truth comes out! Thank you Sue for sharing

Brian Chadwick
Thank you again Sue , the reality if a fair enquiry was conducted would be that our prisons could not cope with the influx of filth . Any people found to have gained financially , should be forced to give that value to the crown under the proceeds of crimes act and forfeiture orders

Liz M Lambert
We need to have commissioners from Australia and we send some to them

New Zealand Outdoors & Freedom Party
Liz M Lambert yes but commissioner's who spotted the red flags early and had the courage to speak out, not those who ignored them

Lynda Smith Hamlin
Thank you Sue for all your research and concern for us all. We are so grateful

Laurice Steiner
I wonder what kind of compensation acc would give? A pay out? Cover for treatment? As it is hard to get pay outs

New Zealand Outdoors & Freedom Party
Laurice Steiner the law requires them to cover costs of treatment plus other related costs and 80% of lost wages . There is some possibility of exemplary damages

Margo McCurdy
Big love and thanks Sue for keeping us informed

Ritchie Macpherson
Thank you Sue for the awesome information that you share and for your commitment to the truth. We are truely blessed to have you on our side.

Kathryn Taylor
What would we do without you Sue?! Thank you for all your hard work on behalf of all of us

Serena Signall-Kuka
This is going to be a game changer

Ilka Villarreal
And so many that have died suddenly of heart attacks... What is the compensation for their relatives!!!

Heads should roll after this!!!

New Zealand Outdoors & Freedom Party
Ilka Villarreal yes we agree as clots are a known adverse effect

Kim Tennant
That's good. But to bad for all those that are dead

Download here: OPERATION-MOAR-The-Mother-of-all-Revelations-2023-10-21.mp4 - 59,055 kb
By: FreeNZ Media - 21st October 2023

The Mother of all Revelations
Tens of thousands of deaths in
New Zealand linked to the Covid Jabs

Liz Gunn follows up on her pre-election M.O.A.R announcement.

After viewing this video, many kiwis will be wondering how this was allowed to happen, were their relatives' victims?, and why it hasn't stopped immediately?

OIA Documents:

- Medsafe-Response-to-your-request-for-official-information2022-01-11.pdf

- Ministry-of-Health-Response-to-your-request-for-official-information-2023-03-15

Andrew Atkin
You're up against a lot of people (hundreds - or even thousands) who are terrified of accountability. First degree manslaughter is not a light prison sentence. They will do whatever it takes to protect themselves. But go you!

The info will come.
In the UK many solid cases were given to police, not a beep.
That would be the most efficient way to never hear from it again.
Once the people know the facts they can't sweep it under the carpet.
They will not be able to walk the streets..

Great message Liz. You are leading our coubtry already. Yes getting Winnie to show his true colors is the bext step. Much love to you from the sunny (wow) green hills of the King Country.

wow i AM NOT SURPRIZED, the cover up is big , seen the videos of new graves down south , so yes blow the top off this scam demic if you can

You wonder how much longer the MSM can keep reporting this stuff without putting two and two together:

"Raechelle Chase sudden death: Tributes flow for Kiwi fitness influencer"

"Top harness racing driver Katie Cox receives shock aggressive cancer diagnosis"

Well done..!! tried to warn people about the Bio- Weapon that was made by Darpa the industrial Military

Complex then on sold it to Pfizer..
This shot has Venom from the Crate Snake.hence why ivermecton was banned because I believe it helped ascertain what was in them..
Thank you-

The corporate owned police will do nothing. The courts will throw it out. The puppets at the top have been compromised. Globally it's the same. Many countries have so much data now of the crimes that have been committed yet nothing changes and no one is being held accountable. Why do you think the citizens have been stripped of their guns in many places? Australia put out the batch data about a year ago. They traced some of the deadliest batches to disability homes. Until the masses wake up, the crimes will continue. It's a depopulation agenda and the controllers aren't going to stop

Thank you very much Liz. Sadly both major political parties in New Zealand are up to the necks in corruption and are selling out of our country to foreign entities for their own personal gain.

how can we do this with the police?

Nuremberg the perps!

Well thank you Liz we finally get to hear what everybody talks about but never does anything about it. It is out all around the world. Every injury that happened over the last two years was related to covid before anybody was vaxed and then when the vaxed got injured there was no one to go to for help, no hospital, no doctor - they just shoved them away into isolation in wards and treated the vaxed injured like criminals. You know they took a shot for the whanau. Proves the whole Govt is Guilty of crimes against humanity....

Time to bring out the gallows necks need to stretch

Download here: OH-SHIT-Pfizer-is-heading-for-bankruptcy-Mega-Vaccination-Hesitancy-2023-10-18.mp4 - 37,640 kb
By: Redacted - 18th October 2023

Pfizer is heading for bankruptcy?!
Mega Vaccination Hesitancy"
FRAUD - Pfizer switched
& deceived everyone!

0:00 Pfizer is heading for bankruptcy
6:44 Pfizer lied to us, committed fraud and switched vaccines!
11:20 Pfizer immunity

Pfizer says that it must conduct layoffs and budget cuts because profits are so low due to what CEO Albert Bourla calls "Covid fatigue." The CDC estimates that only 2% of Americans have received the most recent Covid booster shot. While $70 billion does not seem all that bad for a profit report, consider that Pfizer made over $100 billion last year from Covid products. Could this spell bankruptcy for Pfizer on the heals of recent revelations of accused wrongdoing?

#redacted #claytonmorris #independentjournalists

Transcript - from 7 minutes onwards:

Redacted: "..but is it just that sales are down or is there more trouble for Pfizer?

Well recently British, uh, Member of Parliament Andrew Bridgen, sent a letter to Prime Minister Rishi Sunic letting him know that he had evidence that Pfizer did not deliver the vaccine that they delivered clinical trial information about! In fact, uh, he says that Pfizer originally rolled out the vaccine in 2020, uh, showed the FDA clinical trial data and then delivered a different vaccine!

Um, this is something that uh if you watch John Campbell's YouTube channel, he talked about how when he realized, that he had been analyzing all of this vaccine trial data, for his channel and giving his audience an assessment of that vaccine data - and then realizing that he sort of sent them out to get a different vaccine, because he thought that those uh, that that data was promising. He was really upset about the fact that like I was telling somebody something that was wrong and I didn't know it.

Uh watch what uh MP Andrew Bridgen says about this..."

MP Andrew Bridgen: "On the 7th of August this year, I wrote to prime minister Rishi Sunak, with evidence that I received from Dr Josh Guccko of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which indicated that Pfizer had been enabled by the MHRA, the medicines and healthcare product regulatory agency in the UK, to carry out a bait and switch operation with their vaccine, which meant that the Pfizer vaccine that was tested on 22,000 individuals with 22,000 in a placebo group, was not the same vaccine that was rolled out in the UK and around the world!

The compelling evidence for this is the fact that on the second day of mass vaccination in the UK, the MHRA changed the guidelines, told people they had to stay at the Vaccination Centre for 15 minutes after vaccination. The reason for this remaining at the Vaccination Centre, was the risk of anaphylactic shock. The MHRA hadn't expected anaphylactic shock, because it wasn't shown in the Pfizer trials. You only get anaphylactic shock when there are endotoxins in the vaccines; and you only get endotoxins in the vaccines when they've been cultured up in bacteria such as Eschere coli. That demonstrated that the vaccine that was rolled out around the world, was not manufactured in the same way, or to the same standards, as that vaccine that they'd got medical approval for!

That means that nobody could have given informed consent! They were told that the vaccines were safe, effective and tested; and what they were taking was a completely untested vaccine from Pfizer. I'm still waiting for the prime minister to respond to the 44 pages of evidence I supplied on this matter, which is of crucial importance to the health and well-being of our nation."

FRAUD - Pfizer switched vaccines & deceived everyone!

Can a company that's bankrupt be held responsible for crimes against humanity?

Just know filing for bankruptcy doesn't mean they are going out of business. It's just a way for taxpayers to off their "debts".

From now on, all covid vaccines and medicines should be tested on Fauxi and every board member and shareholder of every pharma company that produces any of them. That would be an excellent clinical trial.

Mum told me when I was little, "never take sweets from strangers", but this is clearly a case of 'never inject useless garbage pushed by known liars and criminals'. We were warned. Never again

Only 2% still getting covid shots leaves me hope for America.

They ought to be put in prison for crimes against humanity.

I don't feel sorry for anyone forcing a bioweapon onto the public.

Would bankruptcy protect them from lawsuits in response to effects of the jab?

Finally, some positive news in the world for a change.

Natalie and Clayton love you guys for telling and defending the truth!

My utmost appreciation goes to the Redacted team for your in-depth research and delivery of a wide range of pertinent topics.

My husband of 20 yrs. Who never drank and only took doctor prescribed medicine was given oxycontin became automatically addicted because it supposedly fills the same receptor sites in the brain as alcoholism (my husband's parents were alcoholics, he never drank in twenty yrs of marriage) became automatically addicted and after fighting it for 4 yrs died by himself in an apt while in the middle of our divorce . Leaving me with much debt, my girls and much grief. To say he was the love of my life and the nicest man I ever knew is an understatement. Seeing who he became on that drug was heartbreaking. That was 2007. Then 2008, pure hell. To say I HATE BIG PHARMA and the SACKLER FAMILY IS AND UNDERSTATEMENT! I wish them hell on earth and even on the otherside.

May all who knew what they were doing have their karma served up with vengenence!

They are already morally bankrupt...

Gotta love Redacted

We absolutely need better procedures in our medicine. As a recently retired medical professional, I've been shocked at how all of Covid was managed. I don't like newborns receiving 6 vacs before going home with no autoimmune system in place yet. Pain meds are important, but we must follow the patient so there is less chance of addiction and cease our bipolar reaction that sends them to the street for fentanyl. There must be audits and a better policing of practices with all vaccines now. The companies have proven themselves unworthy of trust.

Awesome reporting team! Thanks for shining the light of truth through the fog of corruption.

hope anyone invested in the company loses everything

Secret Deals made in New Zealand
for 11,000 Covid-19 Jab Exemptions!
By: theBFD - 10 October 2023

Secret Deals made in New Zealand for 11,000 Covid-19 Jab Exemptions!

I am a surgical specialist in a provincial hospital in New Zealand. I was forced against my will by Ardern, Hipkins and Bloomfield to have three mRNA jabs to keep my job. I have a mortgage and a family to provide for. I left it as late as possible but was told I would lose my job if I did not. After the first and second jabs, I had cardiac arrhythmias, brief sharp chest pains, and breathlessness, and was tired for several months.

Some nights when going to sleep with my resting pulse over 100, I wondered if I would wake up in the morning.

I was coerced into this situation by non-medical tyrants I did not vote for. When I saw my GP about this, he asked if I thought I was anxious!

Three close colleagues have also been similarly affected. One, arguably the best in his field in our area, has left medicine completely and is still being hounded by the Medical Council. Another was stood down until he relented – the stress on his family and department (covering on-call, etc) has been huge. The third was forced to stop work for many months with no income, as he would not be vaccinated and he is still being persecuted over a trivial, trumped-up matter by the Medical Council.

All four of us have endured the ridicule of our unthinking follow-the-script colleagues, some of whom have since had myocarditis and other health problems, and are not quite so critical anymore.

Nurses we worked with have been mandated out of work. Others, forced to be jabbed, have had serious cardiac side effects – these are young healthy mothers.

The DHB system, now TWO systems (Te Whatu Ora) has never been so shambolic, nor run down, as it is right now. A colleague joked the other day:

You turn up to do your operating list; it has fallen apart yet again because

  • There are no beds;
  • There are too few anaesthetists;
  • There are no radiographers;
  • There are no anaesthetic technicians;
  • Any or all of the above.

Except it is not a joke; it is reality.

The people who are meant to support and facilitate the clinical staff, so we can get on and care for patients, have failed in their duty. The Government - Labour - has totally failed. TWO is a mess.

And now, to get to the point of my piece, we have found out from an OIA this week that secret deals were made for 11,000 jab exemptions. I am dumbfounded, shocked... I actually do not have the words for how gutted and betrayed I feel. This is beyond anything. After all the threats, coercion, marginalisation, personal health effects, and being called a conspiracy theorist - to find out the Labour Government conspired with its officials to gaslight us, force us to be jabbed, lie it was safe and fully tested, while all the while quietly letting "their own" off the hook - I finally now can never forgive them.

The further damage this does to the very shaky TWO is yet to be seen, but it will do nothing to strengthen the recovery that must happen. I have nothing but contempt for the people who are meant to run the health system, and now after thirty years of working for them, I feel absolutely no loyalty. I do not see how I can keep working for them after their two-faced betrayal.

And…Labour, Ardern, Hipkins, Bloomfield – you are all revolting.

COVID-19, Election 2023, Health, NZ, NZ Politics, Politics

I don't read or listen to much msm but is this getting much coverage.

Ferris Bueller
No, nor are the main players being asked about it.

Pam Arbitrator
It needs to be shared far and wide.

Claire Paulson
You would think it would, but alas all very silent. Tragic!

Is this is why they are all terrified of NZF asking questions?

Yep and unlike the Chch whitewash they will not be burying the guilty as sin names under the Secrets Act for 30 years.

I would be very surprised if NZF is asking any questions once comfortably back in the parasite den.
I am sure master illusionist has already thought his way through. You know, we need to get country back on track not dwell in the past...

Old Kiwi
Of course they will - there are people on their list that know vax injured people and they are angry. We will not get the country back on track by turning a blind eye to what has been done. You want what happened to occur again?

Kirsten Murfitt is number 11 on NZF list, whether she gets in or not, I can't imagine she will stop asking questions and writing OIA requests.
We need acknowledgements of the harm done and justice.

mark hampson
murfitt will answer to pro-vaxer winnie, the council, patrons, & all the public servants that actually write policy & run govt. NZF is just an appendage of nat/labour & bends with the wind direction. there are REAL 'freedom' parties in nz who will NOT bend on policy- ie leaving the UN, WHO & WEF. we fail to support them at our cost

PersonOfColor: Polychrome
OK. So what analysis of the 11,000 exemptions has been done? Is the information available? Does it support the assertion that these were 'their own'?

If this assertion is proven this is by far the biggest corruption we have seen.

Apparently can't be revealed 'for privacy reasons'.

Privacy = cover up reasons. Had enough of all ther lack of transparency and secret squirrel stuff. It's the cover up.

Old Kiwi
I believe it has already been confirmed these are all in the medical field, some in admin rolls. See latest

Hatchard Report. Whistleblowers from within have given him some info.
Kirsten Murfitt (11th on NZF list) has recently made further OIAs requesting a breakdown of who these people are, ie more detail of the groups they represent. Won't be out before the election. Kirsten has submitted a number of OIAs regarding the Covid Scam over the last couple of years.

If you look at the idiots, I would not be surprised if half of these that were supposedly 'exempt' took the jabs voluntarily.
Or the excuse could be that these were 'blanket' exemptions and were utilized only in a limited number if at all. Who knows. We now know it was all lies and propaganda and some of us knew it from the very start.

The Forgotten Man
I have engaged politely and directly with the Medical Council because I too regard this as a major, unethical, immoral betrayal - especially with the serious, hospitalization-level medical effects in my immediate family.

Last week they (NZMC) claimed not to know anything about it.
This week they're not answering their phones.
Next week I'm going to be on their office doorstep when it opens.

Thank you for caring enough to actually do something about this ………for all those who can't . …and please report back .

The Forgotten
I will report what I hear/see. I'll be recording it because I expect to get either the brush off or attempts made to goad me into something for which they can sanction me further.

I am so, so sorry to read this! I cannot imagine the depths to which you feel you have been betrayed.

What has happened to you, disturbs me greatly.

I know you spent 13-15 years training to be a surgeon. You studied hard, sweated in exams, and willingly sacrificed much to commit your life helping others keep healthy. For you especially as a doctor, to face massive decisions about a new vaccine, to take them, then to realise you have been vaccine injured. To find out that vaccine exemptions were given to colleagues behind your back is contemptable and deeply hurtful.

To some extent the same mistrust, loss and grief is echoed among a lot of us. But your loss is immense. To have heart problems is hugely stressful and as you say life threatening.

To face the realisation that your government and of all people, the man who heads up Health in NZ coerced you to have the vaccines caused you to be unwell is despairingly hideous.

They cannot say they didn't know. They knew alright. They were told. They saw with their own eyes thousands of kiwis in front of them some of whom were suffering vaccine injuries. There were white crosses strung up on Parliament grounds. Other concerned doctors and Cardiologists from around the world, were calling to halt the programme until the vaccine could be further tested. But no.

Thank you for letting us know what's going on for you and how our Health System is crumbling, though it's very worrying. I have no idea whether Winston Peters will be able to insist on a full independent inquiry into the COVID-19 response as he promises? I hope so. I will vote for NZF, as the current 120 there, will not support an inquiry, as they are all complicit.

I salute you. Thank you.

So what you are saying is that like the rest of the population you were expendable, acceptable collateral damage.

But hey Chris said nobody was forcibly vaccinated, they made a choice, right.

Some choice, I suspect that this story still has a long way to go, it maybe intergenerational passed down through the DNA.

Rene de Monchy
As a medical doctor (specialist) standing for the lofty Spirit of Medicine as in Hippocratic oath of First do not harm, and after an almost 50 year medical career I was mandated out from one moment to the next. That was it, and because I followed my conscience. It was hard, yet I feel a free man, and am working again, as a free spirit and can hold my head high.

I am so sorry this has happened to you. I am sorry it's happened to so many people. What upsets me as well, is how easily people can be turned. How could those 11,000 exempted health staff go ahead and accept an exemption, and either lie about it or hide it from their colleagues, who I am sure, they witnessed their great anxiety, distress, fear and more in their colleagues? What sort of people


This tells me THEY KNEW back then the dangers of this damned vaccine.

Download here: 5-Times-August-There-Aint-No-Rock-and-Roll-2023-10-07.mp4 - 32,723 kb
By: Greatest Hits Radio USA - 7th October 2023

5 Times August
There Ain't No Rock and Roll

Nailed it!

I was waiting for someone to stand up for us. Thank you for sharing the song

Love it .. best new song I've heard in decades .. and every line never a truer word

Great that someone out there, in music, is calling out the frauds in Rock+ Roll !!!!!!!! Great work my friend!

POWERFUL, says it ALL. Just wow, beautiful melody, incredible lyrics, and absolutely brilliant video.

Kudos for calling out ALL of the sellout shills! Damn, I'm stunned.

This was beautiful. Thank you so much for this.

One of my new favs. What an amazing song…

This is just great. Share widely. Music can wake people up.

Yep. Feel the same way. We've been duped by people who pretend to be anti-establishment but are really pro-establishment.

An absolute fucking banger.

YES! This is such a great, well written message.

I can't get enough of this song.



Such a great song that tells the truth!

I think someone should start an Anti-Grammy awards... this song/video is so well crafted.

Wow what a very accurate song!! Love it

Download here: Disease-X-The-Next-Pandemic-Could-Kill-50-Million-People-Vantage-with-Palki-Sharma-2023-10-03.mp4 - 13,470 kb
By: Firstpost - 3rd October 2023

Disease X: The Next Pandemic
Could Kill 50 Million People
Vantage with Palki Sharma

Disease X: The Next Pandemic Could Kill 50 Million People | Vantage with Palki Sharma

Reports say the next big pandemic will be caused by "Disease X". It could be about 20 times worse than the Wuhan Virus pandemic and kill 50 million people. What is this disease?

What are countries doing about it? Palki Sharma brings you the complete report.

#palkisharma #diseasex #vantageonfirstpost

The fact that they, WHO, can say what's coming and how severe it is is telling of who it is coming from! Wickedness.

"Only the thief who sets fire can tell when the next fire will be" ~ Ancient Japanese proverb

We should talk about how to improve our immunity to help fight viruses. Nutrition, sunlight, exercise, etc…

Do you know what can be worse? Stress !!! Stressing people is the worst !!! Being under stress is the worst !!!

There's no business more lucrative than the business of fear. We all know who are the usual suspects but we are all helpless..

Imagine 50 million human will died from a virus that pops out of no where .. May the Sustainer have mercy on mankind . This is pure wickedness.

"And no, Elon Musk has nothing to do with this" Palki is officially the GOAT of news anchoring

During a TED conference, Bill Gates eloquently hinted at the potential for a 2025 pandemic, a blockbuster event set to rival even the wildest Hollywood scripts. I couldn't help but ponder, with Ketu in Virgo, the guardian of health, from November 2023 to June/July 2025, and Saturn's impending struggle in Pisces, it's like the cosmic stage is set for a sensational show. Neptune's swim in Pisces raises intriguing questions, and Rahu's bloat and gloat, along with Pluto's aquatic ambitions in Aquarius, could turn this into a thrilling waterborne bio-epic. So, folks, fasten those seatbelts (seriously), because it's gonna be a bumpy ride! Just remember, WHO's on break, so keep those questions to yourself.

Download here: Fully-Vaccinated-LGBTQ-Plus-Queer-PM-Chris-Hipkins-tests-positive-for-Covid-2023-10-02.mp4 - 5,203 kb
By: Coronavirus Plushie - 2nd October 2023
Fully Vaccinated LGBTQ+ Queer
NZ PM Chris Hipkins, tests positive
for Covid-19 Days Before the Election!

Fully Vaccinated LGBTQ+ Queer NZ PM Chris Hipkins, tests positive for Covid-19 Days Before the Election!

Two weeks out from election day and New Zealand's fully vaxxed, fully boosted Prime Minister Chris Hipkins is self isolating after he tests positive

@chrishipkins @nzlabour #nzpol

Fully Vaccinated LGBTQ+ Queer NZ PM Chris Hipkins, tests positive for Covid-19 Days Before the Election!

Fully Vaccinated LGBTQ+ Queer NZ PM Chris Hipkins, tests positive for Covid-19 Days Before the Election!

SYDNEY, Oct 1 (Reuters) - New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins has tested positive for COVID-19 and will work remotely while isolating, his office said on Sunday, just two weeks before a general election in which his Labour party is struggling.

The positive test will temporarily sideline Hipkins in the campaign for the Oct. 14 election. Labour has been sliding in the opinion polls, with the centre-right National party leading by 31.9% to 26.5% in a recent survey.

Politicians testing 'positive' for Covid is usually code for 'they are now cooperating with the Whitehats / Alliance.'

Expect big changes in Chris Hipkin's life soon. Think Jacinda Ardern, Dan Andrews, Nicola Sturgeon...

BTW, President Trump is still the Commander in Chief.

somehow reminds me of Trudeau's isolation during protests in Ottawa....

Coronavirus Plushie
Yes, of course there is the question of whether he really HAS tested positive (not that Im saying the tests are reliable anyway), and the question of whether he really HAS even had the covid shots!

Bukster Bird
I'll look forward to hearing him say, "thank goodness I was fully vaccinated. It would have been so much worse otherwise"

It's because I didn't get any jabs, he got infected

It's all my fault. Sorry guys

Pretty sure the big leaders didn't take the ClotShots …

Karma really for Mr Booster you can't get Covid if you have been fully vaccinated right

I encourage politicians to take the shot, in fact double up.

Social Skeptic
From the very beginning, logic was never a part of this vaccination program. At first it was fear, then quickly moved to virtue-signalling and we've been stuck there ever since.

The Awakening / Revolution Is NOW
He's such a coward. A disgrace to man and masculinity. I've met 10 year old boys who are literally more manly than #chrishipkins .

Hector Rivera
It's become a gimmick, COVID today is milder than the common cold usually 1-2 days to get over it for most otherwise healthy people. But politicians love to publicly state they're "isolating" for five days... so they don't have to face constituents

Loredana la donna.
On purpose I suspect, so he can claim victimhood when he loses.

Faith Hope Love
I bet he had saline jabs...

Ian Moone
I kind of have my doubts if he ever really had any of the vaccinations. I won't be surprized if he is a pureblood.

Brexit Ron
The only people still scared of Covid are vaccinated against it!

Download here: Covid-19-Vaccine-Zionist-JewJab-Injury-Compilation-2023-10-01.mp4 - 203,076 kb
By: BFK888 - 1st October 2023

Covid 19 Vaccine Zionist
JewJab Injury Compilation

"If they [the Jews] could kill us all, they would gladly do so, aye, and often do it, especially those who profess to be physicians. They know all that is known about medicine in Germany; They can give poison to a man of which he will die in an hour, or in ten or twenty years; they thoroughly understand this art." - Martin Luther

#covid #vaccine #injury

How to Collect Anterior Nasal
Specimens (Nasopharyngeal) for
COVID-19 Testing & Create Slaves
By: Melinda Richards - 30th September 2023

Why did they have to put the stick so far up your nose to test for COViD?

Answer (by ZZigZZag):
To make the compliant Covid Slaves more docile by bruising the amygdala.

How to Collect Anterior Nasal Specimens (Nasopharyngeal) for COVID-19 Testing & Create Slaves

How to Collect Anterior Nasal Specimens (Nasopharyngeal) for COVID-19 Testing & Create Slaves

Max Pleming
There is a reason it removes damages a little mucus membrane that there to stop your brain getting infections.........they know exactly why they did/do this mate.

Roger 4 Freedom
nano robots set straight to the brain this way? I know sounds like a conspiracy but yeah WHY ?

Green Fairy
Because it was a sadistic psyop that in all likelihood involved chemicals on the sticks breaking the blood brain barrier.

We haven't seen the long term damage by a long shot yet. Nobody knows what was on those sticks.

Harvesting DNA samples

Jenny Taylor - TheVoiceIsALandGrab
I had it 17 times by force, then developed this weird neck and spinal pain symptoms which I haven't been able to rid myself for 10months..I was told by doctors it's laced with the vaccine for the vaccine hesitant to trick people into dying from the bioweapon..

Geoff Heinricks
An immediately unanswerable question. If if was so virulent it would not have required such prospecting.

And if the virus was remotely as dangerous as they said, all facemasks would have been collected and processed as dangerous medical waste, rather than blowing on the streets.

I had it done before convid to test for whooping cough. Test came back negative. I don't trust any of these tests . . that includes pap smears, mammograms, colonoscopys . . etc. . . If you poke around hard enough you're bound to find something . . and then what?

They're manufactured in China with an ethylene oxide coating, a known carcinogen.

Jon Snow
To break brain barrier, and of the top is cancerogenic gas or poison which side effect can be lost of smell and taste which exactly many people experienced during plandemic and called it it is Covid symptom.

I never subjected myself to one of theses tests, and always wondered why, if the virus was so infectious, a spit sample wasn't adequate. Very bizarre.

The Punisher
Those of us who tried to warn the sheeple about the jab, you did your duty and I say now all who wants to take it let them, for they are the sheep being led to the slaughter, literally

Makes our job much easier ridding the world of zombies, this message isn't unsympathetic or immoral, it's common sense, everyone has a choice and that the choice of ignorance has consequences

If some random government official says to inject yourself with a deadly poison and you feel like it's the right thing to do, then by all means serve your masters

For it's a great thing God gave you free will, but unfortunate that you never accepted his discernment

Once you know, it's too late

Download here: COVID-19-Vaccine-Claimed-to-be-100-Percent-Effective-in-Preventing-Deaths-was-a-HUGE-Lie-2023-09-27.mp4 - 111,158 kb
By: Elon Musk - 27th September 2023
COVID-19 Vaccine Claimed to be
100% Effective in Preventing Deaths
It was a HUGE Lie!

Elon Musk: "Have you heard dis information?"

COVID-19 Vaccine Claimed to be 100% Effective in Preventing Deaths. It was a HUGE Lie!

I feel so sorry for the hundreds of millions of brain washed Normies suffering Cognitive Dissonance & Stockholm Syndrome (result of Governmental / Pharmaceutical / Media Propaganda.)

MASS PSYCHOSIS: How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL and Embraces GENOCIDE!

Elon Musk
My concern was more the outrageous demand that people *must* take the vaccine and multiple boosters to do anything at all. That was messed up.

Until the Supreme Court invalidated Biden's exec order, SpaceX and many other companies would have been forced to fire anyone who refused to get vaccinated!

We would not have done so. I would rather go to prison than fire good people who didn't want to be jabbed.

As for myself, I got original Covid before the vaccine was out (mild cold symptoms) and had to get three vaccines for travel. The third shot almost sent me to hospital.

How many other people out there have symptoms that are actually from the vaccine or Covid treatment, rather than Covid itself?

As for those who didn't take any vaccine, well @DjokerNole just won a record number of grand slams …

It's not like I don't believe in vaccines – I do. However, the cure cannot be potentially worse than the disease. And public debate over efficacy should not be shut down.

There is also great potential for curing many diseases using synthetic mRNA, so let's not throw the baby out with the bath water.

DD Denslow
The COVID vaccine is the most dangerous medical product ever put upon the public.

Every aspect of its marketing was a lie, from big pharma, media, national governments, and bodies like the WHO, all under the guidance of the WEF.

The only conclusion that can be drawn from the last three years, is that it was planned, and the harms caused, deliberate.

One might suspect the worst is still yet to come.

Silenced Survivor - Vax Injured
Have you heard about those of us injured by the vaccines?

Why are we censored?

Like most injured, I've been labeled misinformation and suspended on social media for sharing factual information about my injury, and others, such as Maddie DeGaray, severely injured in Pfizer's 12-15 year-old trial.

In the current culture, it's unacceptable to discuss vaccine injuries and that tone is set by the Government. This is not right!

Twitter and Facebook internal documents show directed censorship of factual information, resulting in harm to the American People.

Cali Sports Mom
Does anyone know what caused more vaccine injuries? The vaccine itself, the booster, or the cumulative effect for those who got multiple vaccines and boosters?

My 15 yo now has dx with T1 diabetes after her immunity was destroyed following the booster shot.

Truth Justice
17,000 SCIENTISTS AND PHYSICIANS: Data shows the Covid Vaccinated are more likely to become infected or have disease or even death if they have been vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated people. It damages your heart, brain, reproductive tissue and lungs.

Glenn Sandström
A bit late too speak now. Where were they 3-4 years ago when I was screeming against all the tyrrany?

Truth Justice
They must be punished for criminally lying to the world which resulted in millions of injuries and deaths worldwide. They deliberately manipulated you, terrorized you and forced you to get an experimental injection that does not stop the transmission.

Download here: Chasing-down-the-doctor-who-killed-his-sister-with-the-Covid-Bioweapon-Vaccine-Shot-2023-09-18.mp4 - 1,638 kb
By: Possumkicker - 18th September 2023
Chasing down the doctor who
killed his sister with the
Covid Bioweapon Vaccine Shot!

Chasing down the doctor who killed his sister with the Covid Bioweapon Vaccine Shot.

#covid-mnra-protein-spikes #death-injury-death #vaccine-shot-jab

Dwight Power
Kill the bastard.

Soon they won't be able to walk the streets

Can't be soon enough! They're taking out everyone who has been outspoken against their WEF, NWO, Luciferian Agenda. Come on White Hats, take control while there's still something to save!

well fucking kill him you idiot

Hi this poor guy's sister died after the bioweapon injection- he was chasing down the doctor (in his car) who killed his sister with the shot.

No he doesn't he has an issue with the Doctor giving therm to people. This video is old

therm is a unit of heat energy.

COVID-19 Vaccination Rollout
History in New Zealand
What jab (kill shot) are we up to now?
By: Are you awake yet? - 15th September 2023
Many Kiwis have hit the major milestone of 6 Covid mRNA Experimental Injections!

Many Kiwis have hit the major milestone of
'6' Covid mRNA Experimental Injections!

Covid-19 Vaccination Rollout History:

In New Zealand, the COVID-19 mRNA gene altering vaccination programme began way back on 20th February 2021.

With the rollout of the very 1st Covid Vaccine concoction, many beguiled Kiwis completely ignored: sound science, common sense and morality - joined the 'team of 5 million' - dutifully rolled up their sleeves and participated in possibly the biggest voluntary genocidal programme ever devised - to depopulate the Earth of useless eaters - as per the protocols of the World Economic Forum, UN, WHO and many secret societies!

Clever Vaccine Strategy:

Thankfully only about 20% of those who received the 1st Covid-19 vaccine injections - had the actual mRNA vaccine ingredients / poisons; the other 80% of arms injected received saline solution injections only. This was a brilliant marketing strategy, as Pfizer and the New Zealand government couldn't have everyone come down sick or die after the very fist vaccine, otherwise there would have been extreme vaccine hesitancy in the future.

With the data now freely available, it has been observed that:

  • 1st jab: only 20% of those injected actually received the mRNA poisons = fewer adverse reactions = higher vaccine uptake rate;
  • 2nd jab: only 50% of those injected actually received the mRNA poisons = reduced adverse reactions = reasonable vaccine uptake rate;
  • 3rd jab (1st booster): 80% of those injected received the mRNA poisons = increased adverse reactions = reduced vaccine uptake rate;
  • 4th jab (2nd booster): 100% of those injected received the mRNA poisons = extreme adverse reactions = extremely reduced vaccine uptake rate;
  • 5th jab (3rd booster): 100% of those injected received the mRNA poisons = extreme adverse reactions = those still partaking in this genocidal program are mainly idiots and / or extremely proud people, who are so embarrassed to be labelled a 'conspiracy theorist' - that they will continue to take the jab for all eternity; or at least until the TV gods tell them that they can stop being so stupid now!

Thankfully most important people like the CEO of Pfizer Albert Bourla (Zionist Jew), PM Justin Trudeau, PM Jacinda Ardern, various Fact Checker staff etc, only received saline injections, as it was / is important that they maintain their health - in order that 'The Goal' is accomplished.

The Goal:

The goal was (and still is) to:

  • terrify the complacent and pliable populace into submitting to perpetual vaccination campaigns, via mainstream media (TV, radio & newspapers);
  • as well as bribe imbeciles with hamburgers, fries and other ridiculous incentives;
  • utilise politically orchestrated misinformation, coercion, fines, threats and menace;
  • with the ultimate goal of vaccinating most New Zealanders until they either die - or become transhuman slaves for the elitists.

Current Achievements:

As of approximately September 2023, New Zealand has now rolled out the 6th Covid Vaccine (aka 4 booster shots.) The good news is that most Covid-19 vaccinated guinea pigs are repeatedly getting 'Covid-19' and are suffering from 'Long Covid' or 'Longhaul Covid' etc.

Excess deaths caused by: Turbo Cancers / Myocarditis / Cause Unknown / Sudden Adult Death Syndrome etc - are at an all time high - and are proof positive that the Covid-19 vaccinations truly do work at shutting down your natural immune system, causing health degradation and a much earlier death.

Suppressing The Vaccination Rollout History:

Originally, governments, big pharma and the mainstream media, used to inform the docile voters and brainwashed minions, which Covid-19 vaccine we were up to, e.g. 2nd vaccine; or 3rd booster etc. However, in the interests of not alarming the sheeple by waking them up, the public are no longer informed about the chronology of the vaccine rollouts (try searching online for any chronology of the vaccine rollout in your country.)

If the gullible public realised that their latest vaccine is now number: #8, or #12, 19, 25, 38, 54, 123, 368, or the 687th Covid-27 vaccine injection etc, they may become guilty of 'thinking' - which, to many megalomaniacs, is construed as a 'thought crime.'


Killing hundreds of millions of people Globally, to possibly save a few people from 'a virus that has provably not been isolated' yet, really is a campaign worth selling your soul for. Kiwis certainly punch above their weight and are to be commended in their personal contribution to a dystopian future of despotism - via their record vaccine injuries and deaths. Well done to all vaccinated Kiwis!

A Bright Future For Big Pharma:

Now that many New Zealanders have been so accepting of any poisonous concoction labelled 'a vaccine', the future is very bright for fraudulent companies such as Pfizer, Moderna etc, as they continue to roll out 'Kill Shots' and 'Clot Shots' - at least until there is no one left...

Bribing imbeciles with hamburgers, fries and other ridiculous incentives

Download here: The-COVID-Clots-Why-the-vaccinated-are-sick-and-dying-Why-were-Ivermectin-and-Hydroxychloroquine-banned-2023-09-13.mp4 - 111,158 kb
By: Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson - 13th September 2023
Why the vaccinated (& unvaxxed)
are sick & dying? Microclots...
Why were Ivermectin and
Hydroxychloroquine banned?

The COVID CLOTS: A Full Measure Town Hall

Full Measure host Sharyl Attkisson is joined by a panel of experts to discuss emerging research and treatments related to COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccines.

Sharyl Attkisson: "To be clear, correct me if I'm wrong on any of these things that I'm trying to summarize, Covid, what we call Long Covid, persistent injuries after Covid infection, and what some are now calling Long Vaxx, which are injuries that persist after vaccination or crop up months or years later, they can have similarities, so people may think, I didn't get vaccinated, I don't have the problem, or I did get vaccinated, but I didn't have problems right away. All of these people may be impacted?"

Dr Vaughn's: "Exactly and I think the fundamental pathogen and we'll talk about this probably a lot tonight is the spike protein and in fact what made Covid so dangerous is also what makes the vaccine something that also can cause significant issues; because again the spike protein itself is what's unique, it's what makes the damage and it's what truly is the pathogenic mechanism of this virus and unfortunately, uh, I guess the powers that be chose to use that same spike protein, in fact a pre-conformational form of it, to vaccinate the population with."

Sharyl Attkisson: "So you're getting it either way! You're getting it with a Covid infection; or if you're vaccinated, your body is being told to make this problematic Spike protein?"

Dr Vaughn's: "Exactly..."

Treatment Protocols - FLCCC Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance

Fully Covid vaxxed trans
Julie Rei Goldstein mocks the
unvaccinated - then succumbs
to the Clot Shot Myocarditis
By: Amazon Eve - Let Them Hate Provided They Fear - 10th September 2023


Fully Covid vaxxed trans Julie Rei Goldstein mocks the unvaccinated - then succumbs to the Clot Shot Myocarditis

Fully Covid vaxxed trans Julie Rei Goldstein mocks the unvaccinated - then succumbs to the Clot Shot Myocarditis


Fully Covid vaxxed trans Julie Rei Goldstein mocks the unvaccinated - then succumbs to the Clot Shot Myocarditis

Amazon Eve - Let Them Hate Provided They Fear - 10th September 2023:
"Never gets old does it @JulieRei ?

@transadvocate you too TA.

I remember when you wanted to treat the unvaccinated as second class citizens. How has that turned out?

Julie there isn't a meme you can post that will save you. You stupidly took the bio-weapon jab like a fool and you will more than likely develop a fatal complication. 1:65 will die. 1:35 will develop an adverse side effect.

But as I promised you I will have sympathy for your plight and will pray for you."

Julie Rei Goldstein - 10th September 2023:
"2 1/2 years later and 5 shots in, still going strong. Hoping the next one gets approved soon since cases are going up again and I don't want to be out of commission for a few days."

They're clogging up the hospitals... Maybe we should deny the vaccinated to ease the burden on our healthcare system

well, she is still in the narrative, life didn't teach her much...until the next shot.

Julie Rei Goldstein
You're still on this? Never did that reverse image search, I see.

Amazon Eve - Let Them Hate Provided They Fear
That's an image of you, writings from you of your hubris and your double standards, and the consequences of your actions. Priceless.

You're not clever, there is no switch or reverse image.

Take the loser walk of shame now.

Guess who vanished?
Dear "Julie",
You won gold for most gullible by wearing that useless mask - seriously, the only thing worse than ignorance is willful ignorance. You should switch off your TV, it has damaged your brain

Hello Julie, I am so sorry to hear that you have voluntarily participated in this Global Genocide Vaccination Program.

I sincerely pray that you will quit your idolatry of Big Pharma & channel your energies into fulfilling your true destiny - of becoming a true man of God.

Our Government has been lying to us!
By: Craig Kelly - 9th September 2023

A South African court has ordered that the Pfizer vaccine contract between the SA Government & Pfizer be made public.

And here it is :

It'a reasonable to assume that the terms and conditions in this contract would be very similar for every nation.

Clause 5.5 provides:

"Purchaser [the government] further acknowledges that the long-term effects and efficacy of the Vaccine are not currently known and that there may be adverse effects of the Vaccine that are not currently known."

So while poltiticans around the world were assuring the public that the vaccines were "safe & effective" - they'd signed a contract acknowledging that the long-term effects & efficacy of the Vaccine were not known and that there may be adverse effects of the Vaccine that were not known.

PFIZER / SOUTH AFRICAN VACCINE CONTRACT REVEALED. Our Government has been lying to us!

Our government and politicians lied to the public. No wonder they are so desperate to keep these contracts hidden.

Download the full 46 page PDF document: PFIZER-SOUTH-AFRICAN-VACCINE-CONTRACT-REVEALED-Our-Government-has-been-lying-to-us-2023-09-09-OCRPfizer-1-Redacted.pdf (13,829 kb) here: Download PDF document here...

What stands out for me is that the product "should not be serialized"meaning ? no ability to track manufacturing batches (i.e. no manufacturing controls) and no ability to track side effects from different manufacturing batches.

Take it or lose your job!

Permanent Suspension
If they were telling the world it was "safe and effective", then there should be no need for this language at all because the vaccine is "safe and effective". They put may because will is a promise.

This makes me angry. How can we make them accountable? The evidence sure seems piling up. Enough to start a trial of some sorts.

But by March 2021 they had already claimed the efficacy of the vaccine.

It was a lie.

Aussie Warpath
Mike Yeadon had issued a warning that governments around the world are locked in to buy up to ten injections for every man woman and baby.

Truth Justice
Pfizer deliberately lied and deceived the world. Albert Bourla and all the Top Executives are mass murderers and belong in prison for life with no parole.

Then how could any of them claim "safe and effective"

Except Pfizer DID know. Compelled by FOIA Pfizer published 1,291 adverse effects IT WOULD ADMIT TO in a document released in March, 2022 titled "Pfizer Post Marketing Experience" which should raise eyebrows of medical and research professionals reading that title.

Why? Pharmaceutical or device post marketing is what the FDA terms PHASE IV POST MARKETING TRIALS mandated situationally by the FDA to see how these products work in the real world". They always require informed consent and are voluntary.


I lost my father not long after he received the vaccination, and shortly thereafter, my mother started experiencing a series of health issues. She's now in a much weaker state than before. It's a challenging situation, and I'm aware that many others are also facing similar difficulties. Despite the government's attempts to keep us uninformed, we're not alone in this.
Im not sad, but angry beyond belief....

These vaccines need to be tested!!

So sad seeing all these people around the world being affected in so many ways.

The government fear mongering has to stop..

One love brother.

So sorry to hear about your family.
We lost a few to the poke as well..

Vaibhavi Limaye
India was being forced to sign up and buy on the same terms. We asked for trials. Pfizer refused. We asked for a liability clause in case of adverse reactions. Pfizer refused.
We told them to take a walk.

Matt Heff
Big Big respect for India turning it down.

The vaccinated are clogging up the hospitals... Maybe we should deny the vaccinated to ease the burden on our healthcare system - like they did to us!!

Preston Henshaw
"safe and effective" our governments told us, while we all knew it was rushed and experimental.

Neo Azazel Gotti ARK33
Wow somebody's definitely going to jail for all lies big pharm says and does or will they get away from it

Almost every country in the world was in on it. What makes you think anyone is going to jail?

Dewey Duck
They claimed AN efficacy for the vaccine. It kept being revised lower. The efficacy trial was still ongoing. It was completed in March 2023. If you took the vaccine prior to that date, you were PART of that trial. Buyer beware.

Thanks for making us a vaccine.
We made you a play swing...
By: Bob Moran - 8th September 2023
Thanks for making us a vaccine. We made you a play swing...

Download: Winston-Peters-wants-an-enquiry-as-to-how-many-people-have-injuries-or-died-from-Covid-Vaccines-2023-09-08.mp4 - 94,891 kb
By: New Zealand First - 8th September 2023

Winston Peters wants an enquiry
as to how many people have injuries
or died from Covid Vaccines

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters sits down with Reality Check Radio's Peter Williams for a candid conversation.

Williams: "So you want to know how many people have been injured by the vaccine? How many people may or may not have died from the vaccine? Do you believe that people have been seriously hurt by the vaccine?"

Winston: "I don't believe it, I know it...!"

Peter Williams is a man of integrity. He speaks his truth. One of the very few journalists you can trust.

Good on you Mr Peters, I wish you all the very best. Common sense has never been so valuable. We are all voting for you here.

I am an ex pat Kiwi. I was a Paramedic my wife a Physiotherapist. I saw severe injuries and death from the vaccine. We were both banned and my wife lost her clinic. I will not only vote for this man... if he brings justice I will move my family back home.

Peter Williams is an excellent interviewer, very enjoyable.

Winston's stance on wanting an independent enquiry into the whole vaccine and COVID response has definitely confirmed my party vote

Great to see an experienced trusted journalist actually have an interview and listen to the answers instead of a broadcaster who feeds their ego by talking over top of their guest. This is excellent and clarifies much of NZ First and Winston's policies this election.

God bless both these men. Down with the communists

I will vote Winston again. He may be the last real politician left who does not work for DAVOS.

Winston is on fire in this interview and shows what a force he can be and his worthiness of being back in parliament, even just to raise the dress standard of the place

Great interview. A wealth of knowledge from a brilliant Politician. Certainly got my vote, only sensible way to go.

Really enjoyed this talk between two men who have both lived many of the same experiences when it comes to the political and social changes this country has seen over the last 40 years. And both of them in the public eye at all times during their careers. Respect shown on both sides very unusual.

A very good interview. Impressed with how both kept their Cool. Yes this is a very serious time. I hope the country wakes ups to that fact and exercise their Vote.

Pete …. You're sorely missed as a nightly voice on the msm here in NZ. Great interview

Brilliant conversation from Winnie. Hes still as sharp as ever and imo critical to the next govt. You need the cat amongst the pigeons. The man knows how things work and he knows who the shysters are, and hes not bought. But he needs to find a natural successor for the party as he doesnt have many election left in him.

I grew up in Tauranga. I knew his children and Winston. Winston was always the first person to volunteer for school or cubs. I love his straight talking style. Got my vote.

Donald Shimoda (homo/sapiens)
An apology would be in order then, from Winnie, as he was vocally pro-vax
While he's at it, he could apologise for enabling Cindy in the first place.
Otherwise, he just looks like he's got no moral compass, & is chasing the popular vote on every issue he can muster

Bradley Nathan Coe Free Being
#nzpol #nzfirst #nz the only politician in our country willing to look into this.

Gary S
Will it include releasing the vaccine contract details?

Download: Jimmy-Dore-and-Bret-Weinstein-Nuremberg-Violations-and-How-People-Were-Forced-To-Take-COVID-Vaccines-2023-09-08.mp4 - 14,827 kb
By: LavaFox and The Jimmy Dore Show - 8th September 2023

Jimmy Dore & Bret Weinstein
Nuremberg Violations
And How People Were
Forced To Take COVID Vaccines

#forced #vaccinations #nuremberg

Never Forget!

Operation Homebound. Look it up. I've seen videos of sheriffs deputies holding down mentally handicapped children and adults and vaccinating them in their homes. Elderly in nursing homes. They did force it on people. They murdered people in the hospitals with ventilators.

death of Austerity
South African documents from court have been UNREDACTED stating that the people couldn't have been given informed consent, and the affiliates of Pfizer were given advance indemnity by the government. Therefore the governments are all NAZI, and in violation of Nuremberg.

Download here: Chris-Hipkins-and-the-Lies-of-the-Labour-Party-Liar-Liar-Pants-On-Fire-2023-09-07.mp4 - 80,904 kb
By: FreeNZ Media - New Zealand Loyal - 6th September 2023
Chris Hipkins and the
Lies of the Labour Party
' Liar Liar Pants On Fire!'
"Nobody was forced to be vaccinated..."

Liz Gunn: "It is crucial that New Zealand leave the WEF, the WHO, and the UN after the 2023 election.

No intelligent New Zealander can ignore the blatant lies of these globalist political puppets any longer."

PM Chris Hipkins: 'There was no compulsory vaccination' and that 'People made their own choices'
PM Chris Hipkins: "There was no compulsory vaccination!" and that "People made their own choices!"

Well said Liz, well said!

well said, absolutely right..

Not my Prime Minister… don't recall anybody voting him in…… must have missed that election Klaus…

Unelected snake in the snake pit! That was brutal , our country is in serious trouble that's for sure ! This is all still so raw for so many of us , salt in the wounds , we have endured so much these past few years ! These people are truly a disgrace

Very well said Liz. Thank you for your honesty.

Matthew Wright
Human betrayal,I do wonder if chis got any of his kids jab?time for asking straight questions to everyone even the media needs to be asked the hard questions

You need to have the public behind you, so what is the plan to reform MSM so that the public can be educated as to the truth here?

More mis and disinformation from PM Shitkins & co.

The fact that no one in the: parliament, mainstream media, judiciary, police, army etc are publicly rebuking / charging / arresting these evil charlatans - reveals how widespread this corruption really is.

They have NO HONOR!

And not just stop there. We are ready become fully independent and with our own head of state. We are ready to become a republic.

jj james
It's vital now to get all candidates in the record asking for their connections to these groups
There is also another group you may not be aware of
Parliamentarians for global action it's been going since the 80's

Frank A. Buick
I had a friend who's wife suffers from Huntington's chorea, during the mandates they were informed that to receive home support they had to both be vaccinated. Neither wanted to but felt compelled to, to receive that much needed support. What an absolute travesty.

Ari Stotle
Absolutely. Without question Liz. Every issue NZ is facing pales in significance to an exit from the WHO. There is a reason National, Labour, Greens, ACT, TPM, TOP, NZF, DNZ absolutely refuse to answer their own supporters about why they insist on following the WEF Agenda.

You are what has been missing in Politics for decades, thank you from the bottom of my heart for representing! Your honestly, frankness and balls to truly save our country, puts all other Party's to shame! Never thought I'd say this to a "politician" you have my utmost respect!

Rodney Bailey
Little does he know it, but Hipkins & Aderns lies & subsequent arrogance & psychopathic behavior, only serves to wake more & more Kiwis up & will be their downfall.

Long White Cloud
You criminals are naked for the world to see.

Download here: Mike-Hosking-Chris-Hipkins-doubles-down-on-his-statement-that-Nobody-was-forced-to-be-vaccinated-2023-09-05.mp4 - 1,523 kb
By: Coronavirus Plushie - 5th September 2023
Mike Hosking
Chris Hipkins doubles down
on his statement that: "Nobody
was forced to be vaccinated!"

As someone commented under my video of Hipkins speaking to Hosking:

"The mafia don't force you to pay protection money either. It's your choice."

Sovereign Path
"Your money or your life" - It's your choice. I'm not forcing you to do anything.

The Zeitgeist
LISTEN: Chris Hipkins doubles down on his statement that: "There were no compulsory vaccinations."

Chris Bowditch
I mean yes I tied the person up, attached a giant weight to their legs and threw them in the water. But they made the choice to open their mouth and inhale water - so I mean they drowned themselves!

Fucking shameless.......

It wasn't compulsory, there were just a lot of solid reasons compelling people to arrive at a state of compulsion.

Duncan Roads
Typical WEF-owned politician.

Helen Houghton
We will go out and we will find them

mike mulrooney
Hahahahahahahaha. Tell that to the nurses who lost their jobs. It is very silly and immature to just blatantly lie. Does he want our vote or not. All he had to say was "well it was Jacinda's fault"

A Law
Coercion-the practice of persuading someone to do something by using force or threats. Just like Chippy can't define a woman it seems he is unable to understand the difference between coercion and choice. Only thing those 2 words have in common is they start with a c. Bye labour

Scott Ewing
If people wanted to lose their job, their business, their livelihood, their homes, their family relationships, their (dumb) friends & access to society ~ because they didn't want to be injected with a substance they knew to be unsafe and ineffective

~ then that was their choice.

Download here: COVID-tyrants-Nobody-was-forced-to-take-the-jab-Except-most-of-the-population-2023-09-05.mp4 - 2,369 kb
By: Dr. Anastasia Maria Loupis - 5th September 2023

COVID tyrants
"Nobody was forced to take the jab"
[Except most of the population!]

Justin Trudeau - WEF Queer Nazi

Jo Biden forces Americans to get the Kill Shots - then denies it

COVID tyrants - Nobody was forced to take the jab - Except most of the population!

Don't let these scumbags gaslight you. We all lived through the past few years of tyranny. Saying nobody was "forced" to take a shot simply because they didn't physically jab you doesn't mean you weren't forced.

Removing your livelihood and removing you from society is forcing you.

Tracy smith
I knew this even before Dr. Robert Malone made the statement!! They are going to tell you you had a choice. Knowing that they mandated it!!! It does not matter to these evil people. Shameful.

Chidi Uzoechi
People were indirectly forced . Because you needed to be vaccinated to keep your job!

Justin Trudeau is a loathsome, cowardly, degenerate.

Linda Childers6
Oh yes they were!!! Many places of business told their employee's "if you don't take the vaccine, you can't work here."Even nurses in my family were given the ultimatum. They both walked off their jobs as did others.

Honestly listening to these people in our government makes me sick to my stomach like they literally make me ill. I can only handle it for short doses because it's so disgusting and they are so reprehensible to be making the claims that they're making it's all lies

Doctor S.Q.L.
No true! Our job depended on it. No jab no work. Health workers were even asked to take booster shot!

Ken Tait
the practice of persuading someone to do something by using force or threats.

Despicable lot... worse yet that so many went along with it all

Good on Pauline for asking. I had to get 2 jabs if I wanted my surgery to go ahead

Daniel C. Evans
They're going to gaslight us before they bully us again.

Abigail Joy
guess they got amnesia from the jab

Conservatives Unite
No, nobody was forced. They were just told you will lose your job if you dont take it, so you won't be able to put food on the table and eventually become homeless. That's not "forcing" to these libs.

Here to ratio liberals
The funny thing is, they'll do it again. Mandate or coerce but afterward say it was our choice. I didn't fall for it the first time and I never will. But their manipulation is forever.

PM Chris Hipkins
'There was no compulsory vaccination,
people made their own choices'
By: DAILY TELEGRAPH NEW ZEALAND - 4th September 2023



Hipkins was answering a question from a reporter about the recently announced NZ First policy of compensating the victims of COVID mandates and lockdowns.

'In terms of the vaccine mandates I acknowledge that it was a challenging time for people, but they ultimately made their own choices. There was no compulsory vaccination, people made their own choices.'

The government's controversial COVID gene therapy mandates were declared in late 2021, requiring workers in education, medical and other fields to provide proof of up-to-date vaccination status in order to maintain their employment and careers.

Hipkins was Minister of Health from July 2020, and Minister for the COVID-19 response from November that year. In the latter role, he oversaw the launch of the government's "My Vaccine Pass" vaccine certificate in November 2021, the national vaccination rollout, and the passage of the COVID-19 Response (Vaccinations) Legislation Act 2021, which provided the legal framework for the Government's vaccine mandate.

Video of Hipkins' claim was shared widely on social media in New Zealand and overseas, where it attracted a lot of comment and criticism, as the mandates had the effect of compulsion for those who could not afford to lose their jobs.

'New Zealand PM is now blaming NZ citizens for taking the mandatory vaccines to keep their jobs and feed their families. These people are sick,' tweeted independent Australian journalist Rukshan Fernando.

'Remember? He clearly doesn't? Is this gaslighting? I get confused…' tweeted kiwi musician Jason Kerrison.


Anonymous September 4, 2023 At 7:13 pm
Yes make your own choice or loose your job and forget about visiting take away's, restaurants, etc….

Anonymous September 4, 2023 At 7:20 pm
What a piece of work, (was going to say something else), makes my blood boil, get jabbed or loose your job, and that is the only reason most of my acquaintances, got it, and what makes it even worse, the bloody jab is useless and in a lot of cases harmful, unreal.

Muz September 4, 2023 At 7:21 pm
What a sick and evil b#####d is someone who would make such a callous and unsympathetic statement as that. Judgement is coming for you chippy.

Anonymous September 4, 2023 At 7:29 pm
coercitive manipulations in all western governments.
Compulsory = government is liable
Otherwise not liable.
They all knew about the deadly effects of the so called vax that is nothing else than a biological weapon.

Follow the work a.o. of david nixon on ( nixonlab) . Because there are seemingly injectable medications also involved with nano tech.
And i am starting to ask myself if the " epidemic" of " trans" is not in some ways the result of experimental stealth treatments/ injections .

Anonymous September 4, 2023 At 7:33 pm
Forget chippy two planes, we now got chippy two face

Anonymous September 4, 2023 At 7:55 pm
Typical Hipkins doublespeak once again.
It's clearly not a "choice" when duress, coercion, threats, blackmail, discrimination and workplace bullying is involved.

Avatar Anonymous September 4, 2023 At 8:30 pm
"That is what it is, so yip yip" – Jacinda Ardern
These sadistic clowns will attempt to gaslight and rewrite history.
It's not going to work obviously.

Anonymous September 4, 2023 At 8:26 pm
He was the guy who said they were going to hunt us down FFS! Look at his eyes – they are black. Evil.

I predict Labour are in for an absolute drubbing this election having alienated so many people. I predict under 20%. How anyone can think they have been a good government is totally beyond me. Forget most open and transparent…..more like most deceitful and divisive govt EVER.

One thing you will have noticed, if they say they are something they are usually the opposite. Kind? More like Cruel. Transparent? More like sneaky. Govern for all? More like in it for themselves.

Vote these corrupt, spineless evil criminals OUT.

My 2 cents September 5, 2023 At 7:37 pm
Yes he needs deliverance…

Anonymous September 4, 2023 At 8:28 pm
I get close to this guy I will do him ****. He deserves to feel pain for those words.

Unquaccinated September 4, 2023 At 8:29 pm
This is the abusive husband who tells you the black eye was your own fault.

Textbook narcissism, proudly brought to you by the WEF.

Don't hold it against him, Chippy was just another cog in the machine, as Luxon will be.

Anonymous September 4, 2023 At 9:23 pm
Chris Hipkins pretending that the most disgraceful violation of human rights in New Zealand's history was somehow 'a choice' is beyond the pale.

I'd be interested to see a real journalist ask Mr Hipkins to explain his understanding of medical ethics and informed consent. It won't happen obviously.

Avatar Johan September 4, 2023 At 9:26 pm
If I punch him in the face it was his choice to get in the way of my fist?

Unquaccinated September 5, 2023 At 8:19 pm
It's like sticking a gun in a bank teller's face, and then claiming at your trial that she CHOSE to put the money in the bag

Anonymous September 5, 2023 At 8:46 pm
Exactly – not your fault if he has slow reflexes

Mark September 4, 2023 At 11:24 pm
Coercion of medical treatment is a crime against humanity under the 1947 Nuremberg protocol.

However, who will prosecute and see that justice is done. The military perhaps? After WW2 it was military tribunals that "got it done".

Harry Jensen September 4, 2023 At 11:47 pm
Anyone taking bets what his last words will be?
"I didn't know," "I was only following orders," "God save the Queen?"
Any takers?

Anonymous September 5, 2023 At 12:01 am
If this vaccine was 'not compulsory' then why was there a requirement to obtain an exemption..or be sacked?
Interestingly, my GP (in his capacity of being my treatment provider) applied for an exemption due to on-going suffering of severe adverse reactions to a previous vaccine (not Covid) 9 years prior..the MOH Covid team declined the exemption!!!
I sat the whole period out at home and lived by the rules, was unable to get a haircut, go out for dinner, attend sporting fixtures or even leave the country to source further Medical advice …and wore a mask everywhere I went…. to protect everyone else ….based on the podium of truth!
For all of those Healthcare staff, Police and Defence force staff, Port workers, teachers, MIQ workers who lost their jobs…a formal apology and offer of reinstatement to their roles is the least that should occur.
This is an absolute disgrace!

Anonymous September 5, 2023 At 9:03 am
Liquidation after a quick tribunal!

Muzza September 5, 2023 At 12:07 am
I read a comment from a Russian woman that lived through Stalin's terror who said 'that if that wasn't bad enough the hardest thing to stomach was the BS the bureaucrats came up with to explain their insanity.'

Chippy and his mates are a bunch of gaslighting, cancel culture little totalitarians pissing in the pocket of the media in lock step with the Greens, ACT and National. As with the US the hubris, delusion and corruption is bi partisan.

KevOB September 5, 2023 At 7:50 am
Hipkins should be ejected from Parliament immediately. He's not even High School grade. Bye Bye Labour.

oaklass September 5, 2023 At 8:16 am
If you think national and the evillux will be any different, have another think.

NZ Loyal Party Voter; so should you! September 5, 2023 At 8:03 am
This is the same DPM who stated as a veiled threat that the Labour Government would "Hunt down those who are NOT vaccinated…" at the daily briefing of lies, deception and deceit. He made this threat several times live on-air!
He, along with the Jabby Witch, stated that it was "mandatory that everyone get their boosters!"
Who will do an audit of Chippie's finances? After all, Jabby left office (or..RAN AWAY to avoid prosecution and the threats of potential inflicted harm) with millions of dollars and went to Massachusetts, the home base of the Wiccan movement, and played with the Harvard University crowd that is steeped with the far-left thinking offspring of the J***** Elite Globalists, the same crowd that insists that we all buy battery-powered vehicles and ride public transport (that was shut-down during the Plandemic) while they jet about in their Citations, Gulfstreams and CRJ's.
Chippie is also self-delusional as we can see in his presentations of himself before the cameras, and will suddenly not remember his endorsement of mandates, policies and quickly-rushed laws.
Fortunately, most have DVD Recorders which did just that as a reminder to him and New Zealand the crimes against humanity and the massive human, civil and medical rights that were violated under both international and New Zealand law!
And don't think that Nazional will be any better; Luxon and Willis are taking their orders from the Elite J3wi$h Globalists ie WEF / WHO / NWO tyrants, and are repeating what they are told to say.
Does any un-jabbed person detect the same dress and show to the public which is just that, with both Luxon and Willis being unable to conjure-up a single individual thought of morality (insisting on illegal vaccines), economic sense (no plans to get away from the Zionist-controlled Reserve Banking System and return the Treasury to the Gold, Silver and Platinum Standard)) and the hype of 'new' taxes before the totally-planned global economic collapse?
Hell- even Jack Tame exposed Nicola Willis for being the ignorant, deceiving, parroting dumb-ass that she truly is, by exposing her ignorance in that she couldn't even define what an internet VPN is on Q&A!
Kudos to Jack Tame, who really exposed how ignorant and out of touch BOTH mainstream political parties really are!
In doing so, Jackie-Boy will probably be thrown under the bus by the Sinclair state-run media here, and will in all likelyhood end-up at Al-Jazeera, BBC, or in Oz.

SickofEmAll September 5, 2023 At 8:23 am
All the politicians, media personalities and medical professionals and others who allowed this to happen should be standing trial for war crimes. To hell with the next election we the people want accountability, It is time politicians feared the people instead of people fearing govt.
This next election needs to send a clear message that if you push this globalist crap here you will never work again and you will without any doubt end up in prison for life.

NZ Loyal Party Voter; so should you! September 5, 2023 At 10:43 am
Absolutely, and there are already laws on the books to deal with these sociopathic psychopaths!
If I remember, those laws are treason, subversion, espionage and international human rights violations!
The voting public will need to closely monitor the polls, and volunteers to become poll workers should do just that, as suggested by Voices for Freedom.
Rest assured that those of us who are combat Veterans are NOT intimidated by the current Labour Government Cabinet, SIS, GCSB or Police Intelligence; if those entities had been doing their jobs initially instead of breaking into the home and harassing a Pro-Firearms Christchurch Protestant Minister as well as Vinny Eastwood and Billy TK , we wouldn't be looking at a high Covid 'vaccine' death rate as forecast by Deagel New Zealand.
Any government entity that is following the orders of this current government is complicit in resurrecting Stalinistic Communism and tyranny against the population, and will at some point be dealt with; problem is; when and if, depending on if the election is stolen away from the minor parties!

BS Aware September 5, 2023 At 12:58 pm
Yes it is way past time for accountability. Jab sin da could hear the drum beats rolling thats why the step down. But her faithful little lapdog was there to take over that evil little boyish grinning goul in the background at most of Jab sin das press releases.The whole censorship of the narrative to the paid off media was to have the people not remembering the true horrors of what really happened in NZ in the Plandemic years. You see the Govt. cant claim innocence here they knew about the shots being deadly because of the sickening payoffs to parents who innocently took their children to be 'vaccinated' only for some of them to die in their arms half an hour later. Talk about brainwashing the people, in WWII the guards in the concentration camps had to wrench children out of the arms of parents so that Dr.Joseph Mengele could experiment on them with all sorts of drugs. In NZ during these Plandemic years parents willigly gave up their children to be virtually murdered. Some of those pay outs were $450k plus to make the parents shut up and go awiay so that the Govt. could keep spruiking their agenda. I hope those parents realise that they also became part of the Infanticide and Genocide for not speaking out at the time. NZ lost its innocence in what happened in these years. But worse than that the shots are not just simply an untested 'experimental vaccine' but a military grade technological bioweapon for a depopulation. This is a whole different ball game. This is a War Crime and therefore a Crime Against Hunanity. The key players in this NZ Labour Govt and some on the right too, need to be prosecuted and incarcerated over these atrocities.

Anonymous September 5, 2023 At 8:59 pm
"NZ lost its innocence" and Jabcinda/Labour/NZparliament are the rapists.

Anonymous September 5, 2023 At 8:26 am
Trudeau said the same thing
Birds of a feather flock together
Might be where chippy got it from?
Maybe he just ran out of gas

Nick Frame September 5, 2023 At 8:33 am
Is it true that the other Chris (National leader) was just as emphatic about everyone getting the jabs? Something i heard about him even saying those who didn't should not continue to receive any benefit payments?

Anonymous September 5, 2023 At 1:24 pm
Worse than that is Luxon once stated that if he wins power he wants to jab every 5 year old before they are allowed to start school. I would not vote for this idiot or his Party Labour or ACT. Better off with NZ First, NZ Loyal and Sue Grays Party. They are the only ones talking any sense at the moment.

Party Vote; NZ Loyal September 5, 2023 At 3:04 pm
Liz Gunn's NZ Loyal and Sue Grey's Outdoors & Freedom Party are the only two now with any credibility.
The New Conservative Party has basically ejected Ted Johnston who wanted the NC's to form-up an umbrella coalition with NZ First, NZ Loyal and the O&FP, but the 'board members and membership did not agree'…so he's out.
I'll be voting for the NZ Loyal Party, as I'm tired of living in a failed Zionist state that is robbing us all of our health, wealth and the lives of our children!
There is a remote chance that this may well be the political coup that breaks the Labour / National / National / Labour cycle.
IF that happens, be prepared for Operation Katipo and UN Troops enforcing the Noahide Law and Talmudic processes on our soil as they reinstate the Globalist political supporters ie Labour & National.
There will then be the possibility of civil conflict, and those of us who are veterans, gang members, and societal outcasts far outnumber the NZDF and the NZ Police. The advice to them is this; IF the minor parties secure the majority of the votes (unless massive fraud occurs), then those agencies mentioned would do well to step down and step aside!!!!

Jacinda September 5, 2023 At 9:25 am
He said they would catch up with those who didn't get the Vax. Don't ever forget that.

Anonymous September 5, 2023 At 1:29 pm
He also said he wants to vax all the 4 and 5 year olds before they can start school. Just another WEF plant.

Anonymous September 6, 2023 At 8:35 am
I think the term was hunt them down.

Anonymous September 5, 2023 At 9:57 am
What a horrible man. Horrible.

Avatar Anonymous September 5, 2023 At 12:47 pm
NZ think hard about this election any partie in parliament at this time needs to be dealt with ,they cannot be trusted we need new parties in parliament that will work for the people . If you vote for Labour or National NZ is doomed and bankrupt,vote for a change.

Anonymous September 5, 2023 At 12:51 pm
Someone should ask Hipcuck what he thinks forced vaccination would look like.

Brewer September 5, 2023 At 2:39 pm
Yes we were forced.
We are all forced to pay the 62.1 billion dollars wasted on lockdown and a useless non-vaccine that has caused more adverse reactions than all vaccines in History - for a virus with an IFR (Infected Fatality Rate) no greater than common 'flu.
We are all forced to suffer the consequent complete breakdown of our formerly adequate Public Health system.
In March of this year I was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition requiring a routine operation. The specialist termed my case urgent. During the last month I have sent four emails to Auckland Hospital requesting an approximate date of admission. There has been no reply. Along the way, many health professionals have told me "the system is broken".
Those responsible should not be walking around free.

Download: NZ-PM-Hipkins-has-pushed-back-on-calls-for-compensation-for-Covid-vaccine-injuries-saying-people-made-their-own-choices-2023-09-04.mp4 - 14,705 kb
By: Frank Chung, - 4th September 2023

New Zealand's PM Hipkins has
pushed back on calls for compensation
for Covid vaccine injuries, saying
"people made their own choices."

New Zealand's Prime Minister has pushed back on calls for compensation for people who were mandated out of their jobs or suffered a Covid vaccine injury, insisting there was "no compulsory vaccination" and that "people made their own choices."

Speaking at a press conference in Auckland on Sunday, Chris Hipkins was asked to comment on New Zealand First leader Winston Peters' election promise to spend what he estimated could be "hundreds of millions" of dollars compensating people who lost their jobs due to Covid vaccine mandates or suffered vaccine injuries.

"Winston Peters wants to compensate people who were mandated out of their jobs and vaccine injured - would Labour support that?" a reporter asked.

Protesters at NZ parliament in February 2022

Protesters at NZ parliament in February 2022. Picture: Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images

Mr Hipkins replied by accusing Mr Peters of "abandoning the older New Zealand demographic that he used to be so keen to court."

"Older New Zealanders have record high rates of vaccination, they're amongst the highest in the world, and Winston Peters seems to be saying that they made the wrong decision in doing that," he said.

The reporter pressed the PM on whether he saw "any kind of value in looking into potential compensation for anyone disadvantaged through Covid, whether they were mandated out of their jobs or injured by the vaccination program."

"There is a process for people who are injured in a medical procedure, there's already processes in place for dealing with that," Mr Hipkins said.

"In terms of the vaccine mandates, I acknowledge that it was a challenging time for people but they ultimately made their own choices. There was no compulsory vaccination, people made their own choices."

Police broke up the demonstration after three days

Police broke up the demonstration after three days. Picture: Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images

Many online slammed the PM's comments.

"Yeah right! People made their own choices in the same way that a person being threatened with a big stick 'makes a choice' to do something," wrote one user on X, formerly known as Twitter.

"New Zealand PM is now blaming NZ citizens for taking the mandatory vaccines to keep their jobs and feed their families. These people are sick," said Australian political commentator Rukshan Fernando.

Independent journalist Maryanne Demasi wrote, "It literally states in the dictionary that a 'mandate' is 'compulsory'. Politicians are trying to change the meaning of words."

At Sunday's press conference, another reporter asked Mr Hipkins whether New Zealand's ongoing Royal Commission of Inquiry into Covid-19 would look into any of those issues, including mandates and vaccine injuries.

Mr Peters has vowed to scrap the current inquiry - announced in December by former PM Jacinda Ardern and headed by Australian epidemiologist Professor Tony Blakely - claiming its terms of reference are too narrow.

The PM admits mandates drove a 'wedge in the community'

The PM admits mandates drove a 'wedge in the community'. Picture: Marty Melville/AFP

"The Royal Commission can look at whatever it wants in regard to the Covid response," Mr Hipkins told reporters.

"Ultimately it's a Royal Commission so it's not my job to direct them. They have a terms of reference which everybody can see and it's certainly not my job to instruct them what they do within that terms of reference."

Mr Hipkins was appointed PM in January after the resignation of Ms Ardern.

In his previous role he served as the country's Covid-19 Response Minister, and in 2021 oversaw the introduction of vaccine mandates in certain occupations including border workers, law enforcement, defence, healthcare, education and hospitality.

"Vaccination remains our strongest and most effective tool to protect against infection and disease, and we need as many workers as possible to be vaccinated to allow sectors to respond to the pandemic and deliver everyday services with as little disruption as possible," he said in an October 11, 2021 press release announcing "mandatory vaccination" for the health and education workforces.

Jacinda Ardern receives her vaccine

Jacinda Ardern receives her vaccine. Picture: Michael Bradley/Getty Images

"While most people working in these sectors are already fully or partially vaccinated we can't leave anything to chance and are making it mandatory. A high rate of vaccinations will help to protect staff from getting sick and passing Covid-19 onto loved ones."

Stopping the spread of Covid was a key justification for mandates and vaccine passports.

The vaccines ultimately failed to prevent transmission, and drugmakers and health officials later said that this was never the intended purpose of the shots.

In February this year, former NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet called for an end to vaccine mandates, telling 2GB radio there was "no evidence" they stopped transmission.

Queensland last week axed vaccine mandates for healthcare workers, two years after the rules were brought in - but the state may still take disciplinary action against those who refused.

The controversial mandates sparked protests in New Zealand, with demonstrators camping outside parliament in February 2022 before being removed by police in violent clashes.

In October 2022, New Zealand scrapped most of its Covid restrictions including border closures and mandates, and revoked its Epidemic Notice, representing a shift from emergency to long-term management of the virus.

Speaking last month as the government scrapped its final remaining Covid restrictions, including masks in hospitals and mandatory seven-day isolation, Mr Hipkins was asked whether he would have "still introduced the mandates knowing what you know now."

NZ scrapped its remaining restrictions last month

NZ scrapped its remaining restrictions last month. Picture: Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images

"I'm very proud of the very high levels of vaccination that we got in New Zealand," he said.

"I acknowledge that the requirement for people to be vaccinated to do some jobs was very difficult for some families, and it did create more of a wedge in the community than I think any of us would like to have seen. I absolutely acknowledge that. But the high level of vaccination that we were able to achieve was one of the main reasons that we didn't see that high mortality rate that they saw in other countries."

Mr Hipkins said New Zealand's high vaccination rate "meant we were able to step down carefully from pandemic response to business as usual and ultimately reach the point that we're now at today."

Health New Zealand still requires certain employees to be vaccinated against Covid, but Health Minister Ayesha Verrall denied it was a mandate saying "that is not the case."

"Te Whatu Ora [Health New Zealand] has implemented a policy for Covid vaccination for new employees as of July but it does not apply to existing employees," she said.

"That's not a mandate. There are a number of conditions … in order to work in a hospital. You do need to be vaccinated for particular roles. A mandate has always been a legal mandate run by the government. For years prior to Covid there have been requirements for healthcare workers to be vaccinated against hepatitis B and other conditions."

New Zealand will hold a general election on October 14, with the ruling Labour Party seeking a third term. The conservative National Party currently leads in the polls.

Download here: NZ-Government-COVID-1984-Announcement-Vaccinate-now-against-the-Labour-BS-24-7-Variant-2023-09-04.mp4 - 34,147 kb
By: Counterspin New Zealand - 4th September 2023

New Zealand Government
COVID-1984 Announcement
Vaccinate against the
Labour BS 24/7 Variant

Download here: NZ-PM-Chris-Hipkins-says-there-was-no-compulsory-vaccination-and-that-people-made-their-own-choices-2023-09-04.mp4 - 13,958 kb
By: Coronavirus Plushie - 4th September 2023

New Zealand PM Chris Hipkins
says there was no compulsory vaccination
and that people made their own choices!

New Zealand PM @chrishipkins says there was no compulsory vaccination and that people made their own choices.

Yeah right! People made their own choices in the same way that a person being threatened with a big stick "makes a choice" to do something.

@P_McCulloughMD, @DrJBhattacharya, @jimmy_dore, @rustyrockets, @JamesMelville, @stkirsch, @nzlabour, @thecoastguy, @winstonpeters, @CarmelSepuloni

Why a domestic NZ COVID 'passport' raises hard questions about discrimination, inequality and coercion.

Why a domestic NZ COVID 'passport' raises hard questions about discrimination, inequality and coercion.

Very soon there will be hundreds of health officials saying: It was your choice, no one made you take it. Dr. Robert Malone.

noun: coercion; plural noun: coercions. The practice of persuading someone to do something by using force or threats.

Yes my husband was forced to see a doctor in a container in the car park of our surgery, he said the man came in virtually in a hasmat suit and he was made to feel awful. I will not forget that in a hurry.

NZDSOS - NZ Doctors Speaking Out with Science
All of the Official Information Act responses show it's not safe, or effective. They still banned us from society. Mandates are still in place in DHB's around the country so medical professionals are still out of work.

I saw the Dr in a car park.
I wish I had got a photo of her in the hazmat suit,shield and masks she wore.
I was grateful she would see me.
When a few weeks later a text was sent it was time for a Pap smear, I declined.
It wouldn't have felt right in the car park

And it goes like this:
But we heard you threaten us.
No you didn't.
We saw you on TV threatening to hunt us down.
No it wasn't me.
We have film footage of you threatening, blackmailing, coercing and bullying us.
No your eyes and ears are wrong.

Hey Hipkins . You told my friend she couldn't see her dad in aged care unless she had the needle 💉. She got it for that reason . Now she's been in hospital with heart problems ! You rotten scoundrel ! You're responsible !

Mr Hipkins should be on trial for crimes against humanity. Along with Jacinda Adern previous PM.

They mandated it not in the best interests of the public but instead to meet the WEF cult, WHO and UN requirements.

"There was no compulsory vaccination; people made their own choices".

I got fired. Was that my choice too?

Don't ever let your conscience get in the way of power at all costs, Chippy. But don't expect anyone to trust you when you're incapable of telling one simple truth either.

liz devine
You are a LIAR @chrishipkins
- stop lying- there was NO choice - I know many forced to get the jab at your expense or they would lose their job or lost their job! So how was this ultimately their choice? EXPLAIN

Fat Farm
It just proves that NZ Politicians are liars. Hopkins has stood by the side of Jacinda spreading misinformation and threatening NZera. Today nzers suffer with failed medical, education ... nzer are suffering

More mis and disinformation from PM Shitkins & co.

The fact that no one in the: parliament, mainstream media, judiciary, police, army etc are publicly rebuking / charging / arresting these evil charlatans - reveals how widespread this corruption really is.

They have NO HONOR!

Sapienism | Functional Medicine & Self-Improvement
Funny how everyone was accused of pressuring people.

Now that I have the balls to speak the truth and have scientific studies to back me up:

Nearly everyone I speak to says they didn't trust it, they only got it because they were forced to.

Well dear @chrishipkins, do you care to explain your apparent duplicity, or are you now just backing out to evade responsibility for mass murder?

Thank You for putting this Gaslighting episode together

PM Chris Hipkins is a morally minuscule & willfully ignorant specimen of a man, with absolutely NO HONOUR.

Leading an army of morally repugnant queers and kiddie fiddlers, as they eagerly elbow their way to the head of the WEF pig trough! God defend NZ from this insanity!

Elisha #PoliticallyHomeless
Coercion involves a set of forceful actions which violate the free will of an individual in order to induce a desired response.

Mandates =coercion

Dr. Lynn Fynn-derella
Liars. There is enough video of a horse face WEF stooge saying otherwise.

Charlotte Mogensen
They're trying to rewrite the story all over the world, but we are many who will never forget

All Out Of Bubble Gum
They made their own choices the way that women sleep or don't sleep with their bosses in order to keep their jobs. Except we prosecute employers for such coercion.

Dave Muralt
What @chrishipkins said is a lie. Pure and simple. He should be ashamed of himself.

It was always going to be their get out, it was only guidance, a choice. At one point I had friends & family telling me just have them you'll never be able to do anything again!! that's how much they believed GVT, many were threatened with losing their jobs. Don't kill granny etc!!

HRH Lady Jayne of Gloucester; Veteran
All we have to do is roll out those Chairman Jacinda's videos to prove him wrong

unacceptable alpha female
Do they really think we'd forget?

He will pay at the polls!

Rory Lane
They know we're coming for them

Patricia Törngren
No Jab, no Job?

Myocarditis Wave. Formerly Silenced. NUREMBERG

What a bunch of lying tyrants. The mandate was only dropped in Sept 2022

Coronavirus Plushie
They were not dropped for many people though, health care workers, for example

Peter Palmer
I know NZ doesn't have a huge population but...jeez he the best you could come up with for PM? Politicians lying is normal. But he's just taking the proverbial!

Coronavirus Plushie
Nobody voted for him, he just took over when Jacinda Ardern stood down

ALS #ReclaimTheRainbow
Shitkins is right. It was a bluff, a stand off. If people held the line entire sectors would've collapsed & it would've been over by morning tea. The tyrants would've backed down with their tails between their legs. 20% of a workforce can't be fired. It wasn't that complicated.

THey CHOse COMPLiance.
He Is CORRect.
DOn't CRy ABOut It NOw YOu VACCINated PEOple.
#VaccineInjuries #vaccineSideEffects #vaccinedeaths

This isn't surprising coming from a man who can't define a woman.

Mr. Hipkins seems to struggle with the Queen's English. There WAS compulsion, by definition.

And… compulsion is coercion, and coercion is force.

NZ did this. HE did this.

Incredulous that some Kiwis watch Hipkins and agree. Unbelievable the delusion that has many in New Zealand under a strange trance.

Elizabeth Walker
Oh sure, and those quarantine camps and arrests were totally voluntary, too.

Definition of gaslighting.
Also definition of tyranny.
Also definition of scumbag
Also definition of who needs Nuremberg 2.0

@chrishipkins is a spinless and penetrated coward, Nuremberg II needs to happen asap!!!

Download here: Pilot-tells-all-Pilots-will-not-submit-to-anymore-Covid-Vaccines-as-their-hearts-are-all-fucked-2023-08-31.mp4 - 4,121 kb
By: JarlanaMadeBlade - 31st August 2023

Pilot tells all. Pilots will not
submit to anymore Covid Vaccines
as their hearts are all fucked!

Pilot tells all. A must watch. Pilots will not submit again and their hearts are all fucked. Not that we didn't know that ~ Liberty Talk Canada

Increased incidence of plane crashes since Covid-19 Vaccine rollout!

Above picture is for illustration purposes only.

Do we shoot down the ones spraying poisonous chemicals on us yet?

Nano tech bud! You're not God's child anymore! You think you'd do some serious research on it knowing your heart is now fucked!!?

--Vaccines Definition prior to 2021 read roughly like this: product that will stimulate the immune system to mount a immunisation reaction toward a pathogene.
--Vaccines Definition after 2021 read roughly like this: product that will stimulate the immune system to produce a reaction.
They play with words to cove their asses.
The word ''reaction'' is too broad.
Covid injections did produce ALOT of reactions.... And not the good ones, if you see what I mean.
They will tell you: you had a bad reaction but that doesn't mean the vaccine is not working, the definition is supported/backed by the medical authorities.
These people are not human.
These people should be thrown in active volcanos.

3 days ago
Hero!! even though he's a victim

Great video

Pilots will buckle and submit.....

Older pilots will retire while thousands of pilots from the military will be requisitioned by airline companies

There was enough evidence loooong before that. A nation of fkn idiots!

They would do this to all pilots because that is one sure way to lock everybody down.. No pilots able to fly or at least a good many if people like kill gates is doing his job, its all about the numbers..the devil is in the details is the NUMBERS especially the 6-6-6 one, he loves the hell out of that one this kill gates more pilots, no more people can travel...

Download here: Covid-VACCINE-injury-compilation-2023-08-28.mp4 - 35,157 kb
By: NO FACE MASKS - 28th August 2023
Covid VACCINE injury compilation

Even though MSM will NEVER show these facts, millions of people all over the world have died from the deadly Covid Jabs. Now Covid is re-appearing under another bullshit name so they THEY can inject more millions this FALL with their deadly covid jabs. RIP sheeple. You fully deserve your BOOSTER shots to ensure you "survive" your miserable lives. Goodbye.

#covid #jabs #deadly

Freedom Matters
Why did Trump occasionally say that the Covid Vaccines were safe? Especially after New York Times said in May 18, 2020: "Trump Says He's Taking Hydroxychloroquine, Prompting Warning From Health Experts" Was he pressured to say it because of the establishment? Was it a double pretending to be Trump? I always thought it strange as Donald Trump was previously for 'alternative' medicines and not the Fauci Clot Shots. Was he just saying what the people wanted to hear?

I mute Lib tards
Vax death is a guarantee take it say goodbye

Can you imagine what a brilliant world we could live in if there were no Zionist globalist demons? Imagine. Everything dark, twisted, perverse,corrupt,talmudic & satanic would be gone. May Almighty God get here soon to rid the world of our # 1 enemy from within. JEWS. Loxism = Genocide. Wake up Goyim.

JAG Sentences 10 Clot
Shot-Loving Physicians to Hang
[JAG: Army Judge Advocate General's Corps]
By: Michael Baxter, Real Raw News - 27th August 2023

JAG Sentences 10 Clot Shot-Loving Physicians to Hang

The United States Navy Judge Advocate General's Corps and the Office of Military Commissions on Thursday entered uncharted territory by simultaneously charging, convicting, and sentencing to death 10 Washington State physicians for negligent homicide, engaging in mass medical malpractice resulting in grievous injury or death, and treason against the United States of America, a Camp Blaz adjunct informed Real Raw News.

As reported this month, White Hats within the U.S. military apparatus arrested 100 doctors, alleging their adherence to draconian protocols and personal ambitions endangered patients' lives. In a lengthy affidavit, JAG alleged that the accused berated and belittled vaccine-hesitant patients and threatened to include them on "medical blacklists" unless they complied with CDC guidelines. Ahead of the indictment, JAG investigators masquerading as patients visited vaccine-loving clinics in 12 states, where they, too, were verbally accosted and denied treatment for refusing to show vaccination paperwork or getting in-office jabs. Most of the 100 practiced in Washington State, California, Illinois, New York and Connecticut.

Once apprehended, the diabolical doctors were taken to "intake centers" and interviewed by JAG investigators. Not one expressed remorse for imperilling patients' lives; instead, they pridefully defended their actions, reciting what seemed like a rehearsed mantra: "I followed COVID-19 protocols and CDC guidelines."

Our source said the mass detainment created a considerable quandary, as JAG had neither the time nor resources to individually try 100 doctors charged with nearly identical crimes. The only practical options, he added, were to jointly prosecute the 100 or separate the herd into manageable groups based on the strength of evidence. Thursday's proceedings at Camp Blaz saw 10 of the 100 and a JAG-appointed defense attorney square off against Rear Admiral Johnathon Stephens.

Stephens in April prosecuted JAG's case against CDC Deputy Director for Global Health Howard Zucker. He is also scheduled to jointly prosecute the 165 Fort Drum soldiers who conspired to wage war on Trump supporters.

"We have so many outstanding and incoming indictments; joint tribunals are, you know, for efficiency. Or else we'll be litigating cases long after we've all turned to dust," our source said.

Asked whether JAG considered the ramifications of a joint acquittal theoretically exonerating hundreds of felons who might once again wreak havoc on the citizenry, he said, "We're doing this with ironclad cases. The FEMA criminals from Maui will get tried together, just as the doctors did, and they're all heading to the gallows."

He added that Thursday's success at Camp Blaz proved JAG could convict multiple criminals at once.

Admiral Stephens began the tribunal by introducing (on ZOOM) a 40-year-old Seattle woman who had brought her sick 14-year-old son to their family physician, identified as Defendant #6, in June 2021. The boy had developed conjunctivitis, and his mother wanted antibiotic eye-drops to treat the ailment. Defendant #6 claimed conjunctivitis, or "Covid Eye," was an unpublished symptom of coronavirus and asked if the two were vaccinated. When the mother responded "no," saying she wanted further proof vaccines were safe and effective, Defendant #6 flew into a tyrannical rage and demanded they get tested on the spot or leave the premises, even though mother and son wore masks. They acquiesced to the unreasonable mandate, and a tech violently swabbed their noses. When the rapid antigen tests showed negative, Defendant #6 imposed another demand-immediate vaccinations. They refused and were ejected from the office.

"And what did you do at that point?" Adm. Stephens asked the now-16-year-old boy on the screen.

"My mother drove me to an urgent care center, maybe 15 minutes away," the boy answered.

"And you got treated there?" the Admiral asked.

"No, sir. They wouldn't treat me either," the boy said.

"Really? Were you and your mother given a reason?" asked the Admiral.

"Yes, sir. 'Cause we were unvaccinated and didn't want to get vaccinated. Same as befo__"

"__We were told our names were put on a list," the mother interjected, "and would go to the CDC and State Health Department."

"So, what you're saying - in the 15 minutes it took to drive from point A to point B, your names got put on a universal naughty list," the Admiral said.

"I don't know about universal, sir, and we never saw the list, but I'm pretty sure the office said it was statewide," the boy said.

"It just so happens I do have that list," said Admiral Stephens.

He placed a pile of stapled papers on the table beside the panellists, three Marine officers chosen to determine the physicians' fate. The ten defendants sat handcuffed side-by-side at three rectangular tables pushed together to form a single tabletop. At one end sat a Navy captain whom Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall had assigned the daunting chore of defending the accused, aided by three paralegals who whispered among themselves while shuffling reams of paperwork.

As Adm. Stephens directed the panel's attention to the blacklist, the Defense called for an immediate dismissal of all charges because private doctors, unlike Medicare-compliant hospitals, have leeway to deny treatment to patients.

"Request denied," Adm. Stephens said bluntly. "Defense is aware this isn't just a case of denial-of-service, this is broad conspiracy to deny service to vaccine-hesitant patients."

"I don't have to sit through this," Defendant #6 blurted.

"Control your client. If he wants to speak, he can take the stand today," the Admiral retorted.

Admiral Stephens again addressed the witnesses, their puzzled faces still on the ZOOM call. "We apologize for the outburst. Do you recognize the doctors who denied treatment as being in this courtroom today?"

The young man pointed at Defendant #6 and Defendant #10. His mother attested to the fact.

"The list in front of you, the blacklist, has 750 names, all residents of King and Pierce Counties. The list was kept in real-time and shared electronically with over a hundred offices and clinics. The defendants had access to and could add names to the list. Deny service if not vaccinated or agrees to get vaccinated. JAG finds this perplexing because out of all ten defendants, not even one is vaccinated. We know this because we pulled their blood, evaluated it for Covid antibodies that would be present if vaccinated. Now, you could argue that maybe in one, two, or even three cases, the antibodies dissipated, but not in ten cases—that is a statistical impossibility. What's more, we have 90 more waiting for trial and they aren't vaccinated either," the Admiral explained.

The Navy captain objected because JAG had instructed Adm. Stephens to limit evidence to defendants present in court. Adm. Stephens sustained the objection and asked the panel to disregard his last statement. But the fiery Navy captain continued objecting, saying the Admiral, a lawyer devoid of medical knowledge, couldn't authoritatively comment on matters of virology and immunology.

After dismissing the current witnesses, Adm. Stephens called to the stand Navy Commander Brent Dennings, a virologist at U.S. Naval Hospital Guam, who parroted the Admiral's assessment in medical vernacular.

"Commander Dennings, did you personally evaluate the defendants' bloodwork?" Adm. Stephens asked.

"I did, sir," the commander replied.

"And what conclusion did you reach?" asked the Admiral.

"That none of the defendants had been vaccinated," the commander said.

"Does the defense have any questions for this expert witness?" asked Adm. Stephens.

"No questions," said the Navy captain.

"The witness is excused," said the Admiral, then turned to the panel. "This raises a question we cannot ignore: Why did these physicians insist patients be vaccinated when they were not? We see only three possibilities: They knew COVID was benign, they knew the vaccines were dangerous, or both," said the Admiral.

Over the next three hours, the Admiral held ZOOM calls with six additional witnesses, each of whom had sought treatment for mild maladies from one or more of the defendants and whose testimony mirrored that of the mother and the son. They called the defendants pernicious predators who abused their self-perceived positions of authority to beguile patients. One witness said her doctor, Defendant #4, was foaming at the mouth to get a needle in her arm.

"These witnesses are the lucky ones, lucky that they had sense enough to challenge big medicine and refuse the shots," Adm. Stephens told the panel. "Some people we'd like to hear from can't be here today. They can't be here because they are dead. They are dead because the defendants bullied them to get vaxxed, and they did."

He showed a photograph of a lifeless woman on a gurney being wheeled to the rear of an ambulance and displayed an image of a middle-aged man who died suddenly while spectating a baseball game.

"These were patients of Defendants #1 and #2. No comorbidities. No major health issues before getting vaccinated. Both dropped dead of heart attacks, suddenly, within 7 days of the shot. We know of 65 patients who died suddenly, and they were all patients of the defendants," the Admiral said solemnly.

"Those patients had free will. The defendants didn't hold a gun to their heads," the Navy captain interjected.

"In the strictest sense they did, yes, they did. They violated their Hippocratic Oath to do no harm, they violated doctor-patient confidentiality in broadly disseminating vaccine status via a blacklist, and they ensured that if a patient for whatever reason didn't want the damn shot, that patient would have to travel far and wide to find any medical treatment at all. They toed the CDC line but weren't vaccinated, and each got a liability waiver issued by HHS and the FDA, very similar to waivers given to Big Pharma," Admiral Stephens said.

He distributed copies of the waivers to the panel.

"In short, it holds the defendants harmless and immune to litigation from vaccine side effects," he said. "No, the defendants are not military; they're not government officials, elected or appointed, but did have influence, strong influence, over their patients. What we have here is nothing short of mass medical malpractice, negligent homicide, conspiracy, and treason." the Admiral finished.

The Defense had no valid rebuttal, and the panel requested time--five and a half hours--to reach a decision. Upon returning a guilty verdict and recommending the maximum allowable punishment, Adm. Stephens thanked them for their service and released them from duty.

He did not immediately schedule dates of execution but said hangings would begin within a week.

Download here: We-are-doing-it-again-with-more-Viruses-Mask-Mandates-Lockdowns-and-Deadly-Vaccines-coming-soon-2023-08-27.mp4 - 15,174 kb
By: AwakenWithJP - 27th August 2023
We're doing it again with more
, Mask Mandates, Lockdowns
and Deadly Vaccines coming soon!

Mask Mandates are coming back! And other wonderful news...

Don't comply. Resist.

It's long past time to prosecute these people for Nuremberg code violations.

I didn't comply the first go-round and I'll be obeying equally well this and every time.

I'm ready to start boycotting companies who comply.
Who's with me?

They're doing it again.. and we're refusing.. AGAIN. Stay strong, don't shop where you're not welcome, boycott public schools, and get groceries from your yard!
#homeschool23 #homestead24

So nice to see the Covid "fact check" banners again… That's how you know you've found truth!
#donotcomply #lionsnotsheep

Taking medical advice from Fauxci is like taking health and fitness advice from Whoopi Goldberg.

Be sure to get your 8th booster. The first 7 shots worked so well after all. Haha

THANK YOU ! 1984 was supposed to be a warning not an instruction manual ...
In solidarity with the fighters for peace, love, freedom, justice and truth, we express our feelings with music on our channel.
Greetings from Germany, CLUB OF THE UNCENSORED POETS

The other day at my DR appt the nurse asked if I wanted a booster. Seeing how I never had cardiac conditions until after vax and boosters, I told her hell no! Hey Brandon, mask this! (_I_)

There's a convenient store a block away from where I work. One of the employees is a woman who still to this day always wears a mask and rubber gloves. I couldn't imagine living with that much constant fear that was created and promoted by the powers that be. And now they're ramping it up again. Thank God I live in a red state. Don't be surprised if the "new" covid is far more deadlier that original covid.

This time, we should pretend to care just a little more and make everyone wear goggles to actually prevent the virus from entering our how lab workers really stay safe.

What's actually needed is mass non-compliance.

2020 was the test. The past 3 years they have been fine tuning these variants to do exactly what they want. After all they never stopped doing "research" on it in labs all over the world

Resist! Freedom is so important to me. I shout it at the top of my lungs. Like buying a bunch of cool stuff on sale at Wal-mart and then yelling "FREEDOM!!!!" at everyone when they ask me why I need to borrow more money. Being very LOUD is the secret.

Download here: This-Evil-wont-end-until-We-END-it-If-you-stood-down-in-2020-then-stand-up-now-2023-08-20.mp4 - 4,668 kb
By: Epstein's Sheet - 20th August 2023
This Evil won't end until We END it
If you stood down in 2020,
then stand up now!

The WEF is lurking in the shadows, and SHAKING the fabric of society as we know it... Their sinister plan to strip away home ownership, our freedoms and make us mere peasants in their grand scheme.

Barbara Corcoran, a $200 million real estate investor shares her take on the market and the BEST way to defend yourself among all this madness...

#Trudeau #kevinoleary #HousingCrisis

Michelle #FJB
No fuking way!! They can throw me in jail but if we all stand together this time they won't have enough of them to house all of us!

El Beardo
Sad reality is that most will follow like sheep once again if this happens

️The Justice Team
That is why they are mostly all dead and we are still alive.
Pure Bloods, Blue Bloods, Ultra MAGA!
The Critically Thinking American Patriots.
Throw any name you want at me.
It bounces and boomerangs.

We were hurt by officials on the power trip from hell over the Covid vax.
Take nothing from the government without rock solid proof it's safe, AND it works.
Look to countries like Denmark and the UK who've stopped recommending this for those under 50.

Point Blank Trading
I'm not bowing down to shit. Didn't get the vaccine the first time and won't get it in my lifetime. If that means I can't go to concerts, football games or travel, so be it.

Download here: Covid-19-mRNA-vaccines-Have-you-ever-seen-Clots-like-this-DO-NOT-WATCH-if-squeamish-2023-08-16.mp4 - 13,345 kb
By: Vejon Health - 16th August 2023

Covid-19 mRNA vaccines
Have you ever seen Clots like this?
DO NOT WATCH if squeamish!

Clip from a recent discussion about the unusual clots that are being seen by embalmers across the world.

Towards the end of the video, the embalmer shows some examples of abnormal clots noted after the procedure. Not for the faint hearted.

Dr Shankara Chetty (Family Physician)
Dr Rory Donnellan (Pathologist)
Richard Hirschman (Embalmer)

From a scientific perspective, it is essential to understand the mechanism of these clots and ensure there are no risks in life.

Timecodes for full presentation:

0:00 Intro
03:00 Overview of blood clotting (Dr Donnellan)
07:40 How is embalming done? (Richard Hirschman)
09:13 Thoughts on cause of clots (Dr Chetty)
11:05 International responses on Embalmers clots
12:40 Thoughts from Dr Donnellan on the patterns
15:30 What were the embalmers initial thoughts (Richard Hirschman)
17:00 Why would pathologists not notice these clots (Dr Donnellan)
21:10 Could the clots be elsewhere in the body? (Dr Chetty)
24:50 What do the clots look like (NOT for the Squeamish!)
28:32 Observations from live blood work (Dr Chetty)
33:50 Where did the idea of snake venom come from?
38:18 Characteristics of patients with clots
40:20 Why should the vaccine be a consideration?
44:30 Why is there so little interest in these clots? (Richard Hirschman)
48:20 Is it reasonable for Public Health to censor this information?
54:34 Looking for patterns with clots
57:50 Awareness needs to continue

"The vaccine was not brought in for COVID. COVID was brought in for the vaccine. Once you realize that, everything else makes sense." ~ Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

I have met many people who regretted GETTING the Covid-19 mRNA Vaccine - but I have never met anyone who regretted NOT GETTING the Vaccine! - WHY IS THAT?

Thanks for showcasing this. Its a shame some people are still refusing to say that anything wrong is

I find it impossible to believe that nobody else is mentioning this ! Is there an average age range of people that these clots appear to be found in ? No mention by the Science community/ Governments ? Thankyou again Dr. MacMillan for caring more than the rest of the medical world apparently and getting this out there !

Thank you for informing the public about these abnormal clots. I had 3 loved ones die in the last 2 years. All were jabbed. Doctors did not want to perform autopsy. Suspicious.

My lady was given an ultimatum. Either take the vaccine or lose her teaching position. She has had nothing but health problems since her second Moderna shot. Five minutes after her booster, she was admitted to the ER for heart palpitations. We have known each other since 1996. She was always perfectly healthy. Now she has cronic fatigue, allergies, Athsma, a persistent rash, and needs an Albuterol nebulizer twica a day, and has two inhalers. She reported the symptoms to the CDC with no response. We are beyond frustrated. Edit: I wanted to also add that the prescription for her eyeglasses has changed twice in the last year. Shes 46

I'd be shit scared if i took these shots...this is exactly why i didn't . I knew something was very wrong.

My Mother died 6 months ago - the funeral director advised against draining the blood (to enable formaldehyde to be used as preservative) due to this phenomena - so it has been in the public domain for some time yet main stream media is not reporting it.

Dr. McMillan, again, thank you so much for discussing this topic. The Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care website contains the following statement: "Some of the mRNA vaccines being developed include the use of a material called a hydrogel, which might help disperse the vaccine slowly into our cells." With a little digging, I also found: "Hydrogels have two main regimes of mechanical properties: rubber elasticity and viscoelasticity." This is rather frightening!

This really is two year old news.
These facts were brought to light soon into the jib jab saga as it unfolded.
UK embalmers were immediately sharing their unique experience and findings back then !

It's incredible that authorities are ignoring this evidence. Thanks for your work Doctor. Aussie Bob

I feel so bad for the people that were so scared of getting grandma sick. I have always been a "tinfoil hat" kinda person myself. I warned everyone I talked to not to be tricked by fear. If it is from the government, there are side effects attached to it. And this was from world wide government. So, that was an absolute hell no for me. I wish more people would have listened to logic and reason instead of fear and threats.


Download: Australian-Senate-Hearing-Vaccines-should-not-cause-an-autoimmune-response-against-your-own-healthy-cells-2023-08-10.mp4 - 8,978 kb
By: Senator Gerard Rennick - 10th August 2023
Australian Senate Hearing
Vaccines shouldn't cause an autoimmune
response against your own healthy cells

The TGA finally admit myocarditis is an autoimmune response which means the vaccine causes autoimmune issues. Given biodistribution studies showed vaccine lipids entered all body organs this means all organs are at risk of autoimmune responses.

No wonder Pfizer didn't test for autoimmune responses in their trials!

Is it just me or do others struggle to remember any mention of Covid causing myocarditis before the vaccine rollout.

I seem to recall the initial hysteria was around Covid causing cytokine storms and respiratory problems with lots of pictures of people (young people at that) lying in bed with a ventilator struggling to breathe. Not pictures of people clutching hearts.

Furthermore and I'm annoyed I didn't ask this question how do health authorities know that people who had Covid didn't actually get myocarditis from the vaccine given most of the adult population was vaccinated.

It's all to convenient to blame myocarditis on Covid, yet the authorities never tested the distribution and degradation of the vaccine spike protein so how can they rule out the vaccine having caused myocarditis for those who caught Covid.

Let's not forget the vaccine was codon optimised to increase the expression of spike protein, and the lipids were designed to enter all cells not just those with an ACE receptor. Given these enhancements increased the potency of the vaccine, I fail to see how the vaccine isn't more toxic and dangerous than the virus.

Finally, the TGA claim only 2 in 100,000 doses cause myocarditis from the vaccine. This is rubbish. That would mean only 1,200 people in Australia have myocarditis. I myself have spoken to hundreds of people who got it after the vaccine.

Thank you Senator Rennick for your persistence and determination to establish the Truth...

Morality and Truth are on your side, Senator.

Phenomenal stuff Senator. Thank you for your persistence and unbelievable leadership in the current global climate,

Myocarditis from covid: "bad!"
Myocarditis from vaccines: "who cares?!"

Keep exposing their lies Thank you Senator Rennick

Thank you Senator Rennick! Praying for you. We are grateful that you speak out bravely to expose the horrid truth that the criminals keep lying. It is heartbreaking that these shots are still being pushed and mandated in many areas.

Well done Senator Rennick - catch them out.

Senator Rennick giving respectability back to the word Senator.

Download: Senate-Hearing-Overwhelming-evidence-Pfizer-Big-Pharma-deceived-the-public-and-has-VOIDED-their-INDEMNITY-2023-08-10.mp4 - 25,057 kb
By: Senator Gerard Rennick - 10th August 2023
Australian Senate Hearing
Overwhelming evidence.
Pfizer / Big Pharma deceived the public
and has VOIDED their INDEMNITY!

Yesterday I spoke in favour of removing indemnity for pharmaceutical companies.

The moment you remove risk you can guarantee shortcuts will be taken. And that's exactly what happened with Pfizer.

Pfizer took shortcuts in both testing for safety and efficacy.

They also lied to cover up injuries and the efficacy of the jab in stopping transmission and infection.

Governments are meant to protect people not corporations. They need to be held to account.

Bravo Senator, keep exposing these criminals who harmed the whole country.

FIRSTLY: Pfizer / Big Pharma has willingly and knowingly supplied - under false pretences - faulty products that are NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE; resulting in literally maiming and killing hundreds of millions of people across the Globe;

SECONDLY: Pfizer / Big Pharma has not provided a FULL DISCLOSURE of their product/s, wherein governments and recipients can make A FULLY INFORMED DECISION whether to partake in the massive Covid Medical Experiment or not;

THIRDLY: Accordingly, any indemnities between Pfizer / Big Pharma and their customers are automatically forfeited, as the 'contracts' were obtained via blatant fraud and deception;

FOURTHLY: This gives governments a limited opportunity to shift the blame from themselves to the origin of the FRAUD i.e: Pfizer / Big Pharma etc, for any litigation and claims for punitive damages from the millions of vaccine injured 'customers.'

Thus the tide has turned and the last of the rats are quickly fleeing the ship, as the blame game for facilitating a 'slow Holocaust / Global Genocide' is now well under way!

Thank you Senator Rennick for speaking the truth. Anyone who is not supportive of this bill is complicit in the evil that has been perpetrated upon the people.

Wonderful speach Senator Rennick!

Thank you Senator for always standing up and fighting for the people.

We speak in favour of you and the other handful of strong senators that speak truth over LIES and GREED. Thank you

Thank you Senator Rennick. Even though I'm not in Australia I appreciate the hard work you do. No one in Canada seems to bring up these issues and it's sad.

Well done senator. You're a champion.

Thank you Senator Rennick! You speak the truth! You speak for the people! You, sir, are a Godsend!

Senator Rennick is FANTASTIC!!!
He is a Hero BIG TIME!!!!!!

Great job senator, need more people like you around the world to speak out for us all

Thank you so much Senator. You are the greatest politician of all time!

It might be time to round up all the traitors and hold them to account.
We know who they are and we have overwhelming evidence. Time for transparency and justice.

An impactful speech, Senator Rennick. As an Australian I am disgusted that the chamber was almost empty and the rest of the parliament, bar a few, wilfully have their heads in the sand. You are doing the job you were elected to do. You should be proud of your commitment.

Senator thank you for your tireless effort to bring this to light

You are a national hero Senator.

Thank you for your work, senator. Much needed, and appreciated. God bless you, greetings from Italy.

Download here: Australian-Senate-Moderna-can-not-explain-why-their-vaccine-has-3-times-more-mRNA-than-Pfizers-2023-08-09.mp4 - 8,594 kb
By: Senator Gerard Rennick - 9th August 2023
Australian Senate Hearing
Moderna can't explain why their vaccine
has 3 times more mRNA than Pfizers

The mRNA in Moderna's vaccine is three times heavier than the mRNA in Pfizer's vaccine!
Furthermore the mRNA sequence between the two is also different.


Either there's a right amount or a wrong amount of mRNA and a right sequence or a wrong sequence of mRNA.

The fact that Moderna and Pfizer are using different vaccines but claim to make the same spike protein tells you one, if not both are playing games with your health here!

Furthermore there is nothing speculative about asking why the vaccine causes myocarditis.

It's called "Do no harm."

Genuine medical professionals would never speculate as to the side effect of a medical treatment.

As a fellow-Aussie I am fiercely proud of you and your efforts in chipping away at these drug pushers, Senator Rennick!

If only people did their jobs as honestly and truthfully as Sen.Rennick.

Hats off to you Senator Rennick.
You could qualify as a true medical scientist. Amazing stuff. You did your homework. I would vote you as my representative any day.

Thank you, Senator, you serve our country so well!

Senator Rennick, Australia would be a much better place if you were PM. Keep up the great work

I just love listening to Senator Rennick's questioning! He is a national treasure and strongly for the people of Australia!

Go Strong Senator Rennick, you are doing a very good job

Thank you for your continual service Senator

Well done Senator your fantastic work has been noted and reported on the world stage, Redacted is cheering your questioning proudly like Australians

The whole world thanks you for you excellent work, senator!

They can run but they can't hide!
Great job Senator Rennick

I can't express how pleased I am to hear Senator Rennick grill these guys. Keep holding feet to fire Senator

Download here: Mandate-Madness-Exposed-Why-Australia-Needs-A-Covid-19-Royal-Commission-2023-08-08.mp4 - 10,140 kb
By: Pauline Hanson's Please Explain - 8th August 2023
Why Australia Needs A
Covid-19 Royal Commission

Let us have a referendum on whether we Australians feel we were forced to be vaccinated. If the majority say yes then all those that forced this on us need to be punished. Then make a constitutional change whereby we can never be forced to take a medication again, without our personal permission.

I'm still happily un vaxxed, thank you Senator Hanson for your continuous hard work

Misleading the general Australian public is a serious crime.

There are criminals in public life who need to to spend time in jail to pay for the ruined lives they are responsible for.

We know a royal commission is a scam. We need a Grand Jury Pauline. Take it to we the people

I haven't had any and was the best choice i ever made. I'm genuinely sorry to those who were forced. I truly am. I was lucky enough to not be put in that position. My heart goes out to you all.

Forget the Royal Commission we need Australia trials. And and those convicted and found guilty should be going straight to the Commonwealth Gallows for treason. No exceptions

It's disgusting. If anyone wonders why there is now a lack of trust in Government, in Police and Law Enforcement, in Medical Professionals.

Maybe we should have a class action against state premiers?

Still an unvaxxed Australian Citizen here. What we need is for both the Media and the Government to pull their heads in and stop fekkin lying to us when it suits them

Jab or job mandates are nothing short of coercion which is a felony equivalent to assault or rape which seems particularly appropriate under the circumstances. What I find equally distressing is that the same people (the police) who are charged with enforcing the laws (laws, not mandates) were the same ones who zealously forced you to submit to the abuse. If you let them get away with it you can be reasonably certain they'll do it again.

I was forced, it was get vaxxed or lose job. At my specific work place, I was allocated the job of telling the workers, "if you're not vaccinated by the morning don't bother coming to work", before they left for the day, it was horrible

No not me or my kids we ALL said no!! Federal Gov workers were exempt!! That's when I knew this was rigged.

He answered from a very strict perception.. from the company viewpoint, they didn't force anyone. And pushed blame to Governments, etc.

Politicians didn't loose their jobs for not complying.

Rest in peace young footballers Dallas Keogh-Frankling , Antonio Loiacono and Nick Lowden !
Enough said !!!

It should be a given that something as big as this event warrants a Royal Commission.

Justice delayed... Is Justice denied.

Somewhere in the comments section I saw someone mentioned "a grand jury" instead of a Royal Commission.
This is the the way forward, I think. Royal Commissions just cost the taxpayer millions with no real result. A grand jury, however, is the way to send these pricks to jail.

When will all these traitors be round up and held to account that's all I'm concerned about.

Download here: Big-Pharma-Denies-People-Were-FORCED-To-Get-The-Covid-Jab-in-Australia-2023-08-08.mp4 - 14,852 kb
By: Pauline Hanson's Please Explain - 8th August 2023
Big Pharma Denies People Were
FORCED To Get The Covid Jab

I'm a pilot. I was forced under threat of dismissal.
Go Pauline!

Why aren't more Australians voting for one nation?? I have switched from libs to one nation and will continue to vote for her.

This is the most disgusting abuse of Australians in our history.
Those responsible need to be publicly held to account and punished for their actions.

Thankyou for standing for the blatant obvious truth.

I was 'stood down' by my employer, due to not following vaccine mandates, on 25/10/2021 and my employer is still standing by the vaccine mandate even though the pandemic has been declared over. It's a sad world!

we love Pauline, One day she will run this country

Now! Thats Why I will vote for this lady, any given Day. We are With You, PAULINE !!

I was refused life saving brain surgery until I had vaxxes. that is forced and coercion.

I'm retired and do not work. My wife and i were reluctant to get vaccinated because the vaccine had not been satisfactorily proven to be safe. My wife (60) was told by her employer to continue working she should have the vax so we jointly agreed to both do it so she can keep her job. One week following our second jab, my wife experienced two seizures requiring ICU admittance. I thought she was going to die. A year and a half later she has ongoing digestive problems which she didn't have before the vax. I had no ill effects. We were lied to bigtime. All of us. Robert NZ.

Well Australia, now you know who to vote for in the next election if you want common sense. Stop voting for the major parties, we need to change this, and we are the people to do it. VOTE ONE NATION OR UAP

How about a public commission into it, considering that our public servants aren't willing.
What is the old saying. If you want something done right, do it yourself
Yes or No

That bloke seriously makes my blood boil. Thank you Senator Hanson

Those responsible must be tried and jailed for crimes against humanity.

Thank you Pauline. The word is Blackmail, and is one of the reasons why I did not comply with the discriminatory agenda and lost my job.

Download here: The-Covid-Vaccinated-still-get-Covid-That-is-Not-How-Vaccines-Are-Supposed-To-Work-2023-08-08.mp4 - 3,210 kb
By: The Jimmy Dore Show - 8th August 2023
The Covid Vaccinated still get Covid!
That's Not How Vaccines
Are Supposed To Work!


The first Polio vaccine's negative side effects were so rampant that vaccine hesitancy was born.

My heart swells with pride!

Even the sheeple know they have made a huge mistake.

Covid lies ARE funny! Thanks Jimmy!

Has there ever been a time when we blamed the failure of a VACCINE on those who didn't take it?

I lost my job for declining the vaccine.
As a single mom, it has been tough on me. My husband passed years ago. I still miss him dearly. Both of my sons are autistic. I'm overwhelmed. Father God hear my prayers. Since covid I've been struggling to support my children and myself but my faith in GOD is strong! I lost my job for declining the vaccine. I've been struggling since. I declined because of my health conditions lupus, and heart disease. I tried to get my job back at Forsyth hospital but they are still wanting vaccinated people over the unvaccinated. I'm now waitressing Im thankful to be working but I'm not making nearly enough to get by. BUT! Even as I constantly struggle to pay my rent. And I constantly struggle to provide groceries for my children! I'm choosing to keep faith. Walking with faith is the most important thing us christian's must do. So as I struggle I Thank you Heavenly Father and I thank you Yeshua I will keep faith! Amen!

Jimmy's pollio walk is pretty funny

Way too many people are suffering from cognitive dissonance (along with jab side effects) from the Big Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex.

I've seen this multiple times...and I'm still cracking up

Soooo funny and TRUE!!

This is one of, if not the funniest routine that Jimmy has ever done

Exactly. The NeuroLinguistic Programming worked so well on the masses.

I am 78 and had the polio vaccine in approximately 1958. All my life since I have had a chronic fatigue/ pain type of illness. Coincidence?
Did I take the wonderful covid jab, not on your Nelly.

RFK all the way

I'm a type 1 diabetic (compromised immune system) and I'm one of the only ppl in my family not to get vaxed. And I'm also the only one in my fam who hasn't gotten COVID yet (knock on wood). But hey at least its suppose too lessen the symptoms huh?

Not wanting to buy a Pinto doesn't make someone anti-car by default

It means make a safer car

Download here: Pfizer-lies-to-Senator-Pauline-Hanson-and-says-Nobody-was-forced-to-take-vaccines-in-Australia-2023-08-05.mp4 - 7,131 kb
By: Rukshan Fernando - 5th August 2023
Pfizer lies to Senator Pauline Hanson
and says: "Nobody was forced'
to take vaccines in Australia

Pfizer told an Australian Senate hearing that "Nobody was forced to have the vaccine", does that statement hold up to the reality faced by millions of people in Australia?

Let's take a look at what "nobody was forced" really looked like.

Bonus take from Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla at the end acknowledging the effectiveness of punitive mandates.

Pauline Hanson is the only politician fighting for the rights of the everyday Australian. I hope she has a long life in politics and keeps exposing the corruption , lies and BS of the puppet government we have in power.

Pauline is the last politician to have any credibility, honesty and integrity. May God bless her for the tireless work she does for ordinary Australians.

not forced, blackmailed with our jobs

When Dictator Dan, the Hunchback of Spring Street, challenged us to wait it out , it was possibly his best motivational speech ever.
There was absolutely no way in hell that myself, my wife and two adult sons were ever going to comply with anything that parasite said.
It was hard and it cost three of us our jobs but we never gave into that spiteful, vindictive, narcissistic excuse for a human being.

No, nobody busted through our front doors, held us down and jabbed us, but that is not what Pauline was arguing. A tiny minority of Australians resisted the campaign but certain people were given no practical alternative. Refusal proved to be prohibitively expensive to those that needed to comply in order to keep their jobs. Beyond this, they threatened all of us with restricted freedom of movement and association even if it did turn out to be only temporary. After years of waiting to get back to normal, many could not hold out any longer. They even talked about restricting our access to health care for refusing. They publicly shamed vaccine hesitant people. When fear did not work, they did everything they could to punish and vilify the last remaining hold outs. They did a lot of damage to our society.

Everyone seems to forget the most important part about this, that we weren't allowed out of our homes until a certain percentage were vaccinated, then further we were not allowed outside a certain radius until a certain percentage were vaccinated. This is coercion, the very definition. I will never forget about this as long as I live, and I will set this right in decades to come.

Who was the Scottish man for Pfizer saying nobody was forced to have a vaccine ??? Pauline you never cease to amaze me with your courage.

I was a teacher for 17 years and I lost my job as a leading teacher because I refused to get vaccinated. I have only gone back as a casual once they lifted the mandates but there are still many jobs I can't apply for because they still require up to date vaccines. What a joke! By the way, I still have not had Covid and most people I know have been vaccinated and have had Covid at least twice.

It's past time Australians woke up and took back their country

No one is "forced" to breathe. It is up to the individual. Thanks Pauline. A true hero.

God these people who pushed this need to rot in jail

Thanks Rukshan. Please show this to the face of these corrupt politicians.

Its about time Pauline Hanson is credited for what she has AND IS doing for Australia & us Australians. I've been a big supporter of hers for many years. Gotten ridiculed myself for it too!

Lawyer and anti-Covid vaccine
campaigner Sue Grey found NOT to
have breached conduct standards
By: Stuff, Gabrielle McCulloch - 4th August 2023

Lawyer Sue Grey found not to have breached conduct standards.
Lawyer Sue Grey found not to have breached conduct standards.

Well known Lawyer Sue Grey has not breached conduct standards, a tribunal has found.

Grey, known for her campaign against the Covid-19 vaccination roll-out and mask mandate, has faced charges of misconduct and unsatisfactory conduct before the Lawyers and Conveyancers Disciplinary Tribunal on Monday.

The charges stem from an investigation by the Nelson Standards Committee, following a number of complaints made against the lawyer.

The decision, released on Friday, found that while Grey's action reflected "poorly on her judgement and appreciation of the position she holds", her freedom of expression must be protected.

"We do not consider, when balanced against the right to free speech, that the remaining charge could be made out to the standard of unsatisfactory conduct," the ruling said.

Grey said she was happy with the decision.

"Freedom of political speech is really important - and although you're a lawyer, you can still wear different hats in other areas of your life," she said.

The complaints were originally made in 2021, and Grey said she was pleased to have the matter resolved.

"I'm very grateful to the lawyer Disciplinary Tribunal for a quick decision," she said.

Complainants pointed to Grey's social media posts that claimed the Covid vaccine was the direct cause of deaths.

Many of those posts couldn't be linked directly to Grey, as a number of administers made posts under her name.

The tribunal also noted that none of those complainants were clients of Grey.

"It is Ms Grey's case that all of these statements were made in her capacity as a politician, or as an individual citizen, and none of them formed part of her role as a lawyer.

"There is no complaint before the Tribunal about her conduct in court or conduct as counsel for any client," the ruling said.

Sue Grey gather with anti-vaccine and anti-mandate protesters gather on the lawns of the Beehive Parliament grounds in Wellington.
Sue Grey gather with anti-vaccine and anti-mandate protesters gather on the lawns of the Beehive Parliament grounds in Wellington.

Tribunal said that lawyers must, with in limit, must "not be fearful of saying unpopular things."

However, the tribunal also pointed out that lawyers have an obligation to be "careful and measured" in their language.

"Had posts made in Ms Grey's name been better managed or approved by her, it would have prevented the linking of the more extreme statements to her personally," it said.

Grey's charges of misconduct and unsatisfactory conduct were struck out.

Jacinda Ardern: We will continue to be your single source of truth!
GetStuffedNews: Ex New Zealand Dictator Jacinda Ardern is extremely disappointed with the courts ruling, and vows to limit freedom of speech for all New Zealanders to the best of her ability, even if it means praying even harder to her favourite god Satan...

NZDSOS - NZ Doctors Speaking Out with Science
They really are. We are so happy to hear they Sue Grey was found not to have breached any standards.

"We do not consider, when balanced against the right to free speech, that the remaining charge could be made out to the standard of unsatisfactory conduct," the ruling said.

Thank goodness the charges were chucked out!

Brilliant! That's a win for us.

Maria McGivern
I'm so glad.

Rodney Bailey
Well done Sue. Another trumped up charge dismissed (excuse the pun)

there were plenty in Wellington talking to us & doing a lot more than Winston Peters who waltzed in with media & security & waltzed out again. Sue Grey, Liz Gunn, Leighton Baker & Matt King were there doing a lot more than Winston did. They weren't bad mouthing those there 5 minutes earlier

Dono Harm
An incredible, strong woman who acts admirably at all times. Sue Grey is a hero and will be remembered for her bravery and courage during this time.

Anne K Frazer
Fantastic, we need more Sue Grey's in the world, speaking the truth about COVID "vaccines" #suegreyhero #vaccinewarriors
Lawyer did not breach standards with vaccine comments, tribunal says

Trulye Aghaste
Yep, but most legal professionals have brought it into disrepute. Where were they when the government rode roughshod over people's fundamental rights? Sue Grey is/will be on the right side of history. Most of the legal profession, along with the media, won't.

A Law
It was a witch hunt. I'm pleased for Sue Grey. While I don't agree with everything she says I absolutely defend her right to say them. The Pfizer injection was a new and experimental medication that should never have been labelled a vaccine. Nobody should have been coerced either

Download here: Pfizer-cannot-explain-why-their-Covid-Vax-causes-myocarditis-Senate-Covid-Adverse-Events-Hearings-2023-08-04.mp4 - 7,709 kb
By: Senator Gerard Rennick - 4th August 2023
Australian Senate Hearing
Pfizer can't explain why their
Covid Vax causes myocarditis!
Senate Hearings on Covid Adverse Events

Last night the Senate finally got to question Pfizer as to the effectiveness of the Covid vaccine.

It was disappointing that they would not acknowledge the lack of testing they performed prior to the rollout, nor could they explain why it damages heart muscle.
If they can't explain the biological mechanism as to why it causes damage to the heart then they can't guarantee it doesn't cause other injuries.

Despite all of this they continue to claim the vaccine is safe and effective without qualifying the risks.

#auspol #australia #tga


Senator Gerard Rennick forced Pfizer to admit that they didn't understand the mechanism by which the vaccine causes myocarditis & pericarditis.

So much for trusting the science.

Bill White
Every one of these people, who were involved in the production, distribution and coercion of hundreds of millions of people to take and in many cases, being forced to take this poison needs to be arrested, prosecuted and IF convicted by a competent international court, then, executed as were the Nazis.

I love you Senator Rennick. Thank you for being so brave.

Senator you expose their ignorance & lies by asking the right questions. You will not accept their BS. You are fighting the good fight. You deserve wider recognition.

These are fair and valid points the Senator has questioned these men. They respond with little relevance and rather long winded and irrelevant answers.

Thank God, someone is prepared to ask tough questions, and thankfully with a sound knowledge and and not ignorance behind these inquiries.
How do we we keep you, Senator Rennick in your current position for the next electoral cycle?

It's not the answers you get but the questions you ask & Senator you could not have been any clearer! Their deflection is proof of the shame that their vaccine was. Well done Senator

Thank you Senator,
We need this type of rigor here in Ireland and everywhere

I love and admire your dogged determination Senator Rennick.

Keep doing what you're doing senator

My 17 year old son was diagnosed with myocarditis When we went to the heart specialist the entire waiting room was full of's disgusting and upsetting as a father to watch these animals avoid answering basic questions..

Senator Rennick, you're a champion. For what it's worth, many of us share your exasperation, frustration and anger.
These people are total muppets.

Thank you Senator Rennick for being one of the few to hold their feet to the fire. Keep up the good work, really appreciated.

Download here: Pfizer-claims-no-one-was-forced-to-get-the-Jab-2023-08-04.mp4 - 2,269 kb
By: Pauline Hanson's Please Explain - 4th August 2023
Pfizer claims no one
was forced to get the Jab!

It is time charges were laid against these globalists.

As a nurse in aged care I can confirm it was ABSOLUTELY forced upon the industry.

It's not unusual for dangerous criminals to deny they are dangerous criminals. It's part of their criminal psychology. It's what they do. That's what makes them so dangerous and why average citizens should be protected from them.

Thank you Senator Hanson quite correct thousands of Australians lost their jobs because they were FORCED!

Good on you Pauline, Stay on these scumbags

he's right… were given a choice….comply or you'll lose your job, your livelihood, you're mental well being, your reputation, your house, your dignity, pretty much everything. but you were never "forced". let's hope this guy gets caught with the wrong person in a dark alley one day.

Obviously he has no idea what "forced" means. At least the Italians had the sense to carry out justice against Mussolini.

Yes people weren't "forced" but only took it under extreme duress from government and employers.

I suppose it depends on how you define "forced." No one was caught and held down and vaccinated, true. But the Australian Immunisation Handbook requires that there is no coercion allowed. Taking the vaccine or losing your job IS coercion, and as such not allowed in Australia. Using the word forced leaves wiggle room.

Coerced, manipulated, blackmailed, extorted, pressured, bullied, harassed, abused, but oh no, definitely not forced.

Thank you Senator Hanson, we know the truth

The criminals will deny until their Nuremberg tribunal. If they acknowledged it would be like saying we breached the Nuremberg code. They won't do that. They protect each other.

People were forced to take it to feed their families and to keep a roof over their head.
How much more damn forced can they be?

That's like saying you weren't forced to stay with your abusive partner

Download here: The-Dark-Side-Of-Hollywood-They-Try-To-Hide-Then-This-Happens-2023-08-01.mp4 - 50,122 kb
By: The Gospel of Christ - 1st August 2023

The Dark Side Of Hollywood
They Try To Hide...
..Then This Happens

The dark side of Hollywood they try to hide - then this happens.

I was shocked to hear what they try to hide from the world and what happens next shocks the whole world. Hollywood is trying to silence the truth.

With Tucker Carlson, Candace Owens, Justin Bieber, Hailey Bieber, Jamie Foxx, Tory Kelly, Bronny James (Lebron James's son), Damar Damar Hamlin, CNN, Inside Edition, Denzel Washington.

With John MacArthur on the truth.

With John Henry and the Gospel of Christ.

God Loves you...
He sent His Son Jesus Christ...
To die for you and I at the cross...
He carried our sins so that we might be saved...
From the wrath of God and have eternal life...
If you don't know Jesus then what are you waiting for...

To be banned from Oprah is a badge of honor!!

All that is done in the dark SHALL COME TO LIGHT

Good for Ice Cube for standing up for what he believes in! True O.G.

"If you don't read the newspaper, you are uninformed; if you do read the newspaper, you are misinformed." (Mark Twain)

"People will forgive you for being wrong, but they will never forgive you for being right, especially when events prove you right while proving them wrong" -Thomas Sowell -

They mocked us, threatened us, called us insane, shunned us, banned us from their compaany, ridiculed us, bullied us, took away our rights , challenged our human integrity, scorned our dignity, threatened our jobs and our children and our finances, and now they want our sympathy ?
I do feel sorry for them, poor sad creatures, what a bed they made.

Kudos to that pharmacist for actually admitting the truth. You can tell he'd been morally wrestling with the issue for quite a while by the time she interviewed him.

As someone who was laughed at, branded a conspiracy theorist and threatened with losing my job but resisted it all I would normally find great pleasure in saying I told you so but i can't take pleasure in so many people's lives being destroyed or taken for profit for the worlds biggest criminals!

My family thought my husband and I were crazy for refusing. They threatened both our jobs, but still, we refused. God was with us. We both still have our jobs and no shot.

We all know that this started happening after many people were coerced into doing a certain thing two years ago. I thank God that I was woken up in 2004 so that I was wise enough to not be coerced into doing that thing a couple of years ago.

Download here: Australian-Comedian-Regrets-Getting-The-Covid-Vaxx-2023-07-31.mp4 - 8,252 kb
By: The Jimmy Dore Show - 31st July 2023
Australian Comedian
Regrets Getting The Covid Vaxx!

Australian comedian James Donald Forbes McCann went viral with a video from a recent set where the comic expressed remorse about getting vaccinated. McCann noted in a comedic fashion that his quickness to vaccinate suggests he would have been a "good German" during the World War II era.

Jimmy and Americans' Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the dearth of comedians expressing similar sentiments about caving to public pressure to get vaccinated.


I'm unvaccinated... but I worry about my vaxed family members.

This is the definition of excellent comedy. Difficult truth wrapped in a package of humour.

I don't know anybody who took the jab and is happy about it AND I don't know anybody that didn't take the jab and regretted not getting it.

I got kicked out of a restaurant about 2 years ago because I didn't want to wear a mask. I was meeting my roommates mom for the first time and didn't want to cause a scene, so I left without a fuss. On my way home I was passing a bar and figured why not it looks dead so stumbled on in. I ordered a drink and everything was peachy until the one other guy sitting all the way at the opposite side of the bar asked me who the hell i thought I was because I wasn't wearing a mask. I kinda froze up and asked like what or excuse me and he proceeds to throw his shitty burger at me from like 15 ft away. At this point I'm in shock, he's calling me deranged but he's 40 years older than me cursing me out and throwing food at me lol. THEN the bartender walks back out from the kitchen and asks me to leave saying I'm upsetting his regulars. I looked him in the eye and said "you realize you're kicking out one of you' only 2 customers right? How much longer do you think this place is going to last?" And it wasn't people like me doing this to his business, it was people like the old dude throwing a fit. 2 weeks later I drive by and there is a for sale sign out front. good riddance

I am proud to be a member of the unvaxed who stood in solidarity with the members of the third world who were denied access to it, while standing against government overreach. We did more for freedom than most soldiers.

I've yet to meet a person who regrets not getting the vax.

My best friend died of two rare autoimmune diseases that usually only affects elderly women, and I had an aortic aneurysm that almost killed me. Both 40 years old and vaccinated…definitely regret it

As an 'crunchy' introvert with mild social anxiety who is anti-establishment and a 'conspiracy theorist', the last 4 years have actually been a breeze.

That comic just explained how so many were pressured to obey because they couldnt be away from social events that mean nothing actually.

My body. my choice. Its amazing how many women suddenly didn't give a damn about that principle, proving how full of sh!t they are.

When i refused to get the vax I had someone tell me, " I am worried about having to raise your children if you die. " I also had a crazy friend that called me everyday for a week and I finally lied. I said yep, I went to Walgreens and got it. It was a wild time. It needs to be talked about.

Download here: Senior-ABC-journalist-caught-on-hot-mic-making-astonishing-COVID-admission-2023-07-31.mp4 - 39,434 kb
By: Sky News Australia - 31st July 2023
Senior ABC journalist caught on hot mic
making 'astonishing' COVID admission

A senior ABC journalist has been caught making an "astonishing admission" about the public broadcaster's failure to investigate the origins of COVID-19, Sky News host Sharri Markson reports.

The comments were caught by microphones set up for the AUSMIN press conference with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken on Saturday afternoon.

ABC foreign affairs reporter Stephen Dziedzic admits he probably didn't look at the lab leak theory "dispassionately enough."

Anyone who challenges the covid belief orthodoxy you are just labeled "crazy" out of hand.

This is exactly why we cannot let the government or a government agency determine what is true and what is not true. Misinformation and disinformation is how we sift information, debate and discover truth for ourselves.

The ABC is no longer fit for purpose. Defund the ABC.

Anyone who calls you "unhinged" for doing proper research, has a petty, closed mind. Sad the lack of proper journalists around these days. Nobody thinks for themselves any more.

ABC must be disbanded.

When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, we are ruled by criminals. Edward Snowden

I stand by my previous comments. Every family and person owes you Sharri and your team at Sky News a debt of gratitude. Thank you again and why has the government stopped coverage of covid? Do they know something that should be made public? Their silence and lack of concern should be questioned. Best wishes Jason from Melbourne Victoria.

It's absolutely mind numbing how uninformed these people are … journalists they call themselves…. I did a day's research early on and was was onto it immediately… we pay for these fools is the kick in the head
"China, it comes from China!" Never a sentence truly spoken by Trump.

I am sick of the lies of media.

Well done Shari. Your dedication to this is gradually scraping the truth off the narrative.

The abc journos don't hold a candle to Sharri. Good work.

The words "ABC" and "journalist" should NEVER be used in the same sentence.

Sharri, YOU are a True Journalist. One of Oz's best. Mind you, (sorry) there is not much competition for your crown. The MSM has a dearth of good, dispassionate, well-researching reporters in Oz. Thank goodness for the back-up media.

Covid cover-up: Wuhan lab leak suspicions, Anthony Fauci and
how the science was silenced
By: The - Exclusive by Sharri Markson - 28th July 2023
Dr Anthony Fauci: This was a reputational risk to him and his ­institute, says Dr Robert Kadlec, Fauci's boss
Dr Anthony Fauci: "This was a reputational risk to him and his ­institute," says Dr Robert Kadlec, Fauci's boss.

America's top infectious diseases adviser, Anthony Fauci, deliberately decided to downplay suspicions from scientists that Covid-19 came from a laboratory to protect his reputation and deflect from the risky coronavirus research his agency had funded, according to his boss, one of the most senior US health officials during the pandemic.

In an exclusive interview, Robert Kadlec - former assistant secretary for preparedness and response at the US Department of Health - told The Weekend Australian that he, Dr Fauci and National Institutes of Health director Francis Collins privately discussed how to "turn down the temperature" on accusations against China in the early days of the pandemic while they were trying to encourage Beijing to co-operate and share a sample of the virus.

But the senior US health official - who worked for George W. Bush and Donald Trump and went on to lead American efforts to develop a Covid-19 vaccine - said Dr Fauci mostly kept his knowledge of virologists' concerns about a lab leak from Wuhan to himself.

The Weekend Australian revealed in 2021 that the National Institutes of Health and other US agencies funded 65 scientific projects at the Wuhan Institute of Virology over the past decade, many involving risky research on bat coronaviruses.

'Vaccine ­research was the proximate cause'

Dr Kadlec's comments give the closest insight to date on how Dr Fauci - who led coronavirus policy for two presidents and influenced the worldwide approach to the pandemic - handled the link between Covid-19 and China. They came as US congressional investigations in the past month revealed how scientists worked to silence concerns about a lab leak.

"I think Tony Fauci was trying to protect his institution and his own reputation from the possibility that his agency was funding the Wuhan Institute of Virology researchers who, beyond the scope of the grants received from the National Institutes of Health, may have been working with People's Liberation Army researchers on defensive coronavirus vaccines," Dr Kadlec said.

"I think it's evident from his later released emails (obtained via Freedom of Information requests) that he had more sense of what his institute had funded at that moment. This was a reputational risk to him and his institute and certainly he probably sided with the international scientists that believed that false or unsubstantiated accusations could have a chilling effect on scientific collaboration between the western world and China."

Dr Robert Kadlec, right, and Dr Fauci testify before a Senate Health Committee hearing on the US response to Covid on Capitol Hill on March 3, 2020
Dr Robert Kadlec, right, and Dr Fauci testify before a Senate Health Committee hearing
on the US response to Covid on Capitol Hill on March 3, 2020.

Dr Kadlec, in his first ever media interview, added: "We think vaccine research resulted in the pandemic - that vaccine research was the proximate cause."

In an extraordinary admission, Dr Kadlec said they decided to try to encourage a group of leading international scientists to calm down speculation on the origins of the virus.

The scientists held a phone call on February 1, 2020, in which they discussed concerns that SARS-CoV-2 looked like it may have been genetically engineered.

"When we talked about this in advance of that call, he (Fauci) would just try and see if he could get the scientists to take the temperature down, turn the rhetoric down. to at least find, we're going to look into this but we don't know," Dr Kadlec said.

As both Mr Bush's biodefence adviser and Mr Trump's assistant health secretary for preparedness, Dr Kadlec has decades of experience in fighting public health crises. He created Operation Warp Speed, the plan to accelerate the development of a Covid-19 ­vaccine, and is credited for leading the push to vaccinate Americans. In 2018, he warned Congress the US was ill-prepared for a pandemic.

'Turn the temperature down'

Dr Kadlec's personal approach was to ask the National Academy of Sciences in late January 2020, to formally examine the sequence of SARS-CoV-2, to understand its origin. But publicly, he felt it was important to achieve co-operation from China from a public health perspective. Beijing had not yet shared a sample of the virus, critical for developing an effective vaccine.

"We decided to engage our national experts to look at this, the National Academy of Sciences," he said. "It would take time to figure out what was going on. We were trying to prevent people from saying this was a bioweapon when we didn't really know. That was my intent. It was Dr Fauci's idea to see if he could get international scientists to examine the origins in a similar fashion. The object was to prevent speculation and turn the temperature down. There was something that could be said to turn the temperature of rhetoric down and avoid the wild speculation, of a bioweapon, that had already started at that point in time."

That phone call was at the instigation of Dr Fauci after he spoke with scientist Kristian Andersen who expressed concern that SARS-Cov-2 may have been genetically engineered, because of its unusual features. In an email, Dr Andersen said "some of the features (potentially) look engineered" and several leading virologists "all find the genome inconsistent with expectations from evolutionary theory."

Dr Kadlec said Dr Fauci kept these suspicions, privately expressed by leading virologists that the virus had been engineered in a laboratory, mostly to himself.

The full extent of those suspicions is now laid bare in emails subpoenaed by US congress and published in recent weeks. In those emails, some scientists discussed the "shit show" that would eventuate if anyone serious accused China of, even accidentally, starting the pandemic. They also discussed the impact such an accusation would have on scientific research and international relations. But, publicly, they insisted the possibility of an inadvertent laboratory leak was a conspiracy and authored a paper published in Nature Medicine, that argued SARS-Cov-2 was almost certainly a natural virus. Dr Kadlec acknowledges the power of that paper, titled the Proximal Origins of SARS-CoV-2, as becoming the official word that a laboratory leak was a conspiracy theory.

"Their paper did result in casting the die for what would then be the international scientific response going forward," he said.

"I found it really odd that in light of the now revealed private musings of some of the scientists indicated the sequence looked unusual, that the authors decided to draft a letter as an opinion piece.

Many people were confused or mistaken by what they wrote as more of a peer-reviewed paper."

Wuhan 'fingerprints'

Dr Kadlec accused the scientists of having personal agendas that might have influenced their decision to author a paper that suggested a laboratory leak was a conspiracy theory. "Their initial opinion was likely shaded by their personal professional equities or the belief that what was going on in the US - statements by political leaders - could be problematic for world relations for China but also their professional interests in science," he said.

Dr Kadlec alluded to the febrile political atmosphere in the US under Mr Trump as a likely influence on the scientists, although the scientists' deliberations began in late January, and the former president did not make any public comment about a potential laboratory origin of Covid-19 until April.

The P4 laboratory on the campus of the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China
The P4 laboratory on the campus of the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China.

The authors of the Proximal Origins paper have argued in the media and congressional hearings that later virus research had led them to scotch their first fears of a lab leak - and to conclude instead that the origins of Covid-19 were zoonotic: i.e. the virus had been passed from animal to human, possibly via a Wuhan wet market.

However, new emails and posts over the Slack messaging platform that have surfaced in recent weeks pinpoint the moment this group began steering world attention away from the Wuhan lab. It was not months, or even weeks, but within days and hours of their realisation that the virus may contain "fingerprints" that connected it to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The scientists are facing allegations that they embarked on a campaign of subterfuge that has rocked Washington.

'Blueprint for Covid-19'

Dr Kadlec has now spent a year and a half formally investigating the origins of the pandemic, putting together an A and B team to gather evidence for both a natural and laboratory origin respectively.

Gain-of-function research was banned by the Obama administration but lifted during the Trump era. Dr Kadlec says this was at the behest of the NIH. "Francis Collins and Fauci both had a similar world view which was scientists know best and there should be few restrictions on research," he said.

The Wuhan Institute of Virology and EcoHealth Alliance drew up a proposal for grant funding for coronavirus research, which international scientists now believe could be the "blueprint" of Covid-19. Dr Kadlec chaired a committee to authorise whether gain-of-function could proceed. The proposal from the Wuhan institute was bouncing around US Government agencies, in search of funding, but it never went through his committee. "It shows you the fallibility or vulnerability of the oversight system," he said.

Dr Fauci has denied his agency funded gain-of-function research, but Dr Kadlec said this wasn't true. "It's evident NIH supported research that has the potential for, and it at least one case resulted in gain of function," he said.

Covid cover-up: Wuhan lab leak suspicions, Anthony Fauci and how the science was silenced

Download here: Why-are-they-all-suddenly-getting-this-Weird-Coincidence-Deaths-after-getting-Covid-Jabs-2023-07-26.mp4 - 13,297 kb
By: Decoy Voice - 26th July 2023
Why are they all suddenly getting this?
Weird Coincidence Deaths
after getting Covid Jabs!

LeBron James' son Bronny James recently had a cardiac arrest during a basketball practice at USC. This is after Tori Kelly lost consciousness and blood clots were discovered near her vital organs. After soccer announcer Shaka Hislop suddenly lost consciousness on air. And after the NFL's Cleveland Brown's wide receiver Marquise Goodwin also went out with blood clots.

"Vaccines are totally safe... oh and we need immunity from prosecution." That told me everything I needed to hear.

A friend's brother in law is/was a very healthy person. Never smoked, rarely drinks alcohol, always working out, eats only healthy food and is in his early 30s. Very happy full of life person. His wife talked him into getting the clot shots. He was very hesitant. Within a week, he was in the hospital loaded with blood clots. Chest pains, severe pain in his legs. Now, he is a wreck. In and out of the hospital for these issues. Can no longer work out, barely can work and now suffering from depression because of his condition. Big pharma and ANYBODY that promoted this crap are criminals!

They should also be liable for restitution to everyone who didn't get a shot and suffered emotional, mental and physical abuse for it.

I'm a nurse and I didn't take or give any of these shots. I tried to tell people it was bad news, not tested enough, experimental, but I was called "stupid" and told I should "know better". Luckily my parents and my two sons and daughter in law that all took it seem to be okay, but I don't know what the future brings. My parents are 77 and 79. The only thing I notice is that they are very tired a lot. It really makes me sad to see everybody having all these problems now. I don't care what they called me. I just hope people remember this the next time our stupid government tries to shove something on us. There will be a next time. I'm quite sure of it.

I always remember these words my sister said to me prior to her passing, " she said I wish I never took that shot". Those words will stick with me until I'm off this earth. I sat by her bedside for exactly 7 days why she lay on life support never to regain consciousness. I will say this and continue to say it that "JAB" took my sister.

Here in the UK, quite soon after the shots rollout, there were a good number of football matches suspended due to medical emergencies in the crowd. I've followed football for 30+ years and had never seen this happen before, let alone with such frequency. Then in January 2022 no fewer than FOUR matches on ONE day in the EFL were halted due to medical emergencies. Media response? Yup, you guessed it - it's totally normal, this has always happened, it's just that we're more compassionate now and stop games when something like this happens, that's all. You only notice it because we're kinder than we were. People used to clap-out at the footie all the time but you never noticed. Now you notice because we're so much kinder than we were and we stop the games so that they can have their cardiac arrest in peace. Mystery solved.

Never forget these people were advocating to imprison you for refusing to take their poison.

Both of my parents got colds over and over again after their shots. My aunt's breast cancer came back a few months after her latest shot. My mother got cancer 6 months after her 3rd shot. For years I told them all about the strong evidence of high risks with getting the jab, the conflict of interest from regulatory agencies captured by the pharmaceutical industry, the legal immunity for jab manufacturers, the discovery of moderna-patented gene sequences from viruses detected before the pandemic. I was only ever attacked or ignored.

It's hard not to come away from the last few years without the impression that most people are practically farm animals, and deserve what they get.

I was friends with a 21 year old kid who, like most, had no history which is also hard to tell at that young age. He died in October of 2021 from a stroke. I was ready to quit nursing school and enter a new field but my employer let exemptions happen because there was about 1/3 of the employees that filed for it. Big pharma has taken the lives of many and continues to do so.

A month ago in my small town, we had a 20 year old woman with a daughter just suddenly pass away from having blood clots go to her heart. It makes you think.

The younger sister of a member in my military unit was a 28 year old mountain climber. She dropped and was rushed to the hospital. Blood clots necessitated eventual amputation of her left leg, and she went into a coma. The blood clots eventually caused a heart attack. And it was much the same back circumstances of all those cases mentioned in the video.

It's interesting that the " experts " don't know what's causing the increase in these health issues but they know what's not causing them .

The fact you're not allowed to question it and they refuse to even acknowledge it speaks volumes in my opinion. My uncle died from blood clots a little over a year ago and he got the shot and a booster, I honestly never really considered that it might have caused it because he wasn't exactly a healthy person but I wonder more and more every day now.

Download here: IceCube-Gives-One-of-the-Best-Answers-Ever-Why-He-Did-Not-Get-Jabbed-2023-07-26.mp4 - 11,658 kb
By: VigilantFox - 26th July 2023
IceCube Gives One of the Best Answers
Ever Why He Didn't Get Jabbed

@IceCube Gives One of the Best Answers Ever Why He Didn't Get Jabbed

"There's no repercussions if they're wrong. But I get all the repercussions if they're wrong."

@icecube also added that he didn't want to cave into pressure and be an example for his kids.

"I wanted to be an example for my kids, really make sure they wouldn't take it either — show them that I want to stand on my convictions and that I was willing to lose $9 million and more because we've probably lost more since then."

asked @icecube "Do you know anyone who was injured by the vaccine?"

@IceCube answered, "I do. And they suffer every day. And it's hard to watch."

Download here: Dr-Bryan-Ardis-Protocol-for-managing-Long-Covid-Long-Vaxx-Snake-Venom-Nicotine-Ivermectin-etc-2023-07-24.mp4 - 205,591 kb
By: Stew Peters Network - 24th July 2023

Dr. Bryan Ardis
Long Covid / Long Vaxx Snake Venom
with Nicotine, Ivermectin etc

Signs and symptoms of long COVID or adverse symptoms to the COVID vaccine.

COVID-19 is known to affect virtually every body system, including:

  • Lungs
  • Brain
  • Heart
  • Blood
  • Kidneys
  • Liver

There are many different signs and symptoms of long COVID or the COVID vaccine.

The most common symptoms include:

Breathing (respiratory symptoms)

  • breathlessness
  • cough
  • lung function abnormalities

Heart and circulation (cardiovasular symptoms)

  • fatigue
  • chest tightness
  • chest pain
  • red flushed face and body
  • heartbeats that can become noticeable
  • heart palpitations
  • inflammation of the heart muscle
  • myocarditis
  • pericarditis
  • tachycarditis
  • postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome [PoTS]
  • arrhythmia
  • clots

Ear, nose and throat symptoms

  • loss of taste and/or smell
  • ringing in the ears (tinnitus)
  • earache
  • sore throat
  • dizziness

Skin (dermatological symptoms)

  • skin rashes
  • skin lesions
  • shingles
  • hair loss

Brain (neurological symptoms)

  • fatigue
  • dizziness when standing up (lightheadedness)
  • brain fog
  • loss of concentration
  • memory issues (cognitive impairment)
  • headache
  • broken sleep
  • insomnia
  • pins and needles, and numbness (peripheral neuropathy symptoms)
  • sudden confusion (delirium) particularly in older people
  • difficulties moving around (mobility impairment)
  • difficulties with or changes to your sight (visual disturbance)
  • Loss of taste or smell

Digestive system (gastrointestinal symptoms)

  • abdominal pain
  • acid reflux
  • feeling sick (nausea)
  • constipation
  • diarrhoea
  • Loss of taste or smell
  • weight loss and reduced appetite
  • diabetes
  • acute kidney injury

Joints and muscles (musculoskeletal symptoms)

  • muscle and joint pain

Mental health (psychological symptoms)

  • change in mood
  • symptoms of depression for example low mood, poor sleep, lack of concentration and feeling helpless
  • symptoms of anxiety for example feeling on edge, excessive worry and difficulties sleeping
  • symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD
  • symptoms of OCD

Click to download larger image

Page 5 of 11 of How To Use Nicotine Protocol

Download Protocols in PDF:

  • The Dr. Ardis Show - How To Use Nicotine Protocol (4,695 kb) - here
Download PDF document here...

Page 4 of 11 - COVID-19 and COVID-19 Vaccine Shedding Disease and Death Protection Protocol

Download Protocols in PDF:

  • Dr. Bryan Ardis COVID-19 and COVID-19 Vaccine Shedding Disease and Death Protection Protocol (4,847 kb) - October 2023 - here
Download PDF document here...

Download here: Damning-new-evidence-reveals-what-leading-scientists-really-thought-of-COVID-origins-2023-07-24.mp4 - 11,658 kb
By: Sky News Australia - 24th July 2023
Damning new evidence reveals
what leading scientists 'really'
thought of COVID origins

Sky News host Sharri Markson says damning new evidence shows scientists and leading government officials who said COVID-19 came from a wet market actually suspected the virus was engineered in a lab.

"The private correspondence shows how the group of international scientists, including from Australia, colluded to insist COVID-19 had a natural origin," Ms Markson said.

Well done Sharri. Thank you for exhibiting such courage in exposing this genocide.

We need tribunals. 'Apologies' for crimes against humanity? What a sick joke.

I'm a former scientist, left grad school to go into business. It's shameful that these people cooperated with this. They have destroyed public trust in the scientific endeavor, which I loved and thought to be one of the crowning achievements of humanity. Destroyed by the hubris of a few horrible people.

You can't "follow the science" when the science is corrupt. Challenging science should NEVER be censored.

Thank you Sharri. We should all remember that Sharri was courageously describing this from early 2020 - while most other journalists were cowering in the corner.

If by apologies and retractions you mean trials and executions, yes, you are correct.

By far and away the worst crime against humanity in world history.

Their contempt for regular people is disgusting. They freak out when people question them, yet they knowingly, willingly and even more disturbingly, comfortably lie to our faces all the time.

I still remember when we weren't even allowed to speculate about possibility of lab leaks on many platforms, including Youtube.

Any scientist or government official involved should be publicly discredited by their individual boards / universities or affiliates. Government actors should be investigated and face serious consequences. In addition, any science/medical journals publishing this defective "research" should be ostracized by the science community.

It's becoming harder and harder to find organizations that aren't corrupt. Sad times we're living in.

It's never felt to good to be called a conspiracy theorist. Turns out you're just defined from all the bullshit they try and force down your throat.

This deception warrants long prison sentences not apolgies!

The cover up by scientists, government, news/mass media and social media is horrific.

It really wasn't a revelation to any critical thinker. The "arose naturally" narrative was transparently lacking in credibility from day 1.

Sad part is even if you showed people this, a lot of them are entrenched in their political opinions that they will completely ignore this. They have completely surrendered their minds to the machine.

We need a new set of Nuremberg level trials. Everyone involved with the creation, the escape and everyone involved with the cover up need to be brought before a judge, tried, and held accountable.

No one will ever be held accountable for this global cover up.

Sharri is a true journalist. A rarity in this day an age

Download: Adverse-Events-Explode-Following-Immunisation-Western-Australian-Vaccine-Safety-Surveillance-Annual-Report-2021-2023-07-14.mp4 - 34,808 kb
By: Dr. John Campbell - 14th July 2023

Western Australian Vaccine Safety Surveillance Annual Report 2021

Dr. John Campbell: "If I had known this prior, there is no way I would have accepted this vaccine. These rates of adverse reactions is way too high, for me, and for any sensible-thinking person"

Report describes adverse events following immunisation (AEFI)

Reported to Western Australian Vaccine Safety Surveillance (WAVSS) system for vaccinations received in 2021.

The format of this Annual Report differs, to enable description of the impact of the program.

COVID-19 vaccination started in February 2021.

In 2021, Western Australia, 5,756,723 vaccine doses were administered, up from 2,071,167 in 2020. Of this amount, 3,948,673 were COVID-19 vaccines.

In 2021, a significant increase in reports of AEFI. 10,726 individual AEFI reports in 2021, up from 270 in 2020. (200 reports from Influenza and routine vaccinations in 2021)

Of these AEFI, (adverse events following immunisation) 10,428 (97%) occurred after a COVID-19 vaccine

Similar volume of reports in the rest of Australia (as reported by the Therapeutic Goods Administration)

In Western Australia, total AEFI rate following a COVID-19 vaccine was 264.1 per 100,000 doses.

26.41 per 10 thousand
2.641 per thousand

Non covid vaccinations, WA, 2021.

11.1 events per 100,000 doses

Comparison with US in 2021 Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System

148.3 per 100,000 doses

Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca)

306.1 per 100,000 doses

Comirnaty (Pfizer)

244.8 per 100,000 doses
(US, 122 per 100,000)

Spikevax (Moderna)

281.4 per 100,000 doses
(US, 187 per 100,000)

Why the difference?

This likely reflects differences in the sensitivity of passive adverse event reporting systems between the two jurisdictions. Some of the important AEFI that have been specifically monitored.

TGA-coordinated national surveillance vaccine safety program:

  • Anaphylaxis
  • Thrombosis with thrombocytopaenia syndrome (TTS)
  • Immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP)
  • Guillain-Barre´ syndrome (GBS)
  • Myocarditis
  • Pericarditis
  • Myopericarditis
  • Chest pain
  • Deep venous thrombosis
  • Pulmonary embolism
  • Bell's palsy

In 2021, 1,125 appointments made at the adult vaccine safety clinic at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, up from seven in 2020.

439 appointments made at the Perth Children's Hospital specialist immunisation clinic, up from 214 in 2020.

Shocking official adverse event reports from the Western Australian Vaccine Safety Surveillance – Report 2021!

ADVERSE EVENTS EXPLODE FOLLOWING IMMUNISATION - Western Australian Vaccine Safety Surveillance Annual Report 2021

FIRSTLY: factor in that around 80% of the general public in most countries received only a 100% saline solution via the first Covid-19 Vaccine, to increase consumer confidence / sales - by having minimal Adverse Reactions and Deaths.

50% of the 2nd vaccine rollout was saline; about 20% of the 3rd vaccine (1st booster) was saline; and about 0% of the 4th vaccine (2nd booster) was saline. Important people who were in on this genocide, received 100% saline injections.

SECONDLY: factor in that most medical / government Adverse Reaction Reporting Agencies only recorded a SMALL percentage of actual Adverse Reactions / Events / Deaths.

THIRDLY: factor in that the Covid-19 biowarfare weapon was designed to bring in the Covid mRNA vaccines etc, which were designed to kill all useless eaters over a 1-10 year period, and at this stage we are only 3 years into the programme. There are MANY more deaths already happening and yet to occur.

SUMMARY: The real numbers of Adverse Events and Deaths is actually MUCH HIGHER!

Thanks to Bill gates, Anthony Fauci, Klaus Schwab, Jacinda Ardern etc, this is truly a Biblical event!

As an unvaccinated "tinfoil-hat wearing nutter", it's tough to watch people try and figure out what's happened to people and the world since 2020. And the worst is yet to come too.

I am an Australian who declined the vaccine & so my government employment in mental health was terminated, I now am self-employed, poor but very healthy. I have no regrets. I have followed Dr John Campbell's journey of discovery of the pro's & con's of the covid vaccinations & applaud his honesty & his drive to continually present the truth as it becomes available. Well done sir, please dont stop.

I had worked for the NSW public service for 40 years when they brought in a vaccine mandate for my job. I refused to take it, and was eventually fired as a result. Have never for a moment regretted my decision.

I'm from Perth in Western Australia... Our hospitals were overflowing in late 2021 and early 2022, yet we had no community Covid spread here as we were locked off from the rest of Australia and the world. The government made no admissions it was from the vaccines, but continued on with the vaccine mandates for 75% of the working population, while excluding those who weren't vaccinated from working, buying alcohol, going to sports events and entering to restaurants/bars

Thank you so much for your work, John. Thankfully, all of my close family listened to my husband and me when deciding on what to do regarding the COVID vaccines - and thus remain unvaccinated and fit and healthy. Our daughter is pregnant with our third grandchild and had her first appointment with her midwife yesterday. I was shocked to see the advice from the NHS for pregnant women is STILL to get the COVID vaccine. This was written clearly on the pregnancy pack she received from the midwife. When on earth will our medical practitioners acknowledge the increasing evidence of the harms done by this medical procedure?

Hospitals here in Australia are NOT interested in recording anything about or open to attributing anything at ALL to COVID VACCINATIONS. My daughter was rushed to hospital 2 days after receiving a 2nd vaccination, mandated by her employer, the government, with a blood clot. Their ONLY concern was to reassure her that it had NOTHING to do with her recent vaccination. Her incident WOULD NOT of been recorded as a symptom or side effect of the covid vaccinations. I'm more than disgusted with our GOVERNMENT and our HEALTH SYSTEM in general. Zero trust resides in my heart.

I am a 60 year old male - diabetic for 30 years - I retired from the Chicago Police Dept instead of a forced mandate to get the vaccine - I am so happy I decided NOT TO BE VACCINATED!

I live in Western Australia and I can confirm the under-reporting is massive. In the first few months of 2021 in my work place alone, a school of about 30 staff, there were 6 people either directly or a close relative, got pericarditis. Most said the TGA would not record it as an adverse event; two persisted and got it recorded and were given exemptions. Many of their doctors were complicit and tried to claim it was a coincidence.

As a West Australian I can say that doctors were discouraged to report adverse events and were reprimanded if they reported too many.
The red flag system in Australia took about 45mins to report and doctors were not paid to do so.

We can't change the past, but I hope and pray we will all be more willing to stand our ground and refuse any more vaccines like these. If enough stand together, they will fail..

As an Australian, I am embarrassed for our citizens and irate at our Government officials for forcing this onto the general public. So many lives lost and damaged... this cannot go unnoticed and is unforgivable...

Thank you WA & Dr Campbell ……
And the politicians responsible for committing this crime against humanity, have all silently disappeared …..

Download here: PLEASE-WATCH-YOUR-STEP-AROUND-THE-DEAD-VAXX-GUY-2023-07-09.mp4 - 4,081 kb
By: Possumkicker - 9th July 2023


#covid-shot-injuries #death-mnra-injury #vaccine-vax-jab-19-covid19

Maybe they can sell his body parts, that's big business in China .

Personally I can't wait for all the vaccinated idiots to die off

Heartless psychopaths. I wouldn't touch him (due to shedding) but I would call the authorities immediately and wouldn't just act like nothing happened. People are not wise if they touch someone and don't know if they are contagious; however, at least have some concern to get the person immediate medical attention, from professionals. The cashier never stopped ringing up the merchandise. They are a callous people in my personal experience.

Not sure if it's actually true, but I've heard that there if you do help a stranger or call the authorities to get help for a stranger, the medical expenses are billed to you. Fucked up system.

Life is cheap.

And getting cheaper

fucking insect drones, no-one goes to check or even try to help in whatever way

devoid of empathy in their one party system.

& no one is not glorifying deranged west for noticing how fucked up east is.

Download here: Cause-Unknown-Why-Are-People-Suddenly-Dropping-Dead-CBN-NewsWatch-2023-07-07.mp4 - 75,337 kb
By: CBN NewsWatch - 7th July 2023
Why Are People Suddenly Dropping Dead?

Edward Dowd, author of "Cause Unknown: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 & 2022," talks about why he believes there's a link between the Covid vaccine and the surge of sudden deaths among healthy working-age people.

CBN News. Because Truth Matter

#cbnnews #christian #christianity

We all know why. This needs to be addressed publicly. People need to be prosecuted for they did. A lot of people.

I was a very healthy 51 year old male working a physical job every day, hiking, kayaking, walked everyday and had no major health issues. Now, after getting 2 shots of the vaccine, I can't walk more than 5 minutes without horrible back and leg pain, gained 50 pounds, sleep apnea, asthma, GERD, arthritis, high blood pressure, depression, IBS, vestibular insufficiency and polyneuropathy, all happening within 1 year. No way i'll ever be convinced it wasn't a direct result of the vaccine.

Dear CBN, please don't change, ever. Faith-filled believers like me are rooting hard for you!

"The vaccine was not brought in for COVID. COVID was brought in for the vaccine. Once you realize that, everything else makes sense." ~ Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

I was a senior in high school class of 2023 this year and 2 people in my school died unexpectedly during this school year. 1 was a staff and the other was a senior student, like me. Both their deaths were unknown, they both died in their bedroom and no one knows the real reason why they suddenly died. I've seen the senior boy in a Cub Foods market, he smiled at me and I smiled back, not knowing that'll be the last time I ever saw him again. He was a good kid and had just began his life with his girlfriend. After his death I saw his girlfriend crying on a counselor's shoulder, it must've been hard for her to experience the death of a loved one at such a young age. Condolence to all those who have lost their loved ones and I hope whatever that is killing these people unexpectedly comes forefront and is recognized by the world.

Once again people who knew the poke was bad were right. Everyone who was forced out of jobs and who suffered loss and heavily criticized for not taking it should be compensated.

A news station actually reporting news worthy stories. Wow I'm shocked. Thank You it's refreshing.

I thank God for protecting me from the vaccine. I turned down a job that required me to be vaccinated, and I needed the money. I was behind on bills, but something didn't sit right with me regarding the vaccine. God opened other doors for me financially. Now here we are present day saying "oops" regarding the vaccine.

I can't believe I just watched an entire video of CBN news. And it was entirely relevant.
Thank you, CBN.

1.5 months after taking my second shot, my immune system has gone mental. Lots of symptoms started to settle in my body that I never had before. One year of going door to door to a bunch of doctors, I found out I have MS. Nobody knows what triggered it. And no, it's not hereditary.

When i saw my doctor and she asked did i get the shot , or did i want to , i just about shouted i dont want that poison! She stopped asking. Ive been diagnosed twice yet never had any symptoms or been sick with anything ! My eldest son took it to keep his job , as did so many others , God help them all

I'm not surprised! They are on a quest to decrease humanity. We need to unite as humans

Good to hear that people are fighting for the truth to expose the reason behind the excess deaths

My co-worker of 23 years, passed away a week ago, he hasn't been sick and it was so unexpected, he was 58 yrs. old; too young to die. He complained of a migraine on Monday morning and took off work. We attempted to call him for a day, then finally his 84 yr. old mother, that lives w/him, and barely speaks English, answered his phone and let us know that when she went in to check on him Wednesday morning, when he hadn't gotten up, he was cold and dead....... He took all of the Covid vaccines and boosters. We are devastated that he's gone too soon, so suddenly!

My son was diagnosed with Brain cancer at the age of 18 after being vaccinated for COVID-19

My beautiful fiancé, 38 years old, daily runner, lifelong organic eater, no illnesses, no medications, died of a heart attack in her sleep after our 3rd covid vaccine. She had no symptoms, we were careful and never caught covid. I love her and miss her every moment of every day. We were just starting for a baby.

Excellent Reporting, especially on unprecedented 40% Sudden Death Increase! Thanks!

Download here: The-Regret-of-Non-Compliant-People-Who-refused-to-get-the-Covid-Jabs-2023-07-05.mp4 - 15,332 kb
By: AwakenWithJP - 5th July 2023
The Regret of Non Compliant People
Because they refused to get the Covid Jabs

Just dont forget those poor babies and young children who had NO CHOICE. My heart goes out to them.

The doctor's name alone is worthy of a thumbs-up.

Shout out to all of my fellow crazy people who managed to see through the giant evil guilt trip and not have

themselves experimented on!

My doctor actually congratulated me for not getting vaxxed.

His exact words were "you are one of the good ones".
This is why he's my doctor of choice now.

My family and I are upholding a long-standing American tradition of never doing what we're told to do.

Happy Independence Day everybody.

"Im just a doctor, im not Bill Gates or anything" LOL. my favorite line in the skit.

As a former RN this is f**king hilarious. I am proud to be non-compliant!

My doctor said, "You're right to ask questions. I'll answer any that I can. If I don't know, I'll tell you I don't

know. In the end, it's your decision." If only more doctors had taken this approach.

There is a reason why they want an entire population full of weak, tired, and ill/disabled people that are

completely dependent on their system. Don't let them win.

"In our society the opposite of courage is not cowardice- it's compliance."
- Rollo May

When people you don't even know hate you, That's when you know you're the best.

mRNA jabs are doing the job
slowly and quietly. Hardly anyone knows it is a holocaust!
30th June 2023
20 - 10 - 5 - 1 Minute Cities - It's called GENOCIDE!

20 - 10 - 5 - 1 Minute Cities
It's called GENOCIDE!
13th June 2023
20 - 10 - 5 - 1 Minute Cities - It's called GENOCIDE!

"A Social Contract to Transform Our World by 2030"
It's called GENOCIDE!
12th May 2023
A Social Contract to Transform Our World by 2030 - It's called GENOCIDE!

World Economic Forum - Committed to Enslaving the Whole World

Nothing says "Trust the Science"
like asking for the data
to be hidden for 75 years!
18th March 2023
Nothing says Trust the Science like asking for the data to be hidden for 75 years! Shhhhh....

Superheroes bow down to the
Big Pharma / Businessmen / Doctors
11th February 2023
It is a lot easier to tell yourself that you are a hero, than it is to realize that you have been complicit in the biggest fraud in history! MEDICAL APARTHEID and GENOCIDE!

It is a lot easier to tell yourself that you are a hero, than it is to realize that you have been complicit in the biggest fraud in history! MEDICAL APARTHEID and GENOCIDE!

Break free of all the WEF / Political /Media BULLSHIT
26th November 2022
Break free of all the WEF / Political /Media BULLSHIT

The jabbed telling the unjabbed to get
jabbed is like sending a post card from
the Titanic saying: "Wish you were here!"
20th November 2022
The jabbed telling the unjabbed to get jabbed is like sending a post card from the Titanic saying: Wish you were here!

Ten Stages of Genocide
As taught by WEFers Klaus Schwab, Prince Charles, Emmanuel Macron, Jacinda Ardern, Justin Trudeau etc - August 2022

Ten Stages of Genocide

The Good Reset
Not Satan's, Klaus Schwab's, Jacinda Ardern's,
Justin Trudeau's etc Great Reset

28th July 2022
The Good Reset - Not Satan's, Klaus Schwab's, Jacinda Ardern's, Justin Trudeau's etc Great Reset

Experimental Injections
Multiple Dose Infinite Carousel
13th November 2021

Experimental Injections - Multiple Dose Infinite Carousel

Death is coming for you stupid!

I am fully Vaccinated and Boostered, and just tested positive for Covid-19. I am grateful for the protection my vaccines continue to provide.

The 5-Step COVID 'Vaccine' RISK / BENEFIT ANALYSIS - September 2021

Trump's swamp draining service

When the population understands this picture, it will change everything.

"You can fool all the people some of the time.
You can fool some of the people all the time.
But you cannot fool all the people all the time!"

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
Attributed to Edmund Burke. Also by John F. Kennedy in a speech in 1961.

The Great Cow Analogy

Donald J. Trump - They should never have touched the children!
'They should never have touched the children!'
Donald J. Trump - President of the United States of America

'They should never have touched the children!!' President Donald J. Trump

Ephesians 5:11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

Abortion: Modern Day Child Sacrifice
Psalms 106:37 Yea, they sacrificed their sons and their daughters unto devils
Ephesians 6:12 "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers,
against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

Freedom of Information Alternatives to YouTube
Banned Videos - Education instead of Indoctrination - Better than Google
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